Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 21


Looking at Mumei that had snatched his dagger, Fang Li frowns, feeling quite helpless. In the original plot, Mumei always did what she pleased, sticking to her own way of doing things and making many people helpless facing her.

Fang Li wouldn’t have thought that facing a stranger that she had met for the first time, this young girl would still maintain this trait of her’s making Fang Li not know if he should be angry or not.

Mumei, on the other hand, had started to study Fang Li’s dagger, her finger slid across the blade’s surface, feeling the blade’s sharpness. Shortly afterwards, a doubtful expression appeared on her face, saying to Fang Li “This seems like an ordinary dagger…”

“That’s right” Fang Li naturally said, “Is there an issue?”

“Of course there’s an issue!” Mumei arranged one arm in a fork position on her waist, her other arm’s hand grasping dagger, shaking it up and down towards Fang Li as if giving a lecture while saying

“You obviously just massacred so many Kabane with it, even piercing their protective membrane so easily, how would it be possible for it to be an ordinary dagger?”

Hearing this, Fang Li was a bit surprised.

Originally, this Mumei had mistaken his weapon for some sort of divine weapon that can easily kill Kabane, and therefore she had suddenly appeared in front of him.

It was a pity that she had had a misunderstanding.

The reason why Fang Li could kill Kabane so easily wasn’t that the dagger was a sharp divine weapon but because of his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception that was a sharp weapon. Naturally, Fang Li would not casually disclose this to someone he had just met. Even if the opposite party is the original works’ female main character as well as being a cute young girl, that is still the same.

Therefore, Fang Li recaptured his dagger directly and said: “This dagger is really not any sort of divine weapon, to cope with Kabane using it, you’d still need to a competent person to use it.”

Fang Li looked to Mumei, continuing: “However I was just playing some tricks before when using it, don’t care about it too much.”

“Right?” Mumei was still a bit reluctant to just pass it off, but still nodded saying: “Your strength is truly weak, but your head is very intelligent, in addition, you can pierce through the Kabane’s heart’s protective membrane showing that you can fight with Kabane to a certain extent.”

“That’s exactly how it is.” Fang Li has ended the topic directly, then shortly afterwards directly examined her: “Why are  you here?”

“What’s wrong with me being here?” Mumei replied in a relaxed tone, despite this question being somewhat rude.

“I only passed by this relay station to temporarily rest here for the night, I didn’t think that a matter like this would happen so now I must definitely run away”

“Run away?” Asked Fang Li with a faint smile: “But I think by your appearance, you seem to be travelling more like.”

“I’m not travelling, that sort of relaxed thing.” Mumei turned around, saying: “I also need to fight with Kabane, otherwise I cannot run away.”

Fight with Kabane.

These words, if it were heard by these samurais, 80% of them would laugh out loud?

Even authentic Samurai find it hard to fight against Kabane, only able to carry on simple sniping using their Steam Gun, a young girl who looks so naive unexpectedly said that she must fight with the Kabane, whose first response wouldn’t be smiling?

But, Fang Li could not smile. Because Fang Li knows that what Mumei said is the truth.

Until now, Fang Li had used some small trivial strategies to bully these Kabane who lack wisdom, killing so many Kabane, compared to the average person and even the average Samurai, this success is quite scary.

However, this success compared to Mumei is not really anything.

Unlike the needing to use some small strategies to fight with Kabane Fang Li, Mumei can definitely use the direct method of assault to strangle to death massive amounts of Kabane.

After all, Mumei was trained to fight with Kabane. Let alone around 20 Kabane, even if over a hundred Kabane encircles Mumei, she can still escape whilst striking to kill all of them?

Purely in terms of strength, Fang Li and Mumei are not on the same level.

Even if the match is Konochi Kurusu, Mumei could still defeat him quite easily?

Thinking of this, Fang Li looks once more to Mumei. His ice blue Mystic Eyes in his eyes. Immediately, the cracks symbolising Death Lines emerge in Fang Li’s eyes.

These lines, are spread around each corner of her body. Moreover, all the lines all connect and intersect in one spot, the heart.

Like blood vessels, the Death Lines continually all approach the heart of Mumei. That would mean the heart was Mumei’s entire body’s true Death location. In other words, the heart is Mumei’s weakness.


Recalling Mumei’s unique feature in the story, Fang Li thought that this was natural.

But at this time, Mumei’s body actually had a shiver, she quickly turned around. Before she did, Fang Li had closed his Mystic Eyes. But, Mumei still wrinkled her brow, tightly staring at Fang Li, asking: “What did you do?”

“What?” Fang Li played innocent saying: “I didn’t do anything.”

“Right?” Mumei’s brow wrinkled further whispering quietly: “Then why did I just have a very hateful feeling?”

Very hateful? That should be natural?

Because, just then, Fang Li had a direct visual of Mumei’s Death, so long as he rushed and swung his blade, Mumei would be thoroughly played.

Therefore, this instinctual feeling of a threat, Mumei would think it to be uncomfortable?

Naturally, with Fang Li’s present strength, if he had rushed, it’s estimated that Mumei would detect it and kill him first instead.

In addition, Fang Li does not have any enmity with Mumei, naturally, he can’t rush up to cut her with his blade.

“No matter what, we should leave first.” Fang Li shook his head, returning to the proper topic. “Like you said this relay station is not good, we need to escape using the Hayajiro.”

“That’s true” Mumei loosens her wrinkled brow, shooting a look at Fang Li, saying: “You escape with me, I can help you lead the way.”

While saying, Mumei under Fang Li’s gaze has drawn out her weapons. Two Steam Guns.

The shape is similar to a pistol, the metal body coloured red, two metallic barrels showing, rather than a gun it was more akin to a blunderbuss. This was Mumei’s special-purpose Steam Pistols, if a Kabane was continually shot with it, it could even pass through its heart.

“Your speed doesn’t seem to be too bad, I hope you can keep up.”

Then, Mumei no longer paid attention to Fang Li leaping up, with jump strength unachievable by a normal human she jumped up onto the roof of a nearby building.

Fang Li didn’t have any hesitation, following her directly.

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