Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 182

Academy Island, Tokyo Butei High School.

Right now, many students were whispering to each other looking at a direction.

“Is it those two?”

“The Assault supernovas?”

“People’ve said they both got S Ranks in the entrance exam yesterday.”

“That’s a supernova for you!”

Even without the roll-call, everyone knew who the subject of the discussions were.

It was Fang Li and Tohyama Kinji.

Regarding this attention, Fang Li was somewhat used to it but Tohyama Kinji scratched the back of his head and complained, “Is it necessary to talk so much about such a small matter?”

Hearing this, Fang Li smiled, “This isn’t really a small matter, you should know that in Assault S Rank stands for having the battle efficiency of an entire special forces unit right?”

“Ha?” Tohyama Kinji was scared.

That was no joke.

Although various countries had different special forces and arrangments but they at least had standard equipment and made up of 20 people sometimes up to more than 50 people in a full squad. Not to mention each of them were trained elites.

But Assault S Rank Butei were able to be ranked on the same level on their own against an entire squad like that.

Therefore, the two of them being the subject of discussion was no surprise given their S Rank rating from yesterday.

“This was written in the admission handbook.” Fang Li mocked him, “Don’t you know?”

“W-what’s wrong with that?” Tohyama Kinji was agitated, “Who would think an admission handbook would have that sort of info?”

“Since that’s the case you should be learn to read it.” Fang Li shrugged and went back to topic/

“Compared to that, hurry and help me solve the problem of my gun.”

Before, it was mentioned that Butei High School students had to carry guns and knives.

During the entrance exam, Fang Li had no gun and only used his blade which made him get a scolding from Ranbyou.

“What kind of Butei has no gun? How about you go get 20 of them huh!”

Was what Ranbyou said.

Naturally, Fang Li wouldn’t be getting 20 guns…This would just make him tired carrying it.

But, he had to follow the school rules or he likely wouldn’t even be able to enter the door of Assault class.

Luckily, Butei High didn’t sell much but they definitely sold guns and ammunition. Amdo the specialized unit sold many different types of weapons and equipment that as long as you had money to spend you could buy whatever gun you liked.

Furthermore, in Butei High, there was a special section specifically for Butei High students to buy guns and ammunition from US troops in Japan as well as Butei companies.

“In brief let’s go to Amdo to have a look.” Fang Li then asked him, “Right, what gun do you use?”

“Beretta M92F from the US developed by the Italian Beretta Corporation, it was chosen as the US forces’ standard military pistol using a 9mm parabellum ball-shaped bullet, 217mm in length firing at a speed of 333.7m per second. The range is within 50 metres with a bullet capacity of 15 rounds.”

Tohyama Kinji carelessly followed up, “But this isn’t really a convenient gun for me so I asked Amdo to help me modify it to a complete automatic.”

“Hmm ok.” Fang Li nodded.

After all, Fang Li had no military background he wasn’t familiar with guns and ammunitions obviously he couldn’t give any opinion.

Tohyama Kinji had as if guessed this sighing, “You don’t even know about pistol efficiency yet you have such good battle skills, you’re a strange person.”

“Can’t be helped, after all guns aren’t as important as daggers.” Fang Li didn’t think much of it.

“At least for me, if I had a sharp weapon, I feel safer than if I had a gun.”

So long as he had a sharp weapon, no matter how formidable the enemy was, he could possibly defeat them.

However, with a gun, that wasn’t so certain.

Not to mention anything else, when Fang Li used Tohyama Kinji’s Beretta to fire before the gun almost flew out of his hand.

In a world of average people, guns were a threat but with Butei and all sorts of superhumans even people with superpowers, the threat of bullets wasn’t so big.

Only, if it was similar to Tohyama Kinji in Hysteria Mode where he could use a gun like playing an instrument, exquisite and skillful otherwise guns weren’t a huge threat.

If it wasn’t for the school rules and possibly getting in the way later Fang Li would rather not buy any guns or ammunition it was a waste of money!

Having that idea, Fang Li and Tohyama Kinji walked into the Amdo building.

Tokyo Butei High School, Assault

In the Assault building’s underground shooting range, Fang Li was holding up a jet black-bodied automatic pistol firing at a human-shaped target pressing on the trigger continuously.

Bang bang bang bang bang

With the continual firing, bullets were shot out like rain on the target.

Pa pa pa pa pa

A substantial number of bullets hit the human-shaped target leaving holes all over.

Seeing this, Tohyama Kinji who was looking on was dumbfounded.

Seeing Fang li exchange another magazine to carry on shooting the target, the brows on his face couldn’t help but jump.

“Is this really the first time he’s used a gun!?”

If so, how is he so accurate?

Then again, the method he was using the hold the gun was very layman like.

“Using such a bad form to shoot continuously like that?”

This must be a joke.

Naturally, Tohyama Kinji had no idea had Fang Li’s accuracy wasn’t actually high. The reason he was so accurate in reality was the bonus effect of his title.

This title boosted his accuracy as one of the effects.

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