Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 89

“What is this?”

Dongfang Minghui was shocked to see a pair of scarred hands reaching out from underground and grabbing her ankle, she struggled repeatedly until her ankle had some torn skin but she couldn’t break free.

Soon, gray and white spiritual power enveloped the entire hall, she saw countless pairs of withered hands emerge from the ground, in the center of the hall, Qian Wanyu felt a hand clutching their ankles, and there was an intention to drag them underground as well.

Looking at Mo Lu with his weird smile in a hall full of hands, she had the illusion of accidentally falling into hell. Without waiting for her to think, the fat doll came out from within her space ring, still carrying the man-eating plant in its hand, “Devour everything here.”

After being oppressed by the pig fairy grass several times, the little man-eating grass already accepted its fate of being enslaved, it wanted to escape or something but it was only a dream. When the fat doll crossed its arms and sternly commanded, it immediately did as it was told.

If it doesn’t do it it was gonna get beaten up again…

Uuuuuuu, it does not want to be beaten again.

Rows of sharp teeth on the cannibal grass leaves became larger and larger, like a bloody mouth chomping those flailing hands away.


A scream rang out.

She seemed to hear the screams of the souls from hell as the grass spread out widely, until it spread to the very center of the battlefield, it carefully retracted its leaves under the pressure of Mo Lu and only then dared to swallow little by little.

In a short moment, the whole hall was clean.


Those hands that emerged from the ground were all swallowed alive by the man-eating grass, she also seemed to hear the man-eating grass burping? Bring it out just to give it a big meal, really ugh.

Master Mo has an unpredictable nature, one moment he could be chatting with you happily, the next moment he could take your life. The people of Meng City were well aware of what kind of person Master Mo was, so they were all fearful of him.

“Master Mo, the deal is off if you do not want it. I’ll destroy it here and never let a second person in the world know about Mo Chen’s death. Naturally, I was going to sell you this big favour but I’m afraid this deal won’t work out.”

Qian Wanyu immediately took action, the envelope was thrown by her into the air and her water thunder whip waved out full of dark purple lightning crackling and rattling, not to mention Bai Xuan even Cai Qing wouldn’t be able to save the envelope.


Mo Lu lightly grunted and leaped up, grabbing the envelope from the tip of the water thunder whip and using his other arm to block it head on yet he looked completely indifferent.

However, he didn’t dare to underestimate them anymore.

In the hall, the scene was temporarily calm, Cai Qing and Bai Xuan did do not dare to relax, the two of them gazed deeply at Mo Lu, afraid that the other party would lash out again, he was really someone you couldn’t let your guard down against.

Qian Wanyu smiled, “Thank you for your mercy, I also have a surprise here that is bigger than this gift, I believe that Master Mo will be ecstatic, if you’re happy with it I would also ask Master Mo to sell give me face and write off the past grudges with the Qian Family.”

Dongfang Minghui listened with only half-understanding, she saw Seventh sister try to destroy the envelope and her heart almost jumped out of her chest, it’s only now that she seems to have some understanding, why was Seventh sister’s brain thought process always so complicated?

Mo Lu gave an evil smile, “That’ll depend on what worth this big gift of yours has.”

“I’m sure it will please Sir Mo.”

Qian Wanyu took out the second envelope prepared in her space ring and threw it in front of the other side.

Mo Lu grabbed it and he opened the second letter and took a look, his face changed greatly, then his tightly knitted brow unfolded, revealing a smile that seemed very real to Dongfang Minghui compared to his previous evil smile, “Qian Family little girl, is the matter in this envelope real?”

“Since I’ve given it of course it’s real.”

“Good, good, good.” Mo Lu said good three times in a row, he seemed even more excited than before as he suddenly laughed, “Worthy of being Qian Yiling’s daughter, great very great.”

Dongfang Minghui was not surprised to see him so happy, it was most likely because he now had hope… she just didn’t know what Seventh sister wrote in the envelope.

Mo Lu was excited for a while before he called out, “Someone, go and present the prescription.”

“Master Mo, don’t be in a hurry.” Qian Wanyu interrupted him and asked rhetorically, “Master Mo are you satisfied with merely this surprise I prepared?”

“Just talk, don’t give me all this nonsense.” The excitement on Mo Lu’s face had not yet receded, and there was a hint of warmth in his words of rebuke.

“In that case, I’d like if Master Mo could send someone to send the prescription to the Qian Family with great fanfare.”

Mo Lu was flabbergasted, then he knew what this girl was trying to play a game, the world knew that the Mo family and Qian Family were incompatible like fire and water. Today from the Qian Family invitation, the rumors of the outside world will probably be the Qian Family and Mo family having a disagreement which is why Mo Lu invited them with this small calculation.

He did not expect the little girl in front of him to be so slippery, actually making him send gifts to the Qian Family with great fanfare, what did this mean?

The whole atmosphere turned cold when Mo Lu didn’t speak, and everyone didn’t dare to breathe, vigilantly guarding against him for fear that he would again make a move.


The other side laughed, Dongfang Minghui secretly felt relieved, fortunately it was Seventh sister doing it, if it was replaced by any one of them, probably they’d not be able to think on the level of this Master Mo’s weird and unpredictable mind or even worse, before the words are finished they’d be immediately chopped by the other side.

“Okay, I promise you.”

When everyone walked out of Mo’s courtyard, the sun was high in the sky, and there was a warm feeling on their bodies, the kind of bone-chilling cold they felt in the house before were like two extremes, and they all had a not quite real feeling. Especially Cai Qing, she was just inside when the third young lady had to deal with the waves of those underground hands scaring her to death. If Master Mo truly got angry…they’d all probably die inside.

She then looked at Qian Wanyu’s expression it was light and the same as usual.

For no reason, she compared her with the current Young Miss in the past and the end of the scale immediately tilted toward the unhurried, calm and collected Miss in front of her. She must report today’s events to the old lady properly.

Dongfang Minghui also felt her feet drifting, only a series of words floated past her head – Seventh sister had taken care of Master Mo.

Her reflexes were slow and it wasn’t until everyone returned to the Qian Family and Cai Qing went to report to the old lady about today’s events that she realized the key was what was written in the two letters Seventh sister had prepared for Master Mo. Did Master Mo know that Bai Xuan was his son or not?

She turned her head to look at Bai Xuan, and Bai Xuan’s expression was also as cold as ever, she was completely unable to see the expression of him identifying with his own father ……

So, what was written in Seventh sister’s envelope?

Qian Wanyu saw Ninth Sister turn her gaze to Bai Xua nfor a while and scratch her head, she felt it looked funny and she took the other party’s hand in her own, “Go back, I’ll tell you what you want to know.”

“Wait, you said–” Bai Xuan saw Qian Wanyu was going to leave and immediately pursued, “I have helped you to do the things today, is it true what you said before?”

“It’s true, wait patiently and quietly for good news in the Qian Family.”

Dongfang Minghui was dumbfounded, listening to Seventh sister and Bai Xuan’s words, she had a kind of feeling of what the fuck I’m the only one out of the loop…?! The two seemed to have made some kind of deal that she did not know about. The main thing was that Seventh sister seemed to be the greatest winner from it.

Qian Wanyu looked at her dumbfounded look and dotingly pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Are you trying to ask why I didn’t just tell Mo Lu about Bai Xuan’s identity?”

“Are you wondering why I brought up his old pain from beforehand made Mo Lu go crazy?”

“Do you also want to know why I let Mo Lu send the prescription back to the Qian Family with big fanfare?”

Qian Wanyu pointed out each doubt she had, Dongfang Minghui immediately started nodding. She really wanted to know the purpose of Seventh sister’s arrangement. She exchanged a few short sentences, but every sentence had a plan.

The last question, she mostly knew the answer, if it was in accordance with her character, is certainly to hold the prescription to the hands first lest they get tricked by Mo Lu, she didn’t expect Seventh sister’s mouth to be really big, directly wanting people to send it over wasn’t she afraid he wouldn’t agree? Then all the previous arrangements will be wasted.

“Mo Lu’s nature is evil and full of planning, if we don’t uncover his old scars, he will most likely still refuse to recognize that Mo Chen is no longer alive and will still direct his anger to the Qian Family.”

If you want to cure this kind of person that wanted to retreat into his own turtle shell you have to find out the cause of the illness again, pick it out, and make him stick his head out of the turtle shell.

Qian Wanyu’s argument made her open her eyes, “Seventh sister, your first letter really is the real culprit who killed Mo Chen?”

The Rose House managed to find the enemy that bought the killers to kill and framed the Qian Family, is it not true?

“Yes, I asked Li Jing to investigate the matter a few years ago, because the Mo family was a large family, but there was only one single lineage left, Mo Lu spoiled Mo Chen which was also normal, but unfortunately, heaven is jealous of talent, there will always be someone who will have grudges with the Mo family.”

The outside world made the Mo family look bad, but it can’t change the 100-year foundation of the Mo family. Mo Lu had a distant cousin who came here and when he saw his scenery, he got the idea of ​​planning against the Mo family. In addition, Mo Chen had already contracted a disease, affecting the inheritance of the lineage to start with making it even more tempting.

The cousin then had someone spread the rumor that there were medicinal plants in the back of the Qian Family, and Mo Lu was in a hurry to find that medicine plus he was gullible enough to believe it when someone kept talking about it in his ear. Then he watched his son step into someone else’ trap and remained blinded to the truth.

It was a sad story.

Dongfang Minghui sighed, it turns out there is a bigger reason present in this plot, now, she didn’t even know whether to sympathize with Mo Lu or not.

“So the first letter was to provide him with all the clues of the matter, and he could also find out this truth with a little inquiry.” The sacrifice of one person for the interests of the entire Qian Family, which was more important she didn’t even need to think more about, not to mention this cousin of the Mo family was himself not a saint.

“Seventh sister you already knew?”

“No, after all, it’s several years ago, it takes time to check the whereabouts.”

Qian Wanyu knew she had a lot of doubts and patiently explained, “Before going to Mo’s place, I made a deal with Bai Xuan.”

She was sitting in the room and asked Bai Xuan just one question.

“If I gave you a choice between your righteous father and your real father, who would you choose?”

Bai Xuan said, “I want to choose both, one is my biological father and the other is my righteous father.”

The White Guest could be considered to have watched him grow up, he saved him and gave him the love of a father when he needed one the most, this kind of feeling was already engraved into his bones.

“I killed that man in the first place, he killed my mother so what is wrong with me killing him? In order to protect me, my father was imprisoned in the forbidden land of the Blood Fiend Alliance.” This was something he had never expected.

He joined the Blood Fiend Alliance in order to get closer to the forbidden place step by step and free his father, but unfortunately, five years had passed and he had only climbed to the third place on the Blood Fiend Alliance’s assassin list, he was still far from the forbidden place.

Dongfang Minghui glared at him, so Bai Xuan chose the righteous father.


Qian Wanyu nodded, she gave Master Mo’s second letter, first to inform him of the good news of his grandson being alive, and afterwards said, if you want to know the whereabouts of Bai Xuan, it is necessary to ask over the White Guest imprisoned in the forbidden land of the Blood Fiend Alliance.

“Seventh sister is trying to use Mo Lu’s hand to rescue the White Guest, while returning a righteous father alongside his real father to Bai Xuan!”

Dongfang Minghui’s mouth dropped open in shock, she had been thinking about how to let Bai Xuan know about Mo Lu, but had never thought of linking all these things together… her mind could never turn as fast as Seventh sister’s.

Seventh sister played a good game of chess calculating all of the things needed and also the desires in each person’s heart. She couldn’t compare with her own simple plan…

“Seventh sister, I admire you more and more.”

She couldn’t help but laugh, at first, she was approaching Seventh sister with a different purpose, the closer she got the more she could find that the other party’s icy appearance hid a warm heart, and she found herself falling deeper and deeper in love.

“Didn’t you worship me before anyway?” Qian Wanyu suddenly asked, who was the one who used to be pitiful and still pulling her dress to make sure she wouldn’t leave her behind?

“Seventh sister, continue to talk about this first, if you do not get the prescription or he doesn’t send it what then?”

This is also what she is more worried about. The things she cares about were limited, but Seventh sisters could see the whole situation, so they both weren’t caring about the same point. She couldn’t help but sigh, her IQ was really bad. It couldn’t be compared at all, the more you felt that she could figure things out, the more she found out that she couldn’t.

“You forgot, we still have Bai Xuan.”

Qian Wanyu was not afraid that Mo Lu will not send anything over, if he does not send it, she will have an even better reason to find trouble with him.

Dongfang Minghui was dumbfounded and thought for a long time before reacting, yes, the hope of the Mo family was still in the Qian Family, it’d be no big deal to make his family line extinct again…

The next day, early in the morning, the entire Meng City people woke up with a fright, for no other reason than the Mo family knocking drums sending a large number of gifts, if it were just gifts then that’d be fine but the key was that they were being sent to the Qian Family!

The Mo family and the Qian Family have always been incompatible, it was even a matter known to all three-year-old children in Meng City.

“Yesterday I heard that the Qian Family handed over an invitation to the Mo Family, and today the Mo Family sent a gift to their door, could it be that there is something to rejoice about going on?”

Among the crowd of onlookers, there were even people who already brainstormed a scene in which the Qian Family, in order to make ammends even used the happiness of their own children and grandchildren in exchange for the Mo family stopping their revenge… The more this scene changed, the more it turned into a drama, in the end it even turned into Master Mo wanting to renew his marriage so that he can have another son again!

“Don’t be ridiculous, Master Mo’ is not good, even if he marries a lot it doesn’t matter.”

“Blah blah blah, you just shut up, if you let Master Mo’s people hear this, your tongue will be cut off!”

Once the mention of Mo Lu’s fierce methods came out, everyone stopped talking and they no longer dared to say a word more about the Mo family’s idle affairs, they just continued to watch the show.

Qian Zihang was shocked to hear that the steward had come to report that the Mo family’s people were outside, he had previously fought with Mo Lu and suffered a dark loss at the hands of the other side, now hearing that the Mo family’s people were outside, he was deeply afraid that Mo Lu would play some tricks again.

“Master Mo specially ordered me to deliver this, is the Qian Family’s Third Miss here?”

In the entire Qian Family, the only one who could get Mo Lu’s approval was the Qian Family’s Qian Wanyu.

As soon as Qian Zihang arrived at the door, he heard such a sentence and instantly his face changed, he asked in a low voice, “What’s going on?”

Qian Family’s Third Miss, he had just heard about it, but the old lady’s word forbade anyone to go to the small courtyard to disturb the fourth sister’s daughter cultivation, even he the current head of the Qian Family had to listen to the old lady’s words, he did not know anything about what the other party had done.

The steward muttered something in his ear, and Qian Zihang wanted to say something more.

“Excuse me, is the Qian Family’s Third Miss here?”

“Forget it, go and invite the Third Miss out.”

Qian Wanyu was invited out for this matter, just in time to meet Qian Zhuoxi, the other party coldly glanced at her, then returned to Qian Zihang’s side, obviously very dissatisfied with her.

The Mo family steward was the same one who led them in yesterday, and when he saw Qian Wanyu again today, his attitude was immediately respectful and completely different from the contemptuous attitude of yesterday, “Third Miss, you just returned to the Qian Family not long ago, Master Mo said that this is a meeting gift for you, a little token of appreciation to make you smile.”

Qian Wanyu faintly looked at the boxes and boxes of things carried out from the Mo Family, and it was really just as she had asked for yesterday – full of gong and drums with great fanfare. Looking around at the crowd watching the show, the effect she wanted had arrived.

“Please give my regards to Master Mo, many thanks.”

The Mo family steward took out a brocade box from his arms, “This is something that Master Mo has instructed me a thousand times to make sure to hand over to Third Miss, please check it carefully.”

Qian Wanyu obediently took the brocade box and opened it without any scruples, there was a prescription in it, she picked it up and handed it to Ninth Sister at the side, “Ninth Sister, take a look, is it that prescription?”

Dongfang Minghui was a little excited, after months of busy work, the prescription finally arrived, and in such a form that the Mo family personally delivered it, who would dare to say in the future that the Qian Family was weak in front of the Mo family.

She swept through the prescription and after checking with Love Flower nodded to confirm, “Seventh sister, it’s this one.”

Qian Zhuoxi stood behind Qian Zihang and her mouthful of teeth were gritted hard, she now felt that not only was Qian Wanyu an eyesore, even Dongfang Minghui was very much in the way of her future…

“It’s okay.” Qian Wanyu said to Steward Mo.

“Third Miss, Master Mo said that he would welcome you to the house to continue talking anytime, farewell.”

When this statement was made, the onlookers were about to boil in excitement, what did this mean? Was this the Mo Family forgetting their grudge??

Qian Wanyu’s mouth hooked up into a smile, this master Mo was actually quite thorough.

When the Mo family’s people withdrew, a heavy box was left at the Qian Family entrance.

“Someone, send all these things to the courtyard where the Third Miss lives.” Qian Zihang ordered, he looked at Qian Wanyu who was standing at the door, he only just had time to look at this Third Miss who was approved by even the old lady.

Qian Wanyu also looked at him, what she heard most from the outside rumors was about Qian Yiling and Qian Ziyan, this third brother who was the third in line in front of her was not very close to his mother, she nodded slightly towards him, then took Ninth Sister and left.

“Father, what do you think of that attitude?!”

Qian Zihang was flabbergasted for a while, “So alike, it’s really too alike!”

The detachment in her eyes were all exactly the same as his fourth sister back then, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly.


Qian Zhuoxi shouted many times, Qian Zihang said nothing and helplessly shook his head and just walked away, she got angry stomping her feet on the side. The people outside the house scattered almost immediately after Qian Wanyu left, leaving the Qian Family’s family members who were carrying those heavy wooden boxes to pass by her.

While she got angry, she looked up and saw some people standing outside the Qian Family’s door. She carefully identified them and quickly recognized them as the ones who were outside the abandoned temple that day, “What are they all doing at the Qian Family’s place?”

She didn’t believe that there were so many coincidences in the world. The first time, fne it was a coincidence. The second time…

Qin Mu met Qian Zhuoxi’s scowl and turned to the few people around him and said, “Let’s go.”

They followed Qian Wanyu all the way before they came to Meng City, since Qian Wanyu and her group entered the Qian Family, Qin Mu would come to the Qian Family’s place daily to sit around outside and today they finally met. He was cold-faced, and those who followed him did not dare to let out their breath.

“Eldest Miss, what are you looking at?” The steward was going to close the door, but he saw Qian Zhuoxi standing outside not knowing what she was looking at.

“Uncle Yao, have you seen them before?” Qian Zhuoxi pointed at the back of Qin Mu’s group.

“They often hang around outside the Qian Family’s door, I rushed them away a few times at first and even reported to the master, but he said they were probably some mercenaries who wandered into Meng City and told me not to bother about them.”

After saying that, Uncle Yao went to work again.

Qian Zhuoxi propped up her chin and looked thoughtfully at the back that was about to disappear.

As soon as Dongfang Minghui returned to the courtyard, she immediately listed out the medicinal plants needed in the prescription, she looked through her space ring and took out what she had, but did not have listed on the sheet of paper.

Cai Qing stayed aside, watching her writing on the paper, she didn’t understand any of the words on it!

“Minghui girl, what is written on this?”

When she was busy, she would bring in some habits from her past life, she put the paper away and handed a pen to Cai Qing, “You write, I’ll report.”

Qian Wanyu couldn’t help but smile and shake her head when she heard this talking outside the door.

With the boxes of valuable items carried into the small courtyard, Situ Hao stopped cultivating, even Bai Xuan and Lu Xing also opened the door to see the fun, “Wow, the twelfth box, this Mo family is really rich and generous, so big as well? How many more boxes?”

The man who was carrying the goods replied, “There are about six or seven boxes left.”

Situ Hao understood, it seemed to be about eighteen to twenty boxes, so many! He bent down to open a box and was immediately kicked by someone almost falling face flat on the ground.

“Bai Rou!” He shouted in anger, does this woman have a grudge against him?! Every time she sneaks up on him when he is not ready.

“Wanyu hasn’t opened it yet why are you moving it?” Bai Rou carried a big sword in one hand, a look that said she’d beat you up if you continued to talk.

Situ Hao’s aura immediately declined, he wanted to resist but it was also useless, he really cannot beat this girl.

Bai Rou was a tough girl, she was cold outside and hot inside, only to Situ Hao she would show a little emotion in addition to her indifference, like an old mother controlling her son. The other one was also willing to be disciplined, it’s like one was willing to fight and the other was willing to suffer…

Mu Sheng also came over, his pair of eyes looking at those boxes, want to go forward to touch a couple but afraid to do so, he seriously praised, “No matter what it is, if it’s sister Wanyu it’s immediately a success.”

Qian Wanyu looked at them with a smile and waited until all the boxes had arrived and the family members had withdrawn, she got straight to the point, “There is still one more month left, I think it’s time for us to go out for some training, what do you think?”

“Training, what training? Seventh sister you have to take me.”

Just listing out the required medicinal plants, she and Cai Qing heard Qian Wanyu’s words as soon as they went out, Cai Qing nodded towards them, took the list of medicinal plants and left.

“Seventh sister, I’m talking to you, you must take me with you.” Dongfang Minghui did not want to part with her, she just came back for a few days and looked at her sadly.

“Minghui, if you go out, what about Wood?” Situ Hao scratched his head and raised the question.

Lu Xing heard the Mo family would send the prescription and was excited. When he rashly heard Dongfang Minghui wanting to follow them out for the adventure he immediately kept thinking of the consequences…

“You practice and I’ll refine potions, there is no conflict at all ah.”

Dongfang Minghui was not happy that so many people opposed her proposal and immediately added, “Don’t worry, I will definitely refine it.”

Last time when she was in the Valley of Forgetfulness, she had thought of refining some of the venom she collected on the spot, and if she hadn’t accidentally stepped on the stone slab, maybe she would have collected more venom, “Besides, wouldn’t you generally come across many rare treasures if you’re on an adventure, that might help me refine the potion.”

Qian Wanyu look at her look of impatience, her heart couldn’t help but melt into a puddle, “Well fine, we’ll take you, Lu Xing and Wood can also join.”

Situ Hao shook his head, he thought Qian Wanyu really spoiled little Minghui too much, everytime they went on adventures there was danger. A pharmacist needed peace and quiet to refine potions.

But everyone has decided so he will not say anything more.

At this time, Bai Xuan suddenly said, “Can I go with you guys?”

The old lady was in a very good mood lately, when she suddenly heard that they were going out for an adventure, her heart was a little reluctant, “Cai Qing, take a few people to protect… Minghui.”

If she sent people to protect them openly, they will probably be rejected by her again, but if it was under the excuse of protecting Minghui instead, she can’t refuse.


Cai Qing put all the medicinal plants she had just taken into her space ring and took it with her to find Dongfang Minghui.

The group prepared to leave that night, Dongfang Minghui thought about it again and again, she couldn’t help but run to Qian Wanyu and said, “Seventh sister, I want to see Qian Zhuoyin before I go.”

They were going to go for almost a month, and when they come back, they will be competing for the qualification to enter the back mountain, and then they will enter the mountain for training. If Seventh sister wins the opportunity to enter the back mountain of the Qian Family, their group and Qian Zhuoxi’s family will be in direct confrontation.

Perhaps, this is the last time she could visit her openly, after that she had no idea what would happen.

“I’ll go with you.”

Qian Wanyu did not feelt at ease with the twins Qian Zhuoxi and Qian Zhuoyin, she did not want to see this silly Ninth Sister suffer any harm because of the two of them, “Don’t worry, Seventh sister will stand outside to not disturb you.”

Seventh sister was so thoughtful.

When Dongfang Minghui saw Qian Zhuoyin again, the other party was sitting in the courtyard in a daze, the courtyard was full of fallen leaves making her lonely back seem even more lonely, she stood there for a long time, not knowing whether she should go up to her.


Probably because she sensed someone in the courtyard, she turned around and saw Dongfang Minghui staring at her with a complicated look on her face, and she reluctantly raised a smile.


Dongfang Minghui also did not know what to say, the last time she goaded her into pretending to be Qian Zhuoxi’s would also be known to the other party by now.

“I heard from my sister that you’ve been away for a month, how is everything going?”

“Everything is fine.”

The two fell into a silence again, as if the courtyard was full of desolation, “Zhuoyin, I came to say goodbye to you on purpose.”

Qian Zhuoyin asked nervously, “You are leaving?”

“No, I plan to go with Seventh sister and the rest to adventure and may come back in a month.”

“A month later.”

Qian Zhuoyin’s expression fell, she murmured, one month, another month, time flies so fast, it passes in a flash.

Dongfang Minghui did not know what to say so as not to break the other party’s heart, she took out two bottles of potions she had prepared from her space ring, “Since coming to the Qian Family, you have treated me the most sincerely, these are the potions I’ve made, I hope you will keep them.”

She had a firm face while saying this.

“You must keep these two porcelain bottles of potions secret, you must not let others see them, especially your father and sister.”

She also considered for a long time before she took out a porcelain bottle to cope with the death qi made from Love Flower liquid and a porcelain bottle of medicine meant to deal with the black mist.

“In the future, if you encounter a Death Spiritual Master or get infected by Death Qi, use this. If you encounter a black and sticky thing rather than those two… use this bottle.”

Qian Zhuoyin was dumbfounded, she froze holding the two porcelain bottles of potions, suddenly feeling a little ashamed.

When she was confined in the back of Qian Family, she was extremely sad when her elder sister came over and told her that the other party was using her like a fool. Although she was the second young lady of the Qian Family, she was suppressed by her elder sister everywhere, she didn’t even have a friend.

It was not easy to meet a ‘big aunt’ who was the same age as her.

“Ugh ugh, don’t cry.”

Dongfang Minghui was shocked, didn’t she just send two bottles of very expensive potions? She didn’t want to make her cry, but she didn’t know how to comfort her.

Qian Zhuoyin sobbed in a low voice for a long time, and said while crying, “Auntie, you are so kind to Zhuoyin.”

Her back felt cold. Last time Seventh sister said that she wanted to keep this account, now the other party mentioned this again, “Zhuoyin, just call me Minghui, don’t call me that!”

Qian Zhuoyin nodded, “I wanted to find you after I came out, but my eldest sister and father didn’t allow me to go, and Young Master Lu also came to Meng City. He always asked me to go out. I didn’t want to go, Minghui, what should I do?”

After saying that, tears fell out of her eyes.

“Master Lu?” Dongfang Minghui murmured, “Do you mean Lu Peng?!”

Qian Zhuoyin sobbed and nodded twice, she wiped her own tears and nodded, “Yes, he was originally interested in big sister but big sister wanted me to pretend she couldn’t have kids and wanted me to marry that male son of the Lu family instead.”

Fuck ah, this damn Lu Peng was not a good bird. Even her own sister pushed her into the fire, obviously it was clear what sort of place she had in this “sister’s” heart.

The Lu family has a lot of money, Qian Zhuoxi must be wanting to play some kind of ghost idea, “By the way, how is the business of Qian Xing Pavillion now?”

Thousand Zhuo Yin could not help but shake her head, “Qian Xing Pavillion is all taken care of by big sister, she told me not to worry about it.”

“It’s fine, take good care of yourself, these two things must not be known by your big sister.” Dongfang Minghui repeatedly admonished, she thought carefully, and said, “In this period of time, if Lu Peng tries again to invite you, you must never never go out with him alone, even if you have to answer the invitation, you should at least take one or two people, remember you definitely cannot be with him alone, do not even eat anything he gives you including tea.”

Qian Zhuoyin was a bit confused, especially because the other party was particularly serious when saying these words, “Minghui, do you recognize that Lu Peng?”

She did not want to say much, but once she thought of Qian Zhuoyin she got a little defensive, she mysteriously came over and said, “He is a big wolf wanting to eat both men and women, if you do not want to marry him, you must protect yourself well, do not let him bully you.”

Qian Zhuoyin’s eyes widened with fright.

“Before he was going to make a move on me, but he was beaten away by Seventh sister.” Dongfang Minghui, in order to deepen her disgust with Lu Peng mentioned her own history with him as well as the elf incident before, “You have to use your wisdom, if you really can’t handle it then ask the old lady.”

This was the only way out.

When she left the courtyard, she decided with trepidation to stay away from Seventh sister, who might have heard what was said.

“Ninth Sister, come here.”

When Seventh sister shouted, her feet would not listen to her as they froze.

“Don’t worry about Qian Zhuoyin’s affairs.” Qian Wanyu heard it all, in fact, she didn’t care who Qian Zhuoyin married, but since Lu Peng was involved, she wanted to be careful, “I will send someone to look after her.”

Dongfang Minghui was immediately happy, “Thanks Seventh sister!”

“Seventh sister, this person Lu Peng suddenly appeared in Meng City, I’m afraid of what will happen happen and he likes Qian Zhuoxi, I’m just wondering about what strange idea Qian Zhuoxi has in mind, you have to be careful.”

“I know.”

Qian Wanyu liked to wander around her everyday with her eyes always focused on her, so that she can slightly put down her worries.

“Seventh sister, just now I asked Qian Zhuoyin about Qian Xing Pavilion, her expression does not look like a lie, Qian Zhuoxi is really not planning to involve that little Qian Family industry. This time Lu Peng suddenly came again, could things be so coincidental, could it be for the Qian Family business matters?” She had a bold speculation, but after all, she had little evidence and couldn’t just say any nonsense she wanted.

“Okay, this little head of yours is tired enough thinking about prescriptions and stuff on a daily basis, leave this matter to Seventh sister, we have to get ready to rendezvous with Senior Brother Li now.”

“Brother Li is also coming?”

“We are a small team, naturally he’ll come together.”

Previously, she let him stay in the Li family because she felt that the conditions of the Li family in all aspects would be much better than staying in the small courtyard together with her, but the places for the trial was for them all to seize, none of them could be missing.

The group left Qian Family that night, although quietly, the old lady was still watching them leave in the dark, she looked at the back of Wood and Qian Wanyu… it was as if she saw the shadow of Qian Yiling, in the past she too kept pulling Qian Ziyan out for adventures.

“Be safe and return home.”

Don’t know who she was saying it to maybe just herself…

After Qian Zhuoxi saw them leave, she immediately stealthily entered the darkness, she whispered and rejoined Qin Mu and the others, “Qian Wanyu’s group just set off and will not be in the Qian Family for the time being, the best way is for you guys to follow too, I’ll send two people to join you.”

Qin Mu coldly stared at her for a moment, “What good is it to you to do so, Qian Wanyu is still at least your cousin.”

The woman who claimed to be the first lady of the Qian Family suddenly came to his door and repeatedly pried into Qian Wanyu’s affairs, he knew that the other party could be used so he simply picked some words to entice her but he didn’t expect her to believe it.

“A lot of good.”

“Aunt Qin, Aunt Ping.”

She shouted, and soon two women appeared in front of Qin Mu.

Qin Mu was a little surprised, before he did not feel anyone around them, the other two suddenly appeared in front of him, watching the two people’s appearance and aura, the spiritual power on their bodies was higher than them. It seems that he had underestimated Qian Zhuoxi, “They can follow me, but they must listen to my command.”

Qian Zhuoxi winked towards Aunt Ping and Aunt Qin, and the two of them nodded slightly towards him, “Yes, Sir Qin.”

Qin Mu hummed and laughed, they were both just using each other, each had their own agenda, he just wanted to know where Xian went, that’s all he didn’t know what this Qian Family Miss really wanted to do.

What Qian Zhuoxi wanted to do was naturally to give Qian Wanyu a little trouble…

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