Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 38

Mumei didn’t think that her words, to a person who didn’t know the true circumstances of the matter could be very easily misunderstood.

No, even if opposite party knew the circumstances if they knew Mumei needed to live by sucking blood, it can only be feared that they won’t be able to understand. Only then realising that a Kabane and a human are different existences.

In such a situation they would subconsciously hold fear regarding Mumei and Ikoma. Therefore, for Mumei and Ikoma to win others’ trust, that would absolutely be a very difficult matter.

Similarly, for Ikoma who had not thoroughly accepted the fact that his whole existence had been changed to be the same as Mumei, he too could not understand Mumei’s blood-sucking behaviour from before.

Therefore, Ikoma’s look turned dangerous.

On the contrary, Mumei was as if unable to understand Ikoma’s innermost feelings naturally asking him: “You should also drink a bit or else you too won’t be able to control yourself for too long?”

Hearing this, Ikoma instinctively replied to her and said directly: “I absolutely will not suck blood!”

“Is that so?” Mumei shot a look at Ikoma, saying somewhat carelessly: “But if a Kabaneri hasn’t sucked any blood after a certain time, not only will they lose all their strength but they’ll also gradually turn into a Kabane.”

“Wha… What?!” Ikoma had as if suffered an enormous blow.

Looking at Ikoma’s shocked expression, Fang Li sighed, saying: “Ikoma, you should hurry up and discard your naive ideas and clearly recognise the reality.”

While saying so, Fang Li looked tightly at him, saying every single word slowly: “After all, you are no longer human.”

This caused Ikoma’s expression to keep fluctuating. Finally, Ikoma had to dispiritedly dangle his head, unable to speak again. A serious air started to fill the surroundings.

Mumei seemed oblivious to it as before, continuing to lick her finger moistened with Fang Li’s blood looking like a cute girl licking some sweet honey.

It was only a pity, that what Mumei was licking was eventually not honey, but blood, causing this cute young girl to suddenly give off a vague evil and bloody air.

Fang Li similarly seemed to not care about the serious atmosphere in the air, looking at the silent Ikoma, he longer spoke but just took out a potion bottle and a thermos from his leg bag along with a packet of biscuits.

Then, Fang Li used up the remaining 50% liquid in the potion bottle and sprinkled it onto his wounded arm.


A sound like skin touching a red-hot iron slab resounded. That was from the wound on Fang Li’s arm that had also started spewing smoke.

That remaining 50% injury recovery potion was only poured halfway before the wound on Fang Li’s arm absorbed the solution directly unexpectedly, emitting steam and restoring quickly at a speed faster than the naked eye could see.

In just a moment, the wound on Fang Li’s arm had completely vanished.

Mumei was shocked seeing this.

Ikoma seeing this was similarly shocked.

Not paying any attention to both of these shocked little friends, Fang Li kept his remaining one-fourth recovery potion back into his leg bag, opening the water bottle’s cap an un-wrapping the energy compression cookies, then sipping some water while eating the biscuits.

Just like Mumei, starting from yesterday evening, Fang Li had not eaten any food. After the fierce fight and slaughter, Fang Li had already fully rested but he was still hungry.

But now, with Aragane Station falling to the enemy, the food and water on the Hayajiro’s stock would also definitely be very limited, to support a large number of people would not be any simple matter.

It could be imagined, with food and water being so tight, the others would definitely not provide any to Fang Li.

Luckily, Fang Li before starting the tour of this Dungeon World he had planned against contingencies by getting some food and a water bottle. The water bottle was able to hold ten litres of water, enough for Fang Li’s use and the energy compression cookies he had ten of them. Each could provide a day’s worth of nutrition allowing him to not need to worry about food for ten days.

In addition to that, Mumei and Ikoma were not human therefore they did not need human food. Fang Li naturally did not need to then submissively ask others to bestow him some food and water to use for his group.

While eating the biscuit and drinking a few sips of water, his belly finally became a bit warmer, his body also gradually started to feel stronger. Fang Li then stored back the biscuits and water bottle into his leg bag, looking at Mumei and Ikoma.

When Fang Li turned to them however he saw two dulled faced Kabaneri.

“…” Fang Li was a bit speechless asking: “What’s up with your expressions?”

Mumei and Ikoma looked at each other with blank dismay then shortly afterwards, looked at Fang Li with a look full of curiosity but also full of a look that seemed to give off that they had seen some sort of inconceivable monster.

“…… That scared me.” Mumei said directly. “That was the first time I had ever seen a human body with a more formidable resiliency than a Kabaneri.”

The Kabaneri besides their comparable to Kabane physical prowess, they also shared many other aspects with Kabane, there was basically no difference.

Aspects such as needing to live by consuming blood. Such as their heart shining, their major weakness but there was a steel membrane to protect it. Also, they shared their formidable resiliency.

Like Fang Li’s injury from before, if a human were to heal from it it would require at least a few days but for a Kabaneri it would only take a few minutes to fully heal the injury.

But just now, Fang Li had actually instantaneously cured the wound…

“Could it be because of that bottle of potion?” Ikoma somewhat dumbfoundedly muttered: “What is that thing? I’ve never heard of something like it before?”

“…” Mumei turned towards Fang Li and asked directly: “Show me…”

She hadn’t completed her sentence before her expression suddenly changed.

Seeing that, Ikoma frowned and asked: “What happened?”

Mumei did not pay any attention to Ikoma, but she had as if determined something, her expression suddenly became earnest.

“Hello! What’s wrong with you??” Ikoma asked louder. “It can’t be that you’re thinking of sucking blood or something…”

“Kabane!” Mumei interrupted Ikoma’s words directly, thinking aloud: “There’s a Kabane’s aura in front!”

As her voice fell, Mumei then directly rushed to the compartment’s entrance, extending her hand, wanting to open the door.

However, at this time, a hand fiercely held down Mumei’s shoulder.

Mumei was slightly startled, turning her head and looking to her side.

There, Fang Li was tightly pressing in her shoulder, looking at Mumei’s charming face saying.

“You can’t exit.”

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