Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 90

“Brother Li, it’s been a long time.”

They had just walked out of Qian Family and Meng City when they saw Li Yunan and two people standing waiting for them, Qian Wanyu and everyone else walked over to him, since arriving in Meng City came, except for when they had discussed seeking Dongfang Minghui together a few days ago, they hadn’t seen him again after that.

After two months, everyone had a lot to talk about.

Li Yunan looked at her and was happy. The people in their team finally reunited. He looked at Qian Wanyu with a wry smile and couldn’t help but sarcastically say, “Wanyu… you can really hide it well. In this Meng City, your third young lady name directly overshadowed Qian Yiling and her brother Qian Ziyan.”

The most popular story in Meng City was the interesting story of the third Miss of the Qian Family and the Mo family. The versions have been divided into many versions. There were lot of rumors from the outside world. The words and the words were all about the Mo family and the Qian Family. He only learned about it from his uncle.

Qian Wanyu also knew that it was also thanks to the Li family that day, if it weren’t for the Li family’s willingness to take her into the Qian Family, she really wasn’t sure how to forcibly enter the Qian Family, let alone what would happen, “Brother Li, there were various reasons, I don’t want to deliberately conceal my life experience, but I hope you can understand.”

“Ah, Junior Sister Wanyu, I’m just kidding, why are you taking it seriously?” Li Yunan had never seen Qian Wanyu’s soft side. Seeing her suddenly so soft to him, he was really taken aback.

“Brother Li.”

She had known about the events of that day from Seventh sister’s mouth, that someone could come forward to help in the event of a disaster showed that Li Yunan and the entire Li family were worthy of friendship. She originally wanted to take advantage of Li Yunan’s uncle’s medical treatment so that the Li family would owe a favour to her but she didn’t think all this would happen making it so that it was actually Seventh sister owing them a favor.

After returning, she would definitely take the time to visit the Li family to see how serious Li Wanqing’s condition was.

Li Yunan looked at Dongfang Minghui helplessly and shook his head, smiling and jokingly adding, “Should I call your aunt? Or should I call you Sister Minghui?”

“Senior Brother Li, stop, don’t mention this matter, I’m totally serious, understand?”


Seeing her anxiously explaining the problem as always, everyone burst into laughter. Even Lu Xing couldn’t help shaking his head. He looked back at Wood and saw the smile in his eyes, as if after he had come to meng City, his expressions had become more and more varied compared to before.

This was a good thing.

Lu Xing couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

“Brother Li, I heard Seventh sister say that you chose the place for this experience?” She asked curiously, what kind of forest would Seventh sister take her to? Since coming to this world, Seventh sister had kept going for experience in forests, the demon beast forest, for example where killing them first before being killed was the most important thing. However, this method was really quite effective for practice.

Li Yunan glanced at Qian Wanyu and saw the faint smile on her face. He nodded, “This is natural. When we’re in Meng City, I have to do my best as a host, not to mention this place was mentioned by my uncle. He said that the fourth young lady of Qian Family and the eldest master often came here to find treasures.”

“Hey, there’s some people tailing behind, do you want to get rid of them?” Li Yunan’s look turned sharp, he was on guard but he didn’t expect that there would be someone.

“They followed.” Qian Wanyu couldn’t help but curl her lips. As soon as she walked out of the Qian Family, he had followed them in an upright manner unafraid of being seen by others, he was kind of like his cousin in this regard. But if he knew that Xian’s currently being hunted by people from the Blood Fiend Alliance, hmm wonder if he would still follow them leisurely.

“Isn’t it Qin Mu and the others?”

Seeing everyone’s expressions, Li Yunan was astonished. They tracked Wood all the way. No, it should be they tracked Qian Ziyan’s whereabouts, Qin Mu followed them all the way as well for the past three months. He originally thought that after Wanyu and the others entered the Qian Family he’d give up but he didn’t expect the other party to be so persistent. From this point of view, the other party could be regarded as being very infatuated with this Xian.

“Don’t worry about him.”

Qian Wanyu learned from Ninth Sister that the other party had spent a lot of spirit stones to take her head and couldn’t help laughing. Although it was a delaying tactic, the spirit stones had been paid, in this time, Xian should be like a street rat running around hiding with no time to get in the way of their affairs.

The group continued on their way but didn’t say anything to prevent the people following.

It took them almost another day and night to arrive at the training ground arranged by Li Yunan. From a distance, it was a big mountain. It seemed that there was not much that was special about this place. The surrounding area was bare, and a few small seedlings with strong vitality were seen in the soil struggling to live.

Dongfang Minghui felt around for a while with her senses and found that the spirit power of the Wood Element around her was very small, she couldn’t even sense the vitality in the ground. It was really a remote and desolate place.

“Seventh sister, is this really a place to get experience?”

She was a little skeptical. The location south of Meng City didn’t seem to be mentioned in the original plot.

“I believe Li—”

“Hey, want to get rid of me, no way.”

Before Qian Wanyu finished speaking, she saw a group of people jumping out from the side of the mountain and abruptly interrupted what she was about to say next.

The person taking the lead was Wei Junlan, and beside her were the people she had brought from the Blood Fiend Alliance.

Wei Junlan glanced at Dongfang Minghui uncomfortably. She couldn’t help but murmur in her heart. This damn fellow was unreliable. She clearly said that she’d bring her to Meng City to play but the moment she arrived she was whisked away by the Qian Family Patriarch. Although the food and wine were delicious the other person was constantly buzzing around them.

Seeing Wei Junlan, Bai Xuan immediately stepped forward and said, “Young Master.”

Wei Junlan glared at him fiercely. She’d known that Bai Xuan was one of the male leads and picked him up but who would think he’d just leave her hanging like that. If it weren’t for her cleverness, wouldn’t she have missed this entire adventure?

“Young Master Wei.”

Qian Wanyu also had a headache. Wei Junlan was rumored to be arrogant and cold, how could he be so inconspicuous in reality. She didn’t know that the other party’s actions were completely because of her own Ninth Sister and the two of them were actually the same in private.

“Cough cough.” Wei Junlan and Dongfang Minghui were too familiar with each other they’d reveal their intimacy as soon as they were together.. “Third miss, I’ll come here uninvited. Don’t be surprised.”

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t help wiping sweat from her forehead on the sidelines. She was too busy recently. After being swept up by seeing that scary Mo Patriarch and then Qian Zhuoyin, she forgot this ancestor. She wouldn’t be mad and then come chasing her afterwards, right?

Thinking that there is still a part of the ‘final payment’ that hadn’t yet been given, she felt her forehead tingle and pulled Qian Wanyu’s sleeve, “Seventh sister, I think she has the ability to protect herself, so just let her follow.”

They brought Bai Xuan so what excuse can they find to reject this young master?

Qian Wanyu fought against this young master in the academy, she still knew how strong this person was, “Young Master Wei, please come.”

“I’ll lead the way.”

Li Yunan led them into the mountain and walked straight into a cave. “There was a rumor that this mountain is the location of a hidden treasure. From the outside, the whole mountain was like a pair of scissors, divided into two parts. Secondly, scissors were made of two blades that were like Knives, so it was named Sharp Knife Mountain Jiandaoshan.”

Sharp Knife Mountain has been around for a hundred years. The strange thing was that the surrounding area of ​​the mountain was barren. It is rare to see any plants living here, and there’s also a rumor that there was no exit.

Qian Wanyu didn’t believe in this kind of nonsense. Everything in the world grows and restrains each other. If there is a a way forward there must be a way out.

As they walked through a long tunnel, they occasionally heard the sound of dripping water. In this quiet and narrow space, the sound was amplified many times, and when they heard the sound of the dripping water grow louder they felt closer and closer to the source.

This scene suddenly reminded her of a bad memory. They had also experienced this sound of water dripping when she was looking for Love Flower. Before she could shiver, her hands were wrapped in warm hands, Qian Wanyu walked in front, but clasped her hands tightly. Looking at Seventh sister’s back, the fear that arose in her heart just disappeared a little bit. She secretly scolded herself for not being able to live up to her expectations again and she was the one who insisted on following, it’d be shameful to be afraid now.

“Young Master Wei, how much longer?”

They had walked for a full half an hour, but they didn’t even see the end of the road. She couldn’t help but speak, trying to liven up the tension.

“It’s still early.” Wei Junlan’s voice came quickly.

“Don’t worry.” Qian Wanyu squeezed the palm of her hand.

“Is little Minghui tired?” Situ Hao asked with a smile.

Dongfang Minghui couldn’t see him but if she did, she must untie the boots on her feet and throw them on his face. She was also now a fifth-level Great Spiritualist, she seems to be on the same level as seventh sister.

However, the seventh sister had too many attributes. When her metal attribute awakened, her cultivation will definitely be faster. She really looked forward to the day when seventh sister would shine.

“Captain, they went in.”

Qin Mu looked at the big mountain, Aunt Qin and Aunt Ping beside him explained, “This is sharp knife mountain, there are many dangers inside. If Young Master Qin is scared, you can wait for them to come out first.”

Qin Mu gave them a cold look, hmph as expected of the dogs of a certain kind of person.

“Let’s go.”

“Master Qin, someone from the Qian Family broke into this Mountain and came back with scars. You should think carefully.”

Qin Mu ignore the warnings. This sort of scare tactic was useless for him. Since Qian Wanyu entered, why couldn’t he enter? He took the lead to walk towards the cave. Aunt Qin and Aunt Ping who followed at the end looked at each other and smiled.

After Qian Wanyu and the others, it seems nother group of people also entered the cave…

“No way this place is actually a place to really dig for treasure?!”

No one expected that after walking through a dark cave, there was a world of heaven and earth in the mountains. Dongfang Minghui had never seen such an ingenious design. She raised her head and looked up at a pillar that was as thick as a group of five people.

No wonder this mountain looked like scissors from the outside, it seems in this space the more you went upward the smaller the space was. At the end at the very tip she was piled of blindingly beautiful treasures, mountains of gold and silver jewels…and also thousands of corpses all covered in cobwebs and from the looks of it they had remained here for many long years.

“Wow, a lot of jewelry!”

Wei Junlan’s team of people liked these bright things, after seeing it they couldn’t help but be happy and couldn’t help but rush over and rummage through those boxes., “It’s true! Everyone quickly come see.”

The ones who jumped over first seemed fine so another group of people went over.

For people who choose the profession of killing, one of the biggest motivations was that gold comes quickly, the second was the pleasure of killing, and the third is interest. For example Bai Xuan joined in order to save his righteous father from the Blood Fiend Alliance so he was unmoved by the gold. He had his hands around his with cold eyes watching the group of people walking past.

“Aiya, so many treasures, ah, Yunan is really a good person to bring us to treasure hunting!” Situ Hao finished and also tried to follow the group up but before he got close he was stopped halfway by a sword.

Bai Rou really did not want to care about this guy’s life and death but the situation was too strange and this dumb fellow was too gullible. “You really want to go over? Ask my sword first.”

Situ Hao’s face was distorted by anger, “You, you, you-”

Dongfang Minghui had a bad feeling after seeing so many dead bodies around and she didn’t want to be unlucky so she simply stood aside and came closer to Seventh sister.

“Seventh sister, this place-” A loud sound sending chills up a person’s back rang out.


A series of screams suddenly sounded, Dongfang Minghui heart skipped a beat, didn’t she already expect this?!

One by one, the people who were still fishing for treasures looked at the boxex in their hands, their whole hands had turned black and something was bulging on top of their skin, “Ah, what is this thing?!”

Dongfang Minghui wanted to go up to see what was going on, but was pulled back by Qian Wanyu, “Dangerous, don’t go.”


Before the man had time to react, an arm flew off and blood splattered all over the floor.

Bai Xuan’s hand fell, the long sword in his hand had unsheathed itself at some point and he had walked in front of the man, cutting off the entire arm touching the the treasure in the box, if it was one hand he’d cut off one hand, if it was two, he would cut off both hands. His speed was so fast that in the blink of an eye several screams came out from the men.

Minghui looked at the cut off hands and even still saw a hand moving as if it was still alive.

“Not good!”

Wei Junlan shouted, her ears and sense of smell were exceptionally keen, she heard the rustling sounds towards the side getting faster and faster, it seems whatever it was was flying extremely fast!

Qian Wanyu also heard it, she tightly pulled Ninth Sister backward, “Everyone retreat immediately.”

Situ Hao was grabbed by Bai Ruo by his collar, Li Yunan was taking care of Mu Sheng, Lu Xing and Wood not to mention they had already all developed a certain tacit understanding. As for Wei Junlan and the Great Elder they also immediately moved backwards.

Bai Xuan saw a group of mosquitoes frantically pouring out from within each cave, coming towards this central location, he waved his longsword at them.

“Strange, these mosquitoes only seem to recognize them?”

It was Bai Xuan who had previously touched the box, and Bai Xuan who had failed to get out in time.

Dongfang Minghui was ready to escape, but what she expected didn’t happen, instead she saw a scene that surprised her, Bai Xuan sword was dazzling, he had cut apart all the mosquitoes that were coming towards him. Some of the mosquitoes swept into the wounded people and in a moment, all those people whose arms were cut off had been sucked clean of blood.

She saw the mosquitoes’ bodies being cut in half by the sword and she squatted down and wanted to grab one to study but just before she reached out her hand it was held by Seventh sister, Qian Wanyu shook her head disapprovingly, “Vine.”

“Little Colour!”

The Fat doll did not appear but two vines whooshed up the moth bodies for her, she took out her special gloves from her space ring, the texture of these gloves was still good, it was made of the same material as Seventh sister’s black clothes, although it was not immune to swords and spears, it could still resist any careless infection.

She looked over the mosquitoes that were cut in half by Bai Xuan, the mosquitoes were average in size and they seemed different from what she had seen before, the mosquitoes’ mouths were much longer than ordinary mosquitoes, and there was nothing else inside the mosquitoes’ abdomens.

Her eyes accidentally glanced at the mosquitoes on the ground that were sucking blood, densely lying down on the ground, the sight of a bunch of black mosquitoes really made one’s scalp tingle, fortunately she did not have a phobia…

“From your technique, you used to be a doctor, ah.”

Wei Junlan came over and whispered.

Qian Wanyu gave them a calm look.

Dongfang Minghui was thinking and did not know what the other side had said, “Seventh sister, they could be weak to flame, try attacking with fire to see.”

Qian Wanyu sighed, their team had all kinds of elements but it seemed that there was no fire system.

The first elder was already anxious, he had always treated Bai Xuan as his own son, now after listening next to him, he immediately threw two balls of fire towards Bai Xuan’s direction, the mosquitoes became more violent when they encountered fire, but the number was constantly decreasing, Bai Xuan was slightly relieved, but somehow, the group of mosquitoes still seemed to recognize him.

“Bai Xuan, wipe the blood on your sword, they smell blood!” Dongfang Minghui shouted, the group of mosquitoes had nothing in their stomachs, so it was obvious that they were awakened by something.

Bai Xuan froze, with a quick spin he wiped the long sword clean, but the mosquitoes still continued to pounce up.

“Even if the blood is wiped dry, the sword is not like other items, the smell of blood will still remain.” Wei Junlan explained from the side.

“Bai Xuan, throw the sword away!”

“He is not going to throw it away, if I am not mistaken, this sword is the one that the White Guest used before, since he gave it to Bai Xuan, there is some intention and sentimentality behind it.” Wei Junlan hands were around her chest calmly watching Bai Xuan fighting and killing mosquitoes.

Dongfang Minghui immediately got mad, really this damn unexpected stuff always happens. If Bai Xuan dies, it will result in an extremely bad situation from Master Mo. She can’t imagine seeing Seventh sister’s goodwill being ruined by this stubborn guy in front of her, if it did then Seventh sister would not only become a joke, she will probably attract the Mo family’s hostility and pursuit.

“Bai Xuan, do you want your righteous father to come out to see your white bones and only a cold sword left? If you die, Master Mo will definitely personally twist off the head of the White Guest, and then I will have to congratulate you on finally meeting your righteous father on the road to the yellow river.”

You can interpret this as a version of hell.


Bai Xuan was flabbergasted for a moment and got a few bites from mosquitoes on his arm.

“Do you think your righteous father would die in peace if he knew his death was because of this sword he gave you?”

With each sentence, Bai Xuan’s face became more and more ugly, in the end she saw a stream of light, and the long sword was stuck hard into the stone pillar, then Bai Xun leaped and got out of the moth swarm, and all those mosquitoes followed the sword and poured in.

“Bai Xuan’s stubbornness is so well known that even the grand elder can’t do anything about him but I didn’t expect you to provoke him back with a few words.” Wei Junlan was going to praise her, did not expect this old countryman’s mind to be so crafty.

Dongfang Minghui rolled her eyes in anger, she was doing it for Seventh sister and didn’t want Seventh sister’s efforts to be in vain. As soon as Bai Xuan returned, she grabbed his hand and looked at it, “This is an antidote to poison, although I just saw that the mosquitoes are blood-sucking and do not carry poison in their bodies, to be on the safe side, eat one.”

Bai Xuan did not like to be touched, he took a small step back, “Thanks.”

“It seems that this group of people died because they touched this box.” Seeing this scene, Situ Hao was secretly thankful, it was thanks to Bai Rou stopping him or else what would become of him…

Thinking of the brothers whom he tried to save by cutting off their arms before, he couldn’t help but grip his hands fiercely.

In just one encounter they lost five brothers and also almost lost Bai Xuan, Wei Junlan could not help but shake her head, to this kind of place, the rule of thumb was what should not be touched do not touch, one should never be too greedy, “Grand Elder, hand down orders, for the road ahead, everyone is forbidden from touching even a brick or tile, not to mention taking things that should not be taken.”

“Yes, young master.”

Li Yunan nodded, “Did everyone hear clearly? This time is for training, not for anything else.”

The group went on the road again, after the blood was drained, a gust of wind from somewhere blew gently, the sand and dust covered all the traces from before and the group of people that had just lost their lives were also covered with dust the place looked just as it had when they first arrived.

“Stay close to me.”

Qian Wanyu took Dongfang Minghui’s hand and walked up step by step.

The steps to reach the second floor was very long, after walking dozens of steps, she felt as if she had only gone halfway, she couldn’t help but glance down and drew a deep breath, the first floor they had just passed seemed to have disappeared, a thin layer of fog had risen at some point and the fog had spread to the steps behind them, the path they had walked through before was gone.

“Don’t look back, just keep walking.” Qian Wanyu’s voice had a calming effect.

When she heard it, her legs were still shaking a bit, but her heart was already calm.

Wei Junlan, who was walking in front of them, also found this weird issue, but there seemed to be no way to retreat, so they could only keep walking forward with a calm mind.

As time passed, the fog got bigger and bigger, she felt her legs were already deeply covered by fog and she couldn’t see her feet, she couldn’t help but tighten her grip on Seventh sister’s hand, as if to determine it was real, “Seventh sister?”

Qian Wanyu took out the locking immortal rope from her space ring and looped it four or five times on the hands of the two of them, she smiled towards Ninth Sister and then used her spiritual power to transmit her voice, “Everyone hold the hands of the person beside you tightly, proceed in groups of two and take care of each other.”

“Good.” Li Yunan took Mu Sheng’s hand.

“No way!”

Situ Hao looked at Bai Ruo with a disgusted face, Bai Ruo hummed and laughed waving her sword, Situ Hao was immediately frightened and stretched out his hand meekly, he could not help but notice how the other’s hand was so warm and soft.

The fog was very thick, the more they went upward, the white fog got thicker until gradually the front of Wei Junlan and other people’s figures were covered by the white fog.

Lu Xing carefully looked at Wood, he stretched out his hand and took the other side’s big hand, the other side’s hand felt a little dry and very uncomfortable to touch but his palm was very large, he just gripped tight and already felt like he couldn’t remove his hand…

Seeing the people in front of her disappear one by one, even Lu Xing and Wood who were walking right in front of them disappeared, cold sweat broke out from her palms.

“Ninth Sister, relax, Seventh sister is here.”

Qian Wanyu also used her little finger to write on her palm to try to distract her.

Dongfang Minghui was not afraid of anything but being separated from Seventh sister, this damn place is really too scary, “Seventh sister, I will let Little Colour tie us together.”

Some vines wrapped around their waists, Qian Wanyu looked at the vines around her waist and couldn’t help but laugh, “So Ninth Sister likes this sort of play?”

She glared at Seventh sister, what do you mean you this sort of play?

“Ah, Seventh sister!”

Her vision suddenly shifted, Dongfang Minghui found herself at the top of a mountain, surrounded by lush trees, but there was no one in sight, the rope was still half-twisted around her wrist, and the vines around her waist had somehow all disappeared, “Seventh sister?”

“Little Colour!”

“Love Flower!”


“Pig Fairy grass!”


None of them responded, usually this situation was either her being caught in an illusion or caught in some kind of formation, she couldn’t help but pinch herself fiercely, which resulted in her grimacing in pain.

“What the hell is this place?”

She felt an abundance of spiritual energy constantly washing her tendons and veins, this feeling was like when she encountered the Tree of Life, she didn’t dare to advance but the spiritual energy automatically scurried into her body, the feeling of all her pores opening up again felt both cooling and painful.

“Little Colour, you’re going to kill me with this cultivation method ah!”

Dongfang Minghui sat cross-legged, thinking about a serious problem, if she stayed in this place she would be bursting to death from the spiritual energy and she didn’t want to die yet!

Absorption and consumption had to be controlled.

“Big tree, I’m really sorry.”

She found that in this place, her natural plant communication skills failed and she couldn’t take out things from inside her space ring, Little Colour and Pig Fairy grass also couldn’t be summoned, the only thing she can take from Entangled Love were her flying needles.

“I’ve never of heard of someone practicing their skills while cultivating dying right…?”

At the peak of the mountain, a girl was frantically shooting flying needles, from the beginning when she was using all the flying needles together from one tree to another tree, from far to near, she was able to shoot at about 50 meters before, now in order to keep the spiritual power outbreak at bay she crazily pumped all her spiritual power around her body so that the distance of the flying needles immediately doubled and tripled….

“Wow shit, so many beauties!” Situ Hao’s eyes fell to the ground, he and Bai Rou had separated when his vision changed and his eyes fell onto a group of beauties, tall, thin, fat, short, there were all sorts of of varieties of women.

There were some beauties who kept throwing their eyes towards him, Situ Hao subconsciously gulped and touched his wildly beating heart, but there was no courage in him.

He hesitated, not knowing whether to heard forward or turn and run…

When the white mist obscured her eyes, Qian Wanyu’s first reaction was to look at her hands, the result was empty, before she was still tied up to Minghui but it seems they had separated, the vines at her waist were also gone, she was in a place that seemed to be a hidden sword pavilion with countless swords inside.

If the place was just swords it wouldn’t be much but she could sense a throb in her own body, and the spiritual energy from the ground was echoing with her own newly awakened wind spiritual power, she looked at the rows of cold weapons, there was a golden color at the bottom of her eyes.

“Qing Mo?”

Qing Mo in the soul sea was unresponsive, she shouted several times in a row before she was sure that communication was blocked.

She walked through all the places in the Sword Pavilion and found that there were other weapons besides swords, she weighed them casually and stopped moving then found the place that attracted her spiritual power the most and sat down.

“This place is really strange.”

Since there was nothing else to do, she simply closed her eyes to see if she could develop her last attribute in this adventure. With the attitude of giving anything a try, she quietly meditated and let her her spiritual energy flow through her meridians in circles.

Once, twice, three times, she tried to fuse two spiritual powers together to expand her meridians, to start she picked the softest elements, earth and wind and managed to succeed with the first fusion, watching the two colors blend together, she tried to draw the domineering thunder spiritual power, but the thunder system was always tyrannical and immediately started to clash as soon as it touched the other two spiritual powers, she had to intervene and stop it several times before the three spiritual powers finally got along gently.

Finally she added the fourth dark spiritual power to it.

This idea had only come to her since the last time when her dark spiritual power advanced and brought with it the other three colors, but she had never expected it to actually work! She looked at her dantian, there were four small orbs each floating in their own space, she looked at her meridians again, after the spiritual expansion, her meridians were twice as big as before!


A golden soft light emanated from Qian Wanyu’s body, enveloping her whole body, she was very surprised, she didn’t expect to have a surprise advancement in this place, once the metal spiritual power awakened, the swords in the whole Sword Pavilion emitted a screeching sound as the swords kept trembling.

She immediately collected her mind and used the devouring power of the dark system, frantically absorbing the spiritual power of the metal system from the ground.

Wood kept staring at his hand, he still didn’t seem to accept how Lu Xing suddenly disappeared?

The environment he was in was a desolate mountainous area completely empty of anything.

Wood stood in place, his eyes staring into the distance he continued just standing there until suddenly a man appeared from afar, he took a big step over, the calmness in his eyes turned into ecstasy, his world seemed to only have this person.

“Wood, I finally found you.”

Lu Xing was joyful, he secretly beat his chest, he felt so close to giving up before just now what he actually saw was the elven clan land had turned desolate, the elves seemed to have contracted a strange disease and even the strength to fly was gone, the tree of life  had lost its shine and it couldn’t shelter them anymore as the qi of death spread over covering and corroding the whole forest including the holy spring…

Wood embraced him into his arms.

The whole picture changed, the two of them were still frozen at the second level steps. Lu Xing immediately tried to push him away, he looked around, the place did not change, the people did not change, the only thing that changed was that everyone had disappeared.

“Could it be that everything was an illusion?” Lu Xing stroked his head, even if it was an illusion he could not change anything, the only thing he could do was find Wood, “Wood, let’s wait for them. They should be out soon.”

Dongfang Minghui spiritual power kept getting purer and purer, she has already practiced the first skill no less than a hundred times, more diligent than when she was practicing in the past, she kept emptying her spiritual power, which was still going up and also compressed to become more pure while shooting her flying needles into the distance. The shots had already changed from 50 metres at the start to 600 metres now!

However, the spiritual power was still flowing. If other people met this kind of good fortune, most of them would be happy. She however was distressed to the point of no return! Her brain was not good, but she remembered the words of Seventh sister and Little Colour, she could only advance if she cultivated her skill to the second level but she couldn’t suppress it!

She re-read the second level skill in her soul sea again.

Flowers were nowhere to be found, but there were many leaves on the ground that she had cut off. She let all her spiritual energy drain out and all the leaves on the ground floated up, “Up.”

Most of the leaves fell to the ground but a small portion remained floating in mid-air. Hey, it seems she suddenly found that this second level was simply the best candidate to consume her spiritual power, she was really worried about having no place to use up this spiritual power before…

When Qian Wanyu found her she saw a certain person lying on the ground with one hand propping up her head and another hand manipulating flying leaves in the sky, her fingers randomly pointed to somewhere and the leaves flew over. The ground was almost filled with leaves, she also heard the other party sighing and shaking her head from time to time.

“Sad ah so damn sad.”

Dongfang Minghui was really sad, she just wanted to roll over as she stood up from the ground, “All of you get up!”

The spiritual power in her body was about to be upgraded again.

Qian Wanyu saw the leaves spread on the ground all flew up and rotated around Ninth Sister, like a bunch of flying moths surrounding a flame.

She didn’t know how the goddess’s scattering flowers skill was ultimately determined, but seeing Ninth Sister like this, she felt that the other party had probably reached a new level. Qian Wanyu stood by and felt the spiritual power around her, wait?

Ninth Sister’s spiritual energy was like a bottomless pit, countless amounts of spiritual energy were drilling into her body like crazy.


She pointed in a random direction, and those leaves surged over frantically, destroying a large tree two hundred meters away. The moment her spiritual energy was drained, she pulled herself together again and sat cross-legged, suppressing the spiritual energy that had fled into her body until it could not be suppressed, then she turned upside down letting the leaves fly up and around her.

As she stood upside down, she saw a figure.

“Ninth Sister?!”


Dongfang Minghui landed on her head and fell a little bump but she had recently trained herself into a brick wall and had no problem at all.

“Seventh sister.”

“The second skill you have practiced well, you can advance now.”

“Does Seventh sister mean I can really advance?” She cultivated while suppressing it but her spiritual power was already rubbing up to the ninth level of Great Spiritualist, she would like to advance but doing it too fast would make her base unstable causing even bigger issues later on. The biggest danger for her was to remain at a certain level for life unable to advance again.

“Yes, the spiritual power in your body is very pure.” It was the first time she felt someone having such pure spiritual power and yet she was still desperately trying to suppress it! Her Ninth Sister was just so cute when she was working hard.

“Okay, I’ll try.”

Dongfang Minghui didn’t want to endure the pain of suppressing it anymore, she just settled down and immediately released the spiritual power she had contained which was strong enough to shake Qian Wanyu back several steps.

Qian Wanyu could not help but frown, this was extremely powerful Spiritual Power ah, it actually forced her back as well. One had to know that she had just awakened her five element Spiritual Body, on top of that in the Hidden Sword Pavilion she also managed to raise her Metal Spiritual Power to a ninth level Spiritual Master, and now she has just awakened two dual Spiritual Master tier elements yet she got pushed back by a single Wood Spiritual power…

Ninth Sister what exactly is her physique?

What exactly is her body… actually Dongfang Minghui also wanted to know! She easily broke through the first level Spiritual Scholar and could even have advanced further, but she was still habitually suppressing it, she opened her eyes and met Seventh sister’s inquiring gaze.

“Seventh sister.”

“Congratulations Ninth Sister, you’re a Level 1 Spiritual Scholar.”

When she said this Qian Wanyu still had a wry smile on her face, she knew that the other party was actually still not interested in cultivation, just now she saw the other party lying on the ground leisurely directing the flying leaves but she estimated that the other party probably did not stop for a moment during this time.

Dongfang Minghui’s face was red, she looked at the other party for a long time before she was surprised, “Seventh sister, you, you seem to have awakened the metal element?”


Wow, great. The five elements spiritual body had completely awakened, Seventh sister’s future would be wide as long as there were good opportunities and her advancement would be very fast.

Qian Wanyu saw that she didn’t react much when she told her she had had advanced, but she was so excited when she heard that her own cultivation had improved and she had awakened her metal element, Qian Wanyu went up to her and touched her hair, “Ninth Sister, what should I do with you?”

This person who was so dedicated to her.

Just as their hands came together, the scene shifted and the two appeared in this pose in the eyes of Wood and Lu Xing.

“Wow, Minghui, Wanyu?”

Lu Xing was so excited to see the two appear. He immediately recounted how he and Wood had stayed here for five or six days.

“No way, only five or six days?!” Dongfang Minghui’s eyes were wide with disbelief, she felt as if she had spent five or six months practicing day and night, she didn’t even dare to sleep! She was afraid that her spiritual power would burst in her sleep so in order to calculate the time she had deliberately carved the times into a piece of wood on a tree. How could she have miscalculated?

Wow what a thrilling adventure! Minghui getting so strong >:)


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