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MIWW Chapter 92 Part 1

Qing Mo had been watching Toothless’s movement, and after finding Toothless didn’t know what to do, he even considered whether to go out of the formation to catch the little guy.

Who knew that just half an hour later, he actually saw Toothless and a small white tiger pup strutting towards them, two small animals were taking a walk like it was their own park, majestically walking with their heads held high and laughing.

The little white tiger was about the size of his palms and not walking very well, occasionally tripping over its own short legs and falling with its chin on the ground into a small ball. He looked at it and it should be that it was born very recently. Probably because its hair was quite flat and not standing up it looks much smaller than normal tigers. It followed Toothless running sometimes to go somewhere else to sniff but as soon as Toothless stopped to wait for it, it would follow again.

This small group ran directly in front of him.

If not for the absolute confidence in his own formation, Qing Mo could not help but wonder if there was something wrong with it or has Toothless broken through?

Toothless threw what was in its mouth directly on the ground and dug a hole bigger than itself as it dumped the treasure it had pulled from the dark tiger’s cave then buried it with earth afterwards.

Toothless used its four paws to stomp on the new soil until it was flat and only then turned around to the little white tiger.

Qing Mo did not know what the two little things said but he saw the little white tiger run to buried mound to pee and then walk around twice.

After that, Toothless did something even more surprising to him, it brought over some leaves and twigs from the side of the bush and piled them all up in the place where the items were buried just now.

If he didn’t want to disturb Wanyu’s practice, he would have woken her up to see what the little animal had done.

Probably since it had found a small partner, and it couldn’t find the shadow of the Qian bad woman, Toothless simply took the little white tiger for an ‘experience’, they returned to the first level of the sharp knife mountain.

Toothless picked a spot right in front of the stairway, as soon as mother came down she’d be able to see them so it waved its tail lying down on the ground.

The little white tiger circled around it, and it gave it all the teething sticks it had kept its teeth.

It took a long time for the little white ball to digest the rest of the teething sticks and when it was full, it sat down next to Toothless and snuggled up to it trustingly, with its little tiger eyes staring in the direction Toothless was looking, serious and focused.

Bai Ruo met a group of soldiers who came from nowhere, they were just like the ones Dongfang Minghui met, the soldiers were divided into groups of five and each group would take turns to strike for more than two hours.

“Come again.”

Bai Rou originally wanted to use her ice Spiritual Power to freeze these obstructive bronze soldiers here but after seeing the long swords in their hands, she decisively put aside the fact that she was an Ice Spiritual Master and just gripped her greatsword to fight them.

It was in this situation that Qin Mu saw Bai Rou.

Since he led his team into the sharp knife mountain, everything seemed to be out of control. Their side lost troops and especially when they entered the second level after encountering a white fog, everyone got separated.

He was trapped here for several days and once again ascended the stone steps arriving here.

Bai Rou coldly grunted, acting as if this person did not exist, but she kept an eye on the other side in case they snuck an attack, she repelled a group of bronze soldiers and was already full of wounds, “I did not expect that you could also go this far.”

She couldn’t help but mock.

Qin Mu’s eyes looked gloomy, he was thinking of taking this opportunity to end Bai Rou here. The people he had brought with him had all died tragically, why should they be able to live unharmed? But, in the end, he did not take advantage of the other side fighting with the bronze soldiers to sneak attack as he took out his own sword, pointing directly at Bai Rou, “Let’s fight.”

They were both warriors, and warriors use swords to talk.

The bronze soldiers stopped moving after some time during the break period.

She wanted to take this opportunity to learn something but did not expect to meet such a person who wanted a beating, it was also good it was Wanyu’s nature to be able to tolerate this person repeatedly following them, if it was her she wouldn’t be able to tolerate it for a moment. She waved her big sword, “The loser gets out.”

Qin Mu did not dare to take the enemy lightly, he had observed the scene when Bai Rou used her sword to kill the enemy, the other side’s sword skill and those who fancy sword skills were not the same. Her skill was honed for efficient strikes without a trace of wasted movement.

It is because the her technique was so simple that she could often burst out unbelievable power, he had to pay attention to it.

This was the first time the two had fought, both sides went all-out for the first exchange, Bai Rou’s hand was a bit painful from the exchange plus she previously consumed too much strength against the soldiers so she had some tendency to lag behind. Time passed little by little and soon an incense stick of time passed.

Boom – boom – boom.

Once she heard this sound Bai Rou felt that the situation had turned bad, but her strong character made her unable to call a halt or admit defeat.

Not sure if their fight caused something, but when the two blades were facing each other, suddenly a sword shot across and both of them reacted and avoided it but it was a close shave.

“How did these bronze people suddenly increase?”

Qin Mu tightened his grip on his sword.

Bai Rou’s face was very bad, her expression turned serious, “These twenty are the ones you made come out, you deal with them.”

The remaining ones were hers.

Qin Mu was a little upset but in front of life and death, their grudge could be temporarily suspended.

Wei Junlan’s luck was not good or bad, after she separated from everyone in the second floor, she somehow entered a valley and had a good gain, she felt a constant source of spiritual energy in that place, taking this opportunity she leapt to become a third-level Spiritual Scholar.

She was lucky, but she didn’t expect a wind beast to appear out of nowhere and chase her for two days.

When she came out of that place, she found herself on the first floor of the cave they entered Bai Xuan’s sword was still embedded on the stone pillar and a dozen moths were sporadically attacking it.

Wei Junlan leapt up and easily retrieved the sword, and after she had chased the moths away, she plunged it into her space ring.

“Oh hey.”

Seeing two cute pets, one big and one small even with the same movements, Wei Junlan’s face immediately brightened with a smile, she was fortunate enough to have seen Toothless before, so she recognized it as Dongfang Minghui’s pet, “Little thing, why are you here? Where is your Minghui?”

Toothless was lying on the ground listlessly and didn’t even turn its eyelids, this sort of cold shoulder who was it like?

Wei Junlan was not angry, in her opinion, this little thing’s nature is the same as that fellow villager of hers, extremely weird. When happy it’ll chase people around, unhappy it’ll look like the emperor comes I don’t care. She was bored and cannot help but hit Toothless, “Did she abandon you? Doesn’t want you? Why don’t you follow me from now on, and the Blood Fiend Alliance will provide you with good food and drink, how about that?”

Toothless eyes glared and it got up to give a low growl at Wei Junlan, that fierce look really made Wei Junlan jump.

“Come on, I’m just kidding, don’t take it seriously.”

This little thing was extremely protective of its master, she just made a joke and it immediately got angry for Minghui, she turned her gaze and saw the little white tiger, “Yo, where did this little guy come from?”

She stretched out her hand to tease a little.


Toothless growled, showing two sharp teeth, and the fur all over its body stood up, an emotion of displeasure.

Wei Junlan’s hand was almost bitten by it, she was so angry that she put her finger to Toothless’s nose and said viciously, “Little Toothless, if you are so mean to me, in the ifuture if your master wants me to do something, I’ll-”

The threat didn’t continue.

Toothless resentfully stopped and the little white tiger shifted from leaning on its left to the right instead.

Wei Junlan was infuriated by these two little things, but she couldn’t really argue about anything, her mind turned slightly as she thought of how to teach them but she heard a sound, she turned over and dodged behind the stone pillar. Toothless saw this and also quickly moved backward to a shady, inconspicuous place.

The little white tiger reacted more slowly, it was just having a little snooze and the warm body heat it was sleeping on disappeared, it opened its eyes and saw two people coming towards it.

“That sound just now was made by this?” Aunt Fang looked at the little white tiger and obviously did not believe it, “It is at most a cub, look, it cannot even walk steadily.”

The little white tiger was anxiously running in circles, instinctively sniffing for Toothless’s scent to find the dark place where it was hiding.

Wei Junlan took a look at the two people hanging their heads and muttering and felt that these two people were not any good people, but the other two people’s spiritual power level was at Spiritual King level, for a little Spiritual Scholar like her, going out now wouldn’t be helping things.

She couldn’t help but sigh in her heart, countryman, you can really find trouble for me.

Watching them follow the small white tiger, step by step approaching, Toothless’ whole back arched up and a low roar sounded out.

It was not hiding, at most it wanted to pretend not to exist, it did not expect the silly white tiger to find it. As soon as the little white tiger saw its appearance, it immediately also gave two roars, but these two sounds in the two people’s ears was random, like a beast language or something so they thought it was completely unthreatening.

“Look, this little thing is much more resourceful than the other one, it can even hide, I almost got fooled by it.” Aunt Qin saw Toothless and was slightly surprised, “It’s actually a double-winged spirit beast, Miss seems to have not found a suitable spirit beast, why don’t we take it back with us? This one looks like a dog we should also take this one together.”

Aunt Qin and Aunt Fang were following Qian Zhuoxin’s instructions to take advantage of the opportunity to injure Qian Wanyu or find some trouble for her, they did not expect that once they entered this sharp knife mountain, the scenes inside were ever-changing. Even the two of them almost fell here.

The two looked at each other and saw their thoughts in each other’s eyes. Bringing two spirit animals back was also considered a great feat, maybe Missy can spare them for the sake of this cub’s high quality.

“Hey, isn’t it too arrogant for you to talk about whether to take them away in front of the two spirit pet owners?”

Wei Junlan asked lazily, she half bent a leg and showed a foot deliberately for them to see, as if she had just woken up, she did not know who the other party was, but hopefully Toothless and the little silly white tiger had some remaining wisdom, hurry up and run or try find someone to help!

“I was just trying to sleep. Toothless and little white tiger why are you running over there, come over here.”

Aunt Qin and Aunt Fang showed an unbelievable look, just now they obviously sensed around to make sure that no one was here before they dared to get that idea. Who expected that there was not only a person here, but they’d also been seen by the other side.

Toothless and the little white tiger really moved towards Wei Junlan. In its opinion, the two people who just said they would take them away are very bad, even worse than the Qian bad woman, these evil people wanted to kidnap them!

Wei Junlan stood up, her cold face showed a displeased look, “Who are you people? You dare to rob this young master’s spirit pets?”

Aunt Qin’s eye stared and when she saw Wei Junlan’s face clearly, she took a step back in fear and whispered a few words to Aunt Fang’s ear.

The Qian Family had hosted a banquet for Young Master Wei and the group of people he had brought with him before, she had the honor of seeing Wei Junlan once before when she followed Miss.

The two of them covered their voices so Wei Junlan could not hear their exchange, but she guessed it was probably not a good one. She stood with her hands folded showing quite a bit of power, she took advantage of the time when the two were exchanging word to squint her eyes and wave her hand to Toothless.

Toothless understood and moved towards the steps, the first floor was no longer very safe, it is better to stay on the second floor and wait for mother.

Aunt Fang was a cold hearted one, she looked at Wei Junlan, “Even if he is the young master of the Blood Fiend Alliance, so what? I think he is like us, he came here and got separated from his people. Now he has no one around to protect him, from his appearance he is at most a small Spiritual Scholar, if we kill him here, we can even attack the Third Miss hard, if the First Miss knows about it most likely she would also understand.”

This was simply a big gamble on their part.

If they won the bet, they would definitely get credit when they returned, but if they lost the bet… they would definitely be killed here.

Not waiting for Aunt Qin to decide whether to retreat or step forward, Aunt Fang took a step forward with a smile, “It turns out that it is Young Master Wei. I really have eyes bu8t couldn’t see Mount Tai, we didn’t really mean any offense I hope Young Master Wei will not remember this and let us go.”

Wei Junlan could not help but mutter in her heart, she had only just arrived in Meng City and didn’t even walk the streets so he shouldn’t be easily recognised. This time only in Qian Family was his identity leaked and he showed his face, these two people in front of him must be from the Qian Family, “You are the Qian Family’s people?”

Aunt Fang nodded, “Yes.”

Wei Junlan instinctively took a step back, her eyes slightly narrowed, “Who is your real master in the Qian Family?”

Aunt Qin wanted to answer, but was stopped by Aunt Fang, “Back to young master Wei, we were ordered by the old madam to secretly sneak into this place and protect the third young miss.”

If she had heard correctly just now, the other party should be talking about Qian Family’s eldest miss?

Wei Junlan was even more wary as she nodded slightly, “What a coincidence, I am also looking for your Third Miss, do you know where she is?”

She had thought that the other party recognized her identity, so most likely they would not quickly sneak attack, she glanced at Toothless’ direction, just then  she felt a cold and creepy feeling from her back, she did manage to dodge it in time but the sword in the hands of Aunt Fang had managed to stab her arm. Bright red blood dripped from her fingers and soon stained the ground red.

She suddenly remembered what happened when their group first stepped into this place.

Blood would draw out all the moths in this floor, damn!

“How dare you guys, how dare you hurt me!” Wei Junlan flew into a rage, her body filled with wind spiritual power and she instantly moved backwards to the farthest distance from them, anxiously pulling out medicinal plants from her space ring along with a pile of pills Dongfang Minghui had stuffed into her hands.

She was always surrounded by a large group of people and the elders would follow her everytime, she never thought that one day she’d actually need to use them, she wasn’t paying attention when Dongfang Minghui was lecturing and couldn’t remember which was which. Now to find a porcelain bottle of blood clotting pills, she couldn’t remember which was which!

“Ow ow ow ow–”

Toothless simply did not dare to go up the steps, it just went up a few steps and the white mist soon wrapped around them, it was so scared and the little white tiger was being dragged around, its nose and eyes couldn’t tell which direction was which.

Seeing one of them attack Wei Junlan, Toothless roared sharply towards the sky a few times, don’t know if it was because of anxiety or fear, it made a long and loud roar, even Qian Wanyu who was still in training was startled.

The entire area was quieted by the roar of Toothless, and some animals even retreated to their nests, shivering on the ground.


Qian Wanyu forced herself to stop cultivating, the last time she heard this sound was in the Qian Family, she vaguely felt that Toothless’s childish roar had a hint of loud and clear dragon roar in it, it is said that those flying beasts and crawling beasts that were being nurtured in the back of the Qian Family were terrified for a whole day from it and only got better the next day.

Looking at the quiet area, she immediately stood up.

“There should be something wrong.” Qing Mo said with uncertainty, he removed the formation and told her about Toothless running up to her earlier, when he had wanted to play with it for a bit, it ran away now it seemed the little guy was in some sort of trouble.

“Are you saying that Toothless most likely got separated from Ninth Sister?” Qian Wanyu listened for a long time before she understood.


Qing Mo also felt a bit annoyed, he observed Wanyu’s face was not very good and no longer said anything more.

“It’s Toothless, Toothless’ voice.” Dongfang Minghui pulled Mu Sheng’s arm and shook it, “You guys heard it right?”

“Yes.” Mu Sheng nodded but did not dare to say a word, Toothless usually did not roar on its own unless angered or…in danger, “Let’s look for it.”

They were on the second floor until Mu Sheng woke up, but unfortunately, the second floor didn’t have a route down so they were trapped on the second floor, they kept looking for a lot of places and could not find the exit so Dongfang Minghui got anxious. Eventually they came back to the floor with the bronze soldiers.

“Hmm? Bai Rou?”

Li Yunan saw Bai Rou covered in blood with her big sword dripping blood and got really scared, “Bai Rou, are you okay?”

“Yes.” Bai Rou found it hard to stan dup, she was covered in blood and there were many sword wounds on her body, in the constant battle with Qin Mu they had fought over three hundred rounds. She had accumulated injuries but the other side didn’t benefit either. She wanted to kill him to stop this scrouge from harming others in the future.

But, as soon as she heard Toothless’ roar, she lost concentration for a split second and managed to get attacked by Qin Mu, this big coward.

“I heard Toothless’ voice.” Thinking that something dangerous had happened to Minghui she immediately told Li Yunan her thoughts.

“Senior Sister Bai, you have to stay on this floor for now.” Dongfang Minghui took out a porcelain vase from her space ring, “Stop the bleeding with this, the moths on the first floor will suck you dry when they smell blood, you have to let the wounds on your body heal as soon as possible.”

Bai Rou slapped her head, she almost forgot this important thing.

“Senior Brother Li, stay here and protect Senior Sister Bai Rou, Mu Sheng and I will go to the first floor first.”

Little Colour’s vines swept from all sides to each cave separately to detect the way down, after looking for a long time, it really found a road down. Slipping down from under the stone pillar, the two people grabbed a vine and step by step, climbed down the pillar.

“You go catch the two spirit pets, leave this young master to me.” Aunt Fang was confident that she could clean up Wei Junlan as quickly as possible.

Wei Junlan looked at the puddle of broken porcelain bottles on the ground and her forehead veins stuck out. Just now, the other party took advantage of her looking for pills to rush over, if not for small Toothless reminding her a little and her dodging backwards she’d be stabbed again but now the porcelain bottles in her hand had been broken into crumbs.

Damn these people didn’t even let her get her pills and didn’t care about blood spilling here?!

“Very well, you’ve pissed me off, I’m going to pull you all to hell together.”

Wei Junlan’s mouth hooked up an extremely cold-blooded smile, all the spiritual power in her body released and the blood loss also accelerated more. Originally the calm wind around the area turned into a billowing gale as it spread the smell of blood through the wind.

She used the blood in her own body to condense into a small blood bead, taking advantage of the wind system, she used her fingertips to shoot all of these blood beads on the other side’s clothes, so that Aunt Fang’s body was also stained with some of her blood.

Aunt Fang hung her head down and took a look at the blood on her clothes, she was totally unaware of what the other party was doing but she soon found out.

Aunt Qin was still struggling but seeing Wei Junlan’s pale face, plus her shaky body, the other party will definitely not let them go, she was dragged into this boat by Aunt Fang now she couldn’t get off…

She walked towards Toothless.

Toothless showed its teeth and roared towards her, and the little white tiger also followed it.

Aunt Qin ran her spiritual power into her hands and pressed towards them, but she didn’t expect to be bitten by Toothless. Toothless’ sharp teeth were so sharp that they directly broke her finger bone,

“Seeking death!”


Toothless was shaken by the other side and sent flying, hitting the stone pillar viciously.

Wei Junlan had difficulty even protecting herself, she saw Toothless was thrown out by the other side and hit the stone pillar heavily unable to move for a long time, she said lightly, “I’ll advise you now, offending me does not matter, I can still leave your whole body intact, if you offend the master of that spiritual beast, even your whole body will be ashes.”

Rustle rustle rustle

Wei Junlan heard this sound and felt some numbness in her scalp, she felt that she would be sucked dry by these damn moths! She held Bai Xuan’s sword in her hand tightly, she had never used a sword but didn’t expect the first time she would have to use it would also be her last.

The sky was suddenly full of moths, a black swarm flew out from within each cave moving like black cloud towards Wei Junlan.

“If this young master survives this great disaster today I’ll wash the Qian Family with blood!”

Wooo very suspenseful situation for Wei Junlan!

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