Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 180

Fang Li lowered his head and looked at the cards laid down in front smiling.

Immediately he said, “Since you want to divine for me, just any random divination will do.”

Fang Li had actually given Hotogi Shirayuki a tough problem. That’s because out of all the divination, a random one was hardest to satisfy.

But, Hotogi Shirayuki didn’t even wrinkle her brow as she nodded.

Under Fang Li’s gaze, she closed her eyes and extended her hands to grasp a card.

Then she stopped and suddenly presented three cards.

Fang Li was surprised.

When did Hotogi Shirayuki take out three cards!?

Fang Li hadn’t seen anything at all.

Hotogi Shirayuki then held up the three cards in front of Fang Li and looked at him.

“These three cards represent your past, present and future.”

Saying so she presented the front side of all the cards.

Fang Li immediately focused his eyes on them.

Not just him, all the students were curiously looking at the three cards as well whispering to each other as if it was quite an interesting matter.

The first card was a forest, a forest of small trees.

The second card was a river with a boat swaying on it.

The third card was a cavern filled with rocks.

Seeing these three cards, everyone else was staring blankly but Hotogi Shirayuki’s eyes were filled with seriousness.

“What’s wrong?” Fang Li looked at her serious face and joked, “Could it be that my past, present and future are weird?”

“No, not that.” Hotogi Shirayuki shook her head and said indecisively, “Rather than weird it’s more like it’s special.”

“Special?” Fang Li was curious asking, “Special in what way?”

“I’ll explain what these three cards mean.”

Hotogi Shirayuki pointed at the first card, “This represents your past.”

“In the vast forest, a young tree is surrounded by big trees, this indicates that loneliness.” Hotogi Shirayuki whispered in a soft voice, “Your past, although it could be held in the same forest as all trees but you were actually different from your surroundings, even if you could smoothly integrate with the forest, you only had to look up and see that you would never be the same as all the other trees and see things at the same level.”

Fang Li’s brow wrinkled but he didn’t comment only indifferently stating, “What about the second?”

“The second card represents your present.” Hotogi Shirayuki looked into Fang Li’s eyes, “Before, a long time ago people believed that a river was the boundary between life and death, after crossing the river one would be reincarnated, this is called the Sanzu River.”


“However being on the boat on the river shows that you’re wandering at the edge of life and death, surrounded by death.”

Those words made all the students dumbfounded sizing up Fang Li.

Fang Li himself still showed no response as he looked at the card showing the rivers as if it was normal for him.

“The third card?”

“This represents your future.” Hotogi Shirayuki looked at Fang Li and took a deep breath, “This cavern of rocks is known as the Ama no Iwato.”

“Ama no Iwato?” Fang Li asked, “What’s that?”

“In the Kojiki (historical records of myths), Susanoo once tried to open up the underground spring and caused great chaos in Taka Ga Hara angering the God of Light Amaterasu. Amaterasu in anger decided to hide inside this rock cave and the world thus lost light and fell into darkness. This cavern is the Ama no Iwato.”

“Therefore, the meaning of this card is light as well as darkness.”

Hotogi Shirayuki emphasized each word.

“If you choose light you can bring light into this world.”

“If you choose darkness, you can also bring darkness to this world.”

“Your future will decide the trend of the world.”

“This card is only shown for extraordinary people that are destined to save the world as well as destined to destroy the world.”

“To save the world or destroy the world, it depends on you.”

“This is your future.”

Hotogi Shirayuki’s words made the air heavy.

All the students hearing what she said couldn’t help but laugh.

They couldn’t help it, after all this divination was too mysterious and weird.

At least, they didn’t believe that a new student sitting at the entrance could affect the entire world’s future.

Only Hotogi Shirayuki was serious as ever looking at Fang Li.

Fang Li didn’t say anything. Rather, he was speechless.

Seeing the light and darkness card, Fang Li curled his lip and said, “Thank you Hotogi san.”

Then, he stood up and prepared to leave.

“Wait a minute.” Hotogi Shirayuki took the Ama no Iwato card and said sincerely, “I’ll give you this card, I hope in the future you remember the words I mentioned today so you don’t choose the wrong road.”

Shaking his head hearing this, Fang Li extended his hand to grab the card, “I’ll accept it thanks.”

Leaving behind those words, he turned around and left directly.

The surroundings students also started to go back to what they were doing seeing that the fun was over.

Only Hotogi Shirayuki remained there gazing at Fang Li muttering quietly, “Is it really him?”


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