Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 41

In the silent forest, the darkness swallowed everything, there was not even a tiny bit of light nor was there any sound of birds.

For humans, with everyone feeling insecure, they build a steel wall to defend against the siege and relay stations. The birds and animals outside had no such ability.

In other words, above this stretch of earth, almost all the birds and animals had turned into the Kabanes’ food, even if they can’t be called extinct, it would be very hard to see any outside of a relay station.

However, even if there were no dangerous birds and animals, this forest was not safe. After all, compared to these animals, Kabane could show up and pounce on humans at anytime and anyplace.

With such a situation, normally speaking, nobody should be willing to walk into such a forest.

But, at this moment, a person appeared in the forest. It was a pregnant woman.

Supporting her pregnant stomach, it could be seen that she was pregnant for quite a long time, perhaps it was already around the time it should come out?

What a pity, before it could arrive, Aragane Station fell to the enemy.

Therefore, the pregnant woman could only lead the child in her belly and run, finally arriving at the Hayajiro and drifiting along with the current.

Naturally, this was not the most serious issue.

No matter what’s to be said, being able to continue living was a blessing. Let alone, within the Hayjiro there were numerous samurai, as well as the Yomokawa Family’s eldest daughter to lead, her future would probably not be too desperate.

At least, regarding other people this should be the case.

As for the pregnant woman, she had to actually face another more realistic issue.

To die.

“For the child in my belly…”

The pregnant woman was holding her belly as if pushing the child inside into her bosom. Then, the pregnant woman continued to walk.

The surrounding darkness caused the pregnant woman’s heart to unceasingly shiver, a fear rising up from the depths of her heart out of instinct.

Humans have always been frightened of darkness.

Otherwise, humans would not invent lights to expel that darkness.

In addition to that, there was a possibility of the man eating Kabanes appearing, it was impossible for the pregnant woman to not be afraid.

However, despite this, the pregnant woman continued to walk forward.

“For the child in my belly…”

Repeating this line, the pregnant woman could not help but recall the matter that just happened before when she was praying by the bonfire.

The pregnant woman clearly remembered at that time, a man passed by her side and said to her, “If you really want to give birth to the child inside your stomach, look for me.”

Leaving behind these words, the man then entered this forest.

To be completely honest, the pregnant woman knowing her own condition knew that there wasn’t even a hint of possibility and she had no confidence at all.

This was not purely because of suspicion but also because it was really impossible.

But the pregnant woman continued to hope.

Because, besides the words of this man, the pregnant woman did not know of any other method to save the child in her stomach.

“I must find him…”

While having such a hope, the pregnant woman started to look around.

The pregnant woman was naturally impossible to find a small detail.
Behind her, a form stood.

If the pregnant woman turned around at this time, she would definitely be frightened. But because, in the eye socket of the opposite party, a pair of ice blue rainbow coloured eyes were glittering, turning into the only light source in the darkness.

And, these eyes were gazing at a person, that pregnant woman.


To be more accurate it was gazing inside the body of the pregnant woman, that was more correct.

Being able to look at the death of the inhuman existence within the pregnant woman’s body.


Wit,h that he could see clearer.

“Aimed at the goal…”

Wit,h that he could make it not able to run or hide.

“There’s only one last thing to do.”

In his hand, he grasped a lethal weapon precisely for this matter.

As the matter stands, Fang Li…

“You”, are going to DIE!

Therefore, staring at the back of the pregnant woman a slaughterer within the darkness stuck out suddenly. The next second a glittering cold bright dagger submerged the back of the pregnant woman’s body.

Not far away from the Hayajiro, Yomokawa Ayame was discussing what to do later with Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito.

“The food and  water remaining on the Hayajiro’s stockpiles can’t be maintained for too long,” Konochi Kurusu said to Yomokawa Ayame: “Ayame-sama, we should decide where our final destination would be?”

“For this matter, I have already decided on a place.” Yomokawa Ayame charming face tightened, saying: “The Hayajiro’s final destination will be Kongoukaku.”

“Kongoukaku?” Konochi Kurusu was a bit surprised.

“Wasn’t that the shogunate’s supreme headquarters?” Araka Kibito said directly: “The ruling general of the shogunate lives there and it’s also the centre of this country, even the direct resistance line of the Kabane, if we go there will they accept us?”

“They would.” Yomokawa Ayame shook the hand before her body, saying in a low voice: “My uncle in Kongoukaku, is a current Elder within it.”

Hearing this, Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito’s eyes shone.

The shogunate’s highest command was naturally the general.

Under the general, tasked with assisting the general and presiding over everything else were the Great Elders/

This position could only be held by an important government official during this special period.

If the shogunate could be analogised as a dynasty, the current general would be the emperor while the Great Elder would be the Prime Minister.

If the Great Elder has not set out any plans, all the business would then be handled by the Elders.

In other words, if the Great Elder does not interfere, within the shogunate the position closest to general was the elders.

“If Ayame-sama’s uncle is an Elder in Kongoukaku, then with Ayame-sama here, Kongoukaku will definitely accepts us.” Konochi Kurusu said

“That being the case, going to Kongoukaku truly is the best choice.”

“Right.” Araka Kibito nodded in agreement.

While the three people were discussing this, a person slowly walked towards this area.

“Um?” Yomokawa Ayame first noted the newcomer, surprisingly saying, “Fang Li san?”

Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito simultaneously froze and turned around looking at the figure approaching.

But, the three people actually saw…

Within Fang Li’s bosom, there was a pregnant woman lying down sound asleep.

Yomokawa Ayame and the rest were immediately shocked. Fang Li then directly said, “Relax she’s just frightened.”


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