Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 179

This time, Fang Li noticed Hotogi Shirayuki’s vision. He felt that she was looking quite earnestly at him. This couldn’t help but making him wonder, “What’s wrong with this girl?”

Before she was so polite and excessive now she was so mysterious how could anyone respond to that?

Compared to Hotogi Shirayuki, Mumei’s willfulness and Alisa’s aloofness seemed more normal.

At least for both of these young girls, Fang Li knew how to deal with their personalities. Regarding Hotogi Shirayuki though, Fang Li had no clue.

This made him realize something.

That was that before, to clear the Dungeon Worlds he had relied quite a lot on the knowledge of the plot allowing him to deal with many things to some extent since he was familiar with the characters and the world itself.

This world though was basically new to him.

“Later worlds will probably be similar?”

Fang Li couldn’t have been familiar with all worlds after all, it’s inevitable that there would be more situations like this where he’s dropped into a strange world.

“Therefore, I can’t depend too much on my knowledge of the future, I’ll need to train my skill at making the best of any situation.”

Currently speaking, perhaps entering Butei High for him was something to be happy about. After all, to deal with the criminals, Butei had to have various skills in coping with unknown situations.

This for Fang Li was a timely rain.

Fang Li no longer wanted to watch quietly in the background but attack.

“So, Hotogi san is a miko right?” Fang Li looked at Hotogi Shirayuki and followed, “Obviously you’re a miko, why are you here to become a Butei?”

This time, it wasn’t Hotogi Shirayuki that replied but Tohyama Kinji.

“Hotogi shrine’s mikos are not the same as general shrine mikos.”

Tohyama Kinji glanced at Hotogi Shirayuki and lowered his voice, “Hotogi Shrine’s miko are armed miko and there are even miko that can use demonic arts superpowers!”

“Superpowers?” Fang Li was astonished and looked at Hotogi Shirayuki, “You can use superpowers?”

“It’s not really that amazing.” Hotogi Shirayuki shook her head and continued, “I’m just a trainee now, the goal of me entering Butei High is also to improve my abilities.”

This wasn’t something you could just say.

In this world there really were superpowers and special abilities.

This wasn’t a secret, in the Butei world, everyone knew these existed.

For example, in Butei High there was a special training program just for superpowers. Supernatural Selective Research.

The general designation for this, S-Ken.

In this area, there were many things that surpassed a normal human’s imagination.

For example things like Magic was one of the contents in the program.

Besides Butei High, other countries also had similar programs setup to research supernatural abilities.

Butei who could use these abilities were called Choutei. Since Choutei could use superpowers, she was naturally part of this group.

“A miko with superpowers.” Fang Li was curious and asked, “Hotogi san, do you mind demonstrating it for me?”

“D-demonstrate?” Hotogi Shirayuki  looked a little troubled.

“I think it’s better to not look.” Tohyama Kinji was less enthusiastic, “That’s a completely different world, if you know too much you’ll turn weird.”

“Excuse me.” Fang Li looked at him strangely, “After entering this school you think that your future life will be normal?”

Tohyama Kinji was dumbfounded.

“Naturally I’m just curious.” Fang Li went back to the topic and continued, “If it’s not convenient then just forget what I said.”

“N-no it’s not like that.” Hotogi Shirayuki hesitated a bit before seeming to make a decision, “I’ll do divination for you.”

“Divination?” Fang Li was surprised.

“Right divination.” Hotogi Shirayuki explained, “Hotogi Shrine’s demon arts are not suitable for use when there’s a crowd but divination should be fine.”

Saying so she promptly sat down.

“W-what are you doing?!” Tohyama Kinji was flustered.

After all, this was the school entrance.

When a bishoujo like Hotogi Shirayuki sat down in front of the entrance they’d instantly turn into the main focus.

Not to mention anyone else, the surrounding students were already looking in their direction with astonishment…

How could Tohyama Kinji not be flustered?

Hotogi Shirayuki herself though didn’t seem to care much as if the timidity had vanished and what was left was a serious priestess’ expression.

She faced Fang Li and said, “Please sit.”

“Alright.” Fang Li nodded and sat in front of her.

Right now, to not be the centre of attention would be hard.

“What are those two doing?”

“New students?”

“That girl’s pretty cute.”

“Who’s the boy?”

The surrounding students were all whispering and gathering around.

At that moment, Tohyama Kinji had already snuck off. Both Fang Li and Hotogi Shirayuki sat in front of the school entrance like that surrounded by students who they regarded as air.

Then Hotogi Shirayuki took out some cards.

“This is a Miko’s divination cards, Hotogi shrine’s miko uses cards as a medium to carry out the divination.”

Hotogi Shirayuki seemed to have turned into another person, she gave off a solemn shared feeling like a saintess.

“What would you like to divine?”

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