Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 178

Regarding this Yamato Nadeshiko, Fang Li was shocked of course. That’s because this was the same girl from before that was being pestered by those delinquents.

At that time, he’d only gotten a glimpse of the young girl’s profile. He didn’t think she’d be so beautiful.

Right, beautiful.

This seemingly young student gave off a mature charm that made people think of beauty. Perhaps Tohyama Kinji had the same idea, his face was slightly red and he stepped back unconsciously. His expression was even shyer than that young girl.

This couldn’t be helped. After all, Hysteria Mode was triggered by arousal.

If he’d entered Hysteria Mode after meeting a new female student for less than a minute he’d just kill himself on the spot.

But, the opposite party seemed to be looking for him…

Therefore, he could only cautiously ask, “I-I’m Tohyama Kinji, do you need something from me?”

In order to not enter Hysteria Mode he stared vigilantly at the girl.

This made the girl somewhat flustered as she kept bowing to Tohyama Kinji.

“R-right I know that it’s not polite to suddenly look for you all of a sudden I should have prepared a gift before visitng, sorry sorry!”

Seeing the young girl being so apologetic, Tohyama Kinji was embarrassed.

“Y-you, you don’t need to be so apologetic, this is the school’s entrance people will get the wrong idea…”

Tohyama Kinji cautiously asked again, “So is there something you need me for?”

“Yes yes” The young girl folded her hands in front of her before bowing, “Greetings, I am Hotogi Shirayuki from the Hotogi Shrine in Aomori’s outskirts.”

“Hotogi Shirayuki?” Tohyama Kinji was startled.

Fang Li who was watching from the side curiously asked, “What’s wrong, is it someone you know?”

Regarding the original plot, Fang Li really couldn’t remember too much.

Being able to remember that Tohyama Kinji was the main character was already not easy. For Fang Li, this world was totally new and unfamiliar.

Therefore, he wanted to collect information first and get a better understanding of it.

Tohyama Kinji responded. However, before he could say anything, Hotogi Shirayuki noted Fang Li and asked in astonishment, “Weren’t you the student that saved me before?”

“Saved?” Fang Li blinked.

“That shouldn’t really be saving you right?”

However, that just allowed her to confirm that that was indeed Fang Li.

Hotogi Shirayuki bent her waist again in a bow and said, “Thank you for helping me before.”

Seeing her bow, Fang Li felt awkward. Wasn’t this young girl too polite? Like excessively polite?

This sort of respectful appearance might be normal to people here but Fang Li wasn’t familiar with it.

Therefore he scratched his cheek and had no idea what to do.

At that moment, Hotogi Shirayuki stiffened while bowing then looking at Fang Li’s eyes.

Carefully looking at her, she seemed to be looking at Fang Li’s hand that was scratching his cheek. More precisely the back of his hand where there was a white tattoo.

That was Fang Li’s stigma.

Naturally, the real stigma was in his soul, this mark on his hand just meant he had this power.

But this mark was what caused Hotogi Shirayuki to stiffen up and her eyes to shiver.

At that moment, she seemed a little uneasy compared to before.

Right now, in her eyes, there was only seriousness.

She opened her mouth, “It’s him?”

This sound was so small that Fang Li couldn’t hear clearly so he was startled and asked, “What did you say?”

“N-nothing!” Hotogi Shirayuki instantly returned to her beforehand mood, only she seemed a little more earnest and her eyes kept darting to the white mark on Fang Li’s hand as if to confirm something.

The air suddenly turned awkward.

Fang Li didn’t know what to say he could only nudge Tohyama Kinji and ask, “So you do you know Hotogi san?”

“No” Tohyama Kinji gave an answer, “We just met today.”

“Met today?” Fang Li asked, “But she knew your name and was looking for you?”

The person who replied was actually Hotogi Shirayuki.

“Sorry, I should’ve explained before.” She apologized again, “Actually, the Hotogi Shrine was the one who told me to send regards to the Tohyama Family’s second son after hearing that I was in the same Butei High School.”

Hearing that, Tohyama Kinji knocked his palms as he said, “Right, big brother also told me that this year a Hotogi Shrine Miko would be registering to enter Butei High and asked me to look after her, was that you?”

“Yes” Hotogi Shirayuki politely nodded.

“Because the Hotogi Shrine is deep in the mountains and we don’t interact with the outside world a lot, we only communicate a little with the Tohyama Family’s people so the shrine asked me to get to know you.”

“Big brother also told me that the history between the Tohyama Family and Hotogi Shrine is quite long.” Tohyama Kinji frowned then said, “But when I was young, the Hotogi Shrine suddenly forbade anyone from entering or exiting the shrine including our family, why’s that?”

Hearing that, Hotogi Shirayuki was silent. Only, she seemed to shoot a vague look at Fang Li.

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