Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 84

Mo family.

Dongfang Minghui learned from Lu Xing that the prescription was in the Mo family, one of the big three. She scratched her head and paced around the room in a distracted manner, with Toothless following her around, walking around and blocking her path.


Toothless came up to her heel and rubbed it, making her take several steps backwards before she stopped. Dongfang Minghui had no choice but to give way and find a stool to sit on, not expecting Toothless to sit face to face, with a pair of puppy eyes looking at her.

Toothless’s was a few dozen centimeters longer than before, and his tail has grown a little. It sat there, waving its tail and she couldn’t ignore it if she wanted to.

“Tooth grinding stick.”

Toothless opened its mouth and swallowed it chewing a few times, it stood up and put its forelimbs on her knees, “Mother mother mother.”

Seeing it stretching out its tongue to lick, Dongfang Minghui heart grew soft, she temporarily forgot about the Mo family and prescription, she stretched out her hands to hug Toothless but he didn’t budge.

“Toothless, you’ve grown up!” Toothless was now at least three times bigger than the little ball of fur back when he first came out of the eggshell, and as for the weight, she had to run her spiritual energy around her hands before she could hold him, “It’s much heavier, Toothless, I can’t even hold you now!”

Toothless listened and rubbed on her for a while then jumped off her, shaking its fur and lying down in front of her, tail wagging.

Dongfang Minghui was puzzled, she looked for awhile and finally figured that it intended to let her sit on its back, such a small thing still wanted her to sit, she had a warm feeling in her heart and squatted down to touch Toothless back bumps. She touched and Toothless rolled to avoid since it was more sensitive.

“Toothless, you need to grow up fast so you can carry me around on your back.”

It was her first time raising a small animal so she ended up getting attached to it.

Speaking of which, this was a gift from Seventh sister.

“Mother mother mother.”

“I’ll have to teach you to talk from now on.” She clearly remembered Toothless said a long list of words in the illusion world, how come the more it grew up, the more its IQ dropped?

Toothless raised its head, rubbing against her hand, and stuck out its tongue to lick her a few times.

She smoothly opened its mouth open and examined the half tooth Toothless had lost before, when this little guy lost teeth it went on hunger strike in the space ring for several days, “Toothless, your new tooth has grown out, from now on you don’t have to worry about turning into a half-toothed beast.”


Toothless closed its mouth and took her hand in its mouth as an expression of discontent.

Dongfang Minghui thought it was amazing that beasts also want to throw tantrums.

“Ow ow ow ow–”

Toothless raised its head and roared a few times towards the roof, although he voice was still in the infantile stage it was unusually loud and clear, alarming the small courtyard and the entire Qian Family.

Dongfang Minghui covered her ears, was this little guy too excited?

“What’s going on?” Qian Wanyu pushed open the door.

“Seventh sister,” Dongfang Minghui covered Toothless’s mouth to keep it from making a sound, “It’s Toothless, I’m practicing pronunciation with it, I’ll try to keep it quiet and not disturb you.”

At the same time, Cai Qing also stepped into the inner room, “Miss Minghui, the old lady wants to know what was that sound just now?”

So quickly, even the old lady was alerted!

Dongfang Minghui looked down at Toothless, Toothless looked at her with an innocent look, “My spirit pet it trying to learn to speak, just now it accidentally made the sound too loud, nothing major, you all go back to do your own things.”

Before Cai Qing left, she looked at Toothless a few more times.

Qian Wanyu took a moment to block the way, “Miss Cai Qing, this way please.”

Dongfang Minghui was actually shocked, the loud and clear cry just now also scared her, she pulled Toothless’ face, “Next time we can go to an empty place, this is the most central location in Meng city, in case people see that you are a big pet everyone will want to come and grab you. What do you think Toothless?”

Toothless was scared and automatically went into her space ring.

The more Toothless grew, the more characteristics of a certain tribe it had… seventh sister’s luck…even a random egg can be involved in a bunch of trouble?

Qian Wanyu pushed open the door, and saw her worried look, just now’s Toothless was nowhere to be found.

“Ninth Sister, what’s on your mind?”

“Mo family.”

Dongfang Minghui almost blurted out, the problem of the Mo family had to be solved before the matter of Wood could be solved. Only then can she refine her potions without fear, otherwise, she was really afraid of Xian appearing again to make trouble…

Qian Wanyu listened and understood her concerns, the news of the remedy was her deliberately revealing to Lu Xing, the Mo family news she got it from the Rose House, “Mo family is a family that practices evil arts which happened to have disastrous effects on their lineage. In the Mo Family’s generation the head of the family Mo Lu only had one son with a disability Mo Chen, from some rumours it seems the Qian Family’s back mountain had medicinal plants that can cure this and he entered the Qian Family’s grounds to bring back the medicinal plants.”

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes widened, no wonder the books said that the Mo Family and Qian Family were feuding, so it was another person who wanted to enter the back mountain of the Qian Family.

“What was the result?”

“As a result, Mo Chen died accidentally in the Qian Family training place. Later, we found out that the Mo Family had too many enemies and someone paid assassins of the Blood Fiend Alliance to disguise themselves as trial candidates to ambush Mo Chen midway and kill him. Afterwards, although Mo Lu found the enemies and the assassins that was bought by the Blood Fiend Alliance then skinned and killed them, his son was still gone…” Qian Wanyu slowly said, she also learned from Li Jing’s investigation that in recent years the Mo family openly and secretly wanted to give the Qian Family a lot of stumbling blocks. Many disciples who went out often went missing, it should be that Mo Lu’s hatred transferred to the Qian Family.

Dongfang Minghui listened, felt that the chances of getting the prescription were a few points smaller, this Mo Lu was clearly insane, the revenge of killing his son has been done, how did he relocate the anger to the Qian Family.

“Ninth Sister, I am talking to you because I want you to understand what is the dispute between the Mo family and the Qian Family, not to let these things bother you.” Qian Wanyu felt that she should let go and let the other party grow up on her own, this past month although she was not by Ninth Sister’s side, the other party seemed to still be living quite well so there was no need for her to worry at all.

“Seventh sister, don’t worry, I will think of a way.” Dongfang Minghui drove Qian Wanyu out of the room, “Seventh sister, you also hurry up with your cultivation, it’s better to leave these kinds of things to me.”

Qian Wanyu touched her small face, “Good, I trust you.”

“You said she is going to deliver an invitation to the Meng Family?” The old lady felt slightly surprised, the Meng Family has always been extremely close to the royal family, the Qian Family was just a nodding acquaintance with not much of a friendship, “Since she instructed, you should do as she wants.”

The Meng Family’s fame was so well known that countless people hand out invitations every day, it really depends on the other party’s arrangements if her’s were received.

The old lady really does not know what medicine this ‘daughter-in-law’ was selling in her gourd, a few unknowns, a few small calculations, and a few strange and bizarre ideas. She was not sure what her goals were so she asked Cai Qing to wait by the side, so as not to cause any trouble when taking care of Ziyan.

“Old madam, I’m going to go to the Meng family.”

Cai Qing had just arrived at the Meng family when the Meng family’s gate opened automatically and a slender, distinguished-looking girl came out from inside, she smiled faintly towards the other party, “Good day, Miss Cai Qing.”

“Miss Meng Wei, did your Meng Family calculate that I was coming today, so he asked you to wait behind this door earlier?” Cai Qing also nodded slightly towards her, the Meng family’s calculation skills were unparalleled, it was accurate to the specific time and place, so Cai Qing’s patronizing words were not too much.

But Meng Wei did not dare to say more, she smiled and extended her hand, “Miss Cai Qing please come in.”

“The old madam said, young master Meng can come over when he is free, I have a letter here for…” Cai Qing said the old madam’s original words and was about to give her the letter from Dongfang Minghui when the lady immediately answered.

“The young master told me to answer Miss Cai Qing, two days later, the Meng Family’s gates are open to welcome Miss Minghui’s arrival.”

Cai Qing was slightly flabbergasted, the other party had not even opened the invitation, how did they know it was Miss Minghui, she was so dumbfounded that the Meng family gate closed again before she woke up from her daze. She collected her emotions and quickly went back to report the matter to the old lady.

“In that case, prepare a generous gift for Minghui, and go to the Meng Family two days later.”


Two days later, Dongfang Minghui, accompanied by Cai Qing, left the house. The room full of people, including Qian Wanyu, did not know what she had gone to do, only that she had spent the last two days behind closed doors, tinkering with something in the house.

The only thing she could think of was that the other party might have gone to get medicinal plants with Cai Qing?

“Cai Qing, what are you doing with these things?”

Dongfang Minghui could not understand at first, since she left the Qian Family gate, there were several people behind her carrying boxes.

“Miss Minghui, this is a small token of appreciation from the old lady. Knowing that you are going to visit the Meng Family, she asked me to prepare it two days ago.” Cai Qing said honestly.

“The old madam’s good will huh?” She couldn’t help but smack her lips, the things prepared by the old madam shouldn’t be too bad, really almost a waste of time for her to spend the past two days to make a batch of heart protection pills for Prophet Meng. She didn’t expect the old madam to have taken care of everything beforehand, “Thank the old madam for her kindness.”

Cai Qing nodded slightly.

The gate of the Meng Family was open, Meng Wei was standing guard at the side and when she saw Dongfang Minghui and Cai Qing she immediately greeted them, “Miss Minghui, Miss Cai Qing, the young master asked me to greet you both here.”

“Miss Meng Wei.”

Dongfang Minghui remembered the girl in front of her, it is the same one she and wood saw in the corner supporting the weak young master before. That day seemed long ago, now looking at her closely, the other party eyes were like dark autumn waves with an intoxicating, this was a girl that could seduce people easily from both appearance and mannerisms.

Meng Wei, a good name and the person is even better looking, Dongfang Minghui smiled towards her, “Meng Wei, hearing the rumours on your beauty is still not as good as seeing you for myself.”

“Miss Minghui is joking, this way please.”

Cai Qing just wanted to follow, but was stopped by the guards outside the door, “Sorry, Miss Cai, the young master only wants to see this one person.”

Dongfang Minghui had been imagining how luxurious the Family mansion was, after all, she almost didn’t find her way back to the small courtyard after wandering around once at the Qian Family, which was huge with many corridors with each small courtyard looking almost the same.

But as soon as she entered the Dream Family’s mansion, she strongly felt a fresh scent belonging to the plants, and the layout of the house was very simple. All the way forward, she saw many plants swaying on both sides of the path with some flowers placed next to them. The fragrance she smelled before should have been emanating from this place.

Meng Wei led the way without saying a word, and led her straight to a green grass hut before she respectfully said to it, “Young master, the person has been brought.”

Dongfang Minghui’s eyes widened, the Meng family prophet, how can he stay in a simple grass house, she came to the wrong place, right? The place in front of her was full of greenery, and there were vine branches swaying above the house, like a living plant.

The hut was small and separate from the main house, and the most she had seen during this long journey was green grass.

“Come in.”

Meng Wei pushed the door open and made an inviting gesture to her.

When she crossed into the hut, it was a different light. The hut was relatively simple, everything was made of bamboo, even the furnishings inside the house were all bright green, bamboo tables, bamboo stools, bamboo fixtures, bamboo bowls and chopsticks etc.

“Meng Prophet you like plants a lot?”

It is said that people who like plants have a milder personality, like Mu Sheng or Lu Xing.

The man was sitting on his knees on a green tatami mat, a pair of white and slender hands were holding a teapot, warm water containing heat was spilling out little by little, his expression was very serene, as if he was doing a solemn and serious thing, so much so that people could not bear to interrupt him.

The door behind silently closed, Dongfang Minghui did not dare to move, she stood at her initial place to look at him, the other side looks very ordinary, the kind of ordinary that you’d forget while glancing at him once but there was a transcendent aura that set him apart. His face was a little pale but the corners of his mouth held a slight smile.

Two cups of steaming tea were soon prepared, one of which he placed across the table.

The Meng Prophet raised his head and smiled, “Miss Minghui, please sit down.”

Dongfang Minghui was not polite, the other party seemed to be a weird person anyway, pouring a cup of water took a long time, everything he did was full of the pursuit of perfection. She observed the clothes on his body, every item in the house was all neatly arranged, and she also tried to make herself sit more upright.

The Meng Prophet picked up the cup of tea and took a small sip, the expression on his face was still light and serene.

She also picked up her cup of tea and tasted with care, after a small sip, the tea was a bit sweet, and had a faint floral fragrance, she could not taste resist tasting it again so she took another small sip, tsk, the taste of the tea seemed to be a little more intense.

Soon, a small cup was sip by sip finished…

In addition to the sweet aroma in her mouth, she really did not know what was put in this tea to make it taste so good!

After drinking, Dongfang Minghui smacked her lips, and could not help but ask, “Meng Prophet, your tea is quite good, could I please have another cup.”

She directly pushed her own cup of tea again to the other side with an expectant face.

The smile on the face of the Meng Prophet thickened, he gladly took it, and slowly began carefully pouring again.

Dongfang Minghui saw that he was not angry, and also even seemed to enjoy it. It was not until a small cup of tea was pushed to her again that she could not help but speak, “Meng Prophet, you knew I was coming, so I guess you also know the purpose of my coming today?”

The Meng Prophet looked surprised, “Did Miss Minghui encounter any difficulties?”

“The Qian Family’s recent events have been spreading like wildfire, so I’m sure the Prophet is aware of that, since that’s the case, how could he not be aware that the Qian Family is asking around for a medicine recipe throughout the city?” Dongfang Minghui did not play dumb with him.

On her way to the Meng Family today, Cai Qing had told her that she had just handed in an invitation that day, and the Meng Prophet had figured out that she was the one who was coming to pay her respects. From this, it was clear that the other party had expected what she was wanted.

“Hmm, I thought you would come to ask for my advice for the matter of Qian Wanyu.”


So the other party was a guy who was playing the pig to eat a tiger, he knew about Seventh sister and from his look he also seems to know about the prescription, could it be the other party even knew Wood was undead?

Dongfang Minghui was most annoyed when dealing with these smart people, her brain cells were limited, she really couldn’t be bothered playing mind games with them.

The Meng Prophet looked at her without saying a word and after a light laugh couldn’t help but whisper softly, “The matter of the Mo family is not without solution.”

She was worried about how to ask, but the other party took the initiative to mention, indeed, the Meng Prophet is a real prophet, she was really curious, “How did the prophet calculate that I am worried about this matter? And that I’d think to come to you.”

The Meng Prophet pretended to be mysterious, “Heaven’s mystery cannot be revealed easily.”

Dongfang Minghui choked on her words and asked, “What is the way that the heavens have said?”

“Mo Lu’s hatred for the Qian Family is indeed unjust, he hates because by his generation has actually been cut off from children and grandchildren, the Mo Family’s centuries-old foundation was all destroyed in his hands alone unable to be passed on.” The Meng Prophet pinpointed the key point.

She has never been clear what kind of person Mo Lu was, only that the other party was both good and evil, in the matter of targeting the Qian Family he seemed to lean more to evil probably because of the loss of a son, his mentality tended to the more evil side.

She unknowingly drank another cup of tea.

The Meng Prophet took the trouble to pour her another cup, “Mo Lu’s son actually had a marriage in secret, if you can find the girl he had a secret relationship with, you may be able to improve the tension between the Qian Family and the Mo Family.”

“How did you know that?!” Dongfang Minghui stared wide-eyed, unable to resist asking, “If that’s the case, why didn’t Mo Lu go looking for her himself?”

The Meng Prophet gave her a knowing smile that instantly made her scalp tingle a little.

She left the Meng Prophet with some clues provided by the Prophet and walked out the door in a daze. She still felt it was a little unreal, that was the end of it, her problem was solved?

“Miss Minghui.” As soon as Cai Qing saw her, she immediately greeted her, “Have you seen the Meng Prophet?”

What kind of strange question was that?

She came to the Dream Family to meet the legendary Meng Prophet, but he gave her the feeling like an omniscient person, a divine calculator, if a person can really calculate all aspects of a matter, the information network he had was scary to think about.

“But, why would he sell me such a big favor?” Dongfang Minghui intended to put the matter of the Meng Prophet on hold for a while, she still had to solve the matter of the Mo family as a matter of urgency.

Cai Qing followed her and watched as she entered the Qian Family residence with a frown on her face.

“I need to see the old lady.”

“Miss Minghui, I’m going to pass a message, wait here first.”

Dongfang Minghui was indifferent, the big families always had these broken rules, she had previously learned in the Dongfang family, good thing the old lady arranged for them to stay in the small courtyard first so she hadn’t had to meet with the Qian Family group of older fogies who lived longer, otherwise, just the number of manners she had to learn was enough to kill her.

“Miss Minghui, please, the old lady is waiting for you inside the house.”

“Many thanks.”

The old lady heard Cai Qing say that she looked preoccupied on the way back, she was guessing that most likely the trip did not go well, who expected that the other party’s first words as soon as she entered the door would be so shocking, “Old lady, the whereabouts of the medicine prescription I found the solution!”

“I already know, Minghui, sit down first.”

Dongfang Minghui sat down in her designated seat, “Old madam, I mean there is big progress in the matter of the prescription, but I need people to protect my safety.”

At least five…

Mo Lu and a young girl, this girl also somehow actually gave birth to his offspring while he lost his life, she learned from the Meng Prophet that the other party was later picked up by a killer, and she had to look for this killer.

Where is the place with the most killers? Naturally it is the Blood Fiend Alliance!

“You said you are leaving Qian Family for the time being?” The old lady frowned. If the other party left, according to Ziyan’s attitude towards her, surely he will follow, right?

“Yes, Wo-… Old lady, don’t worry, Ziyan will stay at the Qian Family, I will ask Seventh sister to take good care of him.” Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help but spit inside her heart, she counted which onion could make Wood walk away from Lu Xing, even she can’t drag him away probably…As long as Lu Xing was left behind, Wood will definitely not leave.

The old lady was a little uncomfortable for her small thoughts to be read by a junior, “Ziyan left us nearly twenty years ago, I really don’t want him to leave me again so soon…” Even if the other party became an undead, it was still her flesh and blood son.

Minghui could understand the old lady’s feelings.

Qian Wanyu and the others built a small yard in the small courtyard that can accommodate a person under the weight of gravity. She once stayed in it for an hour today, and the multiplier was sixty times. When she came out, she felt like she was going to faint. While in a daze with a little use of spiritual power under her feet, she walked out a dozen miles…

There are many others, a large part of which was established in accordance with the Royal Academy’s version. They can be described as twelve hours a day practicing. Every hour is not wasted, they drink spiritual liquid to maintain their body and even practicing when they are resting.

Looking at the fighting spirit, Seventh sister always works so hard, there is no reason for her not to do anything.

She prepared everything properly, and when she reached the small courtyard, she squatted down to Qian Wanyu’s side, “Seventh sister, I have something to say to you.”

A few moments later, Qian Wanyu opened her eyes, “Go, go back to the house and talk.”

Dongfang Minghui actually had a trace of apprehension, “Seventh sister, I have to go out to find a person, this person has a little connection with the Mo family if I find them, the medicine prescription we have a good chance of getting it.”

Qian Wanyu then asked, “Are you ready?”

She was actually very worried that the other party would refuse, if Seventh sister refused, her decision she’d just made would need to be scrapped. If it’s Seventh sister’s refusal she probably will raise the white flag to surrender, “Ready, I asked the old lady for five people to escort me to go, the road should be fine. ”

In addition, to finding the Blood Fiend Alliance, she will contact Wei Junlan, if she really encounters any danger that cheeky woman for the sake of a fellow countrymen should not ignore it, right?

Seeing that the other party was so decisive, Qian Wanyu hugged her into her arms for a moment and quickly pushed away from her, she took out a jade card from her space ring, “This is the summoning order of the Rose House. If you encounter something dangerous and have to do something about it, you can find a person in charge with this jade and ask her to send someone in the building to do it for you.”

She then took out the jade token that Lu Xing had given them way back, “This one is also for you, if you meet someone from the Elves, you can use this to gain favour.”

Dongfang Minghui was so scared that she almost didn’t hold on to it. Seventh sister didn’t know how valuable this jade was. She wouldn’t be able to use the favor of the elves now. She had to wait until later, when it would be useful. “Seventh sister, this jade should still be kept. Keep it on your body. I’m afraid I might accidentally lose it. Besides, I’m taking five people with me this time, it’s not very convenient.”

Qian Wanyu insisted that she did not want it, she wanted to give Ninth Sister all the things she had that could save her life, if not for the imminent Qian Family training, she would have followed her out as well.

“How many days before you return?”

“About a month…”

The next day, Qian Wanyu personally sent her to the door, she watched Cai Qing and five others follow together on a flying beast, she watched their movements and measured them. They were all calm and strong with extraordinary strength, two of them were almost on par with Cai Qing, the other three were even stronger than Cai Qing, seeing this, she relaxed a little.

“Seventh sister go back and cultivate well!” Dongfang Minghui waved her hand, she was a little heartbroken, it was the first time she’d actively leave Seventh sister, habits can be really terrible, once she got used to sticking to Seventh sister all the time, parting felt so painful.

Bah bah bah!

Dongfang Minghui blushed internally, she still had a long, long time to spend with Seventh sister in this lifetime.

“Miss Minghui, where are we going this time?”

Dongfang Minghui opened a map to look, the Blood Fiend Alliance’s established locations were really peculiar, they actually chose the most central location of the three empires, on the map, the three empires met at a valley surrounded by mountains on three sides, it was easy to defend and difficult to attack, the Blood Fiend Alliance’s real headquarters was here.

Everyone in the Bloodshed Alliance had to be under Wei Junlan’s control, she would just have to find her if she wanted to find the people she wanted to find.

“This place.”

Cai Qing took it out and looked at it carefully then her face changed slightly, “This is…this is the Valley of Forgetfulness!”

“Yes, what’s wrong with this valley?” She was a little puzzled, but couldn’t help but spit out this damn Blood Fiend Alliance really picked the right place, even the name of it was Forgetfulness just like how they wanted to be forgotten after killing someone…

“Minghui you do not know, the Valley of Forgetfulness has poisonous insects everywhere, even Spiritual Masters cannot defend agianst them, once bitten by them, your spiritual power cannot circulate and you’ll die from the poison, this Valley of Forgetfulness is also called poisonous insect valley…”

She nodded while listening, the place chosen by the Alliance had to be somewhat special, otherwise wouldn’t they be chased by their enemies without even being able to fight back? Besides, this is what allows them to arrogantly kill people everywhere, “Cai Qing, is there really a lot of poisonous insects?”

Cai Qing was scared by her excited eyes and moved back a few steps and nodded, “The toxicity is very strong, it is best not to touch anything.”

Dongfang Minghui was very happy to hear the news, “Love Flower! Do you remember that you told me that there was a poisonous weed on the other side of the sea, I can soak the flying needle in its juice to kill people? If I can use this poisonous insect venom instead of the weed will it work?”

“It’ll work.”

She couldn’t help but facepalm, she had just fallen into one of her own misconceptions before, thinking that she must find poisonous plants to use her poison needles, in the end plants and animals were the same as long as they were poisonous.

She actually got inspiration from the sample of Wood before.

“I want to catch those poisonous insects.”

How to catch poisonous insects, naturally using traps to catch.

When the seven of them got down from the flying beast, they stepped into a dark forest. The sun was clearly shining outside, but once they stepped into the forest, their view was blocked by the towering trees, and not a single ray of sunlight could shine in.

Dongfang Minghui probably understood why this place became a poisonous forest, dark places where sunlight cannot shine in, it is easy to form a poisonous nest of snakes, insects and other nasties over a long period of time, those little guys inside would run rampant and dominate the ecosystem.

“Everyone be careful.” She took out several antidote pills from within her space ring and distributed them one by one to the six people behind, “These are antidote pills.”

Cai Qing and the others took out their weapons, taking one step at a time to be on guard.

Vines spread out from Dongfang Minghui’s feet step by step from her body in all directions quietly and caught a few red snakes who tried to run away, she walked for a while, wondering to herself, “How come I haven’t seen any of those poisonous insects mentioned before?”

Little Colour helplessly waved the vines above its head, “They were all scared away by the nest of snakes.”

Its vines swished and shrank back quickly, tying up a few fat rats and a few struggling snakes along with them, “This is the more toxic of the bunch.”

Little Colour tightened the vines and soon strangled them to death.

She fished out a finger knife from her space ring to cut their throats in this bound position and filled their blood into a porcelain vase, and after that she found the poison sac in the snake’s body.

The action was skilled and extremely fast.

Cai Qing had seen for the first time the other side’s calm face from draining blood, she felt like she’d seen an unknown side of this little girl and it was also quite scary in its own way, “Minghui girl, what are you doing?”

She did not turn her head back and laughed, “Naturally I’m refining some poison pills, ah, in the future if someone messes with me I’ll reward them with one hehe.”

The few people winced in unison.

After collecting a portion of the venom, the group of them continued to move forward. The Valley of Forgetfulness was at the centre of this black forest. After they walked past, they could see the Blood Fiend Alliance doors which was not something ordinary people could enter.

Dongfang Minghui was not afraid, she also carried a poisonous Love Flower. Love Flower’s ability to deal with the qi of death was easily shown before but this usually enchanting flower could also trap people in an illusion that they don’t even realise.

The thought of the juice of Love Flower working against the Death Spiritual Masters could not help but make her think of something to soak her flying needles. “Love flower, I suddenly thought of a possibility.”


Dongfang Minghui was still planning to share her whimsical thoughts to Love Flower when she suddenly stepped on a flat piece of ground, she subconsciously stomped and the stone slab tumbled, “Fuck!”

There were traps in this shithole!

Little Colour’s vines spread out quickly looking for various points to hook on to.

Cai Qing was also startled, she reached out to pull her up but who expected that she’d be grabbed by Little Colour’s vines and get pulled in as well, everyone one by one got wrapped up like dumplings and fell into the trap, the stone door closed again and Little Colour’s vines got shut outside…

Since Ninth Sister left, Qian Wanyu had been distracted and forced herself to calm down and practice, after practicing for a while she felt something was wrong.

The dark spiritual power in her body suddenly went out of control as if she had an impulse of breaking through!

“Wanyu, suppress it!” Qing Mo guessed that it was probably related to her Ninth Sister, once the other party left, Wanyu’s mood swings were too great, once the violent factor appeared it would affect the dark spiritual power in her body, plus the effects of long-term suppression was also showing itself as the spiritual power also began to storm around her body.

Qian Wanyu was aware of how much influence it will cause if she advances in this small courtyard… not to mention that this was the center of the entire city, if the Qian Family people see that she has dark spiritual power…forget going to the training grounds whether she’ll live will be up for debate…

Thinking of this, she immediately collected her mind and concentrated on dealing with the dark spiritual power in her body.

“Wanyu is going to advance?” Bai Rou was the first to sense the unusual aura, she saw Qian Wanyu’s forehead dripping with cold sweat.

After that several people came to their senses and all of them watched out for her, but soon they felt that something was not quite right.

“What’s going on?” Why did she feel that Wanyu’s spiritual power wasn’t as strong as it was just now? Bai Rou felt very surprised.

“She’s like this, has she encountered a heart demon again?” Situ Hao knew this situation best, that day in the valley of death, Qian Wanyu fell into the illusion as well borne from a person’s own heart demon. At that time, he thought she wouldn’t be able to get out.

The heart demons often appear in the mind, affecting a cultivator’s cultivation all the time… Once formed, it’s not easy to get rid of it.

That’s why he ventured to guess that the other party had suddenly fallen into her heart demon in the process of advancement, it was a rather dangerous situation.

Qian Wanyu’s situation was indeed not very good, to suppress the dark spiritual power, she even took the initiative to use the essence of thunder in her body, using it to suppress it even more. But the thunder type piritual power was very tyrannical, using it in this fashion would destroy some of her meridians… in a few moments, her meridian were almost broken by this!

In the outside world, she could be seen bleeding from her seven orifices and frowning with a painful look.

“Look, Sister Wanyu is bleeding from all over the body, what should we do?!” Mu Sheng was anxious, after Minghui left, Wanyu’s mood was quite depressed, although it wasn’t obvious he’d been around her long enough to notice.

But even he did not expect the other side to go crazy because of Minghui leaving…

Situ Hao directly wanted to use his light system healing to heal her but was pulled back by Bai Rou, she waved a big sword at him, “Don’t you know that disturbing others’ advancement will make her suffer an even bigger backlash? You won’t help her, you’ll kill her!”

After being fiercely beaten by the other party, Situ Hao withdrew his hand, “Neither this nor that, should we just watch her bleed to death?!”

As they argued, the dirt beneath Qian Wanyu turned dark red.

“Don’t panic, I think it’s better to ask the old lady of the Qian Family to take a look, after all, Wanyu is a descendant of the Qian Family.” At the critical moment, it was Lu Xing who offered a more normal opinion.

“I’ll go.” Mu Sheng immediately ran to the outer courtyard, but was stopped by a person in a hurry, “Gentleman, where are you going in a hurry?”

The person who stopped Mu Sheng was none other than Aunt Fang.

It was a coincidence that Mu Sheng had the chance to look at them and remembered the faces of Aunt Fang and Qian Zhuoxie, plus Qian Zhuoxie pretending to be Qian Zhuoyin before to come to the small courtyard was exposed by Minghui, he had no good feeling towards the two people.

“I have an urgent matter to report to Old Madam.”

Mu Sheng took a step back, intending to put out Xiao Bai to attack her if the other party continued to block him.

Aunt Fang smiled gently when she saw his defensive attitude, “This young master, the old lady’s courtyard is not here. This is the courtyard where the eldest lady lives. You have gone to the wrong place. The Qian Family’s courtyard is large, you look anxious, do you need me to lead you?”

Mu Sheng didn’t have a good impression of Qian Zhuoxie, but he hadn’t much contact with Aunt Fang who was by her side. Together with the thought of Wanyu’s whole body bleeding, Mu Sheng didn’t think much about it and nodded, “Take me to the old lady’s compound, many thanks.”

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