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MIWW Chapter 88 Part 2

Dongfang Minghui did not immediately go to visit Qian Zhuoyin, but returned to the small courtyard and discussed with Seventh sister, “Seventh sister, you will not blame me for taking matters into my own hands, right?”

Qian Wanyu shook her head, taking back the prescription to avoid Qian Ziyan being controlled by that group of people again, undoubtedly helping them and reducing harm as well, “I know it’s hard for Ninth Sister to worry about great uncle, but I will never recognize your great aunt identity.”

Dongfang Minghui almost choked to death on her own saliva, Seventh sister’s jealousy never weakened!


She sat up straight, a strand of hair slipped from her ear due to her movement.

Qian Wanyu laughed, she moved over to help the other party to straighten her hair, and whispered again, “The matter of this great aunt situation as well as the matter of giving one’s body to another, for the time being I’ll remember, Ninth Sister be mentally prepared to not be able to get out of bed for a day.”

She was shivering with fear, Seventh sister’s low voice was so magical, what did she just hear? What did she just hear?!?! She didn’t seem to hear anything, yes, she didn’t hear anything!

“Seventh sister, I remember I have something to do, I’ll go back first.”

Qian Wanyu looked at her fleeing figure with interest, her eyes involuntarily darkened and sank, Mo family…

Bai Xuan never stopped to inquire about his birth father’s affairs along the way, the young master and the great elder’s mouth were strictly sealed and not a word had been revealed to him, as for the woman who he fought with before ……

He sat on the table fiddling and his bound hands gently broke free, the rope behind him fell off immediately.

The person with a wooden face next to him was not looking at his eyes, his eternal attention was on Lu Xing. Lu Xing instead looked at Bai Xun suspiciously, in the whole small courtyard, just him and Wood had nothing to do and lazed around a lot, after a month of cultivation, his injuries had mostly healed and the spiritual energy he lost before had been cultivated back.

The only thing that made him helpless was that the branch of the Tree of Life eventually withered and turned into a useless piece of wood, he still kept it well in the brocade box, only worrying about the task given to him by his empress mother.

Thinking of this, Lu Xing couldn’t help but sigh.

“Hey, where are you going?”

Bai Xuan suddenly stood up and walked to him in the blink of an eye.

As soon as he walked to the door, he felt a hand pulling his shoulders, he shrugged trying to get out of the control of the other party, but he found that he couldn’t move at all!

A master.

A long sword suddenly appeared in his hand, he kicked back a little and Wood followed closely backward.

Lu Xing retreated to a side, it was thanks to Minghui who reminded them before that the other party was a seasoned killer and used a long sword and eagle claw grappling hook.

When Qian Wanyu pushed open the door, she saw the phenomenon that Bai Xuan’s sword was caught by Qian Ziyan, unable to move out of his fingers, she wrapped her arms around her chest and smiled coldly.


“Lu Xing, I have something to say to this Mr. Bai, or should I call you Mr. Mo?”

As soon as Lu Xing heard this, he immediately beckoned to Wood and the two left, thoughtfully closing the door for them.

“Mo? Is it that you also know about my birth?” Bai Xuan was curious, and he put his sword back.

“Yes, it’s not impossible to tell you about it but you must cooperate with me on one thing.”

When sending the message to the Mo family, Qian Wanyu used the name of being a Qian Family junior to visit, she brought three people with her, one was Bai Xuan, another one was Ninth Sister, and the last was Cai Qing. The four of them set foot in the Mo family’s courtyard.

The Mo family was quick to hand over the invitation on the same day and they were invited in on the spot.

As soon as Dongfang Minghui walked into the Mo family, she smelled an unusual aura, as if she smelled a smell of decay from underground, she watched the space ring interior, the several little guys were a little sensitive ebut the man-eating grass and poisonous medicine were still behaving as normal.

The more normal they behaved meant the more problems there were.

She didn’t know why but when they just entered they felt a cold chill behind.

This strange feeling did not ease even after turning several corners.

“Ah, Master Mo spare my life, spare my life!”


Sharp ear-piercing screams came like aftershocks, swirling in her eardrums, she was startled but the person leading the way seemed to have not heard at all, his steps did not pause, he smiled faintly, “Everyone, the main hall is close, follow me.”

Soon, she saw two people dragging a bloody man in their hands slowly towards this side, the man’s head hanging low, hands and feet hanging helplessly, they were dragging him by the shoulder with blood stains trailing behind them spreading out like a blooming flower in hell a scene that would make any person’s blood run cold.

As the group approached, she realized that on the whole person’s back drenched in blood, a large layer of skin was missing.

“Ninth Sister…”

Her vision was suddenly blocked and a pair of cold hands caressed the back of her hand, the heat of that palm touched on her skin, instantly warming her up, and the thick smell of blood at the tip of her nose seemed less unpleasant.

“Seventh sister, let’s go.”

She smiled apologetically at the steward, she had always known that Mo Lu was a madman and a pervert, also probably a bit of a psychopath in all the years of mourning, but hearing about it was not as impactful as witnessing it with her own eyes.

“Steward, please continue to lead the way.”

Looking at this so-called main hall in front of her, she suspected for a moment that it was Mo Lu trying to give them a scare.

Cai Qing, Bai Xuan and Seventh sister are not talkative people, she looked around the perimeter, the remote location of the hall was considered the innermost location of the entire mansion, she could vaguely hear the sound of laughter from behind the wall.

“Ladies and young masters, please have some tea, this is our Mo family’s unique snacks as well, the master said he will be here soon, please enjoy.”

She originally wanted to take a sip of water but once she opened it she found that the water in the tea cup was a blood red color, she immediately remembered the man’s blood just now and covered it back up again. Then she picked up a pastry which was uniquely shaped and oddly put together to resemble a person…


Qian Wanyu stood up and pulled her aside, one look at the pastry on the floor and she knew what happened, she squeezed her fingers, “Be patient.”

She guessed that the other party so quick to let them in just to give them a scare, it was a good thing that Seventh sister and the rest were calm people by nature, if Situ Hao were here, he’d most likely have jumped and ran off.

“Seventh sister, I’m fine.”

The so-called soon was making them wait for almost an hour before the other side slowly appeared from the side door.

Qian Wanyu lazily opened her eyes, just now she was idle and bored so she sat with eyes closed to cultivate for a while, she didn’t know if it was her own delusions but for a moment she felt a dark aura that resonated with her dark spiritual power.

“Master Mo.”

The other side was a soft-looking man, his white skin had blue veins vaguely poking out as he stood there with hands held up, gloomily staring at everyone.

She couldn’t help but feel the goose bumps on her hands, the other side was not tall yet felt like looking at a monster. She had an illusion that if she stayed with him for a few more moments, she’d immediately suffocate and die, her eyes wandered to Bai Xuan.

Baek Hyun also looked very soft and beautiful, his eyes especially did not look at all like Mo Lu but his nose and mouth were similar.

Master Mo’s eyes first wandered around Qian Wanyu’s body, then looked at her, and then followed her gaze to Bai Xuan, she obviously felt him flinch when he saw him.

Bai Xuan’s cold eyes looked him up and down, Mo Lu… this person he knew about, there were many rumors about Mo Lu all over the place, the other party’s reputation for cruelty and often exterminating people’s families entirely as a result of anger at his son’s death.

Some say he deserved it for exterminating other people’s entire families in the end having the fate of having his own being cut off.

“The Qian Family just sent you little ones? Aren’t you afraid that if you step into my place I will let you in but not out?” His voice was also soft, if she hadn’t seen him open his mouth in person, she would have wondered if the other party was using a fake voice.

“Master Mo, we are here today to negotiate a deal with you.”

Qian Wanyu as the young miss of the Rose House liked talking about business the most so she immediately got into it.

The corner of Master Mo’s mouth hooked up into a smile, “You don’t seem to be afraid of me?”

Although he was using a questioning tone, he seemed to be stating a fact.

“Master Mo is joking, although I came today in the name of the Qian Family people, the business I talked about is between me and you, I don’t know if Master Mo is interested?”

Mo Lu has not seen such a bold child in a long time, if that young miss of the Qian Family saw him she’d also back down immediately to the point of trembling all over yet these few people in front of him, especially this girl that looked like a doll in front of him did not seem afraid of him at all.

“Good, worthy of being the daughter of Qian Yiling, I would like to hear what business you want to do with me.”

“I heard that Master Mo likes to collect medicinal prescriptions, there happens to be a prescription that I need, I hope Master Mo can give it to me.” Qian Wanyu did not beat around the bush at all and pointed straight to what she wanted.

Mo Lu looked at her and felt that the other party was really smart. This cleverness was almost as good as the young Qian Yiling from before. A while ago, the Qian Family and the Li family were looking for a prescription. Their movements were too loud so everyone knew there was some reason or trouble. How could he not know about it? He knew everything about the Qian Family…

Qian Wanyu saw that he did not speak so she continued slowly, “Master Mo may not be too clear, the year Mo Chen was at the back of the Qian Family and accidentally went away, although you avenged him, killing people all over along with their families and peeling their skin…”

Once the matter of Mo Chen was mentioned, Dongfang Minghui suddenly felt the atmosphere within the room turn cold to the extreme, she saw veins emerge from the other party’s forehead, the thin fingers were also clenched together, obviously a sign of him about to get angry.

Seventh sister wanted to make a deal with him but it looks like they were about to piss him off!


As expected, the other party fumed and all the anger was directed at Qian Wanyu, before she could lunge, she saw Cai Qing and Bai Xuan next to Seventh sister blocking half the damage each.

But, even so, it still couldn’t resist the other party’s anger.

“Seventh sister!”

Little Colour’s vines just reached out and tried to retract, but under her angry glare, they still bravely reached out to stir up the aura around him, “Fuck ah, what exactly is he cultivating?”

The other party’s spiritual energy was a grayish color, not belonging to the ten systems at all, it was like an out of this world death-like aura…

“Ninth Sister, don’t come over.”

Qian Wanyu took the time to admonish her, this aura was somewhat similar to what she felt from underground, the dark spiritual power in her body was moving actively, if she continued like this she’d probably have to advance again, but then she’d be more easily exposed, “Master Mo, there is actually another person who caused Mo Chen’s tragic death, he is currently still at large. You have been watching the Qian Family every day for all these years, have you ever thought about that person in the dark laughing at your stupidity? Constantly looking at another target while the real enemy is still at large.”

Mo Lu’s pale face darkened from Qian Wanyu’s words.

“Do you want to see him dying underneath the ground? You still have grievances to settle with him, how can you let him leave with peace of mind.”

Qian Wanyu was not afraid of death at all as she kept adding fuel to the fire, she pulled out an envelope from her space ring, “Master Mo, that person… in fact, you are very familiar with them, he is someone at your side, the information is all here, do you want to talk?”

Dongfang Minghui was dumbfounded, if Seventh sister had a way to deal with this crazy Mo Lu, why did she not say so earlier? She brought Bai Xuan back but he seemed to be unnecessary ah!

Qian Wanyu couldn’t think of her sorrow for the moment, she was currently gambling, gambling that this Mo Lu would give up everything for his son, but also gambling to let Bai Xuan clearly see what kind of person this Mo Lu was.

Mo Lu suddenly laughed and a change suddenly occurred.

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