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MIWW Chapter 83 Part 2

Wood cannot feel his inner struggle, still standing not too far from him.

The Qian Family was ordered by the old lady to forbid any talk about Qian Ziyan in the Qian Family, if anyone was found gossiping they will be punished severely.

“You mean Grandma sent Cai Qing to eldest uncle’s compound? At that woman’s behest?” She had wanted to ask for Cai Qing when she saw that she was a good worker, but she was refused.

Now her eldest uncle has just returned and the old lady directly threw her to the small courtyard.

Qian Zhuoxi knew that her father was not that loved by the old lady, but the difference in treatment was too great.

“According to reason, uncle’s return is a joyous and congratulatory event, why does grandmother want to restrict everyone from talking about him?” Qian Zhuoxi wondered, she squinted her eyes and thought about the time when they entered the courtyard and the girl talked to Grandma alone for a while.

Grandma’s attitude has also changed since then. She has lived in the house quietly for several days, it would be impossible if it was the normal reunion to not throw an extravagant party for this sort of event. She remembered hearing her father mention that when she was a child, her grandma lost her uncle and fourth aunt at the same time and was always grieving the loss.

“Eldest Miss, yesterday, I heard from the maids in the courtyard, Cai Qing went to the Bamboo King Inn early in the morning and picked up a few people to bring to that small courtyard, from what they said, it seems to be friends of that girl.”

Qian Zhuoqian always felt that something was wrong, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. She paced back and forth in the room and suddenly asked, “Where is Zhuoyin now?”

“Miss, you forgot that since the last incident in the marketplace, the master has punished her to go to the First Peak for at least a month to meditate behind closed doors.”

“Bring a set of clothes that Zhuoyin often wears.”

The gravity crushing field had not yet been perfected, and Wanyu’s group had just been sitting in silence for half a while when they felt someone approaching the small courtyard.

“Someone is coming.”

Qian Wanyu had heard Cai Qing walking today, although the other party was a maid in the Qian Family, but in the end, she was serving the old lady, her own spiritual power had reached Spiritual King level, she could walk lightly almost without sound.

These footsteps were obviously weaker than Cai Qing’s spiritual power, but it’s not too far away, it looks like someone about to break through Spiritual King.

Qian Family was really a place of crouching tigers and hidden dragons, a casually person and servant had spiritual power above her, she finally understood what the old lady meant by too weak before.

“Stop sneaking around if you have skill then come out!”

“Seventh sister?”

Dongfang Minghui opened the door of the room and a head emerged, she looked at them suspiciously, she seemed to have heard Seventh sister saying something just now. Not waiting for her to step out of the room, she saw a figure appear in the small courtyard.

Qian Zhuoxi was shocked. Although it was not visible on the face, she still revealed a little flaw. She wanted to secretly observe what these people were doing in the Qian Family’s small courtyard, but she didn’t expect that when she met them she saw a group of familiar people.

Situ Hao also saw her, he remembered her especially clearly, that day he took a nap in the abandoned temple and those strangers came the one he most “fondly” remembered was naturally that arrogant Qian Zhuoxi.

“Hey, this girl looks a little familiar.” He said in an off-key voice.

“Heh.” Bai Ruo snorted, not sure if she was mocking Qian Zhuoxi or Situ Hao.

“Ah, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Qian Zhuoyin.” Qian Zhuoxi tried hard to dress up as Qian Zhuoyin and imitate her naive side to confuse the crowd, after all, the two of them were twin  sisters, many times even her father would mistake them.


Dongfang Minghui looked at her, somehow she felt that the person in front of her gave her a sense of distance, she felt that something was wrong, she scratched her head with a puzzled expression, “Zhuoyin why are you here?”

“Minghui, I heard someone say you had a guest, so I wanted to come and see.” Qian Zhuoyin pointed to Qian Wanyu’s group, “They are? Aren’t you going to introduce them?”

When the other party spoke, she felt even more that something was wrong.

“They are my friends, they came to my small courtyard just to see me, just to stay for a few days.” Dongfang Minghui smiled and lied through her teeth, “I mentioned to the old lady that I was too lonely in the Qian Family, and you know that your uncle is still a man and cannot be with me all the time. It just so happens that my friends have also come so I begged the old lady to allow them to come and play with me to relieve my boredom.”

Relieve boredom? Qian Zhuoxi didn’t believe it, looking at their postures, they were cultivating.

“Haha, really?”

Hearing her, Dongfang Minghui smiled even more sweetly. She took Qian Zhuoxi’s wrist, and found that her body went stiff as soon as she touched her, “Zhuoyin, you didn’t talk to me about the Fifth Peak last time. What happened to the fourth peak? What about the fifth peak? You can talk to me anytime.”

The smile on Qian Zhuoxi’s face was almost unbearable, she sneered in her heart, Qian Zhuoyin you’re really good, in front of an outsider, you dared to reveal the secret of the Qian Family, she hurriedly pushed her back, “Minghui, no I’m sorry I’m a little uncomfortable now, since you have friends with you, I won’t bother you.”

“Ugh, Zhuoyin, if you are not feeling well, I’m a pharmacist, let me take a look for you?”

“No, no.”

Qian Zhuo Xi was almost overwhelmed by Dongfang Minghui’s ‘enthusiasm’, she almost fled out in a desperate manner.

Dongfang Minghui waited until she was a long way away before she couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Ninth Sister, isn’t it time to explain to us?” Qian Wanyu had been watching her acting, and she probably knew those little calculations of the other party, but she didn’t quite understand Ninth Sister’s reasons.

“Little Minghui, we met this Qian Zhuoyin on the road before, how did she change her nature and become so good-tempered.” Situ Hao couldn’t help but ask, feeling like he’d met a new person.

Dongfang Minghui spread her hands to explain about Qian Zhuoyin and Qian Zhuoxi’s twin situation, when she saw that this second sister was acting so strange, see just did a little test and the other party immediately cracked.

“There must be a treasure in the Qian Family’s mountains.”

The other party’s attitude almost helped her to confirm this.

Qian Wanyu gave her a thoughtful look, “Zhuoyin? I didn’t expect Ninth Sister to make such a thoughtful friend after only a few days at the Qian Family. She can fool even us but not you?”

Dongfang Minghui instinctively took a few steps back and explained, “Seventh sister, it’s actually because although their faces look the same, their speaking habits and small movements are different.” In other words, it is probably a matter of aura. The next generation’s heir apparent, Qian Zhuoxi’s confidence and arrogance was shown on her face not putting anyone in her eyes. But Qian Zhuoyin was much more timid because all aspects of her cannot compare to her sister, although she has a cheerful personality but occasionally she shows signs of inferiority and sadness.

As long as someone understand their personalities a little, they can probably recognize them easily.

Qian Wanyu laughed and came to her side to whisper, “Wait, after the training I will properly settle accounts between us.”

Dongfang Minghui was so frightened that she pulled her legs out and ran, she ran to her room and closed the door before she sighed, she smelled a yard full of vinegar, seventh sister was always so jealous, but this reaction did feel very cute, she covered her face and secretly giggled for a while.

A peculiar smell came into her nose, she sniffed, strange, she seemed to smell a clear scent, but with a little corrosive element, it simply shocked her sense of smell.

She searched around before realizing that the smell was emanating from the table, and the source was actually the sample from Wood!

“Huh, how did it turn out like this?”

The sample on the table changed color and turned black, with black liquid overflowing from it. Dongfang Minghui took the syringe she had made in her space ring and drew the overflowing black liquid from the rotting flesh, after one tube was full she transferred them into a porcelain vase.

She drew out three tubes in a row before the rotting flesh returned to its previous color.

“Tch, is it that these things are the poison from the undead?” She shook the black stuff in the porcelain bottle.

She thought it was done, but she didn’t expect the black juice on the rotting flesh to spill out again a day later, she pumped it away several times in a row before the contents were clean.


Lu Xing knocked on the door from outside and shouted twice more afterwards.

“Come in.”

“Minghui, I have good news for you, the prescription you said you were looking for has been found.” Lu Xing couldn’t hide his excitement as he spoke.

“Huh, really?”

The search for the prescription turned out to be much faster than she expected, she thought it would take at least a month or two, and she even prepared for the worst case scenario of not finding it. She didn’t expect it to be found so fast, “Lu Xing, where is it?”

“Uh, the whereabouts of the remedy is there, but it will take some time to get it.”

“What’s the situation?”

Lu Xing informed the other party of the news from the Rose House, “I heard that the Mo family has an eccentric nature, they’re always saying one thing and doing another, they’re stubborn and paranoid, and also…perverts.”

“Mo family?”

Qian, Meng, Mo and Li are the four great families of the Zilang Empire. The Qian Family and Li Family were merchants, Meng Family were prophets, only the Mo Family was not normal, they refined poisonous things to enhance to Spiritual Master level and even their people are freaks and very strange.

“I still counted on the old lady.” Dongfang Minghui racked her brains. Although the Mo family and Qian Family were part of the four families, they had feuded before. If the old lady tried to exchange prescriptions with them, heh don’t think about it. Knowing that the other party will try to even the score, the Qian Family’s face would be lost when the time comes, it will be a big deal if she can’t get the prescription…

Lu Xing heard clearly from the side, “You think the old lady will help?”

“No way.” Dongfang Minghui subconsciously shook her head, if this was given to the Qian Family people to do, it would most likely turn into a big problem, “Lu Xing, no rush, let me think about it.”

Qian Zhuoxi met Qian Zhuoyin in private, and only realized that she had been seen through by the other party after asking.

“Good…very good.”

It was the first time she encountered someone who dared to tease her openly, even though the other party was probably her future ‘great aunt’, she would not easily let her step into the Qian Family’s front door.

“Eldest Miss, it’s I, Aunt Fang.”

Qian Zhuoxi collected her emotions and returned to her previous calm state, “Come in, Aunt Fang.”

The Qian Family recently had one thing after another happen, Aunt Fang almost forgot what happened before, if not for someone reminding her, she really did not think it was a big deal, once she entered, she looked at Qian Zhuoxi and whispered, “Miss, there is one thing I thought about recently and I think I need to talk to you.”

Qian Zhuoxi raised her eyebrows, probably because recently there were a lot of people that had caused issues causing her to be in a very bad mood, once she saw the other party stammering and hiding something, she was a bit unhappy, but remembering that Aunt Fang was the one who took care of her, she could be more or less forgiving, “Aunt Fang, what is it? Is it important?”

Aunt Fang nodded, before she thought it was not important, who expected that it was only a few days later and that person moved into the Qian Family’s courtyard, if she did not understand what happened, she would have lived all these years in vain.

“When we returned to Meng City earlier, we coincidentally met a few people in the abandoned temple, does Miss still remember?”

Qian Zhuoxi naturally remembered, hadn’t she just visited them as well? “What about them?”

“One of them was the Li family’s son who had been raised as a precious son but there was another girl, she… I looked at her and she looks exactly the same as the fourth miss.” Aunt Fang was pained, at the time she thought it was a coincidence, after all, the fourth miss had been missing for so long, and was probably not even alive anymore.

Qian Zhuoxie turned around violently, “What did you say?!”

“Eldest Miss, she might be the fourth girl’s daughter, she is now living in Master Qian’s courtyard, and the old lady has seen her face as well…” Aunt Fang didn’t know what to say, it was only thanks to the fact that there were still some eyes within the courtyard, or else they would really have been set up by the old madam.

“Four aunt’s daughter? Which one is it?” Qian Zhuoqian searched with her good memory, and quickly targeted Qian Wanyu. “Aunt Fang, do you have a portrait of fourth aunt? ? I want to see how similar they are.”

Aunt Fang thought for a moment and shook her head, there was some with the old lady but ever since the fourth girl disappeared, all these portraits were put away and the whole Qian Family no longer dared to mention much about Qian Ziyan or Qian Yiling.

“Is there really a resemblance?” Qian Zhuoxie still had a few moments of disbelief, how can there be so many coincidences in this world?

“Eldest Miss, she and the fourth girl are really very similar, anyone who has seen the fourth girl will not mistake her for another person. They must have come back this time to recognize ancestors.” If she had known the purpose of the other party at the temple, she would not have let her have the chance to step into the Qian Family’s door.

Ancestral recognition.

The four words shook Qian Zhuoxi’s whole body silly for a moment, and then she shook her head, “No!”

The position that was so easily within her grasp was about to be hers, how could she allow someone who suddenly barged in to disrupt her plans? Absolutely not!

“But the old madam…” Aunt Fang wanted to say something but stopped.

The old lady knew about the whole thing but did not discuss it with her father and second aunt, and ordered that the Qian Family’s children were forbidden to talk about that courtyard… It shows that she already has an idea in her mind and her whole heart was biased towards them, towards a stranger with the Qian Family blood and a son who has not contributed anything to the Qian Family for twenty years…

“I’d like to see how what she can do.”

“Eldest Miss, do you think they suddenly showed up in the small courtyard, could it be that they want to participate in the training in three months?” Aunt Fang suddenly reminded.

The timing of the other party’s arrival was just right, not too early and not too late, three months later was enough for many things to settle down. Qian Zhuoxi snorted, “You mean grandma opened the back door for them to give me a heavy blow at the trial?”

It’s not impossible…

“I will never let them get away with it!”

A trace of ruthlessness flashed in Qian Zhuoxi’s eyes, then she turned to Aunt Fang and said, “Aunt Fang, come here, I’ve thought of a good plan.”

Heh it gets interesting now, although it’s kinda understandable with how biased the old lady is to Wanyu and Uncle Wood!



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I know it’s not healthy irl, but I really love how jealous Wanyu is in this. I hope Minghui enjoys the “settling of accounts” later.

I’m so curious about what really happened to Ziyan and Yiling, I hope we find out before another hundred chapters. I also hope Zhuoxi doesn’t do anything too extreme…

I feel kinda bad for Zhuoxi; sure, she’s an impulsive jerk, but she’s right to be upset when a couple of strangers show up and her grandma puts them above herself.

Well the thing is…
Her grandmother isn’t really putting others above her~
The courtyard being closed to the rest of the house is not due to favoritism, but due to Wood being a undead and can’t be known to outsiders.

And Wanyu being able to join on the event is obvious, she is a Qian and actually has the right to participate on it from the start.

The grandmother is not giving any benefits or help, she is simply allowing the Mc to do something she already has the rights to do.

zhouxi is simply too stuck up on herself to notice it, she is so arrogant that she believed that the clan heir position which is decided through competition IS hers so in her mind even allowing someone to participate on the competition is an attack against her, when in fact it isn’t.

Wanyu was really cute everytime she got jealous but I don’t want that kind of relationship with someone in real life. She’s kind of toxic for me.. Hahaha….

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