Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 174


With an impact sound, that gigolo looking male student was flung by Fang Li on the ground causing a dust cloud to burst up.

“Ughh” The student couldn’t help but groan from his throat while immediately standing up and raising his arm to aim at Fang Li.

However, the student discovered at this time that the gun had vanished from his hands! Before he could be too surprised, a sound came from beside him near his ear.

“Are you looking for this?”

Hearing those words, he knew what happened. Sure enough, in Fang Li’s hand was the gun aimed at the male student.


The male student was quite shocked. Fang Li was actually shocked as well.

“One wind, although it’s a throwing technique but the goal is to catch the neck.”

This style was meant to restrain a person by their neck before they could react then throw them on the ground before moving in for the kill.

So long as they fell on the ground, the opposite party only needed to twist their hands slightly to twist the neck of the enemy or use their free hand to kill them with a blade.

However, this student actually detected the danger of this move and before Fang Li could use One Wind he had leaped sub-consciously causing Fang Li to miss and could only grab his belt.

“Although he hadn’t seen through my movement he actually relied on pure reflexes to respond?”

Because of this, the opposite party could actually escape the possibility of death.

“But it stops there.”

Fang Li’s hand clenched the trigger and aimed at the opposite party’s chest.


A bullet violently shot out towards that male student that had just gotten up.

From the throw before he had been wounded to some extent.

After all, Fang Li’s STR was still 18 points which wasn’t extremely high but still significantly higher than the average person combined with the Nanaya Assassination Arts, his arm strength was even stronger while using the skill disregarding all defense.

Even if this person wasn’t an average person either, from the impact he would have had some damage to his internal organs.

With another gunshot, even if he had a bulletproof uniform, this person with the added injuries should be instantly defeated.

At least that was what Fang Li thought.

Except the opponent was quite ruthless as well…


Before the bullet could hit his chest at that instant, he moved rapidly.


With the sound of something sliding out, a foldable knife fell into the opposite party’s hand. The bullet was coming towards him but it was as if he could see the path of the bullet as he waved the blade.


The sound of metal colliding was heard with the bullet flying towards the ceiling instead causing a small hole in it.

Time stopped.

At this moment, Fang Li was silent, that male student that flicked the bullet was also silent.

Then Fang Li started speaking with a subtle expression, “Didn’t you just say before that only the superhuman me could flick away a bullet?”

“I know what you want to say…” The opposite party forced a smile, “Believe me that’s the first time I’ve ever done that!”

“Just because it’s the first time it means you can’t do it?” Fang Li mocked, “Since you can shoot two bullets and change their path so easily, being able to deflect bullets shouldn’t be too strange.”

Really, although this world seemed ordinary there were still superhuman like people that could do things beyond an average person. Although his memory of this world was fuzzy, Fang Li vaguely remembered that this world had supernatural things like Vampires in it.

Similarly, in this world there were people that had the bloodlines of extraordinary people and inherited unique unusual abilities.

Precisely because of this Main Quest 3 and 4 came about.

“It seems like this thing isn’t useful for fighting you.” Fang Li threw the gun towards him.

“Thanks, this is very useful for me.” The opposite party also simply just grabbed it while loosening the steel cable from Fang Li’s wrist to free him.

At this moment, a form appeared in the building.

“Good” Ranbyou had arrived impatiently saying, “Both of you no longer need to fight.”

Hearing this both of them were startled.

“The entrance examination has ended, the performance of both of you has surpassed my expectations, I wasn’t too bored watching.” Ranbyou opened up two files in her hands.

“Fang Li, a general studies middle school student that registered for Tokyo Butei High School, specialty Assault.”

“Your entrance examination result is a perfect score, rank evaluation S Rank, congratulations, you’ve become an S Rank Butei on the day of admission.”

The system notification also sounded out in his head.

“Serial Number 11273, after going through the entrance examination at Tokyo Butei High School you’ve obtained the title…”

Butei S Rank

STR + 20
VIT + 20
AGI + 20

Bonus effect: When using firearms the bullet’s path can be changed to some extent and accuracy may rise.

( While wearing this title, the user cannot violate the Butei Charter, else the title will expire, and disappear.)

This was quite a blessing. Fang Li was startled then joyful at heart.

Unexpectedly he got a title, this was something he didn’t expect.

But on the other side, Ranbyou continued announcing.

“Tohyama Kinji, Butei attached middle school, registered for Tokyo Butei High School this year, specialty Assault.”

“Your admittance result is also a perfect score, the rank evaluation is S Rank”

Hearing this, the male student smiled faintly, as if he was quite satisfied with the result.

However, Fang Li was startled.

“Tohyama Kinji?”

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