Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 20

Not knowing how long after, the noisy alley finally restored its original silence. Before the pile of Kabane corpse, Fang Li stood to adjust his breath, beads of blood dripping down from his dagger.

“Finally won…”

It really wasn’t easy. Although in the beginning, it was quite smooth, after awhile those stopped up Kabane had as if turned into spiders, attaching themselves to the wall, crawling on them like lizards towards Fang Li. In order to deal with these Kabane that were dropping from the clouds, Fang Li had expanded many efforts.

If it wasn’t for the alley’s narrow space and Fang Li’s killing of several Kabane after cutting their arm to kill a part of them, then Fang Li would absolutely not be unscathed standing here.

“With my present strength and being opportunistic, this is the degree I can achieve at most.”

Fang Li was really not feeling well at this thought.

“I must hurry and promote my strength…”

The Chief God’s Envoy three essential factors contributing to their strength are Attributes, Skills and Equipment.

At present, Fang Li besides his own Innate Skill covering the Skill aspect, Attributes is total rubbish and Equipment is limited to an ordinary dagger. If it were not for the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception and Fang Li always being opportunistic, the most he could do would be to maintain his life under attack by the Kabane and definitely not able to kill them.

Therefore, at present, Fang Li’s strength was too weak, he has not gotten rid of the standard of an average person as before.

However, from initially entering the  Chief God’s Dimension as an Envoy, Fang Li’s result is actually very good.

“Moreover, the more I slaughter, the more skilful I become at killing”

Konochi Kurusu had mentioned before, that Fang Li has not studied any martial arts. This is actually not false. However, if it was in terms of murder techniques, Fang Li can fully rely on his self-taught killing method to compare with Konochi Kurusu sword techniques.

Naturally, this method of murder to the present Fang Li was lacking in many places.

For example defence and fending attacks. These skills, Fang Li almost knows nothing about. To fend, Fang Li can still rely on his higher AGI compared with to the average person, to manoeuvre. But for defence, Fang Li besides keeping off attacks by instinct knew nothing.

“Would be good to plan this out well later” During his pondering, Fang Li’s Stamina had restored more or less.

Therefore, Fang Li changed his attention to his own harvest. This time’s slaughtering, Fang Li managed to strike to kill 16 Kabane, obtaining 1600 Exchange Points.

In addition to before’s accumulated Exchange Points, Fang Li’s total had reached and 7500 and counting. For a rookie that just entered the Chief God’s Dimension although it’s far from being called unrivalled and unprecedented, it is definitely an achievement found few and far in between. That was absolutely enough for Fang Li.

It has to be noted, in the Chief God’s Dimension, for over 90% of rookies initially entering the Dungeon World experience, their harvest did not arrive at even half of Fang Li’s.

This is not even counting the rookies that died.

Moreover, after this harvest completing this Dungeon World and returning to the Chief God’s Dimension, the appraisal of Fang Li’s Main Quest completion results will also have a reward. But, Fang Li has not returned to the Chief God’s Dimension for now and therefore the Quest rewards haven’t been tallied.

After calculating the reward of his Main Quest, Fang Li’s harvest will only be more, definitely not less.

When the time comes, Fang Li will absolutely have earned in full. Naturally, when the time comes, these Exchange Points must be used to turn into his strength.

“If there’s an opportunity I definitely must kill more Kabane, need to gain each and every Exchange Points after all.”

Leaving behind those few words, Fang Li turned around and prepared to leave.

However, at this moment, a sound suddenly resounds.

“Ah ~ you’re quite fierce.”

The sudden sound caused Fang Li’s eyes to shrink, vigilantly looking towards the source of the sound.

Then, Fang Li was then shocked.


A Strong wind blew, blowing atop the roofs of some houses in a distant place. On top of the roof of a house in the narrow alley, a young girl is standing against the wind, occupying a commanding position whilst looking at Fang Li, her clothing flapping in the wind.

The young girl has ink black shoulder-length hair. Her body is clad in a something similar to a jersey primarily red in colour with traces of white and black, it’s very obvious her clothing was chosen taking into account ease of motion. On her neck, a blue coloured satin tied into a butterfly knot is shown, fitting in perfectly with the cute and beautiful young girl’s looks.

For a split second Fang Li even thought he had seen a Goddess.

The young girl had her back to silver moon and night sky. Her body was extremely attractive, it was sufficient to make any man be enamoured and not able to take her eyes off her.

Fang Li was not enamoured looking at her, however. Only reason being, this young girl with a pair of amber eyes occupying a commanding position above him, Fang Li knew who she was.

Mumei. This is the name of the young girl. At least, this is her present name. But this name, in «Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress», is the name of the female main character.


At present this young girl is precisely that female main character. Moreover, she is not an ordinary female main character.

“You…” Fang Li is somewhat surprised and uncertain.

“What’s wrong? Scared?” Mumei tilted her head and asked with a simple-hearted tone

“Don’t be worried, I’m not a Kabane, I won’t eat you.”

Hearing this, Fang Li is sorrowful at heart. I know that you aren’t a Kabane. However, in some sense, you compared to those Kabane, will only be stronger, not weaker. Even if they gang up, the result is the same.

Not knowing what Fang Li is thinking, Mumei jumps down from the room unexpectedly, lithely falling in front of Fang Li. Looking up, a fine childlike charming face is presented in front of Fang Li.

As that cute charming face approaches, Fang Li cannot help but retrocede by one step.

Not paying attention to Fang Li’s astonishment, Mumei curiously looked at Fang Li’s face, shortly afterwards she changed her vision to the dagger in Fang Li’s hand, pointing at it, saying “Can I have a look at your weapon?”

“Weapon?” Fang Li is astonished asking. “Why?”

“Just let me see it” Mumei did not explain only saying “Relax, I have my own weapon, I won’t steal your things”

As her words fall, Mumei did not pay attention to whether or not Fang Li had complied, snatching the dagger in Fang Li’s hand directly.



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