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MIWW Chapter 79 Part 2

Dongfang Minghui was still weak at first. Seeing Xian was upset, her mood rose a little in an instant. She sneered at the other party, “You don’t know what Wood is? Did you expect an undead undead to pity and cherish jade? Tsk tsk, Xian, even you would not be shameless enough to even want to hook up with the undead, right?”

According to Xian’s previous record, she really developed a little worry about this loose woman, she had to help Lu Xing keep a good eye on Wood.

“Dongfang Minghui shut up!”

After putting down Xian, Wood continued to carry Dongfang Minghui along. Not to mention her being dumbfounded, even the thrown aside Xian froze, she took a long time to react to Wood’s actions, “Ah-ah ahhh, y-you dare, you stupid undead quickly put her down for me.”

Dongfang Minghui was on Wood’s back watching Xian’s frantic appearance, she could not help but laugh out loud. With one less person leering at her she was much more at ease, lying on Wood’s broad shoulders, she drifted off to sleep.

When she woke up again, she found herself inside a residential room. The room was dark, and the only thing she could see clearly was a tall figure standing by the bed, she was startled when she first saw it.

“Wood, why did you bring me here?”

She took out a few moon stones, and soon the room lit up, she felt around and found that the wounds on her body were actually bandaged.

With the help of the moon stones, she saw that the other party’s pupils were black with a hint of blood red, he should have regained a few moments of sanity, which is why he abandoned Xian on the road. When she thought of this, she couldn’t help but smile, the other party’s surprise was quite satisfying to her.

She got out of bed and walked around a little bit, the wound on her back didn’t affect her walking. She looked around a bit and found something familiar in this place. The clothing was a little worn, but it didn’t affect her ability to see the markings on it clearly. She turned the dress over and found a gray palm mark on the back.

“Wood, this is Lu Xing’s clothing.”

Wood’s eyes blinked at her for a moment.

Dongfang Minghui blinked a few more times, indicating that she had no idea what the other party had expressed. Sure enough, Wood and Lu Xing spoke their own difficult language, and only Lu Xing was clear about it.

“Wood, why did you bring me here, could it be that you mistook me for Lu Xing?”

Thinking of the other party’s highly intelligent performance, she immediately shook her head, thinking that she was thinking too simply.

But there was a language communication barrier, so she simply gave up talking to Wood and concentrated on recuperating in this hut.

On the other side, Qian Wanyu’s face was a little pale, the other party was at least at the Spiritual Emperor level, and completely crushed them before any skills could be used.

“Wanyu, it should be fine, don’t worry.” When Bai Rou and the others found Qian Wanyu and Lu Xing, they were both in a semi-conscious state, especially Lu Xing, who was seriously injured and hadn’t woken up yet.

Qian Wanyu did not care, she woke up and got out of bed, resisting the injuries on her body, “How is Lu Xing?”

“Don’t worry, he’s fine for now.” Situ Hao checked his injuries, the other party had not yet recovered from his spiritual power loss, coupled with the heavy trauma, he was much more injured. If he had kept losing blood Lu Xing would probably be dead.

Lu Xing had helped her to ward off the need for her to expose her dark spiritual power so she took down this favor.

“Why is it so noisy outside?”

The three people in the room looked at each other, finally it was Mu Sheng who couldn’t stand it, “Sister Wanyu, earlier Qin Mu saw that Xian was taken away by us, now he keeps saying that Xian is still in our hands, Senior Brother Li and him had a big fight before but he still won’t give up.”

“I’ll go and meet him.”

“But, your injury–”

Qian Wanyu lightly glanced at them, “I won’t die, take me to him.”

Last time he deliberately left the room, after all the person was the cousin of Senior Minghui. Who knew that the other party did not know right from wrong and didn’t want to listen to reason just sticking around and not letting go like shit to the bottom of a shoe.

“Brother Li, let me handle him.”

Qian Wanyu pressed the wind flowing fan he wanted to shake. Although it looked like an ordinary fan, it was actually an iron fan, each tip had a sharp knife edge and it was made of high quality black iron. Ninth sister had thought about this blade for a long time before.

Li Yunan nodded courteously but it had to be said the number of people who could truly make him angry was few and far in between, in this regard this Qin Mu was truly outstanding…

As soon as Qin Mu saw Qian Wanyu appear, he opened his mouth and shouted, “Dongfang Wanyu, what have you done with Xian? Where is she now, and what do you want? Give me back my Xian.”

Qian Wanyu has been holding a fire in her heart for a long time and wanted to vent it, just when someone jumped in front to take the hit, she didn’t even bother to use the water thunder whip, she shot out an essence of thunder from her fingertips at Qin Mu, one after another.

Qin Mu was unprepared, he did not expect the other party to start fighting at the drop of a hat. The result was a slow reaction as fine purple lightning shot towards him.

Although he was also a great warrior, it did not change that his body has no time to release his spiritual power much less any way to resist the essence of thunder.

Li Yunan was a bit shocked at Qian Wanyu’s big movement and almost jumped, he wanted to go to advise her but was pulled back by Bai Rou, “Minghui was kidnapped again, she is most likely not in a good mood but don’t worry she is a smart person.”

“Venting is what will help her improve her cultivation, besides, as long as he’s not blown to smithereens, I, a Light System Spiritual Master, can bring him back from death.”

Mu Sheng watched for a while and returned to the house, Lu Xing was still lying unconscious on the bed, the blood on his back had stopped but his recovery was particularly slow due to his spiritual cultivation. He moved a stool to sit next to him, the two of them had not spoken properly since their separation.

In Return Town, Lu Xing always followed with Wood behind him who gave off an intimidating aura. Only now, could the two people have peace of mind and find some time to sit down and talk properly, but it was unfortunate that it was in this sort of situation…

“Lu Xing, wake up quickly. Minghui’s whereabouts may depend on you.” Mu Sheng was being serious when he mentioned this. He found a strange thing in the place where they were found in a coma. Corroded by the air of death, only a small piece of blood-stained trees and weeds bloomed with even small shoots sprouting giving people the illusion of spring coming among death. As a spiritual master of wood as well he could also naturally feel the strong vitality from that small piece of land.

Who was so powerful that they could even make a dead tree come back to life?!

Mu Sheng did not dare to mention what he saw, he quietly destroyed all the shoots that had just sprung up, so that no one would know. As the sayings go, what people don’t know about won’t cause trouble in the future.

Qin Mu didn’t die, after being abused by Qian Wanyu into a serious injury, Situ Hao really gave him treatment with light healing, the other party soon came to his senses.

Qian Wanyu had been watching Situ Hao heal him, and when he woke up, she gazed at him coldly and said, “You must keep this life of yours, I will let you witness how I’ll make your Xian live a life worse than death.”

Situ Hao winced as he realized for the first time that their captain was so attractive. Tsk, tsk, unfortunately, she was too tough, definitely not his type.

Qin Mu was a little slow to react to the first few lightning strikes, and didn’t realize what the other side had said until after she left. He tried to get up, only to fall to the ground from his injuries, and he pounded the ground indignantly, gritting his teeth, “Dongfang Wanyu!”

The undead in Return Town were all purged overnight, and what happened after that was left to the later waves of people to take care of. The rest of them found an inn in a remote town near Zilang College to stay.

“In order to catch Ninth Sister, they used the whole town and a village of undead as a front.” Qian Wanyu had been staying outside the door of Lu Xing’s room, remembering clearly the events of the last half month. What was originally a looming adventure has turned into a conspiracy, a conspiracy that involved all three empires in the whirlpool and she herself knew absolutely nothing about the dark forces behind Xian.

Qing Mo knew she was in a bad mood, but still couldn’t help but say, “After the recent events, you should know that your Ninth Sister is most likely part of the Longevity People I mentioned before.”

The Longevity People, a race that had long ceased to exist.

Even if Ninth Sister really was part of that race, what was the other party’s purpose in capturing her?

“Longevity People…Longevity People, could it be for longevity?” Qian Wanyu laughed at herself.

Qing Mo didn’t say anything, in fact it was true that the Longevity People really did live very long to the point of making the world drool. Perhaps their blood and meat could cure a hundred diseases or prolong their own lives…in the eyes of humans they were a living heavenly treasure…

But Wanyu was not emotionally stable now, he did not want to stimulate her by saying this…

“Sister Wanyu, Lu Xing has woken up.”

Qian Wanyu heard that the other party woke up and temporarily left the topic behind.

When everyone saw that the two people had something to talk about, one by one, they consciously left the room to them.

“Wanyu, it’s good that you’re okay.” Lu Xing was secretly relieved once he saw that the other party was in quite good spirits. He promised Minghui and was afraid that he had broken his promise, then he searched around the room, “Where is Minghui?”

“Lu Xing, thank you very much for saving me before.” In any case, he had definitely saved her even if she could have countered with dark spirirtual power. Otherwise, once her dark spiritual power was known to them, this squad would probably have to be disbanded and Ninth Sister would most likely be sad if she knew about it.

Seeing the other party’s formal thanks, Lu Xing’s face turned red and he quickly waved his hand, “Wanyu don’t be like that, if it wasn’t for Minghui giving up her life to save me, I would probably be dead.”

Minghui had already saved him more than once, so it was his turn to guard the people she cared about.

At the mention of Ninth Sister, Qian Wanyu couldn’t help but raise a bitter smile, this cycle of karma, so it’s true, fter all is said and done, wasn’t it actually Ninth Sister who really saved her?

“Lu Xing, Ninth Sister was taken away by Wood, I think since you stayed with Wood the longest, you should know where he’d go right? I need your help.”

As soon as Lu Xing heard the news, he immediately tried to get up from the bed, but he was stopped by Qian Wanyu just before he got halfway up.

“You are not yet healed, think about it, if you have a clue, we can pursue it.” Qian Wanyu was calm on the surface, but anxious in her heart, every day they delay, Ninth Sister’s situation would turn more and more dangerous.


Lu Xing thought for a night, he marked all the roads he and Wood had traveled to before one by one, specifically the place they had lived at for a long time.

“We are currently in the territory of Zilang Empire.” Qian Wanyu marked out the Zilang Empire, and as it turned out, both Wood and Lu Xing had traveled almost all of the three empires, there were traces of their travels everywhere.

Because he had no clue, Qian Wanyu planned to give the Zilang Empire an inspection first.

“What is this place?”

“It was after I was injured by the Death Spiritual Master and Wood rescued me, I woke up and appeared in this place, right in our next town, there was a small deserted courtyard. I used to live there with him.” Lu Xing was still a little sad when he thought of Wood, but he was now more concerned about how Minghui was doing.

If he hadn’t brought back Wood with him… maybe he wouldn’t have met Xian, and there wouldn’t have been any of those unfortunate things later.

“OK, we’ll go this way.”

The group set off for the next town.

Lu Xing’s heart was filled with guilt, his face had lost a bit of weight in a day or two, he was even more silent than before, if it wasn’t for Mu Sheng who often sought him out to talk, he’d probably spend the whole day in a daze, not saying anything.

“You can’t be like this all the time.” Mu Sheng couldn’t stand it one day, he pulled Lu Xing aside, “If you still want to find Minghui, cheer up, Sister Wanyu is also sad, but she wouldn’t let herself fall into a depression like you.”

Lu Xing glanced at Qian Wanyu who was currently meditating and cultivating at the side, she’d turned all her worries into motivation to get stronger.

“I’ll try my best, Mu Sheng…”

Meanwhile, the injury on Dongfang Minghui’s back had basically healed, she had been inside the hut for some time and had gotten somewhat used to the presence of Wood.

The other’s presence was very strong, the aura from him sometimes overwhelmed one’s breath with the heavy pressure.

This day, just after she finished her cultivation, she opened her eyes and saw Wood standing in front of her.

“What’s wrong?”

Wood reached out his hand and without saying anything, he carried her and walked out.

“Wood, what are you doing?”

Dongfang Minghui has figured out a little bit of his nature, she sensed that he did not have malice towards her so she was a little bit more bold, waiting until they got to the next destination, she realized that they were changing locations.

Because of her long retreat, she has been completely unaware of where she has been taken.

“I havve to think of a way to get out of here or at least let the rest know where we are.”

After making up her mind, she ran to Wood and said, “Wood, I want to go out, I want to go out, I want to go out.”

After saying three times, the other party still did not respond, Dongfang Minghui looked at him with her eyes while carefully opening the door and pointed outside, “I’m going out to buy something for Seventh sister and Lu Xing, are you coming?”

Mu Sheng stepped out and followed closely behind, like a bodyguard.

Lu Xing’s name turned out to be useful, once they got out of the door, she turned a few corners before figuring out the streets of the town, the town’s population was not very large, the flow of people seemed sparse, she found a random person to poke around and only then learned that she had come to an unknown small town in the territory of the Zilang Empire, after the few times Wood changed locations, the final destination should still be a bit farther away.

“Wood, what are we doing running to the Zilang Empire?”

The Zilang Empire is where Senior Brother Li Yunan Li’s family was located, as well as the Qian Family’s home base. Dongfang Minghui thought through her head, but could not guess what was in the heart of Wood. Her only concern is that with his, Seventh sister will have difficulty finding her.

Even if she did find her, Seventh sister would have to face the Qian Family in the Zilang Empire…

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