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MIWW Chapter 80 Part 1

“Look guys, there’s still some clothing here that hasn’t been thrown away.” Lu Xing returned to the familiar hut and felt that there was something extra inside. He took a closer look and found that the clothes that had been discarded seemed to have been moved. At first he wasn’t sure but then he saw the bloodstained cloths at the corner of the door then he was convinced that they had really come back.

Qian Wanyu squeezed the bloodstained cloths and didn’t let go of them until they were crumpled into a ball.

“Look at the dust in the house, they should have been gone for several days.” Mu Sheng wiped the table with his hand and found a small amount of dust on it.

“Let’s speed up the trip maybe we can catch up to them at the next destination.”

They didn’t know if Wood was playing hide-and-seek with them, but each time they arrived at a new location, the other side seemed to have left one step ahead of them and deliberately left a little trace there, as if to tell Qian Wanyu that they had appeared. They were not able to catch up with each other even though they worked day and night.

Lu Xing was depressed, Wood’s rushing speed is no less than a fast moving beast, the other party did not know fatigue, he remembered that once Wood went on a few days and nights without rest just fine, but he, on the other hand, slept on his shoulder before waking up to find that they were still rushing about.

This day, they walked to the middle of nowhere, in front was a village, the few people gathered in a circle to find a dilapidated house, it looked like an abandoned temple.

“We will spend the night in this place and continue our journey in the early morning.” Qian Wanyu said, everyone had been chasing without sleep for most of the month yet not even a single person was found. It was good that their general direction seemed to be right.

“It’s a good idea for us to take a break.”

Everyone agreed with this decision, the five people randomly found a place to sit down, closed their eyes, and soon fell into cultivation, leaving only Qian Wanyu and Li Yunan.

Li Yunan looked around the temple, the place seemed dilapidated, even the stone statue in the middle had been destroyed by someone till they couldn’t make out the original. It had likely been abandoned for a long time. He found some bits and pieces of wood and piled them together to start a fire, the two people sat face to face staring at the fire.

Qian Wanyu picked up the blood-stained cloth at some point and just squeezed it in her hand, thinking about whether Ninth Sister had taken good care of herself, thinking about what bad ideas Xian was playing at and the more she thought about it, the tighter her brow wrinkled causing strong waves of spiritual energy to emanate from her body.

“Sister Minghui once they enter the capital, they must need a place to rest, I will let get my family to send people to keep an eye on the major inns, I believe that we’ll soon find them.”


Qian Wanyu lifted her head towards him and smiled in a kind manner.

“You’re welcome.” Li Yunan smiled bitterly, despite saying that he promised to be her guardian, it turned out to he was incompetent as a guardian, “I just went out to take a look, Qin Mu and the others are still following behind, should we lose them?”

“Let him follow.”


“I need to make him see with his own eyes the time that his most obssessively pursued thing is broken in front of him, that’ll be fitting punishment.” Qian Wanyu had already thought of an ending for him and Xian, since he wasn’t worried about Ninth Sister’s safety at all and worried more about this snake woman, it was better for her to not to have this good for nothing cousin.

Li Yunan nodded his head with understanding.

By the latter part of the night, Qian Wanyu was left alone on guard duty while the others had fallen into cultivation.

“Miss, there are people inside this shitty place, should we blow them out?”

“Go in first and take a look.” A clear cold voice came from outside.

The two people’s voices immediately made Qian Wanyu alert, even Bai Rou and the others snapped out of their cultivation, “There’s someone outside.”

When Qian Zhuoxi and her group set foot in the abandoned temple, they saw five people sitting cross-legged around a fire, looking at them with wary faces. There was also a man sitting cross-legged on a wooden board, propping his head up and dozing off, he seemed to be asleep, not even raising his head to notice their arrival.

The spiritual power from the six people was varied, some were weak and some were strong, the gap was quite obvious, they seemed like mercenaries, but at the same time not.

“I’m sorry to bother you all, but we are from the Qian Xing Pavilion and would like to use this place for a few hours to rest, so I wonder if you can make it easier for us.” A man dressed as a servant beside her said towards them.

They were the only merchants who owned all the flying beasts and crawling beasts around the three empires, they had an exclusive monopoly on the whole market.

Bai Rou and the others may not be clear but Li Yunan as a descendant of the Li family of the Zilang Empire, couldn’t help but raise his head and look at the woman a few more times. He had heard about Qian Xing Pavilion. The Qian Family, the Li Family, the Meng Family and the Bai Family were considered to be the four major families in the entire Meng City. He still had some impressions of the Qian Family. The woman in front of him had an arrogant expression. Although she didn’t say a word, she looked at them with disdain in her eyes.

“You can go to that place.” Qian Wanyu turned her back on them the moment she heard them introduce themselves with the words Qian Xing Pavilion, she subconsciously pursed her mouth and pointed to the farthest corner of the place, even the fire light couldn’t reach that corner.

The Qian people looked in the direction she pointed and their hearts were instantly on fire. They have never been treated this way, usually if they report the three words Qian Xing Pavilion, even people who wouldn’t look at their face had to give face to their background. Forget being extremely hospitable even being slightly friendly was a must.

Now for the first time they seemed to have met a couple of young people that didn’t know how high the sky was.


“Aunt Fang, since these people aren’t willing to give up a seat to us, we have to thank them more later.” Qian Zhuoxi was also angry, but she felt that coming to terms with a few children was really a loss of face for her as a future heir of the Qian Family.

Bai Rou laughed at this, and the rest of them continued to concentrate on doing their own things.

A group of more than ten people walked to the corner, it was a little disgusting that the corner was wet and messy. They took out some animal skins from their space ring and put them on the ground. They took apart the only table behind the stone statue and set fire to it to heat up the corner.

“Wanyu, you rest for a moment, I’ll keep watch next.” Bai Ruo thrust her sword into the ground like a line separating the two sides, not sure if intentional or unintentional, but the blade edge was aimed at them as well.

Li Yunan watched quite clearly from the side, he obviously felt the coldness that Wanyu suddenly showed after hearing the three words of Qian Xing Pavilion. This kind of indifference was completely different from her usual attitude. It seemed there was some sort of story there but he didn’t want to dig deeper.

Maybe Wanyu was in a bad mood because of the matter of junior sister Minghui?

Qian Wanyu meditated and quietly cultivated on her own, the light from the campfire shone on her face outlining her heroic and cold features and the halo of the light seemed to also give her a touch of softness.

Of course it was just an illusion.

The line of people sitting at the corner stared at them secretly, Aunt Fang who was just interrupted by Qian Zhuoxi was still slightly resentful as she glared. Her gaze swept the faces of each of the people, it paused for a few more seconds on Li Yunan’s gentle face, and then she focused on Qian Wanyu’s face.

The more she looked, the more she frowned, and the more she looked, the more alarmed she became!

“Eldest Miss.”

Qian Zhuoxi was planning to cultivate for a few hours more. The closer they got to Meng City, the more she had to raise her fighting spirit she couldn’t waste a single moment being sloppy, “Aunt Fang, what is it?”

Aunt Fang looked at Qian Wanyu then opened her mouth, she was very conflicted and really did not know how to say, could she just say that that girl’s facial shape was simply a perfect likeness of the fourth miss as if carved from the same mold? Even the softness between her eyebrows seemed to be inherited from the fourth miss.

But Miss should have only seen that fourth miss a few times when she was a child, she’d probably even forgotten her appearance.

“It’s okay, I must have seen the wrong person…”

The group went their separate ways in the early morning. Qian Wanyu watched them get into a flying beast and disappear into the sky. When they turned around again, they saw Qin Mu not far away looking at them intently.

“Let’s go.”

On the other side, Dongfang Minghui had gotten used to the rhythm of Wood moving around running while carrying people, the first few times she would be shocked and protest slightly but after that she was used to it, the other party usually stood in place and did not move but when he did it was thunderous.

“Wood, what are you doing running to the capital city of the Purple Jade Empire?”

Purple Jade Empire’s capital city – Meng Capital, it is said that the origin of this name was decided by the Meng Family’s prophet, they only produced one heavenly prophecy in three generations. This prophecy seemed to be extremely powerful as the Meng Family’s position in the Purple Jade Empire was unshakeable.

Dongfang Minghui was brainstorming, she imagined the purpose of Wood going to Meng City must be related to the other party wanting to recover his sanity or maybe he wanted to find that Meng Prophet and calculate his and Lu Xing’s future love road would not be bumpy?

How about she go to this Meng Prophet and check her marriage rates with them too hmmm.

“Ouch, wood, how many times have I told you, you can not be so rough, or wait until Lu Xing finds you I’ll go complain to him and he’ll scold you until your ears are deaf hmph!” Dongfang Minghui scolded while rubbing her sore ass.

Some time ago, probably because of her wound, Wood had been putting her down gently, she thought that the other party changed his ways, who expected that as soon as her injuries healed, the other party went back to usual and just tossed her casually on the ground.

This showed one thing, the other side seemed to have his own judgment, this was good it meant there was some semblance of sanity.

Dongfang Minghui had a headache at the sight of the hut, she did not know how an undead man could have so many dwellings, every time they got to a place, he seemed to have some sort of room. People say a cunning rabbit had three holes, this Wood seemed to  have a hole everywhere!

“Wood, can we make a deal, can’t we go and stay at the inn this time?” It is also possible to stroll around the Meng City while doing so, she wanted to see if she could find a Blood Fiend Alliance branch or a Rose Building branch or something else that could let her leave a message for Seventh Sister.

At her suggestion, Wood stood expressionless, not even throwing her a look.

Talking to a person with no expression could be tiring, she somewhat admired Lu Xing’s patience, not only that, but also the ability of his to read the other party’s eyes was simply godlike!

“If you don’t answer me, I’ll take that as a yes.” Dongfang Minghui tried to take three steps and looked back twice, the other party did not respond. Until the door opened and her leg just crossed the outside he still seeemed to have no reaction. She rejoiced a little, the other leg had soon tried to step out but then she felt her collar was pulled from behind and with a small effort bang she was thrown backwards back on the ground.

Wood still had the same dead face, just standing in front of her.

“You little, damn it Wood, I’m telling you, I’m going out to buy something for Lu Xing. Think about it, you hurt him last time, he must be very hurt, I’m talking about very hurt emotionally, the best way is for you to buy a gift for him and make amends then he’ll be very happy.” Dongfang Minghui pulled out a box from her space ring that seemed to be a special lubricant for men and waved it in front of Wood.

“How about it? Can I go out or not? Can you give me a little reaction?”

She kept talking till her mouth was dry, but Wood still didn’t move.

The next day, Dongfang Minghui again secretly tried to go out, she was bored tossing and turning buying all those gifts in the name of Lu Xing, she had kept using him as an excuse all the time to go out and accidentally bought all the things back.

She sat on the stool, and the other party stood watching her, like a security guard guarding a prisoner.

“I really can’t understand how Lu Xing fell in love with you.” He couldn’t speak and his face was expressionless, with such a dead person his only redeeming feature was probably his ability.

Speaking of this, she thought of the previous times when Xian brought a group to besiege them, Wood had unexpectedly defeated all the people and continued to carry her to run away like it was all a joke. She felt happy everytime she saw Xian’s face twisted with anger.

“Love Flower it’s all thanks to you.”

Thanks to her resourcefulness, as soon as she escaped from Xian’s clutches, she immediately discussed with Love Flower about a way to block her voice ability to temporarily relieve Wood from being affected by that voice of Xian’s. Otherwise she would definitely have fallen into the hands of Xian again that damn devil woman.

“I remember there’s a potion to get rid of the sound control.” Love Flower poked out its head and gave Wood a look.

“In what place?”

“It was taken away from Death Valley.”

The cave where Love Flower was located had a Death Spiritual Master stationed there before, he developed a lot of strange and bizarre things, including some potion prescriptions, Love Flower pretended to be an ordinary medicinal plant and had listened to him recite and craft these weird things for years.

“Long-term I’m afraid it’s not a solution, I think we still have to find a real prescription.”

Dongfang Minghui glanced at Wood this guy who could be controlled was like a ticking time bomb. If there was nothing to trigger it then all was well but if it was triggered then everything within a hundred miles would be destroyed…

“Lu Xing’s problem I’ll let him solve it.”

She fiercely put her two hands on her waist and stomped her feet viciously, “I told you, today I want to go out, I must go out.”

She has been out of touch with Seventh sister for almost a month and has been staying in these damn remote huts, how could Seventh sister find it?

Dongfang Minghui dod not care about his expression, anyway, in her opinion, Wood had no expression to begin with, she finished, and walked out of the door. Until she was two or three steps away from the door no one came to pick up her collar this time.

“I have to leave a message for Seventh sister.”

She walked slowly and carefully on the street, the pedestrians on the road seemed to be avoiding her, at first she did not notice anything, but then more and more people turned to her and looked like they have seen a ghost, Dongfang Minghui doubtfully lowered her head to check her clothes, everything seemed fine ah, she could not help but touch her face, there should be nothing it…right?

When she stopped, passers-by became even more frightened and ran away from her.

“Hey wai-” Was she so scary looking? As soon as she turned around however she saw that Wood was close behind her, just a step away. Then she looked at the reactions of the others, they were obviously scared by the wood, right?!

“Look guys that’s an undead right?”

“The undead are here!”

“Everyone run-”

These conversations had reached Dongfang Minghui’s ears, and she remembered with hindsight that the undead virus seemed to have come from the Zilang Empire in the first place, it was clear how deep everyone’s fear of the undead was.

“Wait wait, everyone misunderstood, he’s my big brother, not some undead.” Dongfang Minghui tried to explain, but as soon as she got close to them, the onlookers scattered in fear and fled so fast that in the blink of an eye the two of them were the only ones left on the whole street.

Dongfang Minghui was dumbfounded, if it’s like this how can she still find a Blood Fiend Alliance branch or the Rose House?

The first day the two returned home without success, the next day, she began to plan to go out again, but once she saw Wood following, she could not help but stroke her forehead, she walked around and suddenly glanced at the lubricant she bought for Lu Xing and Wood.

She rubbed her chin and suddenly had a plan.

Wood was obediently pressed by her to sit on a stool and let her smear something on his face.

Dongfang Minghui had tried to learn Seventh sister makeup skills and replicate it on Wood’s cold face turning it into a big flowery face, with the light from the background, his expression and features become more distinct, if one did not look closely, no one could tell that his face was expressionless. She looked at Wood with a smile and patted him with satisfaction, “Come on, let’s go out.”

This time surely no one could recognize him as an undead.

She went around several dark alleys, took three wrong turns, and asked a lot of people before she reached one of the busiest neighborhoods in Meng City, “Wood, this place is quite lively, it feels more lively than Snow Capital.”

Snow Capital had two major academies, in addition to the Royal Academy, there was the Ark Academy, probably because the Royal Academy was the first of the four colleges, it made that Ark Academy’s name get overshadowed. A capital city with more scholars would be more serious than other capitals.

Knowing that Wood would not respond, she still could not help but talk to him. They took a turn around and found the place where one of the four great families,  the famous Meng family was located.

Outside the gate of the Meng Family, only four people were on guard, a palanquin was at the ready, and Nangong Yuntian’s lavish appearance before seemed almost low key compared to this Meng Family’s procession. She watched a frail man walk out of the Meng Family mansion to the palanquin.

There was a slender girl who helped him when he was getting on. From the respectful behaviour this girl should be their family’s maid.

“Even the maids are so outstanding, the Meng Family is really something.”

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but feel a little bit of emotion, who expected that just when her voice fell, the girl along with the man who was stepping onto the palanquin had paused one foot and glanced deeply in her direction.

This glance gave her the illusion of being seen through completely by the other party.

Only when the sedan chair disappeared in front of her eyes did Dongfang Minghui come back to her senses, “Wood, do you think that person just now is the new generation prophet of the Meng family?”

Maybe it really was, the Meng Family produced a Prophet every three generations, probably because the Meng Family always tried to guess the workings of heaven, their life span seemed relatively short, if they could live to half the age of an ordinary Spiritual Master they would already be thanking God.

The heavens give you a certain power but at the same time took away something else. That was fair.

“Maybe that’s life.” She lamented slightly.

Soon, looking at the dazzling array of things on the street, she immediately put those feelings of unhappiness behind her, and when she saw something she liked, she bought it, and incidentally happened to buy a lot of rouge and makeup powder, as well as some clothes and other things.

Wood stood behind her without leaving a single step.

Everytime Dongfang Minghui walked to a corner, she would leave a sign of Thief Master’s. She didn’t know if there were any disciples of his in the Empire but she hoped that Seventh Sister could see these signs. With Seventh Sister’s ingenuity, she would definitely be able to see them and understand it was her.

“Next time I have to ask Wei Junlan for something that symbolizes identity. I can’t find anyone if I want to ask for help.” She thought hard, she hated being planned by her before but at the same time she also needed her help so she could only let it go and think one step at a time.

She arbitrarily chose a teahouse that seemed to be upscale, and took Wood to choose a place near the window. She watched the crowds shuttle below, and thought of the time she was sitting in the teahouse with Seventh sister and watching the scenery.

At that time, she still wanted to hug Seventh sister’s thighs, who knew that somehow she managed to accidentally roll into the sheets with her and the female protagonist ended up hugging her instead!

Thinking of the past, her face turned red involuntarily. Fortunately, the waiter quickly brought up the snacks she wanted. She took two bites to get rid of the charming scenes of Seventh sister from her mind.

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