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MIWW Chapter 86 Part 1

The threads swept in from all directions, like a dense spiderweb, a small web formed a large net and soon surrounded them all. The snakes, insects, mice and ants at the corners were too scared to move, and some even went to hide in their caves.

“Is this the man-eating grass?”

She looked at the shape of the small grass, the small grass had a gear-like leaf shape, she thought it was the characteristic of this grass, but it seems like it was to cut meat…

The two people caught in the web were still struggling but their anxious eyes soon became drowsy, and in the end they closed their eyes uncontrollably. Dongfang Minghui was startled, if she hadn’t known that this was a man-eating grass, she would have thought she had met some large spider beast instead.

“Hey, Cai Qing, you can’t just fall asleep like this!”

“These silk threads have sleep poison on them, don’t touch them.” Love Flower kindly reminded, “They should be temporarily unconscious, don’t worry.”

When she heard about it, Dongfang Minghui hurriedly retracted her hand, but her face was in disbelief, “Cai Qing and the rest are all Spiritual King level people, how could they be easily tricked by this?” In comparison to her own sleep poison she used for her flying needles, the ones from this thread seemed to be a lot more powerful.

Her mind started to think of some evil thoughts again.

“Don’t think about it.” The fat doll jumped out of her space ring, vines flooded the ground a few times and all those silk threads that were slowly preparing to come close to her were knocked away by Little Colour’s vines, “It’s a man-eating grass.”

Man eater, as the name implies, is a carnivorous grass that feeds itself by devouring people.

Dongfang Minghui had only encountered this sort of strange plant for the first time, in her mind even the Pig Fairy Grass was already considered a relatively special spiritual grass, as for the plant posing as Love Flower. Rather than a plant, that was more like a weapon and unnatural.

“Should we kill it so it doesn’t trouble someone else?”

Looking at all the corpses on the ground, white bones all over made her think that this group of people were probably fooled by the man-eating grass and got caught like Cai Qing and the rest without being able to defend themselves.

The fat doll giggled, she inexplicably felt Little Colour smiling with evil intent, seems this kid also had some bad ideas. The vines quickly entangled the silk threads and the silk threads tried to bind the vines, she watched Little Colour’s and the man-eating grass fight in this narrow hole. People watching this scene might even think it was somewhat funny although the fight was deadly serious, Minghui’s heart jumped when she thought of the other side’s sleep poison laced in the silk thread, “Little Colour, be careful of its thread!”

The fat doll hummed lightly with a disdainful face.

Taking this opportunity, she used the blade to cut the silk threads on Cai Qing and the others’ faces, she had always thought that the blade in her hand was considered relatively sharp but she was not able to cut through despite that, “Who the hell calls this silk thread! This is obviously steel wire!”

She had wanted to feed Cai Qing and the girls a pill to clear their heads but she unexpectedly found that the silk threads was too tough.

“It’s burning up?”

Just as she was trying to think of all the ways and means to free them, one of the six people who were trapped in the silk thread actually lit up a fire in both hands, the flames flared outward a little bit, trying to burn the silk away, but they had underestimated the hardness of the silk thread as well as its heat resistance.

“Elder, you are still awake?”

The other side besides a pair of bare eyes, had their entire body still wrapped in silk threads, like a cocoon baby, her eyes blinked a little in answer to Dongfang Minghui’s words.

Dongfang Minghui saw that it was too difficult for her alone, she picked up her knife to cut hard on this part of the silk thread that had been ignited.

“Will the skill of the man-eating grass be so strong?” She couldn’t help but complain to Love Flower, why didn’t she feel like this thread was from that grass? It was hard as hell and contrary to the softness of a plant.

“You seem to have misunderstood something.” Love flower was helpless, it felt Dongfang Minghui misunderstood, “This grass is a rather peculiar grass, from the people and animals it devours its greatest skill is not these threads, it is to steal the powers from them and use it on itself.”

Dongfang Minghui listened and her hand shook, the blade almost cut the back of that seniors hand!

“It should have swallowed a higher level spider magical beast before and this skill was stolen from that magical beast.”

“This skill is even more overpowered!”

It’s even more insane than Seventh sister devouring other people’s spiritual power, it’s like cheating, copy and paste other people’s skill!

“Senior, put more effort into it, it seems to be almost there.” Dongfang Minghui on the side could almost see clearly, after some time they only managed to get rid of a small part of the spider silk thread, she breathed out a breath, she felt that the flames from the other side seemed to be hotter as well.

She wanted to secretly run to the other side of the man-eating grass to douse it with a little poison but she turned to see the fat doll open its mouth to bite the silk thread, and then like sucking noodles it slurped it all into its stomach…the other silk threads immediately backed away in fear.


Little Colour burped.

“Little Colour, you can eat this stuff?! You better not get a stomach ache…” The spider silk was invulnerable to swords and spears, and the fire of even a Fire Spiritual Master couldn’t do much about it. Dongfang Minghui looked at the big belly of the fat doll, she couldn’t help but poke it twice with her fingers wondering where it all went.

“This is all the nutrients from the man eater grass.” Little Colour explained that after the magical beast was swallowed by the man-eating grass, it turned the stuff into its own, and these threads were all nutrients for it.

Dongfang Minghui sucked a deep breath, no wonder the other side had a huge root system, seeing the fat doll licking its lips, she suddenly had a not-so-good feeling, “You aren’t wanting to eat it again, right?”

Little Colour hummed lightly, “It’s an honor for it to be looked at by me.”

“Hey wait, it’s getting away!”

Before the two could finish their conversation, she saw that the man-eater grass before had run into a hole and was about to hide in the darkness, “I thought it wouldn’t run…”

The roasted duck it had prepared was about to fly away, how could Little Colour let it go?! The fat doll immediately ran wildly towards the man-eating grass.

“Little Colour, don’t be too busy chasing first, let’s take care of the silk threads on the seniors as well.” Her blade was still no match for Little Colour’s mouth, this magic plant was simply a bottomless pit that could swallow anything.

The fat doll ran happily, its vines from behind hooked up the silk threads on their bodies, while running and pulling the silk threads apart.

As soon as the threads were untied, several people fell to the ground, besides the senior who used fire before from inside, the rest took some time before recovering.

“Hey, Cai Qing?”

She patted Cai Qing’s face, the other party was still unresponsive, “Let me see which pills to use.”

She rummaged around in her space ring, the pig fairy grass appeared out of nowhere and handed her a porcelain bottle and looked at her cutely.

“Is this it?”

Dongfang Minghui touched its fat leaves, “Pig Fairy Grass, I’ll reward you later.”

As soon as it heard reward, the pig fairy grass bounced and danced, fat leaves and grass tail curled up, it did an overhead flip and so on, dancing happily. Love Flower and Lucky sat in the corner like two big brothers watching the show.

There were four medicinal plants in her space ring and they all acted so strange that she didn’t know if to laugh or to cry.

“Come and eat.”

She fed Cai Qing and the rest some pills and finally came to the one who was meditating to recover, “Senior, you eat one too.”

The fire senior shook her head at her, “I don’t need it.”

Dongfang Minghui also did not force them, she guessed that the other party could be awake, she was either immune to sleep poison or to all poisons, the result seemed closer to the latter.

After half an hour, Cai Qing and the girls woke up one by one, their eyes were slightly hazy, as if they were still dreaming.

“Cai Qing, seniors, are you all alright?”

Cai Qing looked around and then saw Dongfang Minghui who was squatting in front of them, she immediately remembered what happened before she passed out, she looked at her hands, “Hmm, the silk threads are missing?”

A little while ago, Little Colour sent a message over saying that it had caught the man-eating grass and that it had found the exit.

Several people followed Little Colour’s vines and crawled out of the blackened hole which was narrow and smelled, there were still some snake and insect corpses lying around it as well. She climbed out of the hole at last with a flourish breathing in a breath of fresh air.

The fat doll with the man-eating grass immediately ran into her space ring before anyone could see.

“Just now that-” Cai Qing, who was right behind her thought she seemed to have seen a vague human figure.

“We’re finally out.”

The stench of rotting flesh was all over the cave, it was unbearable to the extreme, she inhaled two mouthfuls of fresh air fiercely and stretched her arms, the exit could only accommodate one person at a time so she felt sore all over from climbing. It was good that Little Colour was not exposed in front of outsiders either. They were now at the peak, looking down from above, they could clearly see the general situation of the Blood Fiend Alliance’s headquarters below.

They had come from the bottom of the Valley of Forgetfulness to the highest point which was really quite strange, “Look here, seniors, the Blood Fiend Alliance’s Headquarters.”

The main location of the Blood Fiend Alliance was fluttering outside the valley, and the markings on it were very conspicuous.

They followed the path down the mountain and arrived outside the valley gate.


Dongfang Minghui and her group all crawled out from within the cave so their bodies were stained with some odor and their clothes were dirty, overall, they looked like they had fled from somewhere, “We are the Meng City Qian Family, this visit is to meet your young master.”

Cai Qing held up the Qian Family token to the guard and showed it to him.

One of them muttered in the other’s ear, but they didn’t know that they had heard all the whispering, “I’ll go in first and inform the elders.”

Dongfang Minghui was bored of this farce and threatened, “When you inform the elders, please inform your young master Wei, he and I have been friends for many years, if he knows that you have neglected me, I’m afraid that you all can’t keep your heads.”

If she had known that this would happen she should have asked for a Blood Fiend Alliance token at the Royal Academy then she wouldn’t have been blocked by a few goons at the door.

The man saw her serious face and nodded his head trotting into the Blood Fiend Alliance’s building.

As soon as Wei Junlan heard of Meng City’s Qian Family, the potion book she hadn’t finished reading dropped to the ground, “You mean the other party holds the Qian Family token?”

Since the last time she and the other party fought in the forest, of course, she always felt that it was all Qian Wanyu’s one-sided venting of hatred rather than her wanting to fight, she was actually confused and didn’t know where exactly she has offended this heroine.

Then, she was sent elsewhere so she honestly stayed at the Blood Fiend Alliance’s headquarters to idle and read books while cultivating a little. In her spare time she’d listen to the reports of Jun Yi’s daily routine in the Snow Capital from her men.

“How many people are on the other side in total?” Wei Junlan found it unbelievable, what did the Qian Family’s people want to do coming to her territory? She couldn’t see through the plot anymore.


“Forget it, take me there.”

Wei Junlan saw seven people standing outside the door, she immediately saw Dongfang Minghui as well who was lingering outside.

Wei Junlan made the gatekeeper let her go, she looked at the other party’s deadpan look and could not help but smile, “Look at you, this road must’ve been hard, come in I have prepared tea for you, you can slowly talk with me on your matters.”

If it wasn’t for Cai Qing and the rest being here, Dongfang Minghui really was thinking of directly trying to hug her until those chest restraints of her’s fell off while crying, “Cough, do not bother young master Wei, if you really want to, arrange a room for me and the rest of the seniors to bathe and change.”

Wei Junlan patted her head, although her mouth was annoyed she couldn’t hide the smile under her eyes, “Xiao Liuzi, quickly go inform the Grand Elder, let him arrange seven rooms, prepare hot water and bath tubs, say that several VIPs need to bathe and dress.”

Xiao Liuzi had never seen Wei Junlan’s smiling face before, the young master he remembered was cold and icy all the time. This time he really believed what Dongfang Minghui had just said and he trotted away, secretly thankful he hadn’t offended her too badly.

Soon, the Grand Elder also greeted them and flinched when he saw Dongfang Minghui, “Young master, they are–”

“They are from the Meng City Qian Family, they must not be neglected.”

The Meng City Qian Family, the Grand Elder had heard of it, but what he couldn’t understand was how the other side found the Blood Fiend Alliance’s headquarters and why they were looking for them. He did not show any displeasure on his face however, “You have travelled a long way, the rooms are ready, please come with me.”

Dongfang Minghui gave him a look, “Thank you.”

The group showered and changed into a new set of clothes, Dongfang Minghui saw the young man who guarded the door before as soon as she went out, “Girl, our young master has a request.”

As soon as his words fell, she immediately after she felt all the other six doors open, Cai Qing walked out and said, “Miss Minghui, I will accompany you.”

“No, there are some things I need to talk with Young Master Wei alone.”


“Don’t worry, since it’s in the Blood Fiend Alliance territory, my safety is their responsibility don’t you think so?” Dongfang Minghui’s last words were directed towards the gatekeeper, she just wanted to tease him a bit.

“Yes, yes, what the girl said is true.” The guard looked terrified.

Cai Qing wanted to say something else but Dongfang Minghui had already followed the man out a distance, she and the other five people looked at each other then the six of them gathered inside a room.

“The old lady asked us to protect her, but she does not want us to follow, what is the reason?”

“Miss Minghui has her own opinions, we can just wait quietly.” The one who opened her mouth to speak was the senior who used fire to attack the spider silk threads in the cave before, she started out with the same idea as the crowd, the other party was a weak pharmacist and the purpose of their trip was to protect and cooperate with her until they returned to the Qian Family. They were meant to shut up and do their work not asking any unnecessary questions.

In the bottom of that hole, she did not expect the other party to have some ability and actually defuse their crisis. This showed that the other party was not actually a weak white rabbit but one with very sharp hidden claws.

“Young master, Minghui girl is here.” Xiao Liuzi was also considered to be a person with high intelligence, he had heard Cai Qing shouting the other party’s name only a few timed but he memorized the name in his heart, and at the same time introduced Dongfang Minghui to the interesting things inside the Blood Fiend Alliance, amusing her with laughter along the way.

Wei Junlan didn’t even raise her head and only said, “You are not needed here, all of you should retreat.”

“Yes, young master.”

Dongfang Minghui watched as a group of people exited the door one by one with their heads low and hands hanging at the side, after which the door was closed and the only bit of light came out. She sensed that there was no one here now before she nonchalantly looked left and right then sighed, “Young master Wei is really lucky.”

They were both travellers but as you can see they led completely different lives.

The other side immediately sat at the position of young master of the Blood Fiend Alliance, her own conditions and background on the other hand were not bad, but she was very close to becoming cannon fodder at Seventh sister’s hands. She was forever frightened so many times and got caught in some dangerous situations as well.

Wei Junlan snickered, and she shut the book in her hand, “Less crying, who was the one who disregarded morality last time and left me alone to face the wrath of Qian Wanyu, huh?”

It was the first time she remembered this and Dongfang Minghui felt that Wei Junlan probably thought she had planned against her.

“You still have the nerve to say that, isn’t it all because of your bad idea.” Dongfang Minghui sighed, that was the most humiliating time for her, being carried by Seventh sister in full view of the Snow Capital like a sack of rice and being spanked from time to time.

Thinking of this, Dongfang Minghui’s face blushed.

Wei Junlan coldly snorted, hmph simply biting the hand that feeds it, she did it for her sake as well, “Speak now, this time you came here from thousands of miles away to find me, why?”

Dongfang Minghui casually found a seat, “The prophet of the Meng Family asked me to find a person, this matter is related to Seventh sister, so I had to come to you for help.” She did not specify what it was, the prophet gave a clue and she just followed the clue here.

“Meng family prophet? The men rumored to not live past thirty?”

“You’re focusing on the wrong thing, the point is that the man he wants me to find is a killer.” She smiled toward Wei Junlan.

“A killer? What’s the name.”

“The White Guest.”

Wei Junlan’s brow knotted.

Dongfang Minghui saw that her face was a bit troubled and asked her, “What’s wrong with him?”

Wei Junlan looked at her slightly apologetically and said, “It’s not really a big deal, it’s just that it’s a little difficult to see him.”

The White Guest was one of the most controversial assassins in the entire alliance, if he killed like a normal assassin, cold-hearted and unfeeling he would be just fine, but he was a chivalrous man, killing only to save others. Before she was in this position, he had probably violated a rule of the Blood Fiend Alliance or because he killed the wrong person they were trapped in the forbidden area by the previous generation leader. That place is tough to enter even for her. As young master she still needed to get the unanimous approval of several elders to enter the place.

Outsiders, don’t even think about it.

Dongfang Minghui felt that she had been cheated by the Meng family. “That is to say, it is very difficult to see him, but it is not that there is no hope, right?”

Wei Junlan nodded, “You can understand it in that way.”

“Do you know if he has any relatives? Did he ever adopt an orphan?”

“Yes, he has adopted many orphans, and many times he takes on missions and receives commissions in order to feed that group of children.”

Dongfang Minghui stroked her forehead, she thought it was easy to find one person but it seems not, “Aren’t you the omnipotent Blood Fiend Alliance young master? Help me think of a way to find a son born to Miss He Lu, it should be in the group of children adopted by The White Guest.”

The premise was that the prophet of the Meng Family did not lie about his words.

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