Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 181

Tokyo Butei High, third male student’s dormitory. These were dormitory rooms for the Butei High students. In these dormitories, there were tall and slender corridors with spacious rooms that made it feel like a house.

They seemed more like VIP suites and were more luxurious than other dormitories.

For example, Fang Li’s room was such a VIP suite. It not only had a dining room, living room, kitchen, toilet, and bathroom but also four separate bedrooms and five small rooms. It was large enough for an entire family to easily fit.

The goal of these rooms was so that students could remember the distance around the layout of the house while living their daily lives. Sometimes regarding Butei, this ability was the difference between life and death.

That’s why it wasn’t only Butei High, other Butei school dormitories also had similar VIP rooms to train the Butei.

Although Fang Li was just a new student since he obtained an S Rank evaluation he was lucky enough to be assigned to such a room.

“Tohyama Kinji probably got assigned to a similar room I think?”

Standing in the living room, Fang Li observed the surroundings and nodded in satisfaction.

Compared to the environment in the previous two worlds, this was simply good enough that he thought it was a dream.

Naturally, the student dormitories were not free, students had to pay a lodging fee as well. The VIP room’s lodging fees would definitely be crazily expensive. On top of the school expenses to enroll in Butei High, Fang Li was already in debt…

“Ugh, the Chief God’s Dimension is so stingy since it arranged a student status for me it should at least pay the school fees right?”

However, the Chief God’s Dimension’s goal was just to arrange a status suitable for completing quests, since it already did this there wasn’t any reason for it to give any advantage to Fang Li.

Money and so on had to be earned by the Butei themselves or they could exchange with the Chief God’s Dimension with Exchange Points.

“But you can’t actually sell money back to the Chief God’s Dimension, really stingy…”

Actually, this was also normal. Otherwise, all the envoys wouldn’t bother working so hard to complete quests, instead, they would just rob banks and get massive Exchange Points, giving up all the Main Quests, even if they had to compensate some Exchange Points they would still profit.

When that happened, all the Envoys would just turn into robbers, robbing the Dungeon Worlds then leaving afterward, that would be too easy. Naturally, the Chief God’s Dimension wouldn’t allow something like that to happen.

“In the Dungeon Worlds, if you want to enjoy the riches and honors then you either have to make money or trade it with Exchange Points ugh…”

Therefore, unless he had no choice Fang Li would definitely not exchange money with his precious Exchange Points, only if he could exchange it for a large amount of wealth.

“Only, it seems like wealth doesn’t seem too useful in the Chief God’s Dimension yet it can play a major role in Dungeon Worlds so the exchange price is also quite high.”

In a nutshell, the Chief God’s Dimension will definitely not make the Envoys’ lives in the Dungeon World easy.

That is unless you have Exchange Points.

“Ok, I’ll think about money later.”

Fang Li strolled around the dormitory until he was familiar with it then returned to his bedroom.

In the bedroom, there were two bunk beds that both had an upper and lower section so it could fit in four people like any other dormitory.

However, this room only had Fang Li in it, he wasn’t sure if this was Butei High’s doing.

As for the other five small rooms, these weren’t for people to use it was for storing and organizing items. Things such as equipment, bullets, guns, and other things needed to be stored after all.

Otherwise, there wasn’t any need to separate the small rooms from the bedroom.

However, these things also need to be paid for as well, no wonder Butei classes use money as the reward otherwise the students will starve to death.”

Having such feelings, Fang Li didn’t bother with his luggage and just laid down on the bed raising his hand in the air.

In his hand was a card. It was the Ama no Iwato card Hotogi Shirayuki had given him.

“Deciding the fate of the world?”

Fang Li couldn’t help but sigh.

In some ways, her divination was really very spot on.

As an Envoy, Fang Li could indeed influence the fate of the world.

Not to mention others, in the Kabaneri world, Fang Li had killed off the Kabane virus of one of the main characters turning him back into a human. Just doing this would have changed the fate of the world.

After all, everything Fang Li did as an outsider would have a butterfly effect on the world, finally it would really affect the world’s trend.

Therefore, each Envoy had the ability to influence the world’s fate.

“Only, to become an extraordinary person that would save the world or an evil person that would destroy it would all depend on the Envoy’s choice.”

Having this idea, Fang Li closed his eyes to sleep.

From the time had returned to the Chief God’s Dimension till now he hadn’t actually managed to sleep.

The next day at dawn, Fang Li walked out of the dormitory and prepared to go to school. While walking out, a nearby door opened and another person walked out as well.

Fang Li turned to look and was speechless.

The person going out was also speechless and couldn’t help but cover his own face with his palm.

It was Tohyama Kinji.

Then both of them said at the same time, “Why is it you again?”

Actually, this wasn’t too strange. There weren’t too many of these VIP suites so both Fang Li and Tohyama Kinji who were both S Rank would normally be grouped in the same room.

When Tohyama Kinji was about to slam a wall, Fang Li sighed and said, “Alright this is also good, come with me and help me buy a gun.”


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