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MIWW Chapter 75 Part 2

As the sun set and night fell it meant that they were about to engage in an unending battle with the group of undead again.

Qian Wanyu, Bai Rou and Li Yunan were fine, the recent battles have instead made them comprehend a lot, Qian Wanyu and Bai Rou even touched the thin barrier for advancement, only needing an opportunity to advance.

Mu Sheng and Situ Hao were trying to seize the time to improve their cultivation. Everytime they came into close contact with the undead, they felt a sense of urgency at the dangerous situation.

“How’s the situation over at Shengling Academy?” Qian Wanyu wielded her Water Thunder Whip, treating a boulder as if it were the person who had abducted Ninth Sister, the other end of the whip pierced directly into the center of the stone. She withdrew the long whip, and the huge stone split into pieces and shattered into rubble.

“It seems that another group of people have come, their combined strength is stronger than Li Weifeng and the others.” Li Yunan had seen them from afar, and the strength of one of the men and one of the women was close to the level of Spiritual Scholar.

“How is the situation with the two girls who were scratched by the undead now?”

“The new group of people from the Shengling College directly put the two girls to be held together, every day they’ll send food as needed, what the real situation inside is I really do not know.” Situ Hao informed them of the tidbits of information he’d inquired.

What is the difference between this and the four little kids in the village keeping the whole village’s undead in captivity?

“Let’s go and meet them.”


Before they could get near the inn, they saw that all the people coming and going on the street suddenly stopped moving as the last glimmer of light in the sky disappeared.

“No way, why is the sun disappearing so quickly today?”

Situ Hao counted the hours every day, he wished the sun would always hang in the sky so they wouldn’t have to fight the undead every day, he thought he found some patterns and counted the hours.

Qian Wanyu raised her head and looked at the sky, “If someone moved the formation, they can change the rules of Return Town and shorten the hours of daylight, it should be expected.”

Yin and Yang formation, she’d touched a little clue on it but still needed to verify a few more times before they could catch the person behind the scenes.

Situ Hao resignedly threw out a light technique, a dazzle of light descended from mid-air and spilled over everyone’s head, the undead stopped in their tracks, only a few red-eyed undead hidden in the shadows moved slightly.

“There’s someone across the street.”

Don’t know who warned, but Qian Wanyu raised her head and gazed coldly at the eight people across the street.

Two teams, separated by a street of undead, came face to face against each other.

Qin Mu wrapped one hand around Xian’s waist and held his sword in the other, the blade pointing at Qian Wanyu, “Long time no see, seventh girl.”

Upon getting a good look at Qin Mu’s face and the person standing beside him, Qian Wanyu’s pupils couldn’t help but dilate a bit.

Dongfang Lizhu, after they left the Dongfang family she should have married into the Lai House as a concubine to live out her life properly, how could she appear in Return Town and involved with Ninth Sister’s cousin?

Although Qian Wanyu was full of doubts, her face did not change as she sneered and said, “Long time no see, young master Qin.”

Li Yunan looked at them and a trace of doubt rose in his heart, it looks like they know each other?

Qin Mu smiled faintly and said loudly to Qian Wanyu, “Seventh girl, how about we have a competition, we bet on the number of undead we hunt, if you win, I’ll present you a useful piece of information. If I win, I would like to ask you for one thing, how about that?”

“Seems the other side wants something from you Wanyu, be careful.” Li Yunan kindly reminded.

She and Qin Mu had only met once or twice, after several years of not seeing him, the gentle and elegant young master seemed like a different person, just like a sharp sword that had been sheathed, only she didn’t know whether the sword was directed at her or Ninth Sister.

As for the woman beside him who had a delicate smile, Qian Wanyu snorted coldly, “Fine. But I’ll set the rules, we must hunt the red-eyed undead, if we hunt these ordinary undead then it does not count.”

Qin Mu froze, he probably did not expect the other party to have this idea.

Xian’s eyes turned slightly, one hand stroking the other’s chest, she softly whispered in his ear, “Promise her.”


After getting Qin Mu’s answer, Qian Wanyu immediately entered a state of readiness, the red-eyed undead were all hidden among the ordinary undead , trying to find them could be very simple or very difficult.

“Situ, take back your Flare of Light.”

“Good.” Maintaining a large skill was something that required his spiritual power to maintain, he was more than happy to take it back.

When the light slowly weakened and the whole area was completely dark, Qian Wanyu could clearly see the red-eyed undead, their eyes glowing in the darkness like magnificent jewels.

“Why don’t you dig out their eyes, maybe that’s where their spiritual power is gathered.” Qing Mo said in her soul sea.


The first one she encountered was a water-based undead, it was using water spiritual power so well that her water thunder whip was useless against it plus it didn’t react at all when the lightning struck from the whip.

Qian Wanyu then threw two earth enclosure techniques towards where the undead was standing, wrapping half the body in earth, and the sharp part of the water thunder whip plunged directly into one of its eyes, after that the several normal undead were solved as usual.

On the other side, Qin Mu was a big warrior so he used his sword to spin and split into countless swords flying in the direction of the undead, shooting many of them.

Xian clapped her hands on the sidelines and even ran to the pile of the undead without minding the mess to find out if Qin Mu had killed any of the undead with red eyes.

“This woman gives me a weird feeling.” Situ Hao has seen countless beauties, his pair of eyes could see any pearl, when he’d seen Xian’s face before she felt like someone wearing a mask, the smile was too fake and even the close attentiveness she paid to Qin Mu was so fake.

Basically, this woman he did not like.

After Bai Rou killed an undead and came back to his side she followed his gaze and found he was actually looking at a beautiful woman, she stomped on him fiercely and pulled out a sword from the space ring, “Here.”

“Ow, you rude woman.” Situ Hao wanted to curse, didn’t he just look at a beautiful woman for a short moment? Why’s she acting so jealous like this, “You gave me this sword for-?”


“No.” Situ Hao said so but still picked up the sword and waved it twice, feeling as if it could still be swung. Then he saw that Mu Sheng actually killed an undead under the leadership of Li Yunan, and his mouth gaped open in shock.

An undead man suddenly lunged with open teeth and claws, Situ Hao just froze and watched as the opponent lunged toward his sword…

“Holy shit.”

Bai Rou kicked the undead man back into a pile of other undead, “Continue.”

The battle was in full swing, Qian Wanyu killed all the red-eyed undead she passed by. She saw the red-eyed undead using earth wall art like she did before and used her water thunder whip to kill it immediately. Soon a large pile of undead were lying at her feet.

Over on the other side, Xian was looking over one of the undead when a person who was lying on the ground suddenly reach out and grabbed Xian by the neck.

“Sister Xian.” Geng Shan was the first to notice the emergency, a fireball smashed directly on the body of the undead but even though its whole body was burning, the other party still held onto Xian’s neck in a death grip.

Qian Wanyu looked up and continued to kill the undead.

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment, but returned to his senses to save the woman he loved.

“Hmm? Strange.”

“Wanyu, what’s wrong with you?”

Just now she suddenly felt a dark spiritual power fluctuation, and then it disappeared.

“Nothing, probably felt it wrong.” Since Ninth Sister had been robbed, she hadn’t rested for a moment, Qian Wanyu thought she might be too tired, how could a Dark Spiritual Master appear in Return Town?

“Seventh sister.”

Qian Wanyu gouged out the eyes of another undead person at close range, she stopped herself when she heard this voice and couldn’t help but rub her eyebrows, she seemed to even have hallucinations.

“Seventh sister, be careful.”

As soon as she saw Qian Wanyu in danger, Dongfang Minghui didn’t know where she got the courage from. She stepped on the shoulders of the undead and rushed to Qian Wanyu’s side as fast as she could, the two plum nails in her hand were accurately inserted into the eyes of the undead.

Qian Wanyu had just seen her and just smoothly received the person in mid-air into her arms, her body rotated 360 degrees as she tightly wrapped her arms around the other party’s waist, never wanting to let go, “Ninth Sister, you’re back?”

“Yes, Seventh sister.”

She missed Seventh sister and had a lot to say to her. But seeing a large group of undead pouncing on her, the good atmosphere was ruined, she threw out some flying needles and plum nails at them, but they could not be stopped.

“Seventh sister, why are there so many undead?”

Dongfang Minghui was completely unaware of what happened after she was taken captive Wood, the situation in front of her seemed to suggest that a lot had changed with the situation.

Seeing the other party returning, Qian Wanyu’s worried heart could finally put down, she smiled, “What we saw before was all an illusion, the real situation is that Return Town is a place populated by undead, everyone in it is undead.”

What is more frightening was not the undead, but that person manipulating them.

“What is the situation now?”

“Just wait until dawn.” Qian Wanyu was not sure if dawn would come this time, she held one hand to wrap her fingers around Minghui’s hand, “Ninth Sister, follow me closely.”

The bet continued so Qian Wanyu’s side kept scouring the red-eyed undead.

Qin Mu’s side had actually temporarily stopped, mainly because Xian had just been scratched by the undead, the five-finger marks on her neck were very obvious, she was lying fragilely in Qin Mu’s arms, her hand clinging to the other side’s clothes, “Mu, am I going to become an undead?”

“Sister Xian, it definitely won’t happen.” The strength of Geng Shan’s words were weak because he witnessed the transformation of Senior Sister Jin Jing and Senior Sister Li Zhu recently, from a living human into an undead, bloodthirsty and only wanting to eat meat…

Although they were temporarily imprisoned, the thought that Sister Xian might turn into an undead was too much for him to accept.

“It’s all because of that group of people from the Royal Academy, if it wasn’t for them wanting to kill red-eyed undead than how would Sister Xian become like this.” Geng Shan stood up and walked towards the opposite side in anger.

Li Weifeng disapprovingly stepped forward and pulled him back, “Geng Shan, calm down.”

The competition was proposed by them first, the other side only met the challenge and proposed the rules, these were all things that fair in fights, who knew that accidents would suddenly happen?

“Senior Brother Li, how can you expect me to calm down.”

Geng Shan threw five or six fireballs and rushed straight through the pile of undead, killing them fiercely, “Qian Wanyu!”

“Geng Shan, don’t go!” Xian said, subconsciously covering her neck, and unusually made some painful dry coughs several times, then she pulled Qin Mu’s sleeve, “Mu, call Geng Shan back.”

“Okay.” Qin Mu picked the person up with one hand and moved to Geng Shan’s spot.

Li Weifeng secretly shook his head, “Forget it, it’s better for me to call him back instead.”

“Why are you here again?” Dongfang Minghui was beside Seventh sister, as soon as she saw the fireball that Geng Shan had thrown over, she dodged it, but the fireball ended up chasing after her as if it had eyes.

Geng Shan coldly grunted twice, “To bury you.”

Qian Wanyu while killing the undead, distractedly used some heavenly thunder to deal with the fireball, and afterwards she used thunder essence to unceremoniously blast Geng Shan.

Geng Flash saw the lightning flashing with a tinge of purple and immediately warning signs blared out in his mind. He emptied out all his body’s spiritual energy to condense a super large fire ball to block it. When the fire ball and the lightning collided heavily in mid-air, the essence of thunder easily overpowered it and struck down with deadly force.

“Geng Shan!” Li Weifeng tried to push him down and the essence of thunder fell directly on Li Weifeng.

“Ahhhhhh!” Li Weifeng coughed out a mouthful of blood that sprayed everywhere.

“Senior Brother Li, are you okay!?” When Geng Shan reacted, he realized that Li Weifeng was spitting blood continuously.

Qin Mu appeared in front of them with Xian in his arms just in time, Xian struggled to get down from Qin Mu’s arms, she covered her throat and pointed at Qian Wanyu with an accusing face, “He’s just a child, how can you bear to lay such a heavy hand on a child?”

Qian Wanyu sneered, she had already seen Dongfang Lizhu’s tactics, she didn’t expect the other party to play such a stupid game so beautifully, “May I ask who you are? What are your qualifications to come judge me? Just now your Shengling Academy’s people provoked a battle with me first and then another provocation after. Now you even question me for responding? Don’t tell me you just wanted to bet and not admit defeat? Truly shameless.”

When Dongfang Minghui saw Li Weifeng spitting blood, she thought that Seventh sister seemed to be a bit heavy-handed, if she had beaten him to death, the Royal Academy and Shengling Academy would be fighting a lot in the future.

But seeing Xian and Qin Mu her jaw almost dropped to the ground in shock.

Qin Mu nodded, “What seventh girl said is true, since we’re willing to bet then of course we can admit if we lose.”

The other party admitted so readily that it made Qian Wanyu a little uncomfortable, she looked at them with a wary face.

After admitting defeat, Qin Mu looked calmly at Dongfang Minghui, “Ninth Sister, long time no see.”

With an aggrieved face, Xian nestled into his arms with a birdlike look and said cutely, “Mu, my throat is not feeling well, take me away.”


Qin Mu picked the person up and turned around to leave but after walking a few steps he stopped, “Seventh girl, I said before I’ll tell you some useful information.”

Qian Wanyu inexplicably felt that something was wrong, the other party admitted defeat admitted too quickly there was something that wasn’t right…

“The reason why the Dongfang family was exterminated is all because of cousin here.”

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