Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 158

When Fang Li opened his eyes once more, he saw his personal area and lawn.


A dazzling ray shone from Fang Li’s body. This was an automatic cure function that the Chief God’s Envoy could receive when they returned. This ray healed all his fatigue and made him quite surprised.

“Can this Chief God’s Dimension automatic cure actually heal the soul as well?”

The Evaluation System also started at this time.

“Serial Number 11273 has returned to the Chief God’s Dimension, carrying out the evaluation.”

“Dungeon World, God Eater.”

“Quest Difficulty, Fifth Rank.”

“Number of participants, 1”

“Main Quests, 3”

“Quest 1, Participate in the Aragami expedition from the Fenrir Far East Branch and kill as many Aragami as possible, the rewards will be based on the number killed.”

“Quest Complete, extra promotion for having a massive number of kills.”

“Quest 2, Gain an Aragami core, the rewards will be based on the number collected.”

“Quest Complete, the extra rewards are little in amount, Exchange Points will be calculated accordingly.”

“Quest 3, Obtain 5000 Exchange Points, the rewards will be based on the number collected.”

“Quest Complete obtained 10,000 Exchange Points, rewards will be in the medium level.”

“Clearance Evaluation, A-Rank.”

“Examining other factors for the evaluation for promotion.”

“Influencing factor one, Completing A rank side quest ‘Investigate the Russian Branch’, Evaluation has risen to A+”

“Influencing factor two, Completing A rank side quest ‘Fight against the Deusphage’, Evaluation has risen to S- Rank”

“Influencing factor three, Completing A rank hidden quest ‘Defeat Dyaus Pita’, Evaluation has risen to S Rank”

“Final clearance Evaluation is S Rank.”

“Rewards are 20,000 Exchange Points and 20 Free attribute points.”


“S Rank?”

Fang Li was satisfied with this evaluation. After all, this time he couldn’t stay longer to promote his rewards otherwise he could have easily gotten more additional rewards. To obtain an S Rank evaluation even without it was quite satisfying.

“Furthermore, I didn’t think I completed a hidden quest as well.”

Fang Li selected the quest icon.

“Serial Number 11273 has completed A rank hidden quest ‘Defeat Dyaus Pita’.”

“Quest Details, gain victory after fighting Dyaus Pita.”

“Quest Rewards, 5 Rating Stones.”

Reading this, Fang Li’s eyebrow lifted up as he suddenly saw 5 jewel-like stones.

“Rating Stone, Special Items, when returning to the Chief God’s Dimension using this will allow a secondary extra promotion, the scope will be random, the value of 10,000 Exchange Points.”

“An object to promote the evaluation?”

This made Fang Li pleasantly surprised.

“This is really good.”

Although the promotion was random so long as he could promote the evaluation rank it was definitely good.

Consider for a second, if other people had to complete grueling side quests to promote their evaluation whereas this stone could achieve a similar effect how many people would that irritate?

Furthermore, he had five of these stones so if he used them all, as long as he wasn’t too bad in the Dungeon World he could still get an S Rank.

But this enhancement was representative of the final reward. Regarding all Envoys, this was something highly sought after.

Fang Li was very satisfied with this Rating Stone as he stored it in his Black Ring.

This time, Fang Li returned with a full load once more.

30,000 Exchange Points.

30 Free Attribute Points.

On top of that, five rating stones.

What else could be called a full load if not this?

Naturally, compared to before he was short of 20,000 Exchange Points but the only reason he could get that much before was the killing reward for novices, this time without that obtaining 30,000 was already a great result.

What was more important compared to the Exchange Points that could be earned slowly were those 30 Free Attribute Points.

With these, he could promote his strength by a large amount once more. Which Envoy didn’t want to promote their strength before a Dungeon World?

For this goal, Fang Li truly returned with a full load.

After all, the attribute limit of the Fifth rank Envoys was 100 points, Fang Li had already achieved one-third of this, what was there to be dissatisfied about?

“Furthermore, there are other harvests.”

Saying so he opened his skill interface.

Flashing Scabbard

– Active Skill.
When using the Skill style, attack speed increases by 50%.
When using the Skill style, arm strength increases by 50%.
When using the Skill style, ignore the enemy’s defence at a certain chance.
When using the Skill style, break their protection at a certain chance.
Skill Level can be promoted.

Flashing Dash

– Active Skill.
When using the Skill style, movement speed increases by 50%.
When using the Skill style, jumping ability increases by 50%.
When using the Skill style, the user may accelerate their speed in any direction.
When using the Skill style, the user may disregard all inertia.
Skill Level can be promoted.


These were the two biggest harvests from this Dungeon World.

These two skills had infinite potential. So long as Fang Li practiced his Nanaya Assassination Arts when using these two skills he could obtain their effects.

Not to mention he could level up the skills so when he achieves the Fourth Rank he can use the skill points to promote the effects.

“Only, I’m only foundational level at best for the Nanaya Assassination Arts…”

Therefore, the critical matter for him right now was clear.



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