Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 175

At this moment, Fang Li finally realized why he thought this gigolo like male was familiar. it was because Tohyama Kinji was the main character of the series!

“Unexpectedly we’re in the same school?”

Fang Li looked at his new colleague.

Ranbyou who didn’t know about Fang Li’s surprise looked at both of them and said, “Starting today both of you are officially Assault Butei, you will have Butei licenses and the privilege of carrying weapons and arresting criminals, therefore, no matter what you have to remember the Butei Charter.”

Ranbyou looked at both of them and slowly stated the below

1. Believe in your comrades and help each other.
2. You must fulfil the contract in the commission. No matter what.
3. You must become stronger. But above all, you must support justice.
4. A Butei is self-reliant. Do not interfere without a request for help.
5. Act swiftly. Taking action is the essence of certain victory.
6. Think for yourself, act for yourself.
7. Plan with pessimism, act with optimism.
8. A mission is accomplished when it is completely finished.
9. Butei cannot kill people under all circumstances.
10. Never Give up, A Butei must never ever give up.

“The above ten codes will be your standard code of conduct, only if you no longer want to be Butei otherwise once you violate any of them don’t even think about being Butei anymore, understood?”

Fang Li and Tohyama Kinji nodded.

Right now, the entrance exam had fully ended. But out of this exam, two new S Rank Butei were born.

This matter would definitely cause a stir within the Butei High community and turn into a legend.

Walking out of the abandoned building, Fang Li immediately replaced his title and used up the remaining 30 free Attribute Points from before.

Naturally, he dumped it all into AGI as usual.

Right now his attributes were like below.

Character: Fang Li
Race: Human
Title: Butei (S-Rank)
Rank: Fifth Rank
STR: 28 ( + 27 )
VIT: 28 ( + 27 )
AGI: 74 ( + 27 )
INT: 8 ( + 7 )

New power gushed through his body and allowed him to truly feel the promotion of his strength. The litheness of his body made him surprised, his body felt as light as a feather, as if the slightest movement would cause him to have running speed.

“Right now, even without Stigma I could probably match Dyaus Pita right?”

After all, the total attributes for Fifth Rank was only 100 points. Fang Li’s AGI had already reached 74 points, higher than most Fifth Rank Envoys.

If there weren’t any other Envoys that focused only on speed then he’d probably be the fastest Fifth Rank right?

“So long as my speed improves more I can just use the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception to kill any rank above me…”

Therefore, Fang Li was pretty happy with the progress.

Right then, he heard footsteps behind him. Fang Li turned around and looked back.

Tohyama Kinji had his head lowered as he slowly walked out.

“Ahh I went too far, didn’t think that I’d suddenly become an S Rank Butei if I can’t display that sort of skill then what should I do…”

Tohyama Kinji was sighing to himself and hadn’t discovered Fang Li.

This sort of condition made Fang Li doubt.

“Couldn’t discover me at this distance?”

This shouldn’t be.

With Tohyama Kinji’s reflexes that could even react to Fang Li’s One Wind, he should be able to easily tell where Fang Li was.

Furthermore, Fang Li didn’t know if it was just him but, “Feels like he’s different from before, it’s like another person.”

If before Tohyama Kinji could give Fang Li the constriction of an expert then currently, Fang Li couldn’t feel anything from him at all.

Right now, his skill felt about the same as those ordinary students before.

This strange situation made him somewhat shocked and he couldn’t bear opening his mouth.

“Tohyama san, what happened to you?”

“Eh?” Tohyama Kinji hadn’t discovered Fang Li’s existence until then suddenly asking, “Haven’t you gone back already?”

While saying so, he forced a smile and said, “It shouldn’t be that you want to keep fighting right? Can I just say one thing quickly, the current me will definitely be one-shotted by you…”

“Current you?” Fang Li frowned.

The next second his memory finally woke up again.

Tohyama Kinji this main character was actually a little special.


In his physique. The Tohyama family had a hereditary physique. This was based on the theory that humans in love will cause the brain to emit certain transmitters and endorphins. This was an instinct from a male wanting to procreate with a female. For men of the Tohyama family, this sort of abnormality made them activate 30 times more neural transmitters than the average person. This then causes a massive exponential enhancement in their physical, mental, reflexes and judgemental abilities. Essentially turning them superhuman.

TL: I’ve changed the description of Hysteria mode a bit from the author because frankly his description is wrong.

This sort of special physique was unique to the Tohyama family. Fang Li fuzzily recalled these memories and slowly read out the name.

“Hysteria Savant Syndrome.”

These words were heard by Tohyama Kinji.

At that moment, he took two steps back and said with surprise, “H-how did you know that?”

Seeing the shock on his face, Fang Li knew that his memory wasn’t wrong. In other words, the person that made Fang Li surprised during this examination was just Tohyama Kinji whilst in Hysteria mode.

The Tohyama Kinji right now was just an average person.

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