Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 76

Oh shit!

Qian Wanyu’s first thought was this, she had tried her best to hide the matter of the Dongfang family, just to keep Ninth Sister from being sad. Now, this guy Qin Mu openly revealed this matter.

What do you mean by “the destruction of the Dongfang family is all because of Ninth Sister”?

“Ninth…Ninth Sister.”

“Wanyu, is everything okay?” Li Yunan also saw the light of the essence of thunder and knew that it was Shengling College’s people trying to cause trouble so he cleaned up the undead around him and rushed over but didn’t expect to see Minghui so exclaimed in surprise, “Minghui you are back?!”

Dongfang Minghui had just seen Qin Mu and Dongfang Lizhu appear in front of and her head was blank, her cousin was here and Lizhu who should have originally been married into the Lai family was also here with him?

Who wrote this script!!!

No, her focus shouldn’t be on that.

“Seventh sister.”

She frowned slightly and looked at Qian Wanyu with confused eyes, “Just now what did my cousin say in the last sentence? I couldn’t hear it clearly.”

Qian Wanyu reached out her hand and pulled her in, her pursed lips moving slightly, “Ninth Sister, listen to me.”

“Hmm?” Dongfang Minghui tilted her head.

Looking at her calm appearance, Qian Wanyu found herself unable to say a word of comfort, she reached out and touched the other party’s head, “It’s a long story, let’s go back first.”

“Senior Brother Li, I’ll leave this place to you.”

“Okay, no problem.”

With a group of undead behind them, Qian Wanyu handed over the heavy responsibility to Li Yunan and left with Dongfang Minghui.

From Seventh sister’s gloomy expression and Qin Mu’s last message, Dongfang Minghui realized after the fact that the Dongfang family was gone!!!

Some things could then be explained such as why when she was unable to move and Seventh sister had said she sent a letter back to the Dongfang family but never mentioned afterwards, she thought it was Seventh sister’s grudge but apparently not!

Lu Xing was protected by Wood and stood behind, the undead almost automatically went towards him but Wood simply grabbed each of their necks and snapped them ruthlessly so much so that even Lu Xing’s heart couldn’t stop beating.

“Wanyu! Minghui!” He watched the two people leave and followed them. Wood stood beside him, clearing the way for him.

“Lu Xing? “Qian Wanyu was slightly surprised to see him, her Rose Building could not find the other party’s whereabouts, she did not expect everyone to suddenly meet in Return Town, when her eyes turned to the tall man beside Lu Xing, her face instantly turned gloomy.

The other party was hidden and she couldn’t see his face clearly but she would never forget that huge iron box he was carrying so her water thunder whip automatically shot out and swiped at the man, “You are the one who took Ninth Sister away!”

“Ah, Wanyu, don’t fight, it’s a misunderstanding.”

Wood easily dodged two times and Lu Xing was afraid that he’d get hurt by Qian Wanyu’s whip, he quickly blocked it with his hands, “Sorry, it’s my fault I wanted Wood to send something to Minghui, he misunderstood my meaning, Wanyu don’t blame him.”

“Seventh sister.” Dongfang Minghui took her hand, “It’s true, he didn’t do anything to me.”

Qian Wanyu withdrew her whip, some of her anger had dissipated a bit with these whips, “This is not the place to talk, follow me.”

The four of them went back to the place where they temporarily lived, a small courtyard, which she purposely found based on the location where the inn stood, she found that in the Yin Yang formation, there were two places that were the safest, one was the inn they entered before, which was now occupied by the people of Saint Ling Academy, she didn’t want to stay in the same place with that group of people, so she simply changed the place.

This place still followed the original topography of Return Town, she made some calculations to find the place on the opposite side of the inn and wanted to try her luck, after a few nights of experimentation she found that she guessed right, at night the undead still couldn’t enter this inn.

“Lu Xing, why are you in Return Town?”

As soon as she returned to the place, Qian Wanyu asked curiously, her eyes kept staring at Wood behind him, which made Lu Xing look scared, although he felt that the other party would not be able to beat Wood, but it was better to have peace and harmony between friends.

“I accidentally came to this place, that day I’d just seen you guys enter Return Town so I wanted to communicate with Minghui, I did not expect a little mistake in the communication…” Speaking of this mistake, Lu Xing laughed dryly a few times.

Although Dongfang Minghui was listening to their conversation, she looked sickly and a bit uncomfortable.

Qian Wanyu’s was actually still paying attention to her, knowing that the other party was still digesting Qin Mu’s last words, she secretly reached out and patted the back of the other party’s hand, soothing it a bit.

“Lu Xing, have you been staying with him these past few months?”

“Yes.” Lu Xing told the other party what had happened in the past few months, picking out some important tidbits. He was in an extraordinarily good mood now that his ears and eyes, including the wings behind him could all be retracted. He had become a normal person again and even found his companions.

Even though the person seemed quite haggard he was full of energy.

“In that case, we just passed by you guys last time.” Qian Wanyu remembered the last time they met Wood was when Ninth Sister also said that the other party was very strange at that inn, if they had kept an extra eye out, they might have been able to retrieve Lu Xing at that time too…

Lu Xing’s disappearance was something Qian Wanyu regretted in her heart, after all, that group of Death Spiritual Masters were aiming at Ninth Sister and Lu Xing had gotten caught up in it by accident.

“By the way, why do the people in Return Town look so strange, they seem almost…unconscious?” The three of them had just gone out, turned down a street, and it was dark. Then a group of the undead appeared.

The first time he dealt with the undead head-on, it scared him to see them with dull eyes and animal like movements lunging forward and backward toward him. If not for Wood acting as his bodyguard he would probably have been scratched by them…

Qian Wanyu was slightly stunned to see that the other party’s expression of panic was not fake, “Don’t you know about the undead?”

Lu Xing shook his head blankly, “What is the undead?”

Dongfang Minghui sighed, she’d actually forgotten to mention it to the other side, she thought that Return Town was peaceful, she could not have expected that once the night came, the living would instantly become the undead. And thanks to her encounters till now she could handle it otherwise she would have freaked out.

“Seventh sister, he suffered from the attack of death qi before, the spiritual power of his body was devoured by it so he has been staying in an abandoned mansion, he does not know what happened in the outside world.” Dongfang Minghui explained breathlessly, “As for Wood, he can’t talk, even if he knows about the undead, he probably won’t say half a word.”

Lu Xing turned around and gave Wood a hard stare.

Qian Wanyu understood, she mentioned the ins and outs of the incident of the undead to Lu Xing, “Only after I crack the Yin Yang formation will Return Town return to reality.”

Dongfang Minghui propped up her head, she instead felt that since the formation was not broken, it is better for it to remain. At least the undead can still live happily during the day like normal people, if the whole town of undead are killed, Return Town would look like an empty ghost town.

Sending Lu Xing and Wood to a room to rest, Qian Wanyu returned to see Minghui straing blankly into the distance and could not help but show some concern, “Ninth Sister…”

Dongfang Minghui’s gaze turned to her and she stared for awhile before her eyes returned to their previous clarity, “Seventh sister, did you know about it long ago?”

Finally she asked this question…


Sure enough, Dongfang Minghui sighed, long before that group of Death Spiritual Masters said that they had captured her mother, she should have known. The original drama of the Dongfang family’s extermination was because she offended the Female Protagonist, at the same time she was also aiming at the Female Protagonist’s men only to cause the entire Dongfang family to be exterminated.

This time how the hell were they still exterminated!?

“Seventh sister, my cousin said that the Dongfang family was exterminated because of me.” Dongfang Minghui said, she really couldn’t figure out the cause, didn’t she hug the Female Protagonist’s golden thighs? Why did the plot move in this direction?

Qian Wanyu was still standing in front of her, pulling her close to her arms, tenderly stroking her long hair, “Cry if you want to cry, Seventh sister will never leave you.”

Although Dongfang Minghui did not have much affection for the Dongfang family, the original body’s memories were still affecting her, she quietly leaned into Seventh sister warm embrace and her nose twitched as she had tears in the eyes which she tried to hold back, “My mother she really was taken? ”

“The news that Li Jing found out was that the Second Lady disappeared.” Qian Wanyu also knew that things couldn’t be hidden, so she simply comforted, “Missing may be good news, she might not have been caught and escaped back to her mother’s family, haven’t you seen your cousin Qin Mu still alive and well?”

When it came to Qin Mu, Dongfang Minghui wanted to grind her teeth in hatred, she knew Qin Mu’s personality was a lover of beautiful women and he was also lustful, but how could the object of his lust be that Dongfang Lizhu.

“Seventh sister, my cousin and fourth sister seem to be on good terms?”

The thought of those two people being so close almost made her vomit. Before she managed to plot against Lizhu in the Dongfang home how did this demon suddenly hook up with her cousin?

Qian Wanyu was silent, from the surface, Qin Mu had really fallen at the feet of Dongfang Lizhu, but why had the other party changed to a new name, and how did she enter Shengling College, this was one question she temporarily had no way to answer.

But one thing she was sure of, that day in the small courtyard peeping and leaving the small half jade pendant was definitely Dongfang Lizhu.

“Ninth Sister, Dongfang Lizhu must have a purpose for appearing in Return Town this time, you should keep an eye out.”

Dongfang Minghui nodded, she was not stupid, she plotted against the other party, according to the other party’s flawed character she’d certainly come to her to settle accounts, “I know, Seventh sister.”

The next day, Qin Mu brought someone to look for them.



In a way, they were still considered cousins, Dongfang Minghui glanced behind him, this time Dongfang Lizhu’s figure did not appear, he brought a few people who looked slightly unfamiliar, it should be the second group of their Shengling Academy’s students who had arrived and one was Geng Shan.

Qin Mu led the people and appeared in the small courtyard, so the group were all on alert.

Qian Wanyu did not move even an inch away fom guarding Dongfang Minghui, her eyelids were slightly raised, “Cousin Qin, what wind blew you to our small courtyard?”

Everyone knew it by heart, from the moment Minghui was kidnapped, they and Shengling College were like water and fire. Plus yesterday the other party took the initiative to attack them, the last small peace between their two groups was completely broken.

“This time I’m here mainly to bring someone to apologize, Geng Shan.”

As soon as he shouted, Geng Shen, who was standing at the end, walked out with his head hanging low and stood next to him.

“I apologize to you on behalf of Geng Shan for what happened yesterday, I hope you will forgive him.” Qin Mu acted very gentlemanly he pulled the other party down into a slight bow.

Situ Hao still did not know what had happened, he looked at Bai Rou, Li Yunan and the others in confusion, “Did something happen yesterday that I don’t know about?”

“Shut up.” Bai Ruo turned her head and glared at him.

Situ Hao kept silent and silently retreated next to Mu Sheng, shrugging to the other side, he whispered, “Little brother Mu Sheng, do you know?”

Mu Sheng also had no idea how to explain, he simply shook his head and continued to watch.

Qian Wanyu looked at Geng Shan’s reluctant face and smiled coldly for a few minutes, she should not have been so angry, but the other party repeatedly challenged her bottom line on top of that almost all of his attacks were aimed at Ninth Sister, she’d only wanted to give him a good lesson out of anger, but unexpectedly Li Weifeng suddenly appeared to block that blow for him.

“No need to apologize, I don’t intend to pursue what happened yesterday.”

“Thank you, Seventh lady, for being merciful.”

Qin Mu patted Geng Shan and gestured, the other party raised his head and suddenly looked at Dongfang Minghui. That look was full of reminiscence.

“Cousin, two years have passed since that day of our separation, aunt also misses you, when you are free let’s have a chat alone.” Qin Mu was still as elegant and courteous as ever when changed the topic to Dongfang Minghui.

“My mother misses me?”

Dongfang Minghui heard his words and felt strange, her heart couldn’t help but speculate, was mother really at the Qin family?

Qin Mu smiled without saying anything and tried asking, “Does cousin have time now?”

“No time.”

Qian Wanyu rebuffed it and she tightly pulled Dongfang Minghui’s hand, deeply afraid that the other party would agree on the spur of the moment because of the second lady’s condition. Since Dongfang Lizhu appeared, she felt that the other party had an ulterior motive for appearing especially at this time, most likely it was for Ninth Sister, and even this “cousin” Qin Mu could not be relied on.

She did not believe every word he said.

When she said that, Bai Ruo and the rest all stood up.

Dongfang Minghui looked at him with a serious face, “Cousin, where is my mother?”

Qin Mu looked at the people around and smiled, “Cousin, auntie has a message for me to bring to you, it can only be heard by you alone.”

“In that case, let’s go back to our room and catch up properly, what does cousin think?”

“No, this matter is about your true identity, I am not at ease here.” Qin Mu looked at Qian Wanyu when he said that he was uneasy.

Her identity? Dongfang Minghui was at a loss. This was not mentioned in the original plot. What’s more, if it’s her true identity, then mother should talk to her in person instead of asking her cousin.

But according to Qin Mu’s relationship to her mother, it is not impossible for her to entrust some words to him for her.

“Okay, you and I will make an appointment at a certain location.”

Dongfang Minghui finished speaking and her hands tightened. In any case, she believed what Qin Mu said yesterday, the Dongfang family might really have been annihilated because of her especially thinking back to those Death Spiritual Masters from before.

As for the reason, the original script had no reason so she had to find it herself.

Qin Mu pondered for a moment, “The inn where I am staying, there is a tavern across the street, if cousin does not mind, we will make an appointment there.”

Qian Wanyu frowned when she heard of the tavern.

“No problem.”

“Three days later.”


After they left, Qian Wanyu’s face was gloomy, she pulled Dongfang Minghui into the room and closed the door then laid a simple formation in the room, she walked around the room slightly grumpy, her face was cloudy, “Ninth Sister, tell me what you think?”

Dongfang Minghui just sat aside and watched her, don’t know when it started but she was actually not too afraid of Seventh sister anymore and could read the expressions on her face, her joy, anger and sadness, just like now, “Seventh sister, Qin Mu said that the Dongfang family’s extermination is because of me. ”

“The destruction of the Dongfang family is not because of you.” Qian Wanyu grabbed her shoulders and tried to shake her fiercely, had she known that Qin Mu was carrying this sinister purpose, she would have just killed him at first sight.

“Seventh sister, that group of Death Spiritual Masters also wanted to catch me.” Dongfang Minghui calmly stated the truth, “Seventh sister, Qin Mu might be the only one who knows the truth.”

Even knowing that three days later, meeting at the tavern would probably be a trap, she had no choice.

Qian Wanyu let go of her hand and paced back and forth in the room, the Elven Heart, Death Spiritual Masters, the extermination of the Dongfang family, the disappearance of the Second Lady, all these things seemed disconnected, yet they were all closely related to Ninth Sister.

She suddenly remembered what Qing Mo had said, “Qing Mo, how much do you know about the Wanshou clan?”

“Not a lot, but your Ninth Sister’s identity… you’d better let Rose House check it out, so many things have happened it cannot just be by chance, her identity itself is very fishy, if you can find her mother that’s even better.”

The second lady’s whereabouts, if she could find that out would she still have her hands as tied up as now?!

“Three days later, I will accompany you.” Qian Wanyu looked at her with a solemn face.

Dongfang Minghui originally thought she would be furious, but did not expect the other party to make such a choice, as always seventh sister was always thinking of her. She stood up and gently hugged Qian Wanyu, “Seventh sister, you are so nice, let me hug you for a while.”

After Qin Mu left, the two sisters closed the door to discuss the topic of life hehe.

Situ Hao paced back and forth, probing to listen to the sounds in the room, but ended up not hearing anything.

“Situ Hao, don’t walk around, you’re making me dizzy.” Mu Sheng was practicing his second skill, the second skill small green had learned using its vine to reach around the entire small courtyard, but Situ Hao walking around almost made the small green vines get stepped on several times.

Li Yunan was the one who knew the most about yesterday, he personally heard the words Qin Mu said, although he wasn’t a fan of gossip, but Qian Minghui’s matters he’d always pay more attention to. ‘Dongfang family’ and ‘extermination’ and then ‘cousin’, after these key words were reorganized, he knew the meaning of Qin Mu’s words.

He wiped his iron fan well and suddenly stood up, “No matter what, in three days, I’m going to accompany Minghui to the appointment.”

This person, Qin Mu, although he did not have much contact with him. He could not just blindly trust his goodwill.

“I will also go.” Situ Hao couldn’t stand Qin Mu’s partner the most, if he sees her again he might spit on her till she drowns.

“Take me with you as well.”

Bai Rou wiped her blade and raised her head to look at them, “I’ll go too.”

When Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui came out, they saw them all swarming around, “The trip to the tavern, take us with you too.”

Qian Wanyu looked at them, “It’s not good for us all to go some people must stay.”


“Isn’t having more people better?”

“I have a more important task that needs your help.”

Several people looked at each other and wondered what it was.

Three days later, Dongfang Minghui went to the restaurant alone for the appointment, no one came with her instead, Qin Mu had an extra person beside him, Xian.

“Cousin, my mother had carefully entrusted you with some words, why are irrelevant people appearing here? Is it hard to think that the things you said before were to trap me?” She didn’t have a single good feeling towards Dongfang Lizhu, on the contrary, she was very annoyed even seeing her face.

Dongfang Lizhu was a snake shaped as a beauty, good at disguising her evil self and good at attacking people’s hearts, she liked to play with people in the palm of her hand.

Don’t look at how she seemed to be like a naive little bird snuggled in Qin Mu’s arms, she definitely had ulterior motives and wanted to use Qin Mu somehow.

Xian’s face showed some aggression, sadly leaning on the other party’s chest, her fingers restlessly playing at the other party’s back, “Mu-er, look at your cousin, she seems to hate me.”

“Cousin, Xian is not an irrelevant person, she is my unmarried wife and will be your sister-in-law in the future.”

“Sister-in-law?” Dongfang Minghui’s voice sharpened all of a sudden, she couldn’t believe that these words came out of Qin Mu’s mouth, “What did you just call her, Xian?”

Qin Mu smiled gently, “Yes, cousin, although she looks like your fourth sister, she is not your fourth sister.”

Dongfang Minghui did not believe it, even if Dongfang Lizhu turned into dust, she will not recognize wrong, “Hphm, even if you want to marry her, that is your business. If you insist on letting her come along with you, I won’t listen to you.”

After saying that, she turned around and was about to leave.


“What else does cousin want?”

Qin Mu said to Xian in a gentle voice, “Go back to the inn and wait for me I’ll be back soon.”

“Good, Mu, don’t make me wait too long.”

The two of them were lovey-dovey for a good half a minute before Xian left, and not before giving Dongfang Minghui an indignant glare.

In the daytime, the restaurant was still open. The shopkeeper seemed to have everything in stock and there was no shortage. Dongfang Minghui pushed down the smelly smell and chose a location with a window that would let her clearly see all the scenes downstairs, including the people coming in and out.

“Cousin, what do you want to eat?”

Dongfang Minghui looked at him indifferently, just like looking at a stranger, she did not know whether the other party was pretending to be stupid or was really stupid, Return Town in the daytime seemed normal but everyone around them was actually undead.

Can those undead cooked food really be eaten?

“Cousin, why will you and fourth sister get together? Also you both entered Shengling College?” Dongfang Minghui actually couldn’t sit still but instead of making small talk chose to directly ask what she wanted to know.

Qin Mu poured her a cup of hot water, “Cousin, I have just said, she is not your fourth sister, she just looks similar to your fourth sister, her name is Xian, she is a dual system Spiritual Master.”

“Dual system Spiritual Master?”

“Yes, I met her on my way to Shengling College, when she was hunting magical beasts, with one person’s strength, she could hunt and kill third level magical beasts. So, cousin, you really misunderstood.”

Even though Qin Mu repeatedly emphasized, Dongfang Minghui still did not believe that the other party was not Dongfang Lizhu.

Qin Mu laughed helplessly, “Cousin, think carefully, your fourth sister married to the Lai family long ago, not to mention that there are not many of your Dongfang family who have awakened spiritual power.”

“Nevermind cousin, don’t talk about her.” Dongfang Minghui did not want to listen to him constantly try to cover up the identity of Dongfang Lizhu, she would never believe that two people in the world could be so similar, no, exactly the same.

The atmosphere between the two people turned awkward.

Qin Mu saw her neither eat nor drink, “Cousin, you are not eating anything, is it because of me?”

Dongfang Minghui smiled coldly towards him, “I really want to ask you instead, what is the meaning of the last sentence you left for Seventh sister that day?”

Qin Mu’s eyes flashed for a moment, “Is cousin sister talking about that incident in the Dongfang family?”


“How long has it been since cousin returned home to visit aunt?”

“Over two years.”

Actually it’s almost three years, by the time she remembered the Dongfang family, the Dongfang family was gone.

Qin Mu picked up his tea and drank it, “Auntie said that cousin had not even sent a letter home.”

“Qin Mu, get to the point.” Dongfang Minghui hated how he was dragging the topic and some of her goodwill towards him was all gone after seeing Dongfang Lizhu, if not because she wanted to check out a series of odd things about her body’s history, who’d have time to listen to his nonsense.

“Auntie said that I see you somewhere I should give this to you.”

Qin Mu took out a brocade box from his space ring, the box seemed to have a layer of spiritual energy fluctuation, he gently pushed it into Dongfang Minghui’s hand, “The box was sealed by aunt, only your blood can open it.”

Dongfang Minghui didn’t touch it immediately and looked at Qin Mu warily, “What else did mother say?”

Qin Mu laughed bitterly, “Does cousin not trust me?”

“Cousin, did Mother ever explain anything else to you?”

“There is.”

Dongfang Minghui still wanted to ask more but then she saw a fireball smash in from outside the window, directly on the brocade box, she was shocked and did not expect that there was some sort of restriction on the brocade box that blocked the fireball automatically.

She did not say a word and directly took the box and threw it into her space ring, “Geng Shan, are you a mad dog?”

In the past, he’d gotten away with a lot because of his age. But this kind of and impulsive and brainless stupidity simply did not deserve sympathy, Dongfang Minghui unceremoniously threw out her plum nails towards him.

“Cousin! Geng Shan!” Qin Mu stood up to try to block them but did not know who to help, two people in broad daylight started to fight in the street.

“Qin Mu, it’s not good.” Xian ran directly from the inn to the tavern, pulling the other side, “Jin Jing and Li Zhu injured Qin Fang and escaped.”

Qin Mu heard this and didn’t have time to care about any cousin anymore.

Dongfang Minghui saw them rush away, guessing that Seventh sister should have noticed, facing Geng Shan she seemed more confident.

“Geng Shan, your two senior sisters have become undead, and now they have injured your senior brother Qin Fang, you actually still have time to find trouble with me, hmph really a shame for you to be part of Shengling College.” Flying needles on her body formed a circle and all of them shot at Geng Shan.

Geng Shan dodged left and right and glared at her angrily, “You guys hurt senior brother Li, I want to take revenge for him.”

Speaking of Li Weifeng, Dongfang Minghui remembered that he was struck by Seventh sister’s lightning and was also slightly sympathetic, “Revenge, don’t even think about it, if not because of you, how would he have been injured, his injury was taken in place of you and you’re just trying to shift the blame for your own incompetence. ”

The other party’s fireball came and Dongfang Minghui dodged a few times but the hem of her dress was still burned, she hurriedly put out the fire, “Little Colour!”

Little Colour’s vines spread out from behind her and attacked toward Geng Shan, taking advantage of the other side trying to avoid it brought Dongfang Minghui and escaped closely followed by a series of fireballs.

“Where should we go?”

One fled wildly in front, and one followed closely behind.

Dongfang Minghui jumped into their small courtyard with one cross-step. The other was completely unaware that there was a trap waiting for him inside, and jumped in after Dongfang Minghui.

Bai Ruo’s big sword and Li Yunan’s iron fan pinned Geng Shan down as his fireballs were put out. Qian Wanyu kicked the door shut and sneered, “Welcome to our home dear guest.”

The two people tied Geng Shan up and threw him directly into the house next to Lu Xing and Wood.

The room suddenly had an additional person, Wood’s dead gaze stared at him and Lu Xing observed for a while before covering his mouth to stifle a laugh, Wood was really the best person to watch over prisoners.

“How did you get so dirty after a trip out.” Qian Wanyu used a handkerchief to clean her face and pointed to the burned off section of her sleeve.

Dongfang Minghui shook her head, she really wanted to smack Geng Shan, she hated Fire Spiritual Masters more and more, “Today cousin was going to tell me what my mother had said, but Geng Shan ran out and intervened.”

The duck that was almost in her mouth just flew away, she was so angry that she wanted to kill someone.

“Don’t worry, Seventh sister will take revenge for you.”

She probably knew how Dongfang Lizhu compelled people’s hearts, this kind of douchebag, just a little sweetness shown to you then asking you to die. Dongfang Minghui hated that kind of people using the feeling of others for personal gain the most.

“Mother gave me a brocade box.”

After the two returned to the room, Dongfang Minghui took the brocade box out and put it on the table, the spiritual energy fluctuation was still very obvious, this brocade box was really sealed.

“What is it?”

Qian Wanyu looked at it and also found the brocade box strange, “There is a seal, how do you unseal it?”

Dongfang Minghui cut her finger and put a small drop of blood right above the brocade box, the blood blended into the top of the box and soon floated up spinning in mid-air for a long time before stopping.

She felt it and found that the spiritual energy fluctuations outside the box had stopped. She reached out her hand and the brocade box naturally fell into her hand.

“This looks like a piece of cloth.”

Inside the brocade box, there lay a piece of cloth as white as silk, it felt particularly silky when touched with her hand, she looked left and right, but could not see what purpose this cloth served, “Seventh sister, what do you think this is?”

Qian Wanyu took the cloth and felt it, “The second lady left it to you, there must be her intention from this, put it away first.”

Dongfang Minghui thought about it, she folded the cloth and put it back into the brocade box, “Seventh sister, mother also left a message for me, do you think I should go see my cousin again some day?”

“No, he will come by himself.” She smiled arrogantly.


Three days ago, in order to prevent the other party from scheming, their group ambushed the two people inside the tavern, two went inside the inn to create some trouble and happened to release Jin Jing and Li Zhu who had been imprisoned by them for a long time, the three others stayed in the small courtyard.

After dividing the tasks, Dongfang Minghui was stalling while talking to Qin Mu, and it was only after Mu Sheng and Li Yunan got ready at the tavern that she officially began to ask about her mother’s affairs.

However, they didn’t expect that Geng Shan’s hatred was aggravated due to Li Weifeng, and Xian ‘accidentally’ revealed the meeting between Dongfang Minghui and Qin Mu at the restaurant, which caused the other side to take action.

“Seventh sister, I asked my cousin, he said that Xian and fourth sister are two different people, citing many differences between the two.”

It seemed to her that those differences were not too big to make her not think that the other party was Dongfang Lizhu, dual system Spiritual Master identity can be hidden, and people could be stopped from marrying. If the other party had awakened the spiritual power long ago, but pretended to be crazy and foolish in the Dongfang family hmph probably no one can match this scheming.

“Don’t worry about it, Seventh sister will make her reveal her true face.” Qian Wanyu soothed and assured her.

Letting Bai Ruo and Situ Hao stay with Ninth Sister, Qian Wanyu went alone to Lu Xing’s room.

“Let go of me, do you hear me?” Geng Shan had been shouting since being tied up, and hadn’t stopped for a moment.

Lu Xing automatically ignored him and Wood as always never spoke he stood motionless causing Geng Shan to be curious, “Hey, you are actually also undead, right?”

Hearing the other side’s questioning, the ever angry Lu Xing also began to hate this person, his eyes slightly narrowed, “What did you say?”

“Undead, he looks like one, isn’t he the same as the group of undead outside?” Geng Shen was completely unaware of the other party’s anger, and tried his best to prove it, pointing out the similarities between Wood and the undead.

The more Lu Xing listened, the angrier he became.

“Lu Xing, I want to be alone with him for a while, please excuse us, you and your friend go out first, is that okay?”


Lu Xing also did not want to stay in this room, he left and Wood also turned around to leave.

“Geng Shan, you like Xian a lot?”

Qian Wanyu’s first words immediately cut straight to his heart, if she was right, Geng Shan’s last few erratic behaviors were all related to Dongfang Lizhu. She had more or less guessed the kind of personality Geng Shan had.

Geng Shine’s face suddenly reddened, his deepest secrets were actually revealed by an outsider, he became irritated and retorted, “What are you talking about, how can I like Sister Xian.” Such a good and perfect person, he was very fond of her it’s true but Xian sister only loved brother Mu alone.

Seeing such a shy expression, Qian Wanyu nodded with understanding, “But Xian doesn’t love you, it’s useless for you to like her anymore, not to mention, she seems to have been scratched by the undead, in a few days, she will also become a undead like Jin Jing or Li Zhu.”

She poked his heart with every sentence, and with every sentence she said, the expression on Geng Shan’s face became more painful, at the end of the sentence, Geng Shan became angry, “Shut up, if it wasn’t for you changing the rules, how would Xian be scratched by the undead.”

Being blamed for this childish reason, Qian Wanyu sneered, “It’s useless for you to blame anyone, shouldn’t the most urgent thing you should consider be if your dearest Sister Xian becomes an undead, do you think Qin Mu will put her in the small black room too?”

Geng Shan’s thoughts were carried away by her, and when Qian Wanyu mentioned it, he really thought seriously about it.

“N-no, Brother Mu would not do that to Sister Xian, that’s the woman he loves most.”

The more he denied it, the more it proved that the other party was in denial. He wasn’t Qin Mu, no one knew whether he would lock his lover who had turned into an undead into the place where Jin Jing and the girls had been locked in before.

“I have a way to keep your sister Xian from turning into an undead.” She sat on the stool and smiled as she threw out the bait.

Geng Shine jerked his head up and looked at Qian Wanyu with a skeptical face, “You’re talking nonsense.”


Qian Wanyu approached him step by step, “Use your brain to think about why despite us fighting the undead for so many days not a single person in my small team has contracted the virus, do you really think it’s the result of luck? Just think about the people Qin Mu brought, their strength should not be worse than ours, especially your sister Xian, she should be a dual system Spiritual Master right? Why would she get scratched by a simple undead?

Geng Shan’s eyes moved slightly, he was almost moved by the other party’s words, “You really have a solution?”

“Of course.”

The expression on Qian Wanyu’s face was too serious, so serious that even he believed it was true.

“How will you be able to save Sister Xian?” Geng Shan was not stupid enough to not know that the other party had conditions, otherwise why bother talking to him so much.

“Why should I save her? I’m not related to her, why should I waste my pills to save an irrelevant person.”

The more indifferent she was, the more the other party believed that she really had a life-saving pill in her hand.

“I’m sorry.” Geng Shen said these three words with difficulty, “I did not know in the past, I offended you so please forgive me. I beg you, save Sister Xian, I promise you I’ll do whatever you want me to do.”

Qian Wanyu coldly sat on the stool, completely ignoring him for a long time before saying, “I want you to do some things that you may not agree to.”

“Say it, as long as I can do it I will do it.”

Haha Wanyu is such a schemer tricking Geng Shan like that!

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