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MIWW Chapter 87 Part 1

Dongfang Minghui waited for a long time and when she was bored, she took out a piece of paper and a pen, then doodled on the paper for a long time. She wanted to draw out the beautiful eyes of the person from before, but the look she got was similar in form but not in spirit.

How do you say it?

It was a pair of damn sultry peach blossom eyes, a slight glare with a lot of style and hidden pouting anger making a person’s heart itch.

“Hey, Dongfang Minghui, I heard from my men that you were injured?”

Wei Junlan found her giggling at a piece of paper as soon as she pushed the door open, and with quick hands, she grabbed the piece of paper from the other side and took a look at it, it was a pair of eyes, “Huh, what the hell is this?”

“Eyes, the killer’s eyes.” Dongfang Minghui put all the paper, ink and pencil she just took out back into her space ring, then added a sentence, “I’m very sure it’s someone from inside your Blood Fiend Alliance.”

The other party was familiar with the terrain, unusually agile, and struck to kill with every move. Everything about pointed to a trained killer.

“The most important point is that he knows you very well.” Dongfang Minghui laughed as the two travellers from another world were teased by a man hiding in the shadows. The other party’s plan to move the tiger away from the mountain was obviously aimed at Wei Junlan. They had calculated every point and every aspect but had not expected her (Dongfang Minghui) to suddenly return out of nowhere.


Wei Junlan pointed at herself in disbelief and said suspiciously, “You mean it’s someone I’m familiar with?”

“Not necessarily.” She had been at the Blood Fiend Alliance for the past few days and had seen most of the people Wei Junlan had come into contact with. They were all mostly elder-level figures while the other party seemed to be at the age of seventeen or eighteen, the right age for who she was looking for… “If you can, it would be best to list all the assassins at the Blood Fiend Alliance’s headquarters.”

She had seen those eyes so she was sure that she could identify the other party at a glance. She kicked the unconscious White Guest next to her, “I turned back just in time to encounter him being taken away by that person, wake him up, I have to ask him something.”

Wei Junlan kicked him directly and fiercely, the person on the ground immediately jumped up, the other party confusedly looked at where they were and saw the two of them. Wei Junlan asked bluntly, “Tell us about your previous situation in the cell, how did the other party take you out?”

“Young master, after you just left not long ago, he killed his way in and before saying a word, knocked me unconscious, and then…then I arrived here.”

This statement was the same as not saying anything!

The White Guest wisely shut his mouth and moved to the corner alone to reduce his presence.

“Haven’t had a chance to ask you but how’s your injury?” Wei Junlan pointed to the bandaged part of her left hand.

“It’s nothing serious.” She waved her left hand in relief, but it still hurt a bit, the other side’s sword was fast, if she didn’t avoid it quickly, her whole arm would have been cut off by him. Even so, her hand still had a deep cut, fortunately it should be recovered before she returned to the Qian Family so that Seventh sister wouldn’t see any signs.

Wei Junlan took out a porcelain bottle from her space ring and placed it in front of her, “Blood Fiend Alliance’s original scar removal medicine, I think you’ll find it useful.”

They were both women, it is natural to want to maintain their beauty.

“You really are a lifesaver! I will not be polite with you, if it really works well, give me one more bottle.” She grinned at Wei Junlan.

“You really have thick skin, I gave you a pole and you’re climbing up as high as possible right?” Wei Junlan glared at her indifferently, then said, “There are more than 5,000 people at the Blood Fiend Alliance’s headquarters, and the people in the forest valley adds up to 2,000 to 3,000 people, I can’t call them all to gather just because of an unwarranted speculation from you, it’s not in line with the rules.”

Dongfang Minghui nodded, she also felt that this was not a good solution, her brain turned slightly and she cheerfully said, “Young master Wei, how about we talk about a business deal?”

At the mention of business deal, Wei Junlan’s eyes glowed, “What kind of business? Tell me about it.”

“I want to ask the people of your Blood Fiend Alliance to kill someone for me, but this person’s whereabouts are erratic, and they are a Dark System Spiritual Master, your Blood Fiend Alliance has always claimed that you will take the most difficult and challenging tasks, look, how about my task, do you dare to take it?” Dongfang Minghui looked at her provocatively.

“As long as you can afford the price, our Blood Fiend Alliance people will dare to take it.” Wei Junlan was very confident in the Blood Fiend Alliance’s strength, “There are three orders in the Blood Fiend Alliance, the Absolute Kill Order is the highest order, it’s a black card, the chase period is valid forever, no matter who is in charge of the alliance, they have to comply with the requirements of the Absolute Kill Order until the person on the card is killed. The next is the Purple Dragon Order,it’s a purple card, this order, once out is valid for a ten-year period. The last is the Red Mist Order, also known as the red card, in the entire seven-colored continent, all killers outside will kill on sight, with a time limit of five years.

Dongfang Minghui heard her say these and suddenly felt that these three kinds of hunting orders were really powerful, she immediately checked the few spirit stones in her space ring, “Since we’re both  fellow countryman, how about a discount?”

Suddenly from a serious talk into a funny talk, Wei Junlan was suddenly angry with her, “Just say it, who is it? You have nothing to do and want to chase after a Dark Spiritual Master out of nowhere, why?”

Wei Junlan’s understanding of the Dark Spiritual Masters were that they were a group of crazy psychopaths, instead of being any sort of good person they came up with evil things like Undead Spiritual Masters and even their whole appearance is ghostly and inhuman.

“Stop stop, you are mistaken, not that I want to chase her, it’s that she has been trying to catch me, I’ll have to deal with her in return right?” Dongfang Minghui was aggrieved, she hadn’t even yet offended anyone? Why was she was being chased all over the world.

Dongfang Minghui brought up Dongfang Lizhu, who appeared in the original work without much uproar then talked about her hiding in the Dongfang family and the genocide of the Dongfang family. Wei Junlan was amazed, “Do you think it was because you planned against her so ruthlessly that her heart got unbalanced and she wanted to take revenge against you at all costs?”

“Things are not so simple, besides Seventh sister also told me that nothing happened that night, so as to who owes who more between us… she definitely owes me more.” Dongfang Minghui was exasperated, this thing couldn’t be blamed on anyone, if she was too strong early on in the Dongfang Family and the other party showed her true colours early on, she and Seventh sister might not have lived for too long… On the other hand, the result of letting her go has caused the current issues, letting the tiger return to the mountain always causes some regret.

It could only be blamed on her ability being too weak.

Dongfang Minghui then spat out, “I am asking you to help me think of a way to solve it not to let you mock me.”

Wei Junlan spread her hands, “Hurry up and get stronger then, as a fellow countryman I will take this task and give you a 20% discount how about that?”

“Is that even called a discount?” Dongfang Minghui was full of disdain, mainly to her Xian’s head was not worth her spending so much money, if it was actually some serious dangerous characters, she’d have no qualms spending money, “By the way, with the Red Mist Order you just said, is it possible to summon all of your killers then?”

Wei Junlan looked at her with a wicked smile, “I underestimated you, your brain is sometimes quite good.”

The two of them started planning immediately.

Dongfang Minghui rested in her room for almost three days before Wei Junlan sent someone to invite her over.

It was the first time she saw the more than 5,000 people in such a magnificent square. The design of the square at the valley of the Blood Fiend Alliance was somewhat similar to the rows of soldiers in an ancient Roman arena, with layers of people sitting on top of each other, and several elders were seated at the topmost just below Wei Junlan’s position at the peak. Layer by layer, the further down they were, the lower in the hierarchy that killer was in the Blood Fiend Alliance as well as the more people there were.

“Miss Minghui, sit down over here.” Wei Junlan stood up to greet her purposely saving a seat for her.

“Thank you, Young Master Wei.”

The two of them were very serious in front of other people, as if they were here to talk business.

This time it was not only her who came, even Cai Qing and the five seniors also followed her, six people lined up, all standing behind her, she couldn’t help but feel a headache just because her arm injury was known by Cai Qing. The other party together with the other five seniors besieged her outside the room and afterwards surrounded her for an hour to talk about their duties and how important her safety was for this outing lecturing her until her ears became numb.

“These are the good sons and daughters of our Blood Fiend Alliance, take your pick.”

Wei Junlan had long since discussed things with the other elders, the red card was considered one of the important orders and different from the usual missions, this mission must make the person giving the mission pick the hunters they wanted for the target. Since it was one of the highest instructions, all the Blood Fiend Alliance disciples had to be present in full.

“Many thanks.”

As soon as she stood up, Cai Qing and the others also moved a step forward, looking at the stance that they intended to follow, not backing down even half a step. She went down step by step, sweeping past several elders, and ran to the second level.

At first, she kept looking for the peach blossom eyes, but could not resist the awe-inspiring murderous aura and serious looks from all the killers. She stopped for a moment and seriously felt all their auras, especially the people sitting in the second row, almost all of them were experts, she went over them and let those she had selected stand up.

Until the third position at the end of the second row, she saw a teenager with his head hanging low sitting quietly, she suddenly paused, “You, also stand up.”

He stood up, raised his head and boldly met her eyes.

She couldn’t help but tsk, it was this man in front of her, he was definitely very strong mentally, not panicking even though she had picked him out and not allowing her a single chance to take note of anything amiss. She naturally also pretended not to know anything and continued to pick other people.

Afterwards, the further down she picked, the fewer people stood up. After picking about a hundred people from this group of killers, she stopped looking and walked back to her seat then said to Wei Junlan, “These people are enough.”

Wei Junlan gave her a meaningful smile, clapped her hands and said, “All those who were just picked by the Minghui girl are selected.” She then turned to the elders’ seat at the side, “Eldest Elder, take this group of people away for the time being, I will announce the rest of the details.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

With a command from the Grand Elder, the group of people all left after him, moving quickly and in order, like a very well disciplined group of soldiers.

Dongfang Minghui’s gaze was fixed on the person walking in the front, she had just identified that person’s scent, tainted with the fragrance of her special sleep poison, in the fight that day, she shot out a few flying needles and poison darts, the other party probably accidentally left it on without knowing.

“Young Master Wei, since the people have been selected, I will also take my leave.”

Wei Junlan gave her a knowing wink and ordered in a low voice, “Little Sixth, send Miss Minghui back to her room.”

She hurried back as fast as she had come, leading Cai Qing and the others to quickly disappear in the eyes of the five thousand people, Xiao Liuzi could not keep up at all.

“This time to summon everyone to come, there are three things that need to be mentioned, one, is the Blood Fiend Alliance…”

A long way away, she could still hear Wei Junlan making a report, she slightly stroked her forehead, her footsteps hurrying to quickly catch up with the Grand Elder, “Grand Elder, wait a minute, I have a few things to ask them.”

The more than a hundred people were carefully selected by her, to this outsider, they already had some rejection in their hearts, hearing this they did feel a little surprised but more some people were completely confused, unclear what the issue was. But the killer’s best quality was not asking too many questions.

“This is your employer for this mission, the Minghui girl from the Qian Family.” The Grand Elder was also unclear about Dongfang Minghui’s background, he observed that the young master seemed very attached to the several people from the Qian Family, so he treaed them with more caution.

Hearing what the elder said, everyone was even more surprised, they have heard of one on one missions and also heard of several people needed to complete a mission, but they’d never seen the need for a hundred or so people to take on a mission, no wait… there is a possibility.

“The target person this time, your elders will explain to you afterwards. Now, what I want to ask is who among you entered the cell where the White Guest was being held at three days ago and tried to take him away. And who hurt my arm and walked away? Who dared to not give face your Young Master? Now I’ll give you a chance, if you stand up voluntarily, I will let your Young Master have the grace to spare you. If I catch you later, hehe, you will have a good time hmph.”

Three questions in a row made all the people present confused.

Those who were well-informed knew what happened that day, although in the end the matter was suppressed by the elders. But most of the killers were not the gossiping type and did not communicate much during the day, most of them looked at her with a confused face.

The Grand Elder also followed Wei Junlan’s instructions and cooperated with her, “The young master has clear evidence, if you come forward at this moment, the old man can still beg a favor from the young master, if you are still obsessed with hiding yourself, don’t blame this old man for the result later.”

“When I fought with him I accidentally stabbed my unique concealed weapon into that person’s body, my concealed weapon will emit a unique fragrance, this fragrance is my deliberate mixture of three kinds of sleep poison.”

The majority of the people were human beings with trained noses, they sniffed the air a little, sniffed each other, and soon discovered that one of them smelled a little fragrant, that person was the famous Bai Xuan, the third ranked assassin of the Blood Fiend Alliance.

Everyone moved away from him immediately, fearing that they might be tainted with his scent, soon the people around him had all ran away, leaving an open spot where he stood tall with his head held high without a moment’s hesitation.

Bai Xuan sneered, “A bunch of cowards.”

The other man’s peach blossom eyes were staring coldly at her, they were more demonic and seductive than those in her drawing and his features were all prominent without the mask, a high nose and distinctive light ink pupils as well as sensual thin lips.

“Bai Xuan, don’t think we’re afraid of you just because you ranked third last time!”

A few people heard Bai Xuan’s sneer, but very few dared to jump out to retort.

Dongfang Minghui heard the word Bai Xuan and was dumbfounded, Fuck ah! How come one of Seventh sister’s harem members is the son of that pervert Mo?! She was filled with nothing but depression and sadness in her heart, this must be a joke the plot gods were playing on her.

“Bai Xuan?”

Bai Xuan frowned, seemingly unhappy to be called by his real name by a stranger, especially one who tried to get his righteous father killed.

“Bai Xuan, it’s actually you?!” The Great Elder was a bit distressed with the revelation, Bai Xuan, this child was extremely talented, he could learn many things after being taught only once, he had even treated him as his own child, he didn’t expect the other party to betray them, “You… you really let this old man down.”

Bai Xuan was unmoved, with a rock solid attitude of kill if you want to kill, cut if you want to cut.

“Grand Elder?”

Dongfang Minghui reminded him, since the person has been found, they needed to start the interrogation, she had spent too much time in the Blood Fiend Alliance just for Bai Xuan. This fucking author why couldn’t he have included Bai Xuan’s backstory then she wouldn’t have had to toss about here for so long!

The original story actually did mention Bai Xuan’s life once, it was saying he lost his father at an early age and his mother was slaughtered by others when he was five years old then he took the road to revenge to avenge her death…. Unfortunately, the original story and the current plot have a little discrepancy, she hadn’t managed to put them together before.

“Someone, take Bai Xuan down and escort him to the Hall of Punishment.”

Bai Xuan then suddenly snapped moving out of nowhere with a fierce look on his face lunging towards Dongfang Minghui, his hands that held an eagle shaped claw weapon suddenly held a sharp sword, the same one that almost cut her arm off before.

“You actually use a sword?!” The Grand Elder stepped forward and blasted his sword with both palms, pushing Dongfang Minghui away some distance, he roared, feeling that he was really old and blind, he’d been deceived by the other side for so many years. This person who used the techniques they had given him had been staying in the Blood Fiend Alliance with an ulterior motive, forcing himself to use a hook as his weapon instead of his longsword to hide his identity, this was not a simple matter to simply endure the humiliation.

“Grand Elder be careful!”

The opponent’s eagle hook was also being used in an ingenius way, making people go on the defensive.

Just as she finished her words of caution, she found that the opponent’s hook changed direction in mid-air and came straight at her. The opponent was really adamant, if he missed one strike, he came a second time.

The six of them threw out colorful spiritual power, and for a while Bai Xuan really thought Dongfang Minghui couldn’t do anything at all.

“Bai Xuan, don’t you want to know who your father is?”

The plum blossom dart in her hand snapped at the opponent’s eagle grappling hook, hard enough to cause the opponent’s grappling hook to change direction in mid-air, knocking down a tree.

“What did you say?!” Bai Xuan froze.

“Your life story, I know it well.”

Bai Xuan’s icy, puzzled gaze collided with her frank gaze, and in the end it was he who lost the battle.

Seeing that Bai Xuan was not continuing to resist, the Grand Elder immediately apprehended him, “Take him away.”

Wei Junlan finished the matter and was surprised to learn everything from the Grand Elder, “You’re saying it was Bai Xuan?!”

Dongfang Minghui said the other party should be almost seventeen or eighteen years old and she had a vague suspicion in her heart but the other party was usually disguised too well, she thought carefull about the relationship between him and the White Guest.

The White Guest’s name was originally Su Bai, he always wore white clothes unstained by blood, and used to use the sword. She had filtered the candidates from the alliance that were seventeen or eighteen years old, who used swords. The biggest suspect was actually Mu Yang, it’s a pity that the other party had been sent out on a mission earlier, it was impossible for him to be here and at the same time appear in the alliance, the most suspected person was ruled out but she never expected that the real person would be Bai Xuan who had kept his sword skill hidden.

“Isn’t Bai Xuan the male lead?” Wei Junlan puzzled.

Hearing her mention this, Dongfang Minghui immediately wanted to feed the other party some venom and let him die of poison in the Blood Fiend Alliance hmph.

But, she had faith in Seventh sister.

“Just let me take him away, it’s also time for me to return to the Qian Family.” The journey was long, even if there were flying beasts, she added up that she’d been delayed a few days in the Blood Fiend Alliance and it had already turned into more than ten days. She had no idea what was Seventh Sister’s current situation.

Wei Junlan heard that the other party was going to leave and immediately jumped from the chair, “No no fellow countryman, you can’t just use me then pat your buttocks and leave like that.”

“Then what do you want? I can’t stay in this place with you for the rest of my life, why don’t you come with me to see the outside world?”

If she was locked up in such a valley for a long time, she would really go insane..

Wei Junlan’s eyes lit up, “Hey that’s a good idea.”

Good your head!

She had no idea how the other party convinced the other elders to let her go out but Minghui could only accept it.

Dongfang Minghui felt remorseful bringing her, how stupid was she to bring out this person who wanted to give Seventh sister a few male leads to play with all day, she really wanted to give herself two slaps for starting this…

“Ugh, don’t you think our little Bai here isn’t looking too healthy?” Wei Junlan was feeling very smug, when she crossed over, in order to pave the way for her and Jun Yi’s future, she had actually put one of the heroine’s harem, Bai Xuan at her side early on and had had the Grand Elder instruct him many times as well just for this day.

The child that she had raised was finally grown up and being given to someone else, Wei Junlan’s heart was quite full of emotion.

Of course, poor Wei Junlan hadn’t expected that this world’s heroine had actually…gone for the opposite bent road and so this plan of hers was doomed to fail, her small initiative would likely be cold heartedly rejected at the door.

Dongfang Minghui pursed her lips and rolled her eyes, the other side was so happy to play matchmaker for other people huh? Next time she sees a suitable candidate she’ll also packag them directly and send them to her bed, just to let her try the real feeling of being given a partner out of nowhere.

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