Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 183

Glock 18

That was the gun that Fang Li chose from Amdo. It was developed by the Glock Corporation in Austria and could be changed from automatic firing and single-shot firing easily.

The bullets used were 9mm parabellum balls, the gun was 223mm in length and it fired at a speed of 370m per second, the capacity of each magazine at least had 17 rounds and the highest magazines could even have 100 rounds.

Naturally, a larger bullet capacity meant a bigger magazine, to carry around 100 round magazines would be really troublesome and it would affect the flexibility and portability of the gun.

Therefore, he chose to only use 20 round magazines, standard equipment.

Fang Li chose this because in his previous life this was a very well-known gun in a game called counter-strike. A lot of players were familiar with the name.

In that game, the Glock was known as the easiest gun to handle so it was quite popular. So, Fang Li chose it here as well.

It was paid for by Tohyama Kinji of course. After all, Fang Li had no money now. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dragged along that fool.

Bang bang bang bang

The continuous gun shot sounds rang out in the training room. This wasn’t just from Fang Li, other Assault students were also training their shooting skills. During this training however many of them looked at Fang Li.

Seeing Fang Li’s accuracy not dropping at all the students could only sigh.

“Is this an S Rank’s strength?”

“Obviously he’s only a new student…”

“Not to mention that terrible form…”

“The way he’s holding the gun is so unprofessional as well.”

“But the accuracy is still so high.”

“Really can’t understand it.”

Naturally, besides Fang Li, the other S Rank Butei from the entrance exam, Tohyama Kinji was also the focus of the people.

At his side, Tohyama Kinji was also practising his shooting quickly and rapidly reloading after using up each magazine.

As for his accuracy, it was average.

“That new student is also quite skilled.”

“His accuracy isn’t as high though.”

“But his technique is good.”

“But he came from a Butei High dependent school this should be normal right?”

“That’s true…”

Right now, both these S Rank Butei had formed distinct contrasts.

One of them had terrible technique but the accuracy was insanely high.

The other had good technique but the accuracy was only average.

Regardless of which one of them, no one would believe they were S Rank Butei!

Of course, Fang Li’s shooting seemed more mysterious to the students making them confused.

They had no idea that the reason why such a weird effect happened to Fang Li was because of the title enhancing his accuracy.

Well trained but not Hysteria Mode Kinji had no way to compete in that regard.

Therefore, these two formed a weird pair.

After awhile, Fang Li stopped shooting.


In Amdo, Fang Li not only purchased the Glock but also many bullets although it was Tohyama Kinji that paid.

However, after using up his third magazine he didn’t continue shooting.

“Right now my accuracy is being enhanced by the title, training more won’t really do anything I might as well wait till later to learn how to properly handle the gun first…”

Saying so, he realised that there was someone approaching.

“You truly need to train your gun technique.”

Ranbyou appeared behind Fang Li grasping a long sword, her tone crude as usual.

“If you continue like this, there’ll be an accident in the future.”

“An accident?” Fang Li was confused.


“Don’t you know?” Ranbyou snorted then pointed at the target with her chin saying, “Have a look at where you’ve been aiming.”

Hearing this, Fang Li looked at the target.

The human-shaped target was totally destroyed with bullet holes. But most of these bullets fell on the heart, chest area and even the head.

These spots were without a doubt vital organs.

“Butei ninth rule, Butei cannot kill people under any circumstance.”

Ranbyou stared at Fang Li with a wicked glint, “However, you actually aimed only at the vital organs, do you dislike your freedom so much you want to go to prison?”

Fang Li was silent and forced a smile in his heart.

He’d actually forgotten about that.

Although this accuracy was enhanced by the title, the spot the bullets hit was decided by Fang Li, the title just enhanced the probability of him hitting where he wanted.

Therefore, all these areas were Fang Li’s own aim.

However, you couldn’t blame Fang Li.

Each beginner when they faced a target would choose to shoot vital points instead of other parts right?

Even Tohyama Kinji a person who had come from a Butei background aimed at those spots occassionally.

However, his match was an armoured dummy.

Therefore, only Fang Li a beginner would really aim at a person’s head.

“Since you understand then hurry and change.” Ranbyou left behind those words.

“In international law, Butei although we had the power to arrest the penalty for any crimes are also promoted by a factor of three if you don’t want to spend the next part of your life in prison then practice your shooting.”

Then, she pulled out a gun and stood next to him. “Learn from me, from the start of holding the gun properly, I won’t slow down so if you can’t follow my speed then go pick up the cartridge cases till evening.”

Under Ranbyou’s guidance, Fang Li was gradually more familiar with shooting the gun.

They kept practising all the way until evening.

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