Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 77

“Xian, does the wound on your neck need to be dressed again?”

The team from Shengling College gathered in the inn, seeing Xian absentmindedly clutching her chest and staring outside the restaurant, someone suddenly took the initiative to bring up this matter. With the previous experience of the two senior sisters, Jin Jing and Li Zhu, they had gained a few more insights into the infection of the undead.

Before they received the warning message from the pharmacists they didn’t take it seriously, after seeing for themselves, they were a little more wary of people who were scratched, coincidentally, there was one in their team. Even if the other party is a woman with a lot of style and was quite pitiful, but the undead in their hearts had made a deep impression.

Xian looked back at them softly, with a slight look of resignation and disappointment in her eyes, “Do you guys really care about me?”

The man was swept by her gaze and felt a chill down his back, he smiled awkwardly, before he could explain he saw the other party walk straight back to her room, the door automatically closed behind her.

Back in the room, Xian changed her previous gentle as jade demeanor, she angrily swept all the things on the table to the ground.

The few people outside the door looked at each other without making a sound.

Xian listened carefully to the movement outside, and took out a copper mirror from her space ring, she unwrapped the white cloth wrapped around her neck little by little, revealing the part that had been scratched by the undead, the claw marks were still clearly reflected on the white neck like black spots stained on white paper.

“A bunch of cowards.” Xian cursed, she picked up the white cloth she had thrown aside and wiped the marks on her neck a little bit, after which she took out some rogue powder, but the rouge powder on her table was different from the one Qian Wanyu bought and gave to Dongfang Minghui last time, the color was darker rather than lighter. She slightly adjusted it and familiarly dabbed it on. The color became even darker than the one she just had.

If people look at it they will not hesitate to think that her situation has become serious.

Meanwhile on the other side, Qian Wanyu smiled and sat on the stool, facing Geng Shan she couldn’t help but recall the scene she accidentally saw that day.

“Think well, your Xian sister at this time has been in the primary infection stage, her wounds are likely to have turned deep black, if it has entered into her head, maybe she will directly jump the intermediate stage and reach the terminal stage, a leap to become a new generation of undead.”

A dual system Spiritual Master undead…

Geng Shan’s eyes Shaned he was hesitating.

Qian Wanyu suddenly stood up, drew out her Water Thunder Whip and swung it away from Geng Shan, unbinding him in one go, “Get out of my sight before I change my mind.”

Watching Geng Shan leave in dismay, Dongfang Minghui looked at Seventh sister with slight surprise, “Seventh sister, you deliberately captured Geng Shan why’d you let him go?”

What a surprise.

Qian Wanyu smiled and pinched her cheeks, “Secret.”

Dongfang Minghui puffed out her cheeks and stared wide eyed, how did she feel that Seventh sister was getting darker and darker, must be an illusion.

Geng Shan returned back to the inn, seeing everyone gathered in a group, they seemed to be discussing something, as if no one noticed his disappearance, his head was full of Qian Wanyu’s words, the more he thought about it, the more timid and fearful he was. No wonder Xian likes senior brother Mu and not him.

He did not have the courage of a man.

“Geng Shan, where have you been?”

Xian deliberately asked out of surprise, if Geng Shan was caught by them, she could have compelled Qin Mu to find trouble with the two sisters of the Dongfang family, who expected that what she predicted did not happen, the other party instead returned unharmed.

Geng Shan shook his head and gave the other party a deep look.

Xian felt puzzled, just now Geng Shan repeatedly tried to look for trouble, would Qian Wanyu easily let him go?

“Sister Xian, I have something to ask you.”

Xian just happened to have something to ask him as well, Qin Mu was leading people to find Jin Jing and Li Zhu, she pushed the door open and the two entered to talk alone, “Geng Shan, where did you run off to? I asked a lot of people, they didn’t know. Is there anything wrong?”

The other party being so concerned made Geng Shan even more ashamed, he felt ashamed for hesitating to that request by Qian Wanyu before, such a nice person as Sister Xian should not become one of those monsters that can only appear in the dark.

“Sister Xian, I’m fine.” Geng Shan shook his head, reinforcing his inner answer, he jerked his head up, looked at Xian, met her gentle eyes and gathered enough courage to say, “Sister Xian, I have something I want to tell you.”

Xian looked at him with a solemn expression and wondered if Geng Shan had found something from Dongfang Minghui, then shook her head and asked, “Is it something important?”

The most important thing in his life was to tell Sister Xian about his feelings, right?

“Sister Xian, I like you.” Geng Shan puffed up his breath and spent all the courage he had in his life to say his feelings, his face turned red with shame after he finished.

Xian was flabbergasted, the smile on her face was more gentle, “I know, Geng Shen, Sister Xian also likes you very much.”

Geng Shan looked at her closely, but reading into her words, Xian was very good to everyone, the like in her mouth was not the same as the like he wanted. In fact, he already knew the answer, but he was reluctant and wanted to truly find out.

Geng Shan revealed a smile that was worse than crying, “Sister Xian, you were scratched by the undead before, how are your injuries now?”

At the mention of injuries, Xian subconsciously covered her neck wrapped in white cloth, her eyes drifted for a moment, she unconsciously took a step back, her expression was sad, “Geng Shen is also like them, also afraid that I will become an undead to hurt you?”

“No, no, Sister Xian, don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean that, I just want to see if your injury is serious.” Geng Shen keenly grasped the meaning of her words, the matter of the undead infection is indeed as Qian Wanyu expected, once the infection has set in she would be deeply scorned by the people around her.

Xian weakly covered her neck, apprehensively asking, “Geng Shan, can I trust you?”

“Of course you can, sister Xian, no matter what you become, I will never hurt you.” Seeing that the originally radiant person had turned into this way due to the infection of the undead, Geng Shan’s heart ached, and the hand that was extended was awkwardly withdrawn.

He was not even qualified to stay by Xian’s side to guard, now, the only thing he could do for the other side was just that one thing…

Dongfang Minghui was bored, so she took out the white cloth in the brocade box to take a look, turning it over and over, it was still a white cloth, she could not study it.

“Is this really left behind by the Second Lady?”

Why did she have the feeling of being scammed by Qin Mu, her cousin, this was just a white cloth, probably only good enough to let her hang herself. Detecting no results, she simply threw the brocade box back into her space ring.

She opened the door to the room and saw everyone sitting collectively in a circle, she went over to take a look. She saw Mu Sheng lying miserably on the floor, feigning a face of pain, and Qian Wanyu was helping him with his makeup.

“Seventh sister, what are you doing?”

“Shhh.” Situ Hao made a silent gesture at her.

Dongfang Minghui was nervous from Situ Hao’s mysterious look, she shut up and didn’t say anything, after looking at it for half a second, she probably knew a little bit of what’s going on. Seventh sister was disguising Mu Sheng as being scratched by the undead, but what is the purpose? She scratched her head, Seventh sister always did not like to explain things, if she doesn’t ask, the other party will not say.

Everyone was very interested in the creatures around them.

When Geng Shan appeared silently on the wall, the whole game started.

“Ow–” Mu Sheng, with a grimace on his face, covered his wrist and rolled aside, he deliberately showed the traces he had just had drawn on his wrist for the crowd to see, but of course, his main purpose was to give the person on the wall a closer look.

Situ Hao threw a light-based healing spell on it, the white light immediately shone on Mu Sheng’s body, “Mu Sheng’s situation seems to have become more serious, this healing can temporarily relieve his pain, but it won’t help much for the infection.”

The light treatment really enveloped his body, Mu Sheng felt warm all over. It was very comfortable, but his face actually showed the face of pain, acting as if it was very painful, he even faked moaning and groaning in pain trying to escape.

Dongfang Minghui look left and right between Mu Sheng and Seventh sister, she was also acting at the same time. Her expression was extremely painful, her eyes turned slightly she wanted to step forward, but was stopped by Li Yunan, the other side turned around and squinted, “Minghui, the poison of the undead can infect others, you should not go near Mu Sheng.”

“But, senior brother Li, I am a pharmacist, I have pills. Let me see how Mu Sheng is doing.”

“What, little Minghui have you already refined a pill to suppress the undead!?” Situ Hao exaggeratedly exclaimed, showing great surprise, he and Li Yunan grabbed onto Dongfang Minghui moving their mouths non-stop.

It’s too fake, it’s really too fake!

Dongfang Minghui pushed away Situ Hao and put her hands on her waist to glare at him.

Qian Wanyu saw this and lead Dongfang Minghui over, “Sorry, in fact Ninth Sister really refined a pill to inhibit the infection of the undead, the reason why we didn’t tell this matter to everyone in advance was because we were afraid that we were expecting too much, Ninth Sister’s pill was still missing an ingredient, until Ninth Sister was taken captive, she accidentally found this potion, so big thanks to Lu Xing and Wood.”

Lu Xing was a bit confused, he didn’t seem to have done anything, right?

Bai Rou waved her big sword and said unhappily, “Why are you saying this only now?”

Li Yunan and Situ Hao were both dumbfounded, this wasn’t quite the same as the plot they had just agreed on, but the captain was acting so realistically that even they were on the verge of believing it.

“Senior Sister Bai Rou, don’t be angry.” Dongfang Minghui saw that the scene was turning strange, she went over and explained, “I wanted to tell everyone after I came back, but my cousin appeared, and after that, my mind was troubled by my mother and family matters, so, in short, I’m sorry.”

Such an explanation was considered reasonable, since she just learned about the family being destroyed, her heart would be involved in the whereabouts of her mother ……

“Okay, in that case, hurry up and save Mu Sheng.”

Dongfang Minghui took out a pill from the space ring and stuffed it into Mu Sheng’s mouth without saying a word, Mu Sheng swallowed the pill. His eyes widened and it took him a long time to react to what he had just done.

“Ahem.” He pinched his neck and tried to cough the pill out.

“Mu Sheng, don’t worry, you’ll be fine soon.” Dongfang Minghui patted his chest so that the pill could enter his body more smoothly.

Mu Sheng smacked his lips and found that the aftertaste of the pill was a little sweet and a little fragrant, there was a faint spiritual energy running through his body after swallowing it, as if it was a good thing.

Everyone gathered around as if to ask questions, but in fact it was to take the opportunity to wipe off the makeup from Mu Sheng’s face and body.

“It really works!” Situ Hao shouted in shock.

In the whole team, he was the only one who could still make a big fuss.

Hiding in the wall thinking, Geng Shan finally made up his mind and that very night, he took the initiative to sneak into the small courtyard, avoiding the eyes of everyone, he walked into Dongfang Minghui’s room.

The person inside the room was emitting the sound of steady breathing, apparently the other party was so distracted by the recent events that she had fallen asleep.

“Take one more step closer and I’ll kill you.” Qian Wanyu sat aside and slowly raised her eyelids, unsurprised by Geng Shan’s arrival.

This Geng Shan was the kind of person who was unwilling to listen and liked to test others’ bottom line again and again.

The reason she didn’t tell Ninth Sister about her plan was that she didn’t want the other party to get involved. But, by mistake, Geng Shan took notice of Ninth Sister, a pharmacist who possesses a pill to suppress the undead, how tempting would that be?

Dongfang Minghui got up from the bed. She was slow to react, but not too stupid, and after a little bit of thinking about the causes and effect, she knew that Seventh sister was digging a hole for others to jump into. She said with hatred, “Geng Shan, last time Seventh sister let you off once, you dare to come again, you really think we are soft persimmons, easy to bully?”

She just shouted and outside the other people pretending to sleep rushed in, Situ Hao couldn’t help but stare, “Why is it you again?”

Geng Shan came prepared for the worst, he saw so many people surrounding himself and helplessly said, “I am here to find your captain.”

The two found a separate room, Dongfang Minghui remained outside, Seventh sister and Geng Shan were alone in a room to talk about things, she was trying to eavesdrop, but ended up stuck to the door and not able to hear anything.

“Okay, little Minghui, come over here, I have something to ask you.”

Situ Hao pulled her aside, “Didn’t we refine a tube of potion before, did it work?”

Dongfang Minghui thought in her head, she remembered that the potion should be the one the infected pharmacist was given, the effect she did not know, when they decided to go to the town, after discussing with the others the final conclusion was to let them fend for themselves.

“It might work.”

At least the infected pharmacist seemed fine up till they left.

“Really? How about you refine another potion and try.”

Inside the room, Qian Wanyu had deliberately arranged a small formation so that no one outside could hear their conversation, and she sat there like an old monk in cultivation, calm and unhurried.

Geng Shan wanted to compete with her in calmness but after an hour, he found that the other party was completely unconcerned, he who had his heart set on Sister Xian had to admit defeat.

“Your request, I’ll do it.”

After a long time, Qian Wanyu opened her eyes and said indifferently, “Have you thought about it?”


She snorted, before she clearly saw Geng Shan hesitate, she did not expect that letting him go back on a trip instead made him strengthen his determination. Although she had no idea what Dongfang Lizhu said to Geng Shan or what she did to him, to make a person willingly allow someone else to search their soul, Dongfang Lizhu’s ability to compel people’s hearts has seen a lot of growth.

Qian Wanyu took out a small porcelain bottle from her space ring and placed it on the table, “Now let’s begin.”

Geng Shan took a look and closed his eyes.

“Wanyu, be careful of his deception.”

Qian Wanyu used her Water Thunder Whip and tied the other party in a tight knot, “Unless he wants Dongfang Lizhu to die, he won’t dare to do it again.”

She put her hands on top of his head, closed her eyes and read the other party’s memory, probably because in the recent period, her spiritual power had a breakthrough, this time the memory she read almost covered what happened after the other party met Dongfang Lizhu at Shengling Academy onwards.

Watching Dongfang Lizhu constantly teasing the crowd, yet showing an infatuated side, she wanted to vomit.

“It’s really like that.”

After a long time, Geng Shan opened his eyes feebly, “Am I allowed to go?”


Having gotten what she wanted to know, Qian Wanyu was satisfied and watched as Geng Shan took steps to the table to pick up the pills, she admonished again, “If you want your sister Xian to be safe and sound, every step needs to be done according to what I said.”


“There is no reason.”

The method Qian Wanyu described was that the other party must tell Xian when he returned that it was a pill that could suppress the poison of the undead. After that, they should take advantage of the momentum to make the other person swallow it then and there.

She would like to see how Dongfang Lizhu could pretend.

“Seventh sister.”

After the room door opened, Dongfang Minghui watched Geng Shan stumble out of the inn, the sky was already bright, she vaguely saw the other side had a pale look, she came up to Qian Wanyu, “Seventh sister, what did you do to him? ”


Soul search if it is forced, the person would have mental damage. However, if the other party was cooperative and behaved without resistance, the after-effects of soul search will be reduced accordingly, also the memory will be a little more comprehensive. Murong Qingyi from last time, she didn’t want a second time.

Dongfang Minghui glared at her, nothing? Two people will stay inside a room for a night until dawn? A blind person knew what Seventh sister must have done. She unsatisfactorily tiptoed up to Qian Wanyu’s face, “Seventh sister, let’s talk?”

Qian Wanyu smiled and nodded pulling the person inside the house, she pressed her against the door and deeply sniffed her scent greedily.

Dongfang Minghui didn’t know if to laugh or cry, obviously she was the one who wanted to scold, how come when she entered the room her aura was strongly suppressed by Seventh sister, she puffed up her chest, stood on tiptoes and tried to make herself serious, “Seventh sister, you still haven’t told me what you and him were doing inside the room all night?”

The other party could have been fresh meat.

Qian Wanyu listened to her rather sorrowful tone and wanted to laugh, but held back, she buried her head into the side of Minghui’s neck and nibbled a bit, “Ninth Sister, Seventh sister is a little hungry.”

If she didn’t know what was coming next she’d have taken it seriously.

But since her complete enlightenment, Dongfang Minghui’s mind remembered the small pornographic films again, she forced the person back and viciously threatened, “Seventh sister, I’m only for you but you better not let me find you cheating, or, hmph. ”

She has to guard against the heroine’s crazy sex drive every inch of the way.

In the past, she only tried to hold the Female Protagonist’s golden thighs, to brush a sense of existence, but now it was in order to become only one in Seventh Sister’s heart.

Qian Wanyu was happy to see it, the corners of her mouth lightly hooked up, “What would you do if I did cheat?”

Dongfang Minghui saw the smile under her eyes and angrily pushed back, she simply tore her upper clothes and tried hard to leave two hickeys on the Female Protagonist’s neck as if to delcare to the world that this woman is mine…but she was too short.

Just one spin and she was pinned on the table by Seventh sister.

“Seventh sister…”

–A lot of noises came out of the room–

After the double cultivation, Qian Wanyu felt so comfortable that if not for the group of undead outside, she really wanted to spend the rest of her life hugging Ninth Sister like this.

“Seventh sister!” Dongfang Minghui aggrievedly moaned from behind tightly hugging the other party’s waist, skin-to-skin contact simply made them both want to stay like that forever. But every time she eats her then leaves, the other party’s habit of walking away made her feel like a one night stand all the time.

“Good girl, you sleep a little longer.” Qian Wanyu was rubbed this way and that, her desire started to rise again and she was deeply afraid of her own self control, if she stayed any longer she wouldn’t be able to resist pressing her down again till she screamed and cried for mercy hehe.

She forcibly released the other party’s hand, kissing her forehead, “After leaving Return Town, Seventh sister will take care of you again.”

Bah! Who needs that! Bah bah bah!

This is meant to be spitting noises out of embarassment like blushing and stuff idk how to convey it properly so this will have to do~

Dongfang Minghui blushed and simply pulled the covers over her head to secretly put on her clothes.

“Seventh sister, what do you think fourth sister has come for?” When the two of them were being intimate, she secretly saw everything in Seventh sister’s soul sea, including Dongfang Lizhu being scratched by the undead but miraculously having no scars.

Qian Wanyu removed the small formation from the room, the moment she opened the door, she stopped and hesitated for a long time before turning around to look directly at Dongfang Minghui, “Ninth Sister, the Dongfang family has been destroyed, Dongfang Lizhu can be considered your only family in this world aside from the Second Lady. If one day we stand in opposition, how will you choose?”

Yesterday she read from Geng Shan’s memory that Dongfang Lizhu had indeed appeared in Snow Capital when they left for Return Town, she was basically sure that the other party knew about her and Ninth Sister, she had come to Return Town with an ulterior motive and approached them.

She suddenly thought of that night when she had felt the fluctuation of dark spiritual power, she thought she had sensed it wrong at that time, but connecting Dongfang Lizhu’s anomaly and that incident together, she came up with an even more terrible conjecture.

“Of course I’ll choose Seventh sister.”

Dongfang Minghui answered without even thinking, and after she finished she felt something was wrong, Seventh sister seemed to know clearly that she was not a Dongfang family member, eh, when did it happen? Did she ever reveal herself?

Everyone knew what the secret conversation between the Qian Family sisters was, while they were discussing all the major events of…life no one bothered them all night.

“How’s it going, did you get a deal?”

Seeing the smile under Qian Wanyu’s eyes, everyone “knew” it had worked.

Qian Wanyu nodded, “After talking with her all night, we finally got it together, Ninth Sister said she won’t interfere with our decision.”

Since the second set of people from Shengling College came, it’s obvious to all of them that the woman called Xian was here to cause trouble, even if the other party was “infected” by the undead, in the heart of Qin Mu, the other party’s danger rating had not reduced at all.

Qian Wanyu disguised herself, changing her clothing to the one Ninth sister wore from yesterday. Besides being a bit taller from the outside no one could notice any problem.

“What a resemblance.” Mu Sheng tsked, he was amazed by Wanyu Sister’s unexpected skill and admired her more and more.

Bai Rou raised her head to look several times, if she didn’t know that the real Minghui was still staying inside the house, even she would almost recognize the wrong person too, “Don’t worry, the appointment has been sent to Xian’s hand.” This thing she sent over three days ago, today is the day to go.

“Qin Mu seems to be checking the whereabouts of Jin Jing and Li Zhu from house to house. Their teammate who was accidentally scratched named Qin Fang also seems to be imprisoned.” Situ Hao loved to get the gossip.

The few people understood that when the Shengling College’s people were locked up like that it basically meant they were completely infected with the poison of the undead.

She and Xian agreed to a place in a small forest slightly remote from Return Town where there was a small stream, she found when she first walked around, the forest trees had withered, leaving yellow trunks and inches of dead land.

The water in front of the creek was floating with bits and pieces of corpses, and there was a foul smell coming from the edge of the creek, this place was at the edge of the whole formation, and a place to bury corpses.

When Qian Wanyu arrived, Xian had been standing by the creek for a long time.

“Should I call you Fourth Sister, or Cousin’s wife?” Qian Wanyu mimicked Ninth Sister’s voice and asked with unusual displeasure.

Xian laughed cheekily, “When I marry your cousin, you’ll naturally have to respectfully call me cousin’s wife, but looking at you, you don’t seem to be very happy about it.”

“Dongfang Lizhu, don’t act, since the Dongfang family was slaughtered, how did you escape that group of people? Also disguising a new identity to enter Shengling College? What kind of identity did you take to get close to my cousin?” Qian Wanyu took out the half piece of jade pendant in her space ring, “This is the jade pendant you abandoned outside the door of the Pharmacy, your name is engraved on it, you have been to the Pharmacy. The person who eavesdropped at the door that night was you, right?”

Dongfang Lizhu was going to argue, then the thought of what she had accidentally discovered made her laugh, “Tsk, I was wondering why you got out of my hands all of a sudden, it turns out you were romping together with Dongfang Wanyu, tell me, how does it feel when two women do that? Does it feel good?”

Qian Wanyu clenched her fist, really, this woman was targeting Ninth Sister.

“That night you went to the pharmacy, why didn’t you show up again?”

Dongfang Lizhu showed her finger nails, suddenly a frozen door descended from the sky to where Qian Wanyu was, swish swish swish, four ice doors fell completely enclosing her inside, “Now you should know right?”

Taking Dongfang Minghui away without alerting the Royal Academy guards would have been a simple matter, but if it was two people, she wasn’t sure what her chances were so she had to retreat, but it was a windfall opportunity for her to accidentally discover the incestuous love between Qian Wanyu and Dongfang Minghui.

“Hahahaha, you’re still as stupid as ever, really you wear out iron shoes running around and get it with no effort in the end, now do you know why?”

Qian Wanyu looked at the four ice doors, the other party was an ice Spiritual Master, using the dirty water by the creek to bring out the best of her ice abilities, hmm was the other party not a dark Spiritual Master?

“In order to catch me, you didn’t hesitate to seduce my cousin, but it seems I looked down on you.” Qian Wanyu looked resigned to her fate, frowning and staring at the four ice doors in front as if she was trying to think of a way to escape.

Dongfang Lizhu liked to see her look of stupidity, she extended an index finger and wiggled it, “Dongfang Minghui, don’t try to escape, with your ability as a pharmacist, you can’t escape. Everytime you let me plan against you like this, do you feel very suffocated? Oh, no, you seem to have planned against me before.”

Speaking of this.

Qian Wanyu raised her eyes without moving, “Right? You should have married that son of the Lai family. You secretly escaped from the Lai family as a runaway concubine, so you’re approaching my cousin with a new identity as a good family girl? Don’t be stupid, I’m telling you that my cousin was partly responsible for what happened that night.”

Dongfang Lizhu’s fingers slightly extended, the four doors became more narrow, she felt the chill, if this is not solved in a short time, she is more than likely to be frozen solid.

“Trying to stir up trouble? I’m sick of your tricks.” Having caught the person she had been trying to catch, Dongfang Lizhu intended to be generous and let the other person die quickly. A trace of black spiritual power suddenly emerged from her fingertips, and she threw this onto Qian Wanyu’s body it lightly clung to Qian Wanyu’s soul sea.

Qian Wanyu pretended to look alarmed and screamed out in a shrill misery, “Dongfang Lizhu, what is this thing!”

Qian Wanyu’s mind meanwhile was still calm, she wanted to know clearly what the other party’s purpose for catching Ninth Sister was, is it really because of that one incident?

Soon in her soul sea she saw Ninth Sister, naked and full-bodied, walking towards her, swinging her shapely hips with every step, the desire she had just been able to release rose up again. But reason told her that Ninth Sister was in the small courtyard and couldn’t be here, likewise, Ninth Sister wouldn’t be dressed so revealingly, Ninth Sister was an extremely shy person.

“Mmmm ah~”

Such a voice that tempts the heart and soul kept bursting out in her mind, the voice was more sultry than Ninth Sister’s, hmph disgusting.

“Wanyu, it’s an illusion.” Qing Mo suddenly spoke out.

Qian Wanyu knew from the beginning to the end, her eyes were unusually clear, the other party’s dark spiritual power could actually still give birth to this illusion ability. With this ability nothing would have happened on that night.

“You are not Dongfang Lizhu.”

Xian was slightly surprised, after which she covered her mouth and smiled, “Ninth Sister, when did this brain of yours become so smart?” Not only did she come out of her illusion so quickly, she also identified her fake identity, tsk, is it because of that woman Qian Wanyu?

“Who are you?”

Qian Wanyu took advantage of her laughing and bent down with one hand and drew out her Water Thunder Whip secretly behind her back, this woman in front of her could not be kept, since she was not from the Dongfang family, she no longer had any hint of concern.


The ice doors around her were blown open by the Water Thunder Whip.

Xian was shaken out several steps from the backlash, flabbergasted for a moment, her eyes suddenly darkened as she gnashed her teeth.

“Water Thunder Whip, you are not Dongfang Minghui that fool, you are Qian Wanyu!”

Qian Wanyu used her spiritual power to shake away the makeup on her face, revealing her original cold and heroic face, “Today you die here.”

Qian laughed at her arrogant tone, “Dongfang Wanyu, bastard of the Dongfang family, who are you to kill me? I’ll kill you and take her I’ll make her life worse than death.”

After saying that, the water that was still gurgling by the creek solidified into a river of ice, and the icicles shot from all sides.

Qian Wanyu’s water and thunder whip got faster and faster, but those ice blocks were still flying constantly, she built a wall of earth around herself to slow down the speed of the ice.

“You are a Spiritual Master of the Dark Element?” Qian Wanyu tried to anger the other party. She wanted to kill the other party directly, but after thinking about it, she planned to catch her alive first.

“What about it?” Xian didn’t care as she used the dark spirit power. She thought that this time she had controlled the opponent securely, but she didn’t expect that the dark spirit power would touch Qian Wanyu’s then disappear completely.

“Apart from these, what other means do you have?”

Qian Wanyu felt a burst of fear, based on the other party’s skill, if Xian had been in the Dongfang family before both her and Ninth Sister would not have survived.

“I underestimated you.”

Qian Wanyu watched Xian make a gesture. The gesture was cumbersome and the other party did it faster. She took a look at it, and before she had time to ask Qing Mo, she felt the mountain sway, and the earth under her feet suddenly fell.

It was something underground!

She leaped into mid-air and clearly saw a huge black centipede tumbling down from the deepest part of the ground. As soon as it emerged from the ground, it shook the dirt on its body and flew towards Qian Wanyu.

She dodged while flinging out her Water Thunder Whip, the whip’s tip sharply cut a trace on its body, but did not hurt it a bit.


The huge centipede was probably irritated by her thunder whip, and sprayed a black object at Qian Wanyu. It was very sticky, and wherever it stuck, the place was corroded cleanly. Qian Wanyu frowned. The thing that came out of this centipede’s mouth and the concoction of that poisonous medicine plant, the fake love flower was actually the same.

Qian Wanyu knew too well the sticky nature of this stuff, once it got on her it’d stick forever without the remedy until she died. Luckily, Ninth Sister was considerate and gave her a bottle of pills as soon as they were ready.

“Black centipede, go.”

Xian gave a command and the monster moved, flying to lunge.

Qian Wanyu sacrificed three Essence of Thunder, and incidentally she popped a pill at the sharp end of her own Water Thunder Whip, which connected to the crackling lightning and blew the big black centipede to pieces.

The black liquid on its body sprayed everywhere, Qian Wanyu tried to retreat but still inevitably got stained, she immediately swallowed three pills.


It was the first time that Xian had seen someone who was contaminated by the black mist able to still retreat. Of course, she looked at the black centipede lying on the ground with pain.

“Now it’s time for you to go back with me obediently.”

Qian Wanyu watched the black fog slowly fade away, and secretly praised Ninth Sister, if she hadn’t developed the pill, she would have been killed by this Xian woman.

Xian used some Qi of Death and threw it in front of Qian Wanyu as she turned and ran. If she had glanced backward, she might have discovered a bigger secret…

When the Qi of Death reached Qian Wanyu, it was all swallowed up by her, it didn’t even leave a drop.


Qian Wanyu used her Water Thunder Whip to tie the person in a knot.

“How is that possible?!”

The black mist and the Qi of Death both lost, even Xian was shocked.

Qian Wanyu sneered, she pulled the end of the water thunder whip to drag the person back just like this. She immediately bundled her up and dragged her back with the water thunder whip.

“Wow, who do we have here.” Situ Hao had been waiting at the door, they had wanted to release the confined Qin Fang as well, to find trouble for the people of Shengling College, but after thinking carefully, they didn’t do it.

Qian Wanyu unmercifully threw her on the ground like a rice sack and Xian glared at her.

Bai Ruo used a knife to cut open the white cloth wrapped around her neck, the neck had no traces left, “She was captured by the undead, why are there no traces?”

“Yes, I clearly saw her scratched at the neck.” Li Yunan could testify.

Dongfang Minghui also did not know how to explain, did the other party heal it automatically? If they just say that the other party was a dark Spiritual Master, maybe they’d also point a finger at Seventh sister later.

“She’s a Dark Spiritual Master.”

Lu Xing heard the chatter outside and walked in with Wood.

Xian sat up straight from the ground with difficulty and raised her head to look around at the few people surrounding her, then her gaze suddenly revealed a creepy and eerie smile when she caught sight of Wood standing behind Lu Xing.

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