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MIWW Chapter 88 Part 1

Wei Junlan came to visit the Qian Family as the young master of the Blood Fiend Alliance, and had not yet had the chance to ‘spar’ with Qian Wanyu before she was invited to the main hall by Qian Zihang and the others including even the group of people she had brought along with her.

Dongfang Minghui followed Seventh sister back to the small courtyard.

“Minghui, you’re finally back.”

After a hasty separation of more than a month, everyone came around when they saw her and paused their practice.

“Little Minghui, just now, who was that handsome young man you brought over?” Situ Hao gossiped and asked, he took a small glance, the other side had a cold face and his head hung low so he hadn’t had the time to see clearly what the other side looks like. Lu Xing and Wood also heard the movement in the small courtyard and came out.

She saw everyone looking at her and cleared her throat but couldn’t help but gloss over the backstory, “He’s a key person of solving the situation with Wood.”

Bai Xuan being compared to a medicine prescription…… how come it seemed to be pulling his value down…?

“He is associated with the Mo family.” Qian Wanyu hadn’t heard her mention it before but could guess this key place.

“Seventh sister, how else can you make me continue to talk if you reveal everything like this?”

She pouted and glared at the other party, Seventh sister is just too smart, she tends to point out everything upfront before letting the other party continue, “He is the grandson of Mo Lu abandoned outside and adopted by the White Guest since childhood, it can be said that he entered the Blood Fiend League at the age of thirteen with the only purpose to save the White Guest who is imprisoned in the forbidden place of the alliance. He is also one of the Blood Fiend Alliance’s top assassins on the list, a high-risk figure.”

The whole story can be described as a series of misfortune, Mo Chen died in the hands of the killer, Mo Lu went insane from the loss of his son and had the same irreconcilable hatred for the killer as well as the Qian Family, completely unaware that he had a grandson in the Blood Fiend League, and they had both missed each other for so many years.

She briefly recounted the one-night affair between Bai Xuan’s mother and Mo Chen, and after finishing it she was slightly embarrassed, “Bai Xuan does not yet know who his own father is yet.”

Mo Lu is a person who kills easily, from the fact that he sometimes kills the Qian Family disciples outside it was obvious he was a dangerous sneaky person. It can be said that he and the White Guest are two extremes, the White Guest is a killer with a heart while the other was a killer who killed merely for fun…

Bai Xuan has always used his own righteous adoptive father as something to be proud of. To let him know that his real father is such a person…

“Sooner or later, he will have to know.”

Qian Wanyu said indifferently, her life was the same, but knowing now or knowing later what is the difference? The cold eyes and ridicule she has suffered can’t be completely erased and all the injustice she has encountered over the years cannot be offset.

There was a time when she longed for a warm home, a doting father, a loving mother, but even if these were not available, at least for her now their existence could almost be ignored. Where were they when she was hurt and most vulnerable and in need of care?

Only Ninth Sister was different.

When she thought of the other party tugging at her clothes and looking like she was going to be abandoned, her heart inexplicably ached, so she was also someone who could be needed by another person…

Dongfang Minghui was still thinking about how to communicate with Bai Xuan when she was pulled away by Qian Wanyu.

“Ugh, Seventh sister?”

“You guys continue your cultivation, Minghui and I have some things to talk about.”

She originally wanted to use this topic to make Seventh sister temporarily forget what Wei Junlan said but didn’t expect the other party to always remember. She was a little apprehensive, but did not know how to explain, she carefully tried to say. “Seventh sister, what do you want to say ah?”

Qian Wanyu also did not know what she wanted to say, at this moment, she just wanted to stay quietly with Ninth Sister without anyone to disturb them.

As soon as the two of them closed the door, there was a thud.

She was then overpowered by Seventh sister and pinned to the door, trapped between her arms in a position she couldn’t escape. This action, this position, her breath caught in her throat. Why did Seventh sister like this kind of style?! Every time it was either a big tree or a door, all sorts of wooden stuff, especially the first time in the dark forest and Seventh sister forced a kiss that big tree just behind her was muttering something she didn’t hear clearly, but certainly it was not anything good… she felt speechless. She wanted to simply dig a big hole to bury herself in for good!

Qian Wanyu watched her with deep affection, the two people separated for a month but she felt as if ten years had passed, every day after the end of cultivation, there was an empty feeling in her heart, in addition to the boundless loneliness and worry, this was the only time she felt that cultivation alone was quite boring and time felt so long.

“Seventh sister, I miss you.”

She looked at the light in Seventh sister’s eyes that seemed to eat people, and had an urge to pounce on her and kiss her despite everything, in fact, she really did it as soon as she said the words, she missed her, all this time. She stood on her tiptoes and sent herself up to her lips.

Qian Wanyu held the back of her head with one hand and wrapped the other hand around her waist to hold it tightly, as if she wanted to use all the strength in her body to love the person in her arms, her Ninth Sister, properly.

The sound of kissing in the room kept resounding as they both indulged in the uncontrollable passion of love, it made the cold room from a moment ago start warming up as if countless red bubbles of love were appearing behind them.

A kiss with all the strength of the body, crimson red lips, sneaky tongues chasing each other in the mouth as if playing together, the two of them were entagled like two vines on a tree. The two people’s breathing gradually got heavy and Minghui felt a hand had involuntarily touched her most sensitive place from her clothes, her whole body shivered, with a small push a silver-white line of saliva was drawn between the two mouths and she instinctively gulped a mouthful…

Only after sucking did she react to what she had just swallowed! She was extremely embarrassed and covered her face, Fuck ah, it was too embarrassing, and in front of Seventh sister as well… she didn’t want to live!

Qian Wanyu was flabbergasted and then laughed out, picking up the person in her arms laughing cheerfully, the depressed emotions in her heart dissipated and her whole person seemed to throw away the baggage of many years at once, all of a sudden she felt extremely relaxed. She pulled away the other party’s hands, looked at the other party’s blushing face, and extremely dotingly dropped an extremely light kiss on her forehead, “Ninth Sister, it’s good to have you back.”

Seventh sister was really good at joking.

She leaned into the other party’s embrace to cover up her embarrassment just now. She put her ear to the other party’s heart, wrapped her arms around the other party’s waist and hugged her tightly, listening to the other party’s steady heartbeat for a moment, and she breathed a sigh of relief extremely slowly.

With such an interruption, the red coloured atmosphere between the two people also disappeared, the room was only left full of warmth and whispered exchanges.

“You mean you also caught a man-eating plant, which has the ability to devour and absorb abilities?”

This grass, which was mentioned and guarded in turn by several other medicinal plants felt a small chill. It was currently still studying and waiting until Dongfang Minghui let down her guard to devour them and then run out to devour Dongfang Minghui alive as well.

Dongfang Minghui sat upright and gestured towards the outside of the room, their conversation in the house was not safe, the people in the courtyard could definitely hear it if they wanted to, she did not want to hide this from Situ Hao and the rest but she did not dare to take the risk when they could not yet show their true feelings for Seventh sister.

Qian Wanyu, however knew what she was thinking, “Don’t worry, a formation was laid down just now.”

If not, wouldn’t their intimate voices have been overheard long ago? This is the Qian Family, a place with many ears even Qian Wanyu wouldn’t dare to mess around.

Dongfang Minghui heard her say so and she was relieved, “What Love Flower said should not be wrong, when we were trapped at the bottom of the pit, Cai Qing and the seniors were entangled in silk threads until they were unconscious, I tried myself and the finger knives could not cut them either.”

She took out a small piece of silk thread that she had privately hidden, she always thought about the silk thread that was invulnerable to swords and spears as well as water and fire, how it could not be broken? If it was used to kill, it could probably be used to strangle the neck directly.

If it was turned into a weapon, when dealing with troublesome enemies in the future it was another layer to guarantee success!

Qian Wanyu took out the silk thread and looked at it. The silk thread in her hand was as light as a feather and incredibly tough.

“It’s white spider silk.”

White spider silk was produced from a kind of spider thread formed inside a spider beast, it can be used to make a garment to protect against external damage, but it is valuable and hard to find. She didn’t expect Ninth Sister to be so lucky as to let her come across this from a random adventure.

“Seventh sister?”

Dongfang Minghui finished her explanation but found the other party silently staring at the side, she had no idea what was on her mind and reached out her hand in front of Seventh sister to wave it a little, the other party still did not respond. She waited quietly, in fact, she had not yet thought about what to do with this plant as well.

She still had another poisonous herb that was tied up and about to die in her space ring, one big problem had not been dealt with yet, and a new one came along…

“Qing Mo.”

Qian Wanyu called out to him before continuing to think about her problem. Theoretically they both seemed to have the same devouring ability but this plant could instead copy the best skill  while her devouring was devouring the life force of others as well as turning their spiritual power into her own.

If she could also devour skills like that then…

“Wanyu, steady your heart, do not focus on speculation, taking shortcuts on the path of cultivation will ruin you.” Qing Mo gave his warning, he also knew nothing about the dark system and many things he did know were just rumours from the outside world, but one thing was for sure, if Wanyu absorbed other people’s spiritual power or life force all the time to get stronger, although in a way it could indeed become a big help to her cultivation, how could they know if it would make her more and more dependent on this and cause issues down the road?

There were always two sides to everything, it always depends on the person using it.

After being warned by Qing Mo in a stern voice, Qian Wanyu felt a jolt and came out of her thoughts.

“Seventh sister, what’s wrong with you?”

Qian Wanyu shook her head, upon learning that a plant had new skills after devouring, she had a silly thought in her heart, if she had the highest skills of everyone in this world in her hands, wouldn’t she be able to stop being oppressed by anyone and could protect Ninth Sister properly? Then she could stay by her side and never let the other person get hurt in any way again.

If it wasn’t for Qing Mo’s timely reminder, she might have gone further and further off the path in terms of enlightenment and in serious cases would have directly caused her to get a heart demon obsession affecting her cultivation, perhaps because she was in too much of a hurry to get stronger…

“Ninth Sister.” Qian Wanyu wanted to say something, but after a moment, “Keep this man-eating grass, you can collect more of these silk threads, it can have many uses and is hard to find even if you have the money.”

She tilted her head and looked at her back as she left muttering, “What’s wrong with Seventh sister?”

But remembering the man-eating plant, she tapped the table, “Little Colour.”

The fat doll gurgled and rolled to the ground in the space ring and there was a fat leaf pasted on its white fleshy buttocks, followed by that, pig fairy grass also jumped out, its tail rolled out a shivering man eating grass.

Love Flower and Lucky also followed out to watch the show.

Seeing them in this position, she couldn’t help but stroke her forehead, there seemed to be an illusion of a trial with these plant judges.

“It will try to swallow you so you all have to stay away from it.” She couldn’t help but worry about these medicinal plants, not being able to imagine the image of one of them being swallowed by the grass.

“It wouldn’t dare.” The pig fairy grass bounced on top of that man eating plant for a while.

“It was caught by me so it belongs to me.” The milky baby voice of Little Colour immediately announced ownership of the grass.

She could see clearly that the plant was trembling in front of the medicinal plants, looking as if it had been suppressed till it turned a little pathetic, she also saw Little Colour’s mouth hanging with a a bit of drool ……

Sure enough, Little Colour was a magic plant that had no scruples, she estimated that if the other party had rows of sharp teeth it would certainly not still be a chubby doll now, it should become a young killer plant, “In that case, you can eat it.”


She then saw pig fairy grass curled up its little tail like a rope at once and slap the fat doll’s face leaving a visible trace, Little Colour had a dumbfounded look, obviously it was slapped out of nowhere so it was dumbfounded right?

She thought that a medicinal plant battle would follow so she was thinking of moving out of the house step by step.

“Ahahahahahahaha.” Little Colour crossed his waist and started to laugh wildly, “Before you said you didn’t want to be my furnace, now you’re not my furnace so why do you care now?”

Little Colour was happily playing in the narrow room, unaware that the man-eating grass was taking advantage of their playfulness to quietly slip out.

It was a carnivorous plant! Not some toy to be kept in captivity!

“Where do you want to run to?” Love Flower shook its flower, which was incredibly poisonous, and it took a step in front of the man-eating grass as if smiling sneakily, “Do you want to be eaten by that fat guy, or do you want another way out?”

“Huuuu, don’t eat me!”

Cannibal grass started crying, a large pile of who knows whether it is water droplets or whatever body secretion liquid came down its stem and rolled down, suddenly the room emitted a light fragrance.

Dongfang Minghui’s nose was particularly sensitive, just one smell and she immediately covered her nose, this smell made her think of the poison she once made.

Little Colour’s vines swished over and without saying a word tied up the man-eating grass.

The grass was trembling all over, especially when it saw Little Colour drooling on it, its heart turned desolate, it devoured other creatures all this time and now it couldn’t escape the downfall of being devoured, when it thought about it, it almost couldn’t stop crying at this fate.

She made sure that the tears of the cannibal grass did not have the ingredients of poison before she could loosen her mouth and nose, but still not quite at ease she simply opened the window as well, so that the fragrance in the room could go out more quickly.

“Stop crying, if you cry again, I’ll make Little Colour swallow you.” Dongfang Minghui said viciously, in fact, this grass has not done any bad things at least not yet plus, Seventh sister just said to keep it since it could produce the white spider silk.

The man eating grass stopped crying like a child and started to sniffle like a small child making her feel guilty as if she was abusing children.

“Actually, you have another option.” Just as she finished, the fat doll got angry and jumped onto the table in a flash, which shook and almost couldn’t carry its weight, “It’s mine, mine!!”

“It’s not yours yet.”

Dongfang Minghui also looked at it angrily, this magic plant’s brain only thought of two things, eating and getting a furnace to cultivate with. Really just full of bad thoughts she thought as the two of them glared at each other for a long time.

“You have to compensate me.” Little Colour finally lost the battle, in fact, it was dragged to the side by the tail of the pig fairy grass, looks like its life of domestic violence was going to continue.

“Never keeps promises…” Love Flower bringing along Lucky whispered when passing her suddenly popped up such a sentence, then dashed into the space ring.

She didn’t know if to laugh or cry, she only occasionally gave a little more benefit to the pig fairy grass but the other side still didn’t feel satisfied why was she never keeping promises this is clearly called putting down one thing to pick up another thing understand?

The man-eating plants was not the biggest, but it seemed to be the most vocal.

She was startled and took several steps back, “Be quiet, if you want to not be eaten by Little Colour, spit a little silk every day, this is your task, understand?”

Dongfang Minghui took the silk thread out of her space ring and shook it twice.

The man-eating grass immediately shriveled up.

She handed over overseeing this task to the pig fairy grass, and it accepted it cheerfully.

After that, she went to see the old madam alone, who was talking to Cai Qing about something, when she saw her, she said to Cai Qing, “Stand back.”

“Yes, old madam.”

Dongfang Minghui touched her nose sheepishly, it seemed she had accidentally disturbed them.

“Child, come here.”

The sudden intimacy shown by the other party made her more or less flattered, she moved over extremely slowly and just sat down, her hand was held by the old madam.

“Cai Qing has just told me everything, you have been injured on your hand, is it healed now?” The old lady was so warm and fuzzy that she checked her injury directly.

“Old madam, it’s just a small injury, nothing serious.” She retracted her hand, not quite used to such a change, “Old lady, today I came to discuss with you about the Mo family’s affairs.”

For a prescription, she had seen that prophet and went to search for the Mo family child left outside, how could she not participate in this negotiation?

“For Ziyan, you have worked hard.” The more the old lady looked, the more relieved she was, she had been worried that Ziyan couldn’t find someone she liked, but she didn’t expect to get a nice surprise after twenty years of disappearance, not only did he find someone, but he also found a very sweet and wonderful person.

When she thought of what Cai Qing had reported back, the old lady already had an idea of what she wanted to do.

Dongfang Minghui felt very pressured when talking to the old lady, especially when she stared at herself strangely, making her feel as if she was being watched by something, so strange!

“Old madam is very kind, I will have to get the prescription, but someone has to come forward from the Mo family to negotiate, I want to leave this to Seventh sister, do you think this is fine? Is it possible?”

Seventh sister’ s situation in the Qian Family was still kept secret, this matter could be completed and not only can she get the prescription, at the same time it can make the Mo family owe the Qian Family making those old fogies in the Qian Family have to acknowledge her existence. She cannot hand over this easy task to Qian Zhuoxi.

The old lady smiled and nodded her head, “The son of the Mo family is brought back by you, this matter should be decided by you. You can leave it to whoever you want, and you can talk to me when there is a shortage of manpower. But, you keep calling that Wanyu child Seventh sister, is she the seventh child among you?”

Uh ……

She forgot that the old lady didn’t seem to know about Seventh sister’s difficult life in the Dongfang family, remembering the table that was shattered and the house that was almost collapsed when the old lady was angry last time, her back chilled. She really didn’t want to experience the old lady’s anger a second time, she politely spoke, “Old lady, there are some things that I think you should wait until Seventh sister is willing to tell you.”

The old lady looked at her for a long time before she slowly said yes three times.

She walked out of the house still confused, not knowing at all what the old lady had just meant by saying yes so many times.

“Yo, if it isn’t Miss Minghui?”

“Yo, isn’t this the young Miss?”

She didn’t know what kind of luck she had, she had only just turned out of the old lady’s small courtyard when she met Qian Zhuoxi, how should she put it, she hadn’t seen her for a month and the person in front of her gave her a gloomy feeling even more than when she first saw her before.

She was completely unaware of Aunt Fang’s stalking of Seventh sister, if she had known, she would not have been able to calmly dawdle with her here and would’ve quickly run away.

How should we put it, Qian Zhuoxi was very unlucky during this period of time. Aunt Fang was missing, and there was no trace. She followed her trail but she actually wanted to see what Qian Wanyu was doing in a remote place. Unfortunately she was unlucky enough to fall into a trap set by the other side, and she lost a lot of her troops and also got injured by a berserk beast that was breaking through.

The old lady chastised her not for not being able to find the person but for rashly going into the forest, taking more than ten people with her and returning with only half of them.

In contrast, Dongfang Minghui went out to the supposedly most dangerous Valley of Forgetfulness, taking only six people from the Qian Family and returned with even the young master of the Blood Fiend Alliance as a guest, even her father was alarmed.

Looking at the other party’s increasingly gloomy eyes, Dongfang Minghui did not know what the other party was thinking, but it definitely would not be anything good, “Miss if there is nothing I will go first.”

After saying that, she bypassed the other party.

“Zhuoyin came out of confinement, won’t Miss Minghui visit her? After all, she was punished because of you…”

“Thank you for your kind reminder, Miss, I will visit her.”

In the entire Qian Family, the only thing she felt guilty about was this second young miss. She was also helpless that day. She wanted to get in touch with Seventh sister as soon as possible. With the addition of an uncle who couldn’t say anything she had to use that sort of bad plan. In such an environment surrounded by wolves, it was nothing to use Qian Zhuoyin if it meant getting results, even if she had to kill her she would not hesitate to do it. She overestimated Qian Zhuoyin’s status in the Qian Family as the second lady thinking she wouldn’t be punished so harshly because of that so it was really…

Forget it, she will make it up to her with other things in the future.

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