Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 177

Although Butei High was primarily to cultivate Butei, it was also a high school. Naturally, as a Butei High student they followed the general High School curriculum otherwise there’d be an issue with their education.

However, compared to normal schools, the number of times Butei High students would see academic content will definitely be lower. Therefore, in Butei High, only the first four class sessions were general high school curriculum while after that it was all focused on professional courses.

For example, the Assault students would train their combat techniques. Each of the faculties had different sorts of training.

From the fifth class onwards, they had to go to separate buildings to carry out these training classes.

But in general, before the fifth class, the students weren’t divided based on specialty, they were all just grouped and attended class together as usual.

Therefore, even after passing the examination, Fang Li had to return to Butei High and go to class. On the way back, Tohyama Kinji had a grumbly face.

Before getting back they had found their name and both had fallen into silence.

“Fang Li, Class 1-A”

“Tohyama Kinji, Class 1-A”

In other words, both of them were not only Assault Butei but they were also in the same class in the general curriculum.

“Bad luck such bad luck”


At that moment, they both spat out words reflecting what they thought.

Fang Li tried hard not to laugh, he didn’t think he’d be in the same class as the main character of the original plot. It feels like his later life won’t be too boring.

Tohyama Kinji was different after all he had already associated Fang Li with a devil in his heart.

Naturally, he also looked up to him in some aspects.

Although under Hysteria Mode, all his words and actions would make him want to kill himself from disgust, it didn’t mean he did not understand how strong he was.

Yet, Fang Li could actually rely on his own strength without a weapon to knock him down under Hysteria Mode almost defeating him even. This was something to look up to.

Just that this admiration changed into something else after he was made fun of…

Tohyama Kinji could see it in his mind, what sort of future his school life had being in the Assault Class with another student who could suppress his Hysteria Mode and knew about it.

This was definitely the sort of thing that screamed Bad End!

“It’s over…” Tohyama Kinji cried, “My high school life…”

Seeing Tohyama Kinji sad appearance Fang Li was quite happy.

“I’m not going to eat you why’re you so afraid?” Fang Li thought to himself, “I’ll probably just get you to run some errands for me at most, maybe do some shopping, if I’m feeling good I might even tip you.”

“Do you think I’m your little brother or something?!” Tohyama Kinji shouted, “Are you sure you’re a new student entering high school you don’t act like one!”

In the eyes of normal people, Butei didn’t have a good image. Therefore, the normal students registering from outside would normally be a little afraid of Butei until they got accustomed to it gradually.

However, Fang Li didn’t seem to show any of this fear at all. Rather, it was Tohyama Kinji that felt a little afraid.

Another thing was his strength was an issue.

That sort of superhuman strength wasn’t something a normal student should have right?

Thinking of this, he had doubts on his face.

Regarding this topic, Fang Li shrugged and said, “Your suspicion is correct, but if you want to know the truth then don’t expect to know it from a criminal’s mouth and investigate yourself.”

“You think of yourself as a criminal?” Tohyama Kinji wanted to knock his head before sighing, “You’re right, that was rude of me, I won’t ask again.”

“Smart.” Fang Li actually didn’t care much smiling, “But from this, it seems like we’ll be dealing with each other more later on, I hope we won’t be in the same dormitory as well.”

Then, he turned around and walked to the school entrance. Tohyama Kinji was dumbfounded.

“It can’t be right…?”

The same specialization, same normal class, can the dorms be the same as well…?

Could it be that he had to be with Fang Li 24/7!?

Thinking of this, he immediately felt weak.

Right now he ran quickly. For the sake of his peaceful school life, he had to confirm this!

“You, why’re you following me?”

“I need to look at the dormitory arrangements!”

“Is that important?”

“Very important!”

“That’s true I guess, if you’re in my dormitory you can’t bring any girls back.”

“I wouldn’t do that even if I could! I hate girls the most!”

After all, for him girls were the dangerous cause of him entering Hysteria Mode.

Even if it gave him formidable strength, when he thought of what he did and said while in Hysteria Mode it made him want to vomit.

Therefore, both of them kept bickering all the way to the school gates.

However, before they entered a sound came from the side.

“Um…excuse me, which of you two is Tohyama Kinji san?”

When they heard this voice, both of them turned back and looked.

They were both shocked. It was a young girl wearing a Butei High uniform. Her fair snow-like skin was exposed. Pitch black long hair draped down behind her. There was a white satin ribbon tied in a butterfly knot.

This was what you called a bishoujo that walked out of a picture!

Her whole body exuded a gentle air looking like a Yamato Nadeshiko.

But right now there was a trace of uneasiness on her face.

Seeing this young girl made both of them react differently…

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