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MIWW Chapter 85 Part 2

Qing Mo in the formation and added an extra formation stone, the formation stone together with a few other formations unfolded into a new formation, from a simple and easy to crack maze formation into a killing maze formation, this formation spread out in five directions was shaped into a five-star formation, a white fog permeated the air and soon the people got lost in it.

The so-called killing maze formation was more than a maze formation, there is a real danger, the danger factor became more and more dangerous depending on the strength of your enemies. The mist could make people lose themselves inside it thinking that the first person they saw was their enemy.

When enemies see each other, they’ll immediately draw their swords.

Qian Zhuoxi walked a few steps, and when she turned back again, she found that all the people who were following her were gone, “Qian Wei, where are you?”

“Who are you looking for?”

As soon as Qian Zhuoxi turned around, she saw Qian Wanyu standing half a meter away from her and asked warily, “How did you appear here?”

Aunt Fang volunteered to follow Qian Wanyu, in order to get more information for their plan, but unfortunately she waited for several days but did not see Aunt Fang return, she knew Aunt Fang well, unless there was some kind of accident, she would have contacted her by now.

Thinking of various possibilities and in order to find out what Qian Wanyu was doing outside, she told the old lady what happened and brought some people out with the excuse of looking for Aunt Fang. There were marks left by Aunt Fang along the way that she could follow but there was no mark outside the forest…

This shows that Aunt Fang was still in this forest.

“What are you laughing at?”

For some reason, Qian Zhuoxi saw the person in front of her laughing making her very disgusted, so disgusted that she couldn’t help but just want to kill her. That’s right…no one would find out now anyway, so why not kill her here?

Qian Wei looked at the young miss’ bloodshot eyes and thought something felt wrong but she couldn’t help but take another step forward, “Miss?”

Qian Zhuoxi’s fingers suddenly pierced directly through her heart, holding it tightly, and as the other party was dying she grabbed it out of her chest, she looked madly at the heart still beating wildly in her hand, feeling as if her own heart was also beating violently from the adrenaline.

“Hahahaha, let’s see how you can compete with me for the next Qian Family head now. A bastard actually wanted to enter the back mountain of our Qian Family for training, let me tell you, the back mountain of the Qian Family is mine, the whole Qian Family is mine!”

Qing Mo was observing and changing the positions of people in the formation, the white mist isolated the sight of both sides to let them kill each other in the formation. The only place where there was no fighting was the place where the bear beast was located, the bear beast just lay down on the ground, looking at the group of white mist it indifferently rolled over and continued to sleep.

Only those who don’t have evil desires in their heart can leave this sort of dangerous formation intact, he suddenly felt that this monster was a little interesting.

When he glanced over at another side, Qing Mo watched Qian Zhuoxi eat the heart in her hand with a look of excitement, even he with his years of experience couldn’t help but feel his stomach turning…even though he hadn’t eaten anything for hundreds of years.

He had seen magical beasts kill people, and he had seen the Qi of Death devour living beings alive but he had never seen a woman so happily eating someone else’s heart!

“This person cannot be kept alive.”

If purely comparing by ruthlessness, even Wanyu’s ruthlessness may not compare to her.

Qing Mo wanted to change the formation but saw a burst of fluctuations coming from the boundary behind him. “Is it that Wanyu is about to breakthrough?”

Qian Wanyu was completely unaware of what was happening in the outside world even more so, she hadn’t seen Qian Zhuoxi’s fierce and vicious side, she has been trying to get all of her dark spiritual power running and she was unsure if it was because she estimated wrongly but the dark spiritual power she had was not enough for her to advance to level one Great Spiritualist, in the Blood Fiend Alliance she absorbed spiritual power from that secluded zone and could only barely reach level nine Spiritual Master, she was so close to breaking through, but it was just a little that was missing…

She stayed inside for two days but just as she was about to give up on this promotion, the strands of spiritual energy in her dantian suddenly moved, vying to be the first to tie up the dark spiritual energy from her dantian running through her meridians and twisting around each other.

That’s how she very naturally finally broke through to even her own surprise.

However, when Qian Wanyu forced the dark spiritual energy to appear at her fingertips, the gray smoke was mixed with purple, earthy yellow and light cyan, these four colors dazzled her for a moment, and she suddenly felt that she had opened a door to a new world.

The five elements of spiritual energy…can they all be combined into one? Five different elements into one, the power from that combined element would be more powerful than the individual five spiritual energies right?!

“Wanyu, have you broken through?” Qing Mo tentatively asked, his voice was very low, he planned to continue changing the formation outside and kill that so-called heir of the Qian Family here if he didn’t hear any response from inside.

Qian Wanyu had a general idea of what to do now considering this new knowledge she’d gained, but she couldn’t leave the Qian Family for too long, otherwise it was easy to arouse suspicion. She pushed away the big stone that blocked the stone cave, “Qing Mo, I have advanced.”

Dark spiritual power was the most difficult to advance because the spiritual power required had to be the Qi of death, but she found that if what she had just thought of was feasible, moving forward dark spiritual power would not be a problem, she released a small amount of her dark spiritual power.

“How did it turn out like this?!”

Qing Mo took a step back, he was stunned by the colorful spiritual power, it’s the first time he’d ever seen someone fusing four… no wait five kinds of spiritual power! In addition to Wanyu’s own four kinds of spiritual power, there was a tinge of green spiritual power left over from her dual cultivation with her precious Ninth Sister.

“I’ll talk to you about this in detail after some research later.” Qian Wanyu’s meridians not only fully recovered, the four spiritual energies in her dantian had mixed together and joined making them all exist peacefully unlike the usual phenomenon where they couldn’t mix. Her body felt full of power and she wanted to find an opponent to try out her skill right now.

Qing Mo nodded, and then said, “Wanyu, Qian Zhuoxi brought some people to look for the one who followed you before, they are currently trapped in my Killing Formation and are not allowed to come out.”

Qian Wanyu didn’t listen to him, and just glanced over everything that happened in the formation at a glance, especially seeing Qian Zhuoxi scratching and smashing her fist against someone’s body on the ground dragging her intestines out.

She felt very disgusted at this image.

“She imagined the person she was attacking as you, Wanyu. This person must be removed!”

“Not for now.”

Once Qian Zhuoxi died, the Qian Family would definitely be in chaos. If the old lady really pursued the murderer, her training would be ruined, and more importantly…Ninth Sister had mentioned that there would be a big opportunity in the back of the Qian Family and asked her to grasp it.

She has not yet secured her position as the third lady of the Qian Family and she has not even seen the shadow of the mountain, how can she be so eager to let this…heir die?

There were many ways to kill her, it didn’t have to be her killing Qian Zhuoxi.


Qian Wanyu saw that there was a peaceful part in the Killing Formation, and what was even more funny was that it was the bear beast snoring and sleeping very well, she couldn’t help but laugh at this picture, “After all, I did rob its cave forget it, consider it a little compensation for using his place.”

She took out a pill from her space ring, the pill is was for advancement that she bought back at the Yuntian Pavilion, it was extremely precious, if someone in a clan experienced cultivation stagnation they could advance at most an entire large level, even at minimum they’d advance five small levels.

“Qing Mo, let’s go.”

Qing Mo unlocked the cave’s boundary and reentered her soul sea, as soon as he entered, he felt that it didn’t feel quite the same, he felt that the other party’s soul sea was far more powerful, “Wanyu, your soul sea seems to be more powerful than before.”

“Right.” Qian Wanyu collected the formation stones placed in the five corners, “When the fifth spiritual power attribute awakens, it should be even better.”

“I’m really looking forward to it!” Qing Mo knew that she had stumbled a lot along the way, it was not easy getting to this point and he had a feeling of raising his eyebrows when he thought of the unbelievable cultivation speed of this five element body little girl who had gone down a new road.

The boundary disappeared and the formation was lifted along with it.

The first to react was the bear beast, it rolled on the ground twice and saw Qian Zhuoxi and the remaining survivors. It was so scared that it ran back into its own cave but it also intelligently rolled over a large stone to completely block the hole and lean its bear buttocks against the stone.

It saw a porcelain bottle in the cave, curiously it opened the porcelain bottle and poured out a pill, it put it under its nose and sniffed twice then stretched out its big tongue to lick, the result was that because its tongue was too big and the pill too small, one lick made it go straight into its stomach.

The bear gagged a bit but not feeling anything at all. It threw the porcelain vase against the wall with great displeasure and the vase was smashed to smithereens.

Before an hour had even passed, the bear beast felt his stomach warm up, it turned over but the warm feeling turned into a hot sensation, it sat up violently and slapped his stomach.

It felt a flow of heat in its belly hitting it, making it very uncomfortable. The bear beast raised his fist and hammered the ground a few times in annoyance. The ground was beaten by it into several cracks then it trashed wildly on the ground and even the wall and boulder covering the cave was smashed into smithereens.


Qian Wanyu was almost out of the forest, she could still hear a loud roar behind, looking back it was the location before, seems Qian Zhuoxi had met a little trouble hehe.

On the other side, Dongfang Minghui and the rest had been dragged into the hole under the stone slab. The moment the slab closed, the situation flipped over again and Little Colour’s vines tied around Dongfang Minghui’s hands and feet as well as her waist and arms, so that she did not fall down in pieces.

“My foot is going to dislocate, see if one of you can jump to the bottom!”

Cai Qing was hanging onto Dongfang Minghui’s ankle, and the others tugged on her ankle, one after another.


Dongfang Minghui felt a bit mad with angery, obviously if they hadn’t interfered, Little Colour could have pulled her up and they wouldn’t be hanging under this stone slab like a group of dumplings tied to each other…

Cai Qing signaled to the people below her, they wanted to try to slide down using the wall but when Dongfang Minghui took out the moonstone in her hands, they could barely stop themselves from vomiting after seeing clearly what was crawling on the wall with the help of the faint light.

The wall was full of maggots, fat, long and smelly, they kept moving around from the bottom to the top, and soon even crawled to the stone slab at the top which was facing down, the fat maggots occasionally fell down and landed on Cai Qing’s body or head.

The few people here were all Spiritual King or Spiritual Monarch level characters, but even their faces couldn’t help but twist at the gross sight.

Only Dongfang Minghui propped up her chin, carefully measuring these small things, although she felt that the other side stunk as well, but, she suddenly remembered one thing that made her want to try something.

“Cai Qing, I’ll give you a task.”

Just when everyone tentatively jumped down, Dongfang Minghui interrupted them with her voice, she asked Little Colour to distribute the large porcelain vases in her space ring to Cai Qing and the others, “Help me catch the maggots on the wall with the porcelain vases, I have a great use for them.”

“Miss Minghui, you want to put these things into these vases?” Cai Qing suspected she had heard wrong, she covered her nose and her ears buzzed.

“Yes, everyone should grab some, this is good stuff.”

Not only them, Dongfang Minghui herself also started to collect some but she was disgusted so she still put on her homemade professional gloves specially made for dealing with poisonous insects and the like, she grabbed several of them and just stuffed them into her porcelain vase, watching them climb up and slide down, climb up and slide down again, she threw the vase into her space ring with satisfaction. The other people endured the stench and dared not ask any more questions doing their assigned task and passing them them to her one by one once they were collected.

“You guys better pay attention when you go down.”

This place stunk and there were maggots that specialized in eating rotting flesh crawling there was no need to think of what was lying below, Dongfang Minghui could feel it would be dangerous down there. She let Little Colour’s vines lower her down slowly, and soon arrived at the ground level.

“Minghui, you’d better not come down.”

Dongfang Minghui ignored the advice, she had a good image in her head of what was below and had prepared herself psychologically but even so, when she looked at the dead bodies lying decomposing below, as well as the maggots crawling and gnawing on the white bones of the corpses as well as snakes, insects and rats, she could not help but wince.

“Wow, this rat is so big.”

Cai Qing’s sudden cry startled them, and when they looked, they saw a group of large animals with eyes still glowing and squeaking and gnawing continuously at the dark corners around them, they moved step by step and soon surrounded the seven of them.

Cai Qing and the other five people surrounded Dongfang Minghui in the center, they released their powerful spiritual power and made the group of large rats get forced back several steps.

Dongfang Minghui immediately went through her space ring, trying to find some insecticide or better yet….

“There it is.”

She took out the few tooth grinding sticks leftover in her space ring, they were soaked in the venom she had just collected and she threw them into several corners. She had made them coated with the fragrance of meat as well as vegetables, normal animals would drool the moment they smelled it because the fragrance was overflowing and strong, even Toothless couldn’t resist a snack’s seductive power. Not to mention these big rats who only ate meat.

Dongfang Minghui witnessed a frightening scene, the four sticks she had thrown were immediately caught by the rats, each corner was pounced on my numerous rats as if they had not eaten anything in ages as they scrambled to pounce. The ones that died from the poison ended up being eaten by other rats as they all tried to fight each other for food and soon the group of rats were all dying on the ground.

The weak died and the strong eat, one side falls and the other side does not let go, this seems to be the way these big rats survived.

Cai Qing secretly breathed a sigh of relief, she was deeply afraid that the group of rats would pounce on her like moths to a flame, then she would probably not be able to care take care of Minghui’s safety.

“This should be the Cave of Ten Thousand Poisons, a place where the Blood Fiend Alliance uses for punishing those who disobey orders.” Dongfang Minghui had seen the emblem of the Blood Fiend Alliance twice before, and she had just seen a pattern like this next to the corpse, not only that but this wall was made so long ago that even the picture became very blurred, “It might be easier to find the exit from inside.”

She didn’t believe that the people who built this Ten Thousand Poisons Cave back then didn’t think of making a tunnel underneath, or an exit to the outside world.

Cai Qing guarded Dongfang Minghui’s side, always on the lookout for something strange and weird to come out.

She squatted down and moved all the white bones away. She just saw a flash of green and thought she was mistaken. She did remember though that some flowers and plants grew more better under the watering of blood and corpses.

“Don’t touch it, it has corpse poison on it.” Love Flower warned her in time. Little Colour even curled her fingers that were about to touch the grass.

Looking at their nervous look, this grass was definitely odd, the other side was not afraid of the surrounding snakes and insects, indicating that its own toxicity was far stronger than those things, but it looked completely ordinary, if it above and not in this hole she may have walked by and not even look more than once.

“I want to take it away to study it.”

As she said so, she dug the soil underneath a few times and saw the roots so thought she would soon be done, but it turned out that the roots went about two or three meters deep underground and were so intricate that she couldn’t imagine how they grew. She had seen roots like this before from Blue Star Dream. She couldn’t believe that the roots of this small plant in front of her could be as amazing as that!

Her immediate thoughts were that this little plant was in disguise, “Little Colour, what is it really?”

Little Colour and Love Flower also looked serious, “It is a man-eating grass.”

“Be careful.”

They had just finished when Cai Qing and the rest felt their feet and hands were wrapped by layer after layer of silk threads, these silk threads moved as if they were alive and they were all quickly wrapped into a big dumpling.

Whew a bit of a cliffhanger! I’m excited for what happens next 🙂


On another note everyone playing genshin ready for Inazuma next week? 😉


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