Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 184

What Butei High used was the Credit System.

If the students’ grades weren’t high enough then they wouldn’t be able to enter a higher class.

In addition, there was also an attendance check which although it wasn’t high, if students didn’t attend all their classes they would fail as well.

This morning class, Fang Li attended but didn’t learn anything.

In his previous life, he was also a high school student and was even in 2nd grade.

To him, the content being taught had already been taught to him before.

However, this was an overseas curriculum after all, Fang Li couldn’t have studied everything. Not to mention, he wasn’t that good of a student in his previous life, he was average at best and had to go all out.

So while attending class he was in a state where sometimes he thought the course content was easy and sometimes he had no idea what it was. Basically, a weirdo.

But then again, regarding the Butei High students’ grades, not to mention this region, probably in the whole country their grades were the worst.

This helped Fang Li actually. He didn’t really want to enter a 2D world and face the experience of studying every day for tests. That would be too painful.

Compared to this standard course he was more interested in the special courses. This wasn’t only because there was field training but also specialist training, Butei could then start to accept commissions.

Butei would be provided rewards based on them.

Even during school, Butei High would still get private commissions posted on the Bulletin board for the students to choose.

After completing them, they would not only gain experience from it but also rewards and school grades.

Fang Li was looking forward to it.

“I’m short of money and not to mention, Main Quest 2 needs to be completed as well…”

His Main Quest 2 was completing commissions to gain points. This sort of system was common in the Chief God’s Dimension. When the Dungeon had a questing system in it, the Main Quest would also issue a similar quest to complete them and reward based on points.

just like this Dungeon World, Butei High had its own quest system so the Main God’s Envoy could obtain points from completing the quests.

If he completed a difficult S Rank Butei quest then he could obtain 100-300 Quest Points. If he reached 3000 points, then his Main Quest 2 would be completed.

Taking that into account, Fang Li cared a lot about the commissioned quests.

It’s a pity that before undergoing the specialist training though, Butei High wouldn’t allow students to take commissions.

Especially for Assault students, from the words of the Instructor, there was no way to get a commission. This was taking into account that most Assault commissions involve fighting and danger was everywhere with even the possibility of death. That’s why Assault was nicknamed the No Tomorrow department.

First graders were likely to not be allowed to take any commissions or take any missions. However, after Fang Li went through a week of field training, Ranbyou kicked him out of the Assault building.

“With your rank instead of playing here, you might as well take some commissions and practice your skill if you haven’t caught several criminals don’t come back!”

This was one week ago after the shooting training where Fang Li aimed at all the vital points of the training dummy so much as that Assault Instructor Big Sister Ranbyou wasn’t happy.

Fang Li was speechless before going to the Commissioned Quest bulletin board to start choosing a task.

Butei’s didn’t have a good image in the world but there really wasn’t an issue with being comfortable professionally in terms of work.

On the board, there were missions outlined everywhere with students looking on.

Fang Li mixed into the crowd and also started to glance over the list.

“Inspection of the port district’s industrial location, school grades 0.5, 10,000 yen a day, Logi and Informa can accept.”

“Investigate the abandoned buildings, school grades 0.5, 100,000 yen, Inquesta and Repier can accept.”

“Bodyguard work for a civil manager, school grade 1.0, 200,000 yen, Assault and Amdo can accept.”

“Intelligence collection on Black Hand’s footholds, school grade 1.5, 200,000 yen, Lezzad and Connect can accept.”

Seeing the missions, Fang Li whispered to himself, “There’s all kinds of missions.”

However, he wasn’t interested in any of these though. That’s because he found one that was more suitable for him.

“Killing ferocious beasts in an environmentally protected forest, school grades 2.0, 300,000 yen, Assault and Snipe can accept.”

Fang Li picked this mission.

Not just because it had a high reward and school grade but because the match was a wild beast so he didn’t need to show mercy and only had to fight. Simple and crude.

For Fang Li, this quest was without a doubt a top pick. At that moment, he reached out his hand to grab it.

However, before he could, he bumped into another hand that was stretching out.

Fang Li was startled.

Turning his head and looking to the side, he saw a petite young girl.

The girl’s height only reached Fang Li’s chest and on her back was a guitar-shaped backpack.

She had cyan colored hair and her pupils were like jewels glistening. Her face had some naivety like a carefully made doll.

Too bad the person’s face had no emotions at all like a robot, it didn’t give people a favorable impression.

This young girl was still extending her hand looking at Fang Li. Under her gaze, Fang Li responded and shot a look at her back.

Fang Li could confirm. That contained a sniper rifle.

This girl was a sniper type Butei.


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