Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 39

“You can’t exit.”

When these words sounded out from Fang Li’s mouth and spread to Mumei’s ear she was somewhat astonished.

Almost like a conditioned reflex, Mumei immediately asked.


“I made a promise to someone” Fang Li straightforwardly said: “As a condition for allowing you to remain on the Hayajiro, you must remain in this last cabin and not move around”

“……Is that so?” The astonished look on her face slowly disappeared and Mumei said: “But, I need to go, don’t block me.”

While saying so, Mumei then used some strength to turn her shoulder and loosen Fang Li’s hand, continuing to extend her had towards the cabin’s doorknob.

However, the next moment, Mumei suddenly stopped.

Because that hand that was just gripping Mumei’s shoulder a moment ago who knows when had suddenly grasped a sharp dagger that extended from her back onto her neck.

Meanwhile, in Mumei’s heart, she felt an increasingly icy cold feeling.

This feeling, Mumei was quite familiar with. Before, from Fang Li’s body, Mumei had felt this feeling more than once.

This feeling only gave Mumei one message.

That message was the word, danger.

“I said that you aren’t allowed to pass through.”

Standing behind Mumei whilst grasping a dagger, the sharp edge against her neck, Fang Li’s pair of dark-coloured eyes had already changed into the ice blue Mystic Eyes.

Within Fang Li’s eyes, the Death Line’s cracks started to show.

Especially on Mumei’s petite body, there were Death Line marks spread all over her, approaching her heart.

Naturally, on her neck, there was also a Death Line.

For any living thing, if the whole head was chopped off from the neck up, then perhaps only an extremely strong undying special creature could survive.

But Mumei is not within this special creature category. That means so long as her head was chopped off she’ll still be killed.

Therefore, at this moment, so long as Fang Li made a small gesture, this cute young girl would thereby say goodbye to the present world.

Ikoma felt helpless from this sudden development immediately standing up.

On the contrary, it was Mumei, even though she felt an extreme danger, her charming naive face did not have any fear as before, even her expression had not changed.

However, Mumei opened her mouth.

“In this Hayajiro there’s a Kabane’s aura.” Mumei said without turning around: “There’s definitely a Kabane around.”

“Is that so?” Fang Li’s expression did not change, his ice blue Mystic Eyes still gazing at Mumei’s back, saying: “But, what does that have to do with you?”

“What does it have to do with me?” Mumei frowned, saying: “Since there’s a Kabane, it needs to be killed.”

In other words, Mumei wanting to rush into the front cabin was purely just to kill the Kabane, she wasn’t worried at all about the life and death of the Aragane Station people inside the Hayajiro.

“Acting just to kill the Kabane huh?” Fang Li closed his eye.

After Mumei rushes into the front cabin, the uproar and consequences, even he didn’t even need to imagine to know.

When the time came, the relaxed atmosphere that took so long to build up would definitely be broken causing both Mumei’s and Ikoma’s status to turn more disadvantageous?

Naturally, this wasn’t even the most important issue.

The most important issue was that Fang Li who was familiar with the original story knew what the matter was with the Kabane aura Mumei felt.

Therefore, Fang Li knew that if Mumei rushed into the front cabin and didn’t find the so-called Kabane, this will only give an excuse to the Yomokawa Family samurais to kill them.

This unnecessary behaviour, Fang Li could not allow Mumei to do.

“To tell you the truth, I can leave this place at anytime actually without worrying about you. The reason I’m staying is just to repay back your favour.”

Fang Li’s expression appeared very tranquil, saying: “If you think that it’s unnecessary, in any case, I’ve already repaid that favour, but I need to tell you that from the present condition, the only person that can provide you with blood seems to only be me? So if you want to turn into a Kabane then I won’t stop you.”

Then, Fang Li opened his eyes, his mystic eyes state had actually already been removed, turning back into the darkish brown colour.

At once, Fang Li’s dagger that was on Mumei’s neck was removed and he turned around, moving right against the wall and sitting down directly.

Mumei’s brow wrinkled deeper, shortly afterwards as if not wanting to ponder such a complex issue she again reached for the doorknob with her hand.

But, suddenly Mumei discovered something.

That Kabane aura that she just felt disappeared all of a sudden.

“Ehh?” Mumei was stunned for a second.

Clearly seeing this, Fang Li showed a faint smile immediately closing his eyes, turning it into a sound-asleep expression.

Mumei had just turned around when she saw this.

At that moment, Mumei somewhat discontentedly asked: “You already knew this would happen therefore you prevented me?”

Her interrogation had no reply at all. Near the wall from the fluctuating breath coming from Fang Li it seemed as though he had really fallen asleep.

This appearance, caused Mumei to grit her teeth in annoyance. Ikoma, on the other hand, asked a question at this time perplexedly: “Um, what’s going on now exactly?”

Mumei stared at Ikoma, causing Ikoma to suddenly get startled and retreat several steps.

This seemingly young girl was extremely violent, once she’s not happy, he’ll absolutely be hit till he’s black and blue.

Therefore, Ikoma would rather not become this the undeserved target of her anger.

“Snort” Mumei coldly snorted, no longer paying attention to Ikoma, she too returned near the wall, leaning onto it and closing her eyes starting to go to sleep.

Only Ikoma remained to look at Fang Li and Mumei who were up against the wall and sleeping soundly, he couldn’t understand what had happened at all…

Time passed by quietly. The Hayajiro was moving as fast as ever on the railroad towards a seemingly endless track, continually chugging along.

But in the last cabin, Fang Li and his group respectively occupied a corner such as before, leaning against the walls and not talking again.

In such a situation, the sunlight falling from the west gradually fell outside the train, welcoming evening.

At this moment, the three people in this cabin simultaneously opened their eyes.

Ikoma looked towards the entrance, saying in a low voice: “Someone’s coming.”

The sound of footsteps started to become clearer and after a while a delightful clear sound resounded from outside the door.

“Fang Li san…”


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