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MIWW Chapter 87 Part 2

On this journey, not sure whether it is because of Wei Junlan, this damn person or because of an additional man eating grass that may eat people at any time in her space ring, the return journey was calm and quiet. Every adventure always had bloodshed and Dongfang Minghui felt that her bad luck was unreal.

“Hey, do you feel that it’s too quiet?” Wei Junlan was a killer, she happened to be very sensitive to the outside world’s movement, she would rather believe in the calm followed by a violent storm, rather than believe in innocent calm.

She can sense a hint of any wind and movement in the outside world, she listened carefully, and sensed a fierce struggle in a place far away from them, frightening the surrounding creatures and the ones flying in the sky or crawling on the ground. The ones who could play dead were doing so and others ran to hide in their nest.

“Stay alert.”

As soon as she finished, Cai Qing and all the seniors were all on alert, even the people Wei Junlan brought with her were on high alert.

“There is a small battle of at least twenty people three hundred meters from us.” Although small, the battle was very large, otherwise the plant animals will not behave so carefully, “Quite strange.”

“Let’s go over and take a look?”


According to past experience, curiosity killed the cat and she hit the mark every time.

“If you don’t go, I can go by myself.” Wei Junlan gestured to the Grand Elder and a large group of people followed her towards that direction.

“Miss Minghui, it’s not right to just let Young Master Wei go over like this, in case -” In case they met with any accidents.

“Don’t worry about her.”

How could Dongfang Minghui not know Cai Qing’s meaning, the Qian Family knew about proper etiquette, since Wei Junlan followed them out of the valley, the safety and security of this journey was actually closely related to the Qian Family, so they couldn’t just stand by.

But, who is the other party? It was the young master of the Blood Fiend Alliance, and a person who has crossed over and knows the plot and all the schemes, furthermore she has the Grand Elder around to protect her, what can happen?

As expected, only a short time later, the other party ran back quickly and cheerfully and came up to her, “Dongfang Minghui, do you know what I just saw?”

“I don’t know.” Nor did she want to know…

She just wanted to settle down and return to the Qian Family, back to Seventh sister to toss about. She misses Seventh sister, especially  when she kept thinking of this crazy fellow traveller wanting to match make seventh sister and the male leads, she wanted to seal her mouth directly!

“It’s the Beastmen.”

Wei Junlan whispered in her ear, the beastmen and humans have always been at odds, although a hundred years ago they signed a peace agreement of non-aggression, but it cannot guarantee that the beastmen and humans at odds would not have problems internally and externally caused by war

Dongfang Minghui looked up sharply, “You mean the beastmen and humans are fighting?”

“Let’s go and see, won’t we know then?”


The beastmen and a group of masked men in black fought, the two sides fought fierecely, most of the beastmen had turned part of their own body to their beast forms, thus it is clear that they were indeed in danger, after the beast form transformation their attack power easily doubled, but there were after-effects, most of the beastmen would lose some power after their berserk state. If they meet an enemy at that time they would die…

The beastmen usually kept it in mind, unless it was life or death never transform.

“I know him.”

Six beastmen were surrounded by about a dozen people, and the other party’s moves were ruthless, obviously wanting to take the lives of these beastmen people.

Dongfang Minghui spoke in a shocking way, startling Wei Junlan on the side.

“Hey hey, how do you know him?” Wei Junlan tugged at her sleeve with a curious look.

“He saved me once.”

The man standing at the head of the five beastmen was the same one who had killed the reptilian beast with a single punch, and she had presented him with a bottle of disguise elixir when she left. She didn’t expect to see him in this place after several months had passed.

As for the beast man who pulled her up to the teahouse before…she wasn’t sure what was going on.

She had been thinking about what Wei Junlan had said before when he was worried that the world would probably collapse if the plot did not follow the original path. But everything since then has proven that even if the plot changes, the script can take the initiative to perfect itself somehow.

Just like now, to find a person to let them enter the beastmen race territory, the script gods helped her to select a good candidate.

“This person we have to save.”

“Ugh ugh.”

Wei Junlan didn’t even say anything before she rushed out like a small cannonball, Little Colour’s vines attacked the group of black-clad masked men’s ankles as fast as lightning, pulling them one by one and smashing them hard against the trees. Those who reacted faster used their strength to flip and isolate the vines at their ankles, while those who reacted slower were played by Little Colour like toys.

All the flying needles on her body were floating in mid-air, looking like the sword technique – all things return to one. All the flying needles turned into a sword and fiercely chopped at one of them, that person was defenceless, and was struck head on. From the center of his forehead all the way down, all of his body was occupied by flying needles!


The person pointed at Dongfang Minghui and fell to the ground with a crash before she could say a word.

This was a new skill she had comprehended since that time when she broke the formation at the back of the Qian Family, sort of a self-invented one, she felt that a group attack was more powerful than a single flying needle, and she had tried it a few times before deciding on this sort of pattern.

Wei Junlan was stunned to see her fight for the first time. Especially when she saw her opponent’s hand wave and all those flying needles stuck in others returned back to her hand, she really wanted to applaud if the venue wasn’t so unsuitable. In fact, her knowledge of Dongfang Minghui was only limited to the tragic fate of the original, and her knowledge of the countryman in front of her subverted the persona of Dongfang Minghui in the original plot so it was a bit confusing.

“You go first master, we’ll break–”

The beastmen were ready for a final fight, if it was really impossible, they would blew themselves up one by one, delaying time so their master could leave the place without any problems, but they didn’t expect the sudden change of events that made them dumbfounded.

“Ugh, be careful.”

Wei Junlan saw that there was suddenly an additional person behind Dongfang Minghui and couldn’t help but shout out.

Dongfang Minghui was disgusted at the group of masked people, probably because their image overlapped with the Dead Spiritual Masters who had tried to capture her before, who made them wear black clothes after all?

Little Colour’s vines smacked the man in black from behind her, and when it was done, the vines penetrated through his head, and a hole about the size of a vine appeared in his head.

The other side fell straight down.

Cai Qing and several seniors involved in the fight were flabbergasted, not expecting that the other party’s fighting ability to be a lot stronger than they thought, at least for her to deal with these black-clothed people, the other party as a pharmacist still managed to do so with ease.

Dongfang Minghui was definitely a rather odd existence among pharmacists right?

Since they joined the battle, the original unfavorable situation of the beastmen no longer existed, the situation of the black clothed masked people turned around until to the end only the few remaining people saw that the form was not right and wanted to escape but the result was the sound of something stabbing into their body, they watched the thin sharp vines penetrate their hearts and gouge it out

“ugh ……”

Several bodies fell to the ground with a bang.

After everything was over, Dongfang Minghui also crouched down and pulled away the black cloth covering the one of the people’s face, an unfamiliar person was exposed to the sight of the crowd, “Who exactly are these people?” Masked meant that the other party wanted to do something sneaky wanting to quietly dispose of these beast people.

One of the possible outcomes was… a possibility that it will trigger a big war between the beastmen race and the humans.

“Girl, it’s you?” The beastmen in the lead asked in surprise after seeing Dongfang Minghui’s face.

Dongfang Minghui smiled awkwardly, in fact, the language of the beastmen race was slightly rougher than the language of their three empires, if the other party faster, she most likely wouldn’t be able to understand. If the other side slowed down their speech, maybe she can still distinguish the meaning.

Several of the beastmen’s berserk state had not yet reached the extreme, so when they took back their beastmen features, they immediately sat on the ground and meditated for six hours to calm down.

“Several months have passed, why don’t you go back to your homeland, is there something important?” Dongfang Minghui didn’t beat around the bush, she pointed to a large group of dead people on the ground, “You offended someone or someone doesn’t want you to go back to the beastmen kingdom.”

Kass spread his hands and shook his head slightly bitterly, indicating that he did not know who these people were either.

The other side was tall and inexplicably looked honest and naive when doing this kind of action. She really didn’t know how to remind him again of the danger, “If they fail once, the other party may come a second time, you’d better get out of here while you can and return to your homeland.”

What she actually wanted to say was…since the other side doesn’t want you to go back alive, it might be that there is a traitor among the beastmen colluding with some people among the humans to try to harm you.

“Many thanks, you saved us today, may the beast gods above bless you.” Kass said again, and also made a salute towards the crowd, he looked again at Dongfang Minghui, “Girl, you and I met twice, I must say it must be fate.”

“The first time you saved my life, this time it’s my turn to return your favor.”

“No, no, you already repaid it that day.” Kass retorted, and he also took out the porcelain vase that the other party had given him from his arms, and put it in front of her eyes and shook it twice, trying to awaken her memory from before, “So this time it’s me who owes you a life.”

Owe it heh, ok fine at least seventh sister can later have an opportunity o lay a good foundation unless something goes wrong then.

“You humans have a saying that there is no other way to repay the kindness of a drop of water, but to give your body in return.” Kass stumbled on what he wanted to say.


Before she had time to react, Wei Junlan burst out laughing, she covered her stomach and laughed out loud, laughing so hard she almost choked and egged him on, “Give me your body?”

Cass added with great approval, “Right.”


“The kindness of a drop of water will be returned with a flowing spring.” Minghui corrected him helplessly, “It’s not peaceful here, you’d better go back before the enemy reacts.”

“Good, will we have a chance to meet again later?”

Wei Junlan looked on playfully at the good show as she snickered and looked at Dongfang Minghui and then at Kass.

“Yes, we will see each other if we are destined to.”

One by one, the other Beast People got up from the ground, “Lord, we should go now.”

Kass nodded his head, but when he left, he took three steps back, and walked far away before rushing back and putting a ring of teeth of some animal hung on his neck in Dongfang Minghui’s hand, “If you come to the beastmen territory, take this to me, remember, my name is Kass, Lorenzo Kass.”


Wei Junlan, who was just watching the show, almost spurted out a mouthful of blood when she heard the other party introduce himself, she coughed several times, pointing at the other party’s back, totally speechless.

Dongfang Minghui looked coldly at the things the other party had shoved into her hands and she sighed helplessly.

So, the script gods really made this sort of a mess, constantly setting traps for her, pushing all the men in the original harem of seventh sister to her one by one, “Trouble…”

“Hey hey just now the wind was strong, I couldn’t hear clearly, you tell me did the other party call himself Lorenzo what? Kass?! Is it Kass??” Wei Junlan, who could not easily get over her own shock kept bouncing in front of her, hoping that the other party would deny it.

As a result, she received a look like looking like an idiot from Minghui’s face.

The group continued on their way, and on the way, Wei Junlan took great pains to comfort her, telling her not to think too much about it. Dongfang Minghui automatically turned off her hearing letting her words go in her left ear and out her right.

“Ah, no, I keep asking if you are tired of living, why are you robbing a man with the heroine? Listen to this sister’s advice, don’t think about things that you shouldn’t think about. I see that that whatever Kass is not a good egg either. He just met you twice and said something about promising with your body and gave a token of affection, so superficial, this kind of man is too frivolous, you shouldn’t like it, you know that right? “

“Hello Dongfang Minghui, did you hear what I said?”

The first thing she needed to do when she got back was to run back to the courtyard, Dongfang Minghui’s heart was about to fly to Seventh sister, where did she still have time to listen to this endless chatter about the same topic, only to tell her not to steal men from the heroine.

“Promise with your body? Who wants to promise with your body?”

Qian Wanyu suddenly appeared behind the two and laughed.

Wei Junlan patted her chest and explained to Qian Wanyu, “It’s just that earlier we were on the road and met a group of – well -”

Dongfang Minghui immediately covered this big mouth and gave a few dry laughs towards Seventh sister. She thought of a dozen versions of Seventh sister’s reaction after her return, preferably Seventh sister coming over to hug her. The scene in front of her was definitely something she hadn’t expected…

The terrible thing is, she didn’t know how long Seventh sister had been here and how much she heard.

But then again… the “promise” and “body” words were already enough to get her in hot soup!

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