Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 40

Fang Li immediately recognised the sound transmitted from the door.


That sound’s master was impressively Yomokawa Ayame. Not just Fang Li, Ikoma too recognized her voice.

“Ayame-sama?” Ikoma was astonished asking. “Why did you come here?”

“I just came to ask something.” Even though Yomokawa Ayame was seperated by the door, the hesitation in her voice could still be heard, she clearly asked, “Do the three of you bring along any food? Do you need me to prepare any?”

Yomokawa Ayame’s word caused Fang Li and Ikoma to simultaneously look at one another.

The current state of the Hayajiro was very clear to them.

Under this condition of shortage of food and water on top of Fang Li and his group’s situation, if Yomokawa Ayame provided food and water for them wouldn’t she definitely encounter stiff resistance?

However, Yomokawa Ayame had still actually gone over and asked them, this had proven how much Yomokawa Ayame cared about the people.

Only the young girl, Mumei had no idea what was going on, not realising how troublesome it was for Yomokawa Ayame saying whilst bored to death: “We don’t need any human food, so long as we have blood……ubwhjfpejfej!”

Mumei’s sound was suddenly blocked off because Fang Li had just covered her mouth.

Not caring about the struggling Mumei, Fang Li replied to Yomokawa Ayame: “Please feel relieved, Ayame-san, we brought along some food and water, for the meantime there’s no need to be worried about this issue.”

“Y-… Yes, Ayame-sama.” Ikoma seemed unwilling to expose the fact that he needed to drink blood, following after Fang Li’s words hastily: “Please don’t be worried about us, we’re doing well.

“That’s good.” Yomokawa Ayame seemed to relax, shortly afterwards saying: “Actually, after a moment the Hayajiro will stop temporarily, I need to tell you three important things.”

“Stop?” Ikoma inquired: “Why do you suddenly want to stop?”

“…… Actually, the water tank was actually found to have burst, meaning the water left inside is insufficient, if the boiler is affected by this the Hayajiro may not be able to continue moving.” Yomokawa Ayame said depressingly: “Therefore, we need to stop and refill the tank.”

“Is that so?” Ikoma was a bit hesitant, somewhat carefully asking: “Do you need me to help repair it?”

After all, Ikoma was also once a forge worker, he was good at handling these sort of things.

The only issue was that with Ikoma’s present status even if he were willing to help other people would absolutely not allow him to.

Therefore, Yomokawa Ayame answered: “There’s no need to be worried, some of your colleagues from before are on the Hayajiro, with them here the water tank should be fixed quickly.”

Ikoma’s expression turned somewhat complex.

It was probably of  Yomokawa Ayame’s words, bringing up memories of the people he worked with from before.

“After a moment, the Hayajiro will stop” Yomokawa Ayame continued, “When the time comes, I hope that you all won’t cause a panic with the people as far as possible.

“Understood.” Ikoma nodded.

As for Mumei, who had already escaped from Fang Li’s grip,she sulked and turned her head not saying a word.

Only Fang Li continued looking outside the window at the gradually dimming light, softly whispering.

“I just need to finish a matter…”

As night fell, just as Yomokawa Ayame said, the Hayajiro stopped.

The vehicle’s doors opened up one by one and each samurai got down along with everyone else gathering above a covert open space.

At this moment, under the instruction of Yomokawa Ayame some people went to start fetching some water, some started on repairs of the water tank whilst the other people gathered in the open space and went to work.

Went to work on what?

The samurais were all gathered in a circle busy keeping watch.

The rest of the people meanwhile had gathered around a bonfire in the middle, kneeling down in front of it and chanting prayers.

Fang Li, Mumei and Ikoma from inside the vehicle saw this scene as well.

Seeing that everyone was gathered around the bonfire praying Mumei blinked and asked, “What are they doing?”

Ikoma was silent.

Fang Li looked in the direction of the bonfire and said softly, “They’re holding a funeral for the dead.”

No words came out of Mumei after that.

Looking into the distance at the slowly burning bonfire and the people kneeling before it praying, Mumei and Ikoma both fell silent.

After awhile wails started to resound in the crowd. Eventually, all the people of Aragane Station could not endure the sadness in their hearts, crying immediately.

The air was filled with sadness.

This was a sadness that came from the people they knew dying.

Facing such a scene, even the samurai felt as if the same thing had happened to them, not able to utter a word.

Even Ikoma’s mood became somewhat low looking at this.

Mumei on the other hand just looked on as usual, her face emotionless but her innermost feelings were actually quite complex.

Facing such a scene, perhaps no one could be aloof?

In her heart, Mumei thought this but then she noted something.

To her side, standing nearby Fang Li was looking at the miserable scene as well but his look was actually different from all other people.

What kind of look was it?

It was a tranquil one.

A tranquillity that no normal person would have.

It was a tranquillity that went so far as to make people afraid.

This look was like one that was completely numb to Death, it was definitely able to be called heartless.

This immediately dashed the thought in Mumei’s head that no one could remain aloof to this sort of scene immediately.

At once, Mumei could not help asking Fang Li, “Could it be that you don’t feel sad at all?”

Hearing this, Fang Li turned around to Mumei with his pair of dark brown eyes still carrying the same depressing tranquillity.

He said, “If I thought this was sad, I would’ve already become a normal person…”

Leaving behind these few words, Fang Li walked towards the crowd in front immediately causing a tumult within the crowd. However, Fang Li ignored them, walking with the same emotionless expression he went directly in front of the bonfire towards a pregnant woman that was kneeling in front of it praying.

When Fang Li approached the woman, his lip moved gently a few times as if saying something. The pregnant woman’s eyes opened widely immediately but at this moment Fang Li moved past the crowd and walked deep into the forest in front.



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