Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 19

Now, what Fang Li gazes at is the same as before.

That exposed glowing heart in his Mystic Eyes.

No. More accurately, what he’s gazing at is the cracked Death Lines on the glowing heart.

Regarding these Death Lines, the dagger in Fang Li’s hand has changed into a lethal weapon.

“First!” That first Kabane simply did not have the opportunity to turn around, before a piercing cold dagger cut deeply into its heart and Death Line.

“Second!” The second Kabane moved extremely fast to dodge but still welcomed a cold dagger submerged deep into its heart.

“Third!” This third Kabane actually sent out to whoosh and pounced on Fang Li. However Fang Li moved sideways under it and the Kabane’s vital heart spot was clear before Fang Li’s dagger, allowing Fang Li to penetrate it maliciously.

“Killed a Kabane, gained 100 Exchange Points.”

“Killed a Kabane, gained 100 Exchange Points.”

“Killed a Kabane, gained 100 Exchange Points.”

The three consecutive System Notification sounds, not only announced Fang Li’s victory but also increased his points, closing in on 6000 total Exchange Points.

This number is almost able to surpass Main Quest 3’s request.

At once, the three Kabane with their hearts pierced dropped down one after another, losing their aura.

“Great success!”

After killing the three Kabane, Fang Li without hesitation moved away towards a nearby alley, his form suddenly disappearing.

When this happened, the Kabane that were busy feeding had discovered this, exuding a call filled with violent anger, they moved quickly crashing into the alley one after another to pursue Fang Li.

The Kabane has not pursued these ordinary people again.

Therefore, the other aspect of Fang Li’s plan was also a great success. Only, this is the true test. Because, this time, the number of Kabane chasing him is not two and three as before, but is several times more.

That is a quantity that Fang Li is absolutely unable to win in a head-on confrontation.

Therefore, this is the true test. This for Fang Li is naturally clear as day. Therefore, he has chosen to escape without hesitation, avoiding a head-on confrontation.

In the narrow alley, the Kabane’s calls cry out one by one unceasingly reverberating.

Listening to those sounds while running, Fang Li is adjusting his breath diligently the dagger in clutched in a tight handshake, the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception’s ice blue glow becomes brighter.

“Hmm, what should I do now?”

Dashing about wildly while calmly pondering Fang Li had not discovered an issue.

Above the alley on a not far away house, a young girl was standing, clearly seeing the crowd of Kabane that were pursuing Fang Li, her expression seemed astonished and also had a hint of curiosity.

Shortly afterwards, the young girl leaps from down, her figure is similar to a lithe animal, getting onto another house she continued to jump, hopping on the roofs of buildings pursuing towards Fang Li’s direction.


The monstrous sounds are continuing as before.

Fang Li did not stop running while running he found some time to turn his head to look behind. The Kabane chasing him fiercely were not just standing still but closing in the distance.

“As I thought, only comparing in terms of speed, the Kabane are still above me?”

Else, these things would not be called the monsters.

“Moreover, stamina for them is not an issue, these things never tire out, way too hard to deal with…” Persistent dashing about had made Fang Li’s breathing somewhat rapid, his heartbeat speeding up.

However, these Kabane do not show any signs of exhaustion, continually going all out to chase Fang Li, they were pulling the distance closer and closer. Their speed was inherently faster than Fang Li, combined with his current exhaustion causing him to slow down, there is only one final result…

That is, being overtaken. Regarding this conclusion, Fang Li was not anxious at all, instead, the corners his mouth raised slightly.



“Let me see if you’ll eat me or I’ll massacre you first!” As Fang Li thought these words out loud he finally saw his destination.

A corner turning into a narrower alley.


Fang Li widened his eyes, he made an effort to spin on his foot and turned into that narrow alley.

Sees the scene the group of Kabane pursued without any hesitation.

However, in the middle of their chase, an issue now emerged. The Kabane that were pursuing we now stuck and pushing about at the entrance of the alley because of how narrow it was.

“Roar!!!” The Kabane immediately started roaring, pushing and shoving, going all out to try to get into the alley.

However, even if they can finally get in the alley’s narrowness means only a single Kabane can pass at any time. Therefore, these Kabane simply lined up and forced their way into the narrow alley one after another pushing to get to the front and continue chasing.


At this time, the Kabane that was at the front of the line let off a strange questioning cry.

This was because this Kabane saw. Their goal was not escaping as before but waiting in front.

On his face, Fang Li was all smiles, showing a very normal smiling face.

“Thank you all very much for lining up and bringing death!”

As his voice fell, Fang Li suddenly rushes forwards.

“Pu chiii!”

An extremely simple sound of a body being torn was heard.

The sharp dagger following the Death Line seen by the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception again pierced a Kabane’s heart.

The Kabane sent out a painful howl at the point of its death along with the disruption of its heart, as it slowly dropped down.

But Fang Li, had actually grabbed onto the corpse of the Kabane and held it up, using it as a shield to stop up the channel into the alley which could only accommodate one person to pass at any time.


The Kabane having been stopped up behind could only try to penetrate between the gaps, trying to make a move in Fang Li’s direction. The only problem was… These Kabane did not know that exposing their unguarded arm before Fang Li and his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception was incredibly stupid. Therefore, an ice cold light flashes.

“pu chi pu chi pu chi pu chi!”

The sounds of bodies being torn reverberated.

Following their death lines, Fang Li was cutting as if cutting some frail paper, simple and effortless. He simply cut towards the arms of the Kabane trying to grab him.

Dark red blood sprinkled everywhere. The lustre, gradually dying Fang Li’s body in red.

However, this wasn’t disgusting but a symbol of honour. Because, this was not Fang Li’s blood, but the enemy’s.

Then, the Kabane which had lost its arm without any suspense welcomed another lethal stab submerged into its heart.



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