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MIWW Chapter 85 Part 1

“Old Madam, please go and see Sister Wanyu.” As soon as Mu Sheng arrived in the old lady’s courtyard, he did not care about those etiquette and manners and shoutedloudly.

Aunt Fang listened on the side, her eyes narrowed slightly, and when she saw the Old Madam open the door, she respectfully retreated to to the side.

“What happened to Wanyu?”

“Sister Wanyu was in the process of advancing, but somehow she fell into her heart demon, now… please old madam go to the small courtyard to see Sister Wanyu’s situation.” Mu Sheng also had no idea how was Wanyu right now. Remembering the other party’s appearance of bleeding from seven orifices just now, he felt like she was in a dangerous situation. As the saying goes, saving a person is like putting out a fire, there is not a moment to be wasted.

“We’ll go now!”

The old lady gave Aunt Fang a light glance before she left and took the first step out of the courtyard, followed by Mu Sheng, who took a few steps after her.

After they left, Aunt Fang slowly walked out of the small courtyard, smilingly walking towards Qian Zhuoxi’s small courtyard, she had to inform the young Miss of the good news.

The old lady was anxious, it was only with great difficulty and luck that she was able to recognize this lost granddaughter, she could not afford any more mistakes, she arrived at Qian Wanyu’s courtyard within a few steps and just as she entered she saw a group of people gathered in a group, “How is Wanyu’s situation?”

“Old madam.”

Everyone made way.

Qian Wanyu was tormented by the tyrannical thunder essence, and only after breaking ten meridians did she manage to suppress the dark spiritual power, even so, she looked at herself internally, the dark spiritual power was still bubbling. Within a few days, she would definitely have to try again to calm down the dark spiritual power.

In other words, her dark spiritual power was definitely going to advance in the next few days.

Qian Wanyu opened her eyes and met the old lady’s concerned and probing eyes, her heart couldn’t help but skip a beat, in front of her group of friends she managed to suppress her dark spiritual power and hide the facts but in front of the old lady who is the head of the Qian Family, she felt that she couldn’t hide anything.

“Wanyu, the old lady just arrived.” Qing Mo’s meaning was… keep calm and don’t expose yourself.

“Wanyu ah, come, let me take a look.”

The old lady just stretched out her hand but Qian Wanyu avoided it, she stood up shakily, giving the illusion that she might fall to the ground at any moment, she laughed miserably, “I am fine, old madam I might need to go out in the next few days… please give me your permission.”

“Go out, what for? Do you need me to send some people with you?”

“No.” Qian Wanyu stubbornly avoided her extended hand, “Old madam, I need an absolutely quiet place to advance, without being disturbed by anyone.”

The old lady couldn’t help but sigh, “You are the third young lady of Qian Family, you can come and go as you please, there is no need to ask me about such things, Wanyu, even if you don’t recognize me as your grandmother, you are still the daughter of the fourth girl, the identity of yours as the third young lady of the Qian Family will always stay with you after you stepped foot into the Qian Family.”

Qian Wanyu was very stubborn, what she wanted was to use her own strength to prove that she was Qian Yiling’s daughter, not because of a birthmark on her shoulder.

After the old lady left, Situ Hao and Bai Ruo rushed to her side to hold her, “Wanyu, are you okay, you really scared us.”

Situ Hao wanted to give her a light-based healing so that the trauma she suffered could be instantly healed, but she rejected it.

“Sister Wanyu, why is the old lady leaving so soon?”

Mu Sheng came late, he just met the old lady at the door and saw that she didn’t seem too happy.

“I’m fine.” Qian Wanyu was not used to the people being so close, even if they were familiar with her.

“Sister Wanyu, you still say you are fine, look at your face, and your body is covered with blood…” The whole person looked like she had encountered a bloodbath.

After Mu Sheng’s reminder, Qian Wanyu took another look at herself, her clothes were soaked with blood, she tried to wipe her face with her sleeves but the more she wiped the more blood fell from her sleeves, she simply gave up.

“I’ll go back to the house and change my clothes.”

Shortly after, Qian Wanyu appeared in front of the crowd again like a nobody, “At this time, everyone should still cultivate as usual, I have to prepare for my advancement and go out for a few days.”

Bai Rou still had a few worries, after all this could be another big matter judging by what happened before, “We can accompany you?”

“Even if we encounter danger, we can take care of each other.”

They have all been together for some time so they were all concerned for her.

“No, I can’t delay everyone’s cultivation because of this, don’t worry, I will find a very secluded place.”

The next day, Qian Wanyu left the residence, Aunt Fang, who was waiting outside the small courtyard earlier secretly followed her.

“Someone is following you, go to the herb store and buy some common herbs needed for advancement, make a few more circles and lose her.” Qing Mo soon sensed an aura following them, and it was since leaving the small courtyard.

“No need.”

Qian Wanyu walked into a shop frankly and picked a few herbs that she was slightly familiar with, these were the few herbs she had picked for Ninth Sister in the Empire before, thinking of Ninth Sister, her hand picking medicinal plants couldn’t help but pause,  she didn’t know if Ninth Sister had gone well in her search.

“Customer, do you want to buy these herbs? If you don’t want to buy them, don’t touch them, if you break them I can’t sell them.” Outsiders and bystanders stood watching the fun. Choosing medicinal herbs was also a skill, some medicinal plants have all their essence in the roots, while others had it in the flowers while some were more effective when dried out, it wasn’t something anyone could do without knowledge.

Qian Wanyu remembered Ninth Sister picking medicinal plants and knew a bit about it so she took a few random herbs, “Sorry, I’ll take all of these.”

She just walked out and turned a corner then wandered all the way up towards the city gate, once she went out of the city she kept going forward at an increasingly faster speed.

“Wanyu, why didn’t you lose her? You’re letting her follow on purpose?” Qing Mo looked at her unaxious look but he was anxious for her instead!


The best way to solve this sort of annoyance was to get rid of them…permanently.

Aunt Fang felt strange, how come she felt that the surroundings were getting more and more isolated as she followed?

At the junction of the Zilang Empire and the White Moon Empire, there was a forest, and she had heard many versions of rumors about this forest. It was in this forest that the poison of the undead was first brought out by the people of Zilang Academy.

Qian Wanyu circulated her spiritual power into her feet moving at a rapid pace and scampering through the forest like a wolf.

Aunt Fang looked at the forest edge and found that the sun was setting in the west and night was quickly falling. The other party must have come to the forest at this hour for something…

Should she follow?

Seeing that the other party had gone a long way, Aunt Fang grit her teeth and ruthlessly followed.

“The other party really has perseverance, the Qian Family is really a good place full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons, even a subordinate can catch up with you…” Qing Mo couldn’t help but mock, perhaps he was mocking the old lady for saying one thing but doing another. Just before she was saying that the other party was the third young lady of the Qian Family yet later she sent someone to follow Wanyu… or to stimulate Wanyu to cultivate even harder.

Qian Wanyu ignored his mocking and drew out her water thunder whip, regardless of how many came she wasn’t fazed. She found a couple of magical beasts to rile up not caring about Aunt Fang following her, she also crushed several beast pills, this pill fragrance could attract beasts from all directions. She’d let this person encounter a truly “great” situation…

Aunt Fang was completely unaware that she was stepping into the deadly situation that Qian Wanyu had set up for her. She saw that Qian Wanyu had provoked many magical beasts which chased her in groups. She hid in the shadows and sneered, thinking that the daughter of the fourth girl was not as good as the first lady, she couldn’t even avoid these beasts.

The reason for this is because she grew up outside the Qian Family?

Before she had a chance to think of a few more sarcastic words, she saw Qian Wanyu suddenly rotate at an angle and throw an object towards her. As a Spiritual King, her instincts made her dodge it, but she got slapped violently on the shoulder by some sharp object shoving her forward two steps.

A group of magical beasts then crowded towards the location where she just stood like and naturally swung their claws without mercy when they saw an obstacle.

“Wind blade.”

Seeing that something is wrong, Aunt Fang immediately released the spiritual power of her body, the light green glow of a blade one after another attacked the group of beasts, but the more she attacked it just riled them up to attack her even more!

Qian Wanyu leapt up on a tree and watched the two sides fight.

“So it’s her…” In the middle of the abandoned temple, she had the chance to meet this Aunt Fang, especially the other party’s uncomfortable probing gaze.

“Huh, I thought your old lady was the one who sent someone?”

If it was actually the old lady who sent someone, she would definitely be disappointed with the Qian Family.

“Let me help you.” Qian Wanyu suddenly shouted, she leapt down, the water thunder whip in her hand smacked those magical beasts one by one, she passed through them and rushed straight to Aunt Fang, “What a coincidence, did you also come to this forest to practice?”

Aunt Fang was half mad with anger, this person who just threw something at her came back and acted so surprised at seeing her!  But she was injured after all… the claw on her shoulder from being scratched by the sharp-clawed bear beast had been quite bad. It’s only thanks to her timely dodge, otherwise the direction of the bear claw would be her head, “Third Miss, let’s join hands to repel these magical beasts first.”

“Good.” Qian Wanyu smiled.

She symbolically knocked back two magical beasts and spun her body around, then her Water Thunder Whip unexpectedly swept Aunt Fang’s waist, tying her up!

“You, what are you doing?!” Aunt Fang twisted her head in shock.

“Killing you of course.” Qian Wanyu gave a grim smile.

Qian Wanyu originally did not want to solve her so quickly, but who let the other party have bad luck. She just happened to need Wind Spiritual Energy for her recent awakenening and this Aunt Fang nicely delivered herself to her doorstep, even injuring herself in the process. She had no reason not to accept this “gift”.

She stretched out her five fingers and grey mist suddenly emerged from her fingertips, coalescing into a skeleton silhouette that pounced towards the stunned Aunt Fang.


The gray mist twisted and crawled on Aunt Fang’s face, scurrying into her body from all orfices into her throat and ears.

Qian Wanyu saw Aunt Fang’s eyes widen before her whole body jerked, and fell to the ground.

Once the Qi of Death came out, the magical beasts quickly retreated, they instinctively felt the danger from the qi of death but how could Qian Wanyu let them go so easily, she drew back her Water Thunder Whip from Aunt Fang’s waist and condensed some of the Qi of Death on the tip of her whip as she attacked the magical beasts without mercy.

The forest was full of crackling sounds from the water thunder whip, as well as a group of magical beasts wailing miserably, the Qi of Death gradually devoured their body’s essence and vitality, as all the magical beasts fell to the ground they turned into a bunch of white bones and ash including Aunt Fang.

Her eyes widened before her death. The incredulity as well as horror in her eyes spoke of the knowledge she’d just learned but it was too late to pass it on…

Qian Wanyu took back all the death qi and cleaned up the traces around her then continued on towards the depths of the forest. She felt the abundant spiritual energy in her body, all of which she had just plundered from the magical beasts as well as Aunt Fang.

“Gotta find a place to cultivate properly hmm.”

She went to the nest of three beasts, and finally chose a cave of bear beasts. The bear beast was tall and mighty but Qian Wanyu kicked it out, it looked very unwilling and ready to fight but Qian Wanyu sacrificed a wisp of death qi and threw it on the ground. Soon the death qi swallowed the vitality of the weeds on the ground turning it into a barren spot. The bear beast took one look at it and ran away in fright. The speed was almost comparable to the fastest rabbit amongst the magic beasts!

The bear beast cave was very tall, about twice Qian Wanyu’s height, she picked it because the air circulation was better and the smell inside wasn’t as strong as the other caves. She sprinkled some insect and odor repellent pills around the area to keep some of the nasties away.

After a period of time, the smell of the bear beast faded away as well covered up by the smell of the pills.

Qian Wanyu moved a stone about the same size as the cave from outside and blocked the entrance to the cave, after that she placed a simple confusion maze formation outside the cave, and another boundary was laid by Qing Mo outside.

“You advance carefully, I’ll keep watch for you outside.”


With Qing Mo outside, Qian Wanyu’s heart was more stable, the cave stone automatically closed thus forming a quiet undisturbed place.

After she sat down, she broke down the wind spiritual energy she had plundered and guided it to warm her meridians repeating the process over and over again. The broken meridians were reconnected one by one, and gave off a faint green fluorescence. Afterwards, she introduced all of this spiritual energy into her own dantian, trying to suppress them. Aunt Fang’s spiritual energy was very pure and did not require much effort on her part so this was very good.

It could be seen that over the years, the Qian Family had never treated her poorly.

After absorbing the other party’s wind spiritual power perfectly, she found that her newly awakened wind spiritual power had reached the stage of fifth level Spiritual Master from third level Spiritual Master. A Spiritual King’s spiritual power had only improved her own spiritual power by two levels however it was still two small levels.

If it wasn’t for Qing Mo explaining the unique situation of the five element Spiritual Body, she really wanted to spit in frustration.

Five elements spiritual body was a combination of the five attributes a rare talent, with this talent even the Qing Lan Sect patriarch would directly select this person to become the successor, but unfortunately, the former patriarch Qing Mo was only a soul wisp right now so he could only lament in his heart.

In the early stage when the five spiritual energies have not yet awakened completely, the five elements spiritual body cultivation speed was slower than other by a hundred thousand miles, others could become a Spiritual Master, but she can probably only slowly rise to Spiritualist. It was only when all five attributes awakened, and she reached a point of mutual balance as well as a good opportunity that the speed of her cultivation will immediately fling everyone else by a couple streets. The premise was that she had to live well, since the five elements spiritual body users were very weak in the beginning, being greedy while cultivating would be detrimental. Even for double or even triple element Spiritual Masters they needed to carefully consistently cultivate paying more than ten times the energy of others, not to mention having five elements.

Qian Wanyu also recognised this so she cherished it more but she still wanted to hurry and awaken her fifth Spiritual power as soon as possible.

The wind spiritual power quietly advanced to the fifth level Spiritual Master, Qian Wanyu left it alone for the time being and focused on mobilizing all the dark spiritual power in her body, the spiritual power in her body immediately started scurrying around.

Qing Mo felt the aura inside the cave and immediately moved away from it.

That night, the bear beast that Qian Wanyu scared away happened to sneak back, Qing Mo thoughtfully stared at it enter the formation by mistake, walking around and around in circles wondering why it couldn’t escape and simply sat down to sleep.

Until dawn arrived, the bear beast got up and continued to walk again.

It was the first time Qing Mo had seen such a persistent magical beast, since he was bored he intended to tease it for a while. He accurately threw a stone to the feet of the bear beast, which jumped up and took a step backwards.

“How timid.” Qing Mo couldn’t help but laugh and shake his head losing his interest, he threw the stones one by one in front of it, and the bear beast retreated step by step, after a few dozen steps it actually retreated from the formation entirely.

Qing Mo thought it was over, he waved his hand and let all those stones dissipate.

Qing Mo didn’t expect what happened next, three days later at noon, the bear beast ran towards this place wildly, Qing Mo was very suspicious. It was because the beast was followed by a few Qian Family people, the leader was Qian Zhuoxi.

The few people behind her were also the ones who appeared in the abandoned temple that day, and they all looked very familiar.

“Eldest Miss, there is a formation here, do you think that bitch could be hiding here to advance?” The other party did not speak in a polite manner, their goal was really to find Wanyu!

Qing Mo intended to stop moving and see what they really wanted.

“Aunt Fang has been missing for three days. I asked the old lady for instructions and brought you all to find her, not for other people.” Qian Zhuoxi pointed to the mark that the bear beast had just stepped on, “Follow the beast. See where it can take us.”

The bear beast walked to the place it had walked last time, and it kept spinning around inside, as if it had encountered a thousand walls, every time it seemed to hit a wall giving itself a bruised nose and swollen face.

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