Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 176

Seeing Tohyama Kinji’s surprised face and him backing up, Fang Li smiled bitterly.

“No wonder before yous aid that if you had been fighting a female student you’d show mercy.”

Hysteria Savant Syndrome was based on the male reproductive instinct. Therefore while in this condition, Tohyama Kinji would have a weird mental issue. Under this mode, he would turn into an attractive male to females while also having the instinctual need to protect females.

Therefore, the contrast between both of them would be so big, before he was like a gigolo but now he was ordinary.

Therefore, once he was in Hysteria Mode, Tohyama Kinji couldn’t injure any females. Even, he didn’t have a choice, he could only mildly harm them.

“Really a troublesome physique.”

This was Fang Li’s feeling from the heart.

Regarding this, Tohyama Kinji approved of it as well shouting, “That’s right it’s such a massive pain to have it, it needs women in order to be used, this sort of random garbage should just disappear already!”

It could be seen how much suffering Tohyama Kinji had to go through to spout that. However, Fang Li was curious.

“How did you enter it before?”

Tohyama Kinji’s expression stiffened as if he was afraid to say quickly saying, “T-that’s not important, you don’t need to know!”

“Right?” Fang Li showed a faint smile but his eyes had a pondering gleam.

“So you don’t plan on saying anything, guess I’ll just ask instructor Ranbyou to view the security footage.”

If Fang Li didn’t remember incorrectly, the Hysteria Savant syndrome could only maintain itself while the user was sexually aroused.

However, even after that, it could only maintain itself for one hour at most.

But from start to finish, the entire examination was only about one hour.

in other words, Tohyama Kinji had likely triggered it during the test itself.

That being the case, investigating the security footage from all the cameras should show how Tohyama Kinji had entered that mode.

Saying so, Fang Li turned around and walked towards the abandoned building.

“Wait wait!” Tohyama Kinji couldn’t keep calm.

He shouted, “Do you have a grudge against me! You don’t hesitate for such a small matter really?”

“I don’t know what grudge you’re talking about but Tohyama san, I was prepared to push aside all the students but finally I had to fight you and we ended up in a tie, with this sort of circumstance investigating the reason shouldn’t be strange right?”

“B-but don’t you already know about my Hysteria Mode?” Tohyama Kinji tried to make excuses, “Doesn’t that mean you don’t need to investigate more?”

“That’s true…” Fang Li then looked at Tohyama Kinji and smiled, “But I’m pretty happy to do so, what can you do about it?”

Tohyama Kinji’s jaw hit the ground.

This fellow was so evil!

Truly from some perspective, Fang Li was truly evil.

Well rather than evil it’s more like he did what he wanted. Even from before this trait of his was evident. When facing Mumei, he constantly mocked Amatori Biba and this made Mumei quite upset at the time.

While facing Alisa, Fang Li also crudely reminded this young girl to not be so arrogant making her quite upset too.

From these perspectives, Fang Li truly had a somewhat evil personality. But really he just did what he wanted not caring what other people thought.

This also caused other people around him as a child to distance themselves from him. Therefore when he was eight, he asked the teacher on the first day about such a philosophical issue.

In a nutshell, since he was weird then at least when facing himself he should be honest.

With that sort of idea, he did what he wanted from infancy to maturity. Because he liked Mumei’s group he decided to save them at a huge cost. Because he hated Amatori Biba he didn’t mind killing him. When Alisa was in a difficult position, he also didn’t hesitate to rescue her.

Rollins Wright was also the same, because he hated his character even if he knew that killing him would cause the Aragami army to attack the Russian Branch smoothly, he didn’t mind doing it in the same old way.

Now, Fang Li just had a sudden impulse to expose Tohyama Kinji’s scandal so he teased him.

“I think you should just honestly tell me.” Fang Li appeared to say with good intentions, “In any case, even if it’s not known by me or the other Assault instructors, the method to enter Hysteria Mode, you should be clear about the method right?”

“Y-you…” Tohyama Kinji grinded his teeth.

But since he wasn’t in Hysteria Mode even if he wanted to resist he couldn’t….

At that moment he could only helplessly state, “It’s just that during the test I met a Juliet like female student.”

“Juliet?” Fang Li was confused, “What’s that?”

“I forgot you weren’t from a Butei middle school but a general studies one. In a honey trap, Juliet is the female and Romeo is the male.”

Hearing this, Fang Li understood what he meant.

“So in other words…” Fang Li speechlessly continued, “You were trapped in someone’s honey trap?”

“Ahh Yes!” Tohyama Kinji shouted, “Can’t you be slightly more tactful, damn it!”

Seeing him getting angry, Fang Li smiled.

Both Fang Li and Tohyama Kinji hadn’t discovered something. To onlookers, wasn’t this the sort of quarrel 2 good friends over many years had?

Perhaps, this was the so-called instantly hitting it off at first meeting?

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