Mistress I was wrong

MIWW Chapter 91

If the time was wrong, it means they won’t be able to make it to the Qian Family’s annual meet.

Qian Wanyu couldn’t help but laugh at her anxious look the other side was really worried about what could bother her.

“Ninth Sister, come and sit down for a while.”

These days, no, in fact, these months, for Dongfang Minghui it really was a few months, it had already been ingrained into her to cultivate just so she wouldn’t burst from the overflowing spiritual energy. She sat down very naturally from the habit of cultivation.

As if if she wasn’t cultivating the next moment the spiritual power will sweep through her whole body.

“Come here.”

Qian Wanyu compulsively pulled the person to her side, “Ninth Sister, lean on me to sleep for a while.”

Dongfang Minghui struggled, but in the end, she could not resist Seventh sister, she found Seventh sister so her heart was already at ease, leaning on Seventh sister she felt comfortable enough to sigh and not a moment later, she fell into a deep sleep.

Lu Xing did not whisper until the other side was asleep, wanting to ask but afraid to wake the other side up, “Wanyu, what did you guys go through before?”

He felt that the aura of the two people was more powerful than before, they should have come across some good opportunities.

Qian Wanyu’s eyes looked deeply behind at the steps, encountered what? She actually did not know what the mystery of this place was, but, thinking it through it indeed should also be considered a good opportunity.

She remembered that Ninth Sister had to be urged and supervised in the past, but here she was forced to practice in this place, she gently stroked the other party’s hair and relaxed her back against the wall, “Ninth Sister and I were both cultivating, you and Wood on the other hand, what happened?”


Lu Xing couldn’t help but frown, could it be that everyone’s opportunities change depending on the person? When he found Wood, he was surrounded by a desolate land and some fool was standing motionless staring into space as if he had merged with the world.

“What I saw… it seems to be the future of my clan.”

Qian Wanyu was stunned, and she looked at Lu Xing with surprise, “The future? What does the future look like?”

Lu Xing had a bleak look on his face. In the future, the Elves would perish and the Tree of Life would lose its luster, like a dying old man who would eventually leave them. He also seemed to remember seeing Wanyu and Minghui, he smiled, “I saw you come to the Elves and watched you-”

He shook his head, “These should all be fantasies, let’s not mention them.”

Qian Wanyu couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow, she felt her own spiritual power, it was indeed very real if so was what happened to Lu Xing really an illusion? Or maybe it was his innermost fear and worry…?

“Let’s rest for a day, if the others don’t appear, we’ll just leave our mark here and let them know.”

She raised her head and looked at the top of the stairs, the top level that Brother Li said before, opportunity never waited for anyone.

A day later, Qian Wanyu opened her eyes, the white mist dispersed, revealing the steps as well as a few people lying on their backs, stiff as if dead for a long time, she took a look at their clothing and a few images flashed through his mind, “These should be the people brought in by Qin Mu.”

Lu Xing couldn’t help but smack his lips, “This guy is so persistent.”

At this point, Qian Wanyu really admired him, aside from objectively evaluating whether this person was willing or used by Xian, his feelings for Xian seemed real as he was drawn to her like a moth to flame, willingly jumping into a fire.

Unfortunately, he ended up loving the wrong person.

“Ninth Sister, it’s time to wake up.”

Dongfang Minghui abruptly sat up straight, she looked at everyone and finally turned her gaze to Seventh sister’s face, “Ah, I’m finally out.”

Qian Wanyu cried and laughed, the other party’s reaction was also slow until she gently scratched the other party’s nose, “Yes you’re out, no one will force you to cultivate anymore, sober up, let’s continue to the next floor.”

Locking immortal rope, vines, either one didn’t work.

From her experience on the second floor, Dongfang Minghui simply followed behind Qian Wanyu, not as fearful as when she first set foot. After walking for a short time, her feet sank into the ground and before she could shout Seventh sister she fell straight down. She threw out the locking rope to try grab onto something but the length was not enough and she couldn’t find a rock ledge to hold onto, she could not help but shout, “Little Colour!”

The fat doll’s vine swished and grabbed a part of the rock ledge and wrapped tightly around it, slowing her descent.

Dongfang Minghui sighed with relief, if she could not get Little Colour’s response like before, she would have fallen into a puddle of mush from such a high distance, she glanced down a little, and damn this place was bottomless.

“Little Colour don’t shake me.” Her eyes were dizzy, “Let’s see what floor we’re at…hopefully not the second again..?”

She doesn’t want to go to the second floor, she doesn’t want to go to the second floor, she’s determined not to go to the second floor!

Little Colour’s vines whooshed and whooshed from above, the results were that it couldn’t reach anything above, “This place is like that illusory land.”

Illusory land again…?

Don’t joke, she was cultivating a full six months! Not a second wasted… This must be fake right, if it isn’t fake she really wanted to die. She felt the abundant spiritual power in her body and couldn’t help but sigh noticing that if she really had the possibility of promotion again that’ll be too terrible.

Dongfang Minghui took a look at the rock ledge, there was a rock ledge here so it meant she’s still inside sharp knife mountain, next she needed to figure out her position. She touched out small handful of flying needles, respectively shooting towards the southeast and northwest and judging from the sound of the flying needles piercing the stone wall.

She listened carefully, and after three times, she chose the south position.

“I seem to hear an echo, Little Colour, use your vine.”

“Well fine, I’ll pull you through.”

It didn’t deviate from her estimate, the place where the vines brought her to was an empty room, the interior wall of the room was full of stones, basically the same as the stones used to build the steps, and she stood outside the door, always feeling that she would definitely encounter something strange and odd once she stepped into it, but when she looked back further, even the way she came from before was gone.

So, there’s an entry but no exit, is that what it means?

“Little Colour, Love Flower, Lucky, Toothless, Pig Fairy, you’re all there, right?”

She was simply dreading the days when she was alone. She took two or three deep breaths, and her courage seemed to be three times stronger after she got a response from her little ones.

As soon as she stepped in, she saw that all the moonstones on the stone walls were lit up, making the whole room look a little more warm instead of cold and stony. But she was happy a little early, just as she carefully took her third step.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom–”

The ground shook, the sound was like thunder, her body hair exploded, she saw rows of soldiers with stone shields and wearing iron armor while holding long swords come out from another side like a rehearsed formation. Their pace and movements were all the same and their eyes held cold killing intent as they looked towards her.

Dongfang Minghui covered her mouth and nose, but despite that the other side still came over without mercy, not too fast, not too slow.

“What the fuck did I do ah?”

She was being careful to not trigger any flags, but now she hadn’t touched anything and the only thing she had done was… take two or three steps.

“These people are made of stone, you can get out by defeating them.” The fat doll said to her and the vines around her body pointed out a clear path to her, “See? The place they just walked out of is your exit.”


Upon hearing that there was an exit, Dongfang Minghui’s eyes glowed and instantly perked up.

But once she saw the group of stone soldiers, she realised a problem. Seventh sister had a water thunder whip while she only had some concealed weapons on her but her original idea was good.

Cling clang

“Little Colour.”

Her attack was unsuccessful, but as if it had opened some mechanism, the soldiers who had stopped in front of her moved, raised their long swords, held their shields and rushed towards her.

Dongfang Minghui cursed out loud, what stone these are obviously copper people, the flying needles she shot on their body emitted cling clang sounds. This little partner always tossed her into a pit. The fat doll shook the vine on his head, sooner or later they have to fight anyway might as well solve them early, “Quickly solve them.”

Dongfang Minghui dodged left and right as nearly got cut into pieces of mush by the swords in their hands, “These swords are also real.”

If she doesn’t finish them, she’d have to die.

What a painful awakening.

“Rise up!”

Flying needles flew out from the back of her waist, Dongfang Minghui let the flying needles pierce into the opponent’s eyes but before it happened she saw a bizarre scene, the soldiers all closed their eyes before the flying needles came.

The flying needles fell to the ground, scattered all over the place and her heart also followed and fell down…

The moment Dongfang Minghui disappeared, Qian Wanyu stretched out her hand and tried to grab behind but she grabbed an empty space. She looked at the disappearing steps behind her, and then at the person next to her.

Lu Xing had also stepped on a soft spot, but was pulled by Wood before he could fall.

All three were a little confused.

“Ninth Sister will take care of herself.”

If it was before she was not so sure but now Ninth Sister skills and spiritual power in all aspects were truly very good, as long as she didn’t encounter any demonic characters she’d be fine.

Qian Wanyu could only calm her heart a bit with that thought.

She turned around, Wood and Lu Xing had gone missing and she did not even have a chance to reach out.

This place was really evil.

She walked steadily on the stone steps again, but in her soul sea she was communicating with Qing Mo, “Qing Mo, why did I encounter obstacles when I tried to establish contact with you on the second floor before?”

“It should have something to do with this weird mountain. Also congratulations on completely awakening your Five Elements Spiritual Body, for safety’s sake, you’d better cover up a bit so that you won’t be used by someone with an agenda.” Qing Mo was happy for the other party as soon as he saw that she had awakened her metal spiritual power.

The Five Elements Spiritual Body carried five kinds of spiritual energy, a rare physique not seen even in a hundred years, but at the same time it was also an excellent furnace. If any evil people noticed and Wanyu has not yet grown to a certain level they’d try to forcibly take her, it wasn’t an impossibility… He had seen too many nasty and dirty things in his life and this was just the tip of the iceberg.

“I don’t remember any sharp knife mountain, but I remember that there was a strange mountain recorded in the old books, this mountain was called the real and fake mountain, it was fake and real at the same time. It made it hard to distinguish between real and fake.”

The Qing Lan Sect’s book collection was found from searching the world for many miscellaneous scriptures, the real and fake mountain was famous because no one knew which side of the two mountains was real and which side was false, the mountain divided into two peaks, one mountain real and one mountain fake.

The key was that both mountain foundations ran close together, as if the underground magnetic fields were attracting each other and mixing the real and fake.

There were many people who wanted to break into this mountain, to find out the truth and make some transcripts for posterity, but unfortunately, some of the transcripts left on the true and false mountain in Qing Lan Sect that he’d remembered only mentioned encountering a series of strange and bizarre things. He’d forgotten about what happened after that.

He never thought he’d someday be at that very real and fake mountain.

Qian Wanyu suddenly remembered the words of Lu Xing who said he saw the future of his people, and also thought it was just a fantasy.

“Maybe this is the real fake mountain you mentioned.” Li Yunan only said that the origin of sharp knife mountain was said by his uncle, the words describing it as sharp knife mountain might just be the name of the people on this side of the Purple Jade Empire, “What will happen if you encounter this mountain?”

“There are many dangers and nine of ten times would end in death.”

Even for the real mountain people couldn’t easily walk out of sharp knife mountain let alone encountering the fake mountain.

Qian Wanyu thought of Ninth Sister who just disappeared, her heart that was calm couldn’t help but panic slightly again, aiya this Brother Li really found a dangerous place for them to get experience.

“Be careful.”

She stepped on the air, almost instinctively, she immediately drew out her water thunder whip and swiped the whip hook to the stone pillar closest to her. The tip of the whip caught one end of the stone pillar before she stabilized her mind. At the same time, wooden arrows flew from all directions. One after another. Qian Wanyu felt the gravel from the rock ledge roll down and didn’t have time to throw up a second whip before she fell down.

“It seems you are not very lucky.” Qing Mo sighed.

These rock ledges supported the whole real fake mountain, if there were broken stones falling it meant that most likely it’s fake.

Qian Wanyu also realized, but it was too late to say anything more, she was able to dodge the wooden arrows flying across, all the way down to a sharp fall. She immediately calmed herself and tried to have a look in all directions, increasing the sensititivty of her ears to hear the eight directions to avoid those arrows. Her water thunder whip made a deep mark on the stone wall, and it was only when she touched a boulder that she was able to stabilize her falling body.

“Hmm? It seems I’m back to the first level?”

Qian Wanyu actually saw the first level through the white mist, but this level was not quite the same as when they first came in.

She observed the terrain and found that the surroundings were empty, besides the single stone pillar that went straight up to the clouds, the stone walls that surrounded it  had no landing point at all. She picked a few places to grab onto and moved down a little with the water thunder whip.

The moment she landed, she found that the first floor was still dimly lit, and she gazed around vigilantly.

In the center of the first floor, she saw a crystal glass coffin lying there quietly, one could vaguely see a figure inside the transparent glass, she slowly walked towards it but did not immediately touch it with her hands.

The crystal coffin surface was carved with an ancient pattern, the pattern was faintly visible in the water running on it and the crystal coffin seemed to be inlaid on a block of ice, the cold air floating straight up from it was as if protecting it. If she did not use her spiritual power to resist, she’d simply not be able to get close to the body. She stretched out her hand to feel the coldness on it, but stopped short of opening the coffin.

“This is a cold jade coffin, the coffin body is made of good cold jade, it is said to be the object of the dragon tribe, but I do not know why it’s here.” Qing Mo explained on the side, the cold jade coffin recorded in the books is bigger than this one in front of us, “This should be made by whoever has nothing better to do than to imitate the treasures of the dragon clan, look at the jade at the corner of this it even has cracks on it causing the cold air to flow out, no wonder this place is so cold.”

The real cold jade coffin used all the cold air to seal the coffin, the outside was sealed by ice and it was hidden in the Dragon Clan’s forbidden land, the Dragon Clan had disappeared for many years, who still knew where the cold jade coffin was?

Since it wasn’t the real treasure, Qian Wanyu swung down without mercy.


Qing Mo saw her wielding the water thunder whip, before he could stop it, she saw her whip just touching the surface of the coffin and the whole heaven and earth shook, Qian Wanyu even sank along with the coffin.

“See, this is the mechanism.”

Qian Wanyu watched the coffin sink until it finally landed heavily on the ground and the ground shook for a moment before returning to peace.

She took out a moon stone from her space ring and illuminated this small piece of heaven and earth. She was surrounded by iron and wood railings and the size was about fifty square meters, it actually looked like a prison, and there were some broken bones and crumbled remains on the ground.

The cold jade coffin’s surface who knew what it was made of but her water thunder whip only managed to crack one of the corners so she brought the moon stone close to the coffin surface.


“No way?!”

Although Qing Mo had accumulated a lot of knowledge, even he wanted to jump in shock from the scene.


Qian Wanyu just peered into the corner of the cold jade coffin, but saw an extremely familiar face, she swept her hand on the coffin lid at once and pushed the coffin surface to the side, then only the person lying in the coffin was exposed to her sight.

“Ninth Sister?!”

There was a person lying quietly in the cold jade coffin, her hands were folded on her abdomen, her face had a peaceful and tranquil expression, she was wearing a green and luxurious robe, there were two strands of hair falling on both sides of her chest, she had a simple white jade hairpin pinned on her head, althogether it gave off the feeling of seeing a noble and peerless person.

“Ninth Sister…”

Qian Wanyu stretched out a trembling hand to touch the other person’s face.

“Wanyu, this is not your Ninth Sister,” Qing Mo roared in her soul sea, he knew long ago that Dongfang Minghui would become a weakness for her but he did not expect to hit the nail on the head, “Think carefully, how long has she been away from you, how could she be lying inside this cold jade coffin? This corpse itself is a trap set for you, it’s merely your fantasies.”

Qian Wanyu reluctantly retracted her hand, she knew that this person in front of her was not the real Ninth Sister, but when she thought of Ninth Sister lying there quietly, her heart felt like it was being split into countless pieces, and it hurt a lot.

Even that frown was so similar.

“Since you are in such danger, Dongfang Minghui may have also met something. Instead of sitting here holding onto a fake coffin and grieving, you should pull yourself together and find a way out, or you will really have to collect her real corpse.” Qing Mo said coldly.


Qian Wanyu closed the coffin, no matter what first she needed to get out.

Dongfang Minghui still didn’t know what Seventh sister had encountered, if she did, most likely her jaw would have hit the ground. She’s currently being chased by a group of soldiers with no way to hide in the sky or underground.

After a dozen small and large trials, she found some patterns. These bronze soldiers would rest every two hours for about an incense stick of time or less. She could take advantage of this time period to catch her breath.

But if she tried to make any presumptuous move, or pass through them, she would set off the mechanism and with it, the break would be gone.

“Little Colour, can your vines bind them?”

“They could but don’t you think that your dodge speed is getting faster and faster, as well as shooting your flying needles more accurately? If it’s so easy to pass it wouldn’t be called getting experience would it? Aren’t you here for experience?”

She was speechless.

Dongfang Minghui was so ashamed that she hadn’t noticed this fact that she simply laid down on the ground on all fours, Toothless also slipped out of the space ring and made the same action with her. She was exasperated by Toothless, and she poked her finger at the other party’s soft little belly, “What are you running out for? Do you want to try out too?”

Toothless rolled and got up from the ground, grunted and ran from one end to the other waving its proud tail at her.

“Toothless!” Dongfang Minghui huffed and strangely enough, the bronze people seemed to not sense it and let it run around.

Now she truly believed Little Colour’s words, these bronze soldiers should be made specially for her as a training ground, her little friends can actually go over easily but only she was being chased.

“Come again.”

Focusing on the various acupuncture points of the human body, she tried to pierce the joints of these bronze people with silver needles.

The bronze people probably did not expect her to surprise attack them and do the opposite, their hands and feet were stuck by her flying needles, they could not move, even their eyes did not turn, her action was very dangerous. She needed to get very close to their body in order to drive the flying needles into their joints, the timing, precision, angle and everything must be accurate just a slight careless move and her head would be cut off by the swords.

In the room there were a whole twenty bronze people in groups of give. She tried each group one by one until the trial ended she only had three needles left.

“Finally, it’s done.”

Seeing that they did not move, Dongfang Minghui almost jumped up with excitement, she spent three days on this floor, she picked up all the flying needles on the ground and seeing the needles inside the bronze people she went back. Thinking of the dangerous and unpredictable road ahead and how she did not have much of a weapon, she smiled towards the last soldier and pointed to the sword held in his hand. “Sir, your sword is quite sharp, how about lending it to me?”

“If you don’t object, I’ll take that as a yes.”

Dongfang Minghui was so obssessed with the sword that she stepped on the soldier’s bent knee and pulled it out of his hand with bother her hands but only managed to wiggle it three centimeters, she said through clenched teeth, “Don’t be so petty, I’m only borrowing it for self-defense. ”

This time all her strength was used along with her spiritual power.


Although the sword was drawn out, because of the excessive strength she bounced off as well and hit the door, the door was actually a stone door that turned inside out, she fell hard into a room, a room of white bones, piled up like a mountain, she fell down directly into the pile of white bones, and heard a creaking sound.

With a boom, the stone door closed again.

“Holy shit!”

Dongfang Minghui took a hard enough fall that her body hurt, but when she saw that she had fallen into a pile of white bones, she was scared out of her mind.

“It’s over, Toothless!”

Toothless was still out there, she searched the stone door for a long time, but couldn’t find a way out.

“You find your own way out first, it might follow your scent and find you later.” Little Colour looked at her anxious look and could not help but comfort her. In fact it was quite doubtful that Toothless this beast with low intelligence, both stupid and easy to cheat along with being easily beaten without getting angry, this simple fellow how could it find them?

Toothless stared at the stone door for a long time and was dumbfounded, it was like a small cannonball as it rammed towards the stone door ruthlessly, this hit was not light but the stone door did not move, it rammed itself until it had dizzy eyes and laid down on the ground for a long time only to realise the serious problem, it and mother got separated…

Dongfang Minghui got angry at her sword and fiercely kicked her feet on it, but in the end she honestly carried the sword on her body, the sword was wide and very big she didn’t know what it was made of but it was heavy as well, she was about a centimeter shorter than it.

She gave up and ran her spiritual power through her hand and carried it easily.

“Let’s go, we have to find Toothless.”

She was mostly unmotivated to go experience or anything when she couldn’t find her little pet furthermore she felt like she had already gained a lot she just didn’t know where Seventh sister and the others were.

Qian Wanyu’s usual violence made her shatter all the iron bars that surrounded her, she chose a direction and looking back at the cold jade coffin behind her which she never bothered to move again, she thought about it again and again and finally just walked out.

“I feel a dark system and light system fluctuation.”

One was the dark system that she was familiar with, and the other was light that she resisted, the key of the matter was that she felt the spiritual energy was quite familiar.

She followed the direction and unexpectedly saw Situ Hao, he was now fighting a dark tiger, the other’s body emitted a strong dark spiritual energy and his own light energy was a little bit exhausted, it did look like this dark magical beast was about to move in for the kill.

“Situ Hao.”

Situ Hao felt that he was almost finished, the other side was only teasing him, every time he thought he was dead for sure, the other side gave him a chance to catch his breath, and then hit him hard again!

Qian Wanyu’s water thunder whip jumped out with a dominating purple thunder, which also contained a bit of dark spiritual power making the other party shiver, before she could hit it the other party turned and ran away.

“Wow, it ran away as soon as you struck, I fought for so long and was almost played to death by it.” Situ Hao’s whole body was wounded, the wound on his chest was still tainted with dark spiritual power, Qian Wanyu remembered that Ninth Sister gave her a small porcelain bottle of pills, she poured out one for him and waved it in front of his eyes, “Pills to suppress the death Qi, one is worth a thousand gold, be nice to Ninth Sister in the future. ”

Situ Hao almost vomited blood from Qian Wanyu’s teasing, he snatched it up and said, “Aren’t I always good ti little Minghui? Qian Wanyu look at my whole body full of wounds you really still have the nerve to open conditions with me!”

Qian Wanyu grunted, “How come you are here?”

Situ Hao looked bitter, “It’s hard to say.”

After he and Bai Ruo got separated, he met a large group of beauties, beauty is good, but they were all too demonic, he was just about to turn around and leave but somehow Bai Ruo had actually found him and the other party swung her sword to cut all the women.


“Then you saw this, I met this dark magical beast.”

After hearing his words, Qian Wanyu didn’t know what kind of expression to give him, “So, your harvest from this adventure is that you fought with this dark magic beast?”

“No, no, no.” Situ Hao hurriedly shook his head, he showed all five of his fingers and said very seriously, “I had no less than fifty fights with it.”

Qian Wanyu immediately stood up to leave.

“Hey, hey, where are you going?”


Qian Wanyu was helpless and was wondering why the other party hadn’t followed, when she turned around, the person behind her who was a few beats slower was gone, “Situ Hao?”

“Could it be that the spaces in this place are all changing?”


“There are actually dark magical beasts here.”

Just now there with Situ Hao there, Qian Wanyu could not show too much interest, she’d experienced dark spiritual energy so many times, but never met a real dark magical beast before. The last time in Return Town, Xian had fought her with a summon like it, although that centipede was destroyed by her, she did feel it was a pity she couldn’t study it more.

“Dark magical beasts are not non-existent, but they are extremely rare like the light ones, and the chances of encountering them will be few and far between. You can take your chances in this place. You might even be able to harvest a dark magic beast.” Qing Mo said casually.

After all, this bizarre place even has Dongfang Minghui’s coffin, what else can’t it have?

Qian Wanyu nodded thoughtfully, she did have a level five flying winged elephant cub in her space, she didn’t dare to bring it out yet. She had asked Li Jing to scout for news of the Qin Lan Clan and along with that Mu Qing’s death, that Elder Jin was unrelenting and still kept poking around for news of them.

“Try it.”

Qian Wanyu’s hand lit up a beam of dark spiritual power, because of the previous experience of other spiritual powers blending, her dark spiritual power was mixed with six kinds of colour, trading an expression rather than looking at dark spiritual power it looked more like a colourful flower.

Suddenly a strong wind came, a black shadow quickly pounced on her, from the size and color of the other party she predicted that iut was the dark magic beast tiger that she had just fought, the other party missed and opened its mouth towards her.


The sound was deafening, and the spewed gas from its mouth was all grayish.

Qian Wanyu threw out her own death qi, instantly devouring the grayish gas it spurted out cleanly, the small strand of spiritual power in her hand slowly became larger and the gray part became more vibrant, on the other hand the other colors seemed to fade slightly but this spiritual power bounced actively in her hand.

The dark magical beast;s tiger eyes turned into small pupils, it was so scared that it hurriedly turned to run.

“Heh, you think I’m Situ Hao?”

This dark monster tiger was really interesting, she was sure that the other party was really ‘playing’ with Situ Hao before, but the other party was playing Situ Hao that time this time it actually thought that she was a soft persimmon.

Qian Wanyu followed it not far away, she followed the other side all the way to a valley, this place seems to be far away from sharp knife mountain, surrounded by white bones, it looks like there were many people who died in this place today. What was even more strange to her was that this place was lush with grass, trees, birds and flowers, it shouldn’t be a place where dark magical beasts stay at all!

Whee whee whee

The dark magic beast tiger gave a long whistle and soon she felt a huge pressure appear from behind her, she instinctively reacted and quickly dodged to the left, she rolled around on the grass looking up to see an animal that looked similar to a monkey, it leapt down from the tree very quickly greeting her with sharp claws.

“Don’t blame me for being rude if you make trouble again.”

Qian Wanyu was never a soft hearted person, but this time, whether she encountered a dark magic beast tiger or this monkey-like thing in front of her, she didn’t kill it immediately, it can be seen that after staying around Ninth Sister for a long time she also had a little more soft-heartedness towards these little guys.

The silly monkey could not understand her words still looking for death and scratching at her.

Qian Wanyu drew out her water thunder whip, purple lightning flowed several times on the surface of the water thunder whip, a crackling sound rang out as she viciously smacked it towards the monkey, the guy dodged quickly, but its tail was accidentally swept by the sharp part of the water thunder whip’s tip.

“Squeak squeak squeak–”

It was so painful that it showed its teeth from the pain.

Qian Wanyu used the water thunder whip to sweep its long tail and tie it up, shaking it twice in the air backwards and forwards before she threw it far away, the water thunder whip slammed on the ground and twitched, she shouted in a fierce voice, “Who else?”

The group of other beasts that the dark tiger beast summoned out were so scared they shrunk back their heads to quietly slip away.

For a while, the whole area was quiet.

The dark magical beast tiger even took advantage of the monkey disturbing Qian Wanyu just now to slip away without a trace.

“Here you can cultivate your wind system spiritual power and dark system, I see that the spiritual power here is very sufficient.”

To prevent those little guys from interfering, Qing Mo personally sat down and arranged an extremely simple formation around the perimeter, he couldn’t help but shake his head, just now with Wanyu’s fierce nature she wasn’t attractive to animals at all. If she wanted to take in a dark magical beast or anything else she needed to rely wholly on force to suppress them…

On the other side, Dongfang Minghui was anxious to find Toothless, she even ignored the upper floors and instead tried to head down when she accidentally met Mu Sheng and Brother Li, “Brother Li you are injured?”

Li Yunan also didn’t expect to meet her, “A small injury, not a problem.”

Dongfang Minghui examined him and found that the injuries on his body were all caused by lightning, “It seems that senior brother Li has gained a lot here, this is a potion that can relieve the after-effects of lightning strikes, you will feel much better if you drink it.”

“Many thanks.”

Li Yunan was not polite, he picked up the porcelain bottle and drank it without hesitation.

“What’s wrong with Mu Sheng?”

“About to breakthrough, I guess?”

Mu Sheng was the weakest of them all and his cultivation was also the slowest, but he worked very hard. Dongfang Minghui was genuinely happy for him when she heard that he was going to breakthrough.

“It seems that everyone’s harvest is good, but I don’t know where Senior Brother Situ and Senior Sister Bai Rou are.”

Dongfang Minghui sighed, although this place was indeed good for adventures, but a large group of people ended up scattered everywhere, hmm, she didn’t know where Wei Junlan was either.

“Senior Brother Li, have you seen my Toothless?”

Li Yunan was fortunate enough to have seen Toothless once so he knew what she was talking about, he shook his head, “Did something happen?”

“It’s a long story.”

“Wait, Minghui, this place is too bizarre, why don’t we wait until Mu Sheng’s training is over, we will help you find it together, there is strength in numbers.”

It must be said that the other party’s words were attractive, with just her alone, she really wasn’t sure she could find Toothless, “What senior brother Li said is true.”

In another corner, Toothless sniffed and ran down the steps step by step, it sniffed everywhere and actually smelled the nasty smell of Qian Wanyu, but it was a smart one in this sense and knew that finding Qian Wanyu meant finding mother. It quickly moved to the area where Qian Wanyu was.

Qian Wanyu was still cultivating when Toothless came over, Qing Mo did see Toothless circling around them, sniffing around, but since they were inside the formation he wanted to see what the little guy wanted.

Toothless fel a little confused, why can’t it smell the smell of the Qian bad person?

However, the scent stopped here.

It simply sat down next to Qian Wanyu, lying down for a while it heard a roar and its ears perked up moving under Qing Mo’s eyes.

“Really a clever animal.” Qing Mo felt a slight pity, it was Wanyu who found this egg first, but then again no matter what method they used, they could not hatch it.

Toothless saw a dark magical beast tiger, this one was much bigger than it, it saw the other side roared twice and went away. There was a hole behind it, Toothless followed the scent and ran into the hole as well.


There were three tigers hidden inside the dark magical beast tiger cave, two of them were the same color with black fur but one was special with white fur. The white tiger was different so when it was born it was bullied and ostracized by the other two tigers.

The dark tiger beast cast some food to the several young tigers, Toothless sniffed, the place seemed to only smell of blood, completely different from its own nest. It looked at the tiger cubs fighting for food with slight disgust.

The white tiger’s ration was snatched away by the two small black tigers with their huge small bodies, it was also tipped over on the ground by the two small black tigers. With a twist of its buttocks, it saw Toothless lying at the entrance of the cave.

“I’ll take you to find food, my mother’s cooking is delicious.” Toothless badly clawed out a bit of the teething stick it had previously hidden under its teeth to give to it.

The white tiger took a bite and wagged its tail repeatedly.

Toothless sniffed outside the cave, dug his paws in, and dug out a lot of things from a place a meter outside the cave but none of them could be taken away. He picked out a few things that looked pretty good and put them in his mouth then swaggered away along with the little white tiger.

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