Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 42

Seeing Fang Li hand over the pregnant woman, Yomokawa Ayame subconsciously held the pregnant woman in her bosom.

But Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito actually looked at the unconscious pregnant woman, their brow wrinkling, suspiciously looking towards Fang Li.

[TL: Looks like your boy Fang Li will always be guilty]

It really couldn’t be helped because Fang Li’s original standpoint was not really aligned with theirs and now suddenly one of the Aragane Station’s residents was unconscious. Anyone would suspect that Fang Li had done something.

If the other samurais were here, this would’ve already turned into a huge ruckus.

Perhaps knowing this point, Fang Li dutifully avoided everyone else and instead gave Yomokawa Ayame and the rest the unconscious pregnant woman.

Then, Fang Li left a few words.

“After she wakes up, tell her to feel relieved, the child in her belly will not have any other issues.”

Leaving behind these words, Fang Li did not give any time for Yomokawa Ayame and the rest to respond, quickly turning around and directly plunging back into the forest.

Yomokawa Ayame, Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito looked at each other with a helpless look, not knowing what sort of response to give.

On the other hand, Fang Li who had just entered the forest immediately stopped his footsteps.

That was because, in front of Fang Li there was a pair of wide open amber eyes staring at him, directly at his eyes.

Seeing that, Fang Li raised his brows, opening his mouth to ask, “You saw?”

Not answering Fang Li’s question, Mumei asked back, “Was that person the Kabane that I felt on the Hayajiro before?”

“What?” Fang Li blinked his eyes, his facial expression turning into one of deep wonder and thought. “How could that person possibly have been a Kabane?”

“Don’t try to deceive me.” Mumei moved forwards and stopped in front of Fang Li’s, looking up at him with that cute charming face, her amber eyes staring deeply at Fang Li, as if wanting to see through his innermost feelings.

“That pregnant woman was definitely bitten by a Kabane and was in the process of changing into one but hadn’t transformed yet, therefore I felt that aura on the Hayajiro for a second before it disappeared.

“Is that so?” Fang Li knew he couldn’t conceal the truth for long, smiling bitterly before saying, “But, you don’t need to be worried now, that person will not turn into a Kabane.”

Being bitten by a Kabane yet not turning into a Kabane.

These words, if it was heard by anyone else, they would definitely rebuke him endlessly.

For anyone that was bitten by a Kabane, even if they could somehow live, they would still turn into one eventually.

This was common sense within this world.

To be safe and sound from a Kabane’s bite is impossible. Even Ikoma could only prevent the virus from taking over entirely, turning into a Kabaneri, but even that can’t be called safe and sound.

Therefore, nowadays, no one could say that you can be bitten by a Kabane and remain safe and sound.

This was a recognised fact.

Therefore, after saying these words, Fang Li was wondering how he should explain it to Mumei.

But, unexpectedly, Mumei did not examine any closer but remained silent for a second before asking.

“Is it because of what you did in the forest before?”

Fang Li was silent.

Looking at Mumei’s amber eyes, Fang Li’s look glittered before he helplessly smiled and asked, “Did you see?”

Mumei did not reply, meaning she assented.

In other words, since the start, Mumei was following Fang Li.

So naturally, Mumei definitely saw.

She saw how in the forest, Fang Li had done a sneak attack from the back, stabbing his blade into the pregnant woman.

“Although I have no idea how you did it, seeing that your strikes can even pierce through a Kabane’s heart protection, even I thought that that person was dead when you stabbed her.”

“But who knew, she was just unconscious. Moreover, according to you, she will not turn into a Kabane again.”

Mumei’s look was no longer pure curiosity like before.

What remained was only deep suspicion and questions.

“What exactly did you do?”

This was a normal question. Anyone who heard what she had heard would have such a question.

Regarding this, Fang Li only showed a faint smile, saying, “Nothing special, I just killed the Kabane Virus inside her body.”

“Kill the Kabane Virus inside her body?” Mumei was dumbfounded.

However, Fang Li was not joking. This was a fact.

The object who Fang Li wanted to massacre was not the pregnant woman, but the virus within the pregnant woman.

In the original Kara no Kyoukai, Ryougi Shiki who had the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception as well could do something similar.

With the Mystic eyes’ ability to visualise the Death of all things, Ryougi Shiki could massacre diseases within a person’s body, allowing anyone with a serious disease to live.

Now, Fang Li just did the same thing.

“No matter what it is, so long as there is an end, it will welcome death.”

Fang Li ignored the completely dull Mumei, muttering a famous quote that Ryougi Shiki liked to say.

“I can kill anything that exists,  even if it’s a god..”

This rampant and extremely arrogant speech caused Mumei’s look to change.

It turned into one of disbelief.

Not knowing about Fang Li’s Mystic Eyes Mumei had no idea where he got the confidence to say it.

But, regarding the present matter, Mumei somewhat understood.

“In other words…” Mumei somewhat hesitantly asked, “Did you save that pregnant woman?”

“Is it  so strange?” Fang Li shrugged, thinking aloud and whispering, “Then again, saving a person who was about to die for someone who is so aloof from death, perhaps it really is quite strange.”

After all in regards to death and the process of it, Fang Li had no sympathy towards it.

“But then again, to save other people, it’s not really necessary to have any sympathy.”

Fang Li lifted up his head and gazed at Mumei, extending his hand, his finger arriving at Mumei’s lip, he slowly said.

“Like with you and Ikoma, saving both of you was me returning a favour.”

“However for that pregnant woman, even if just death would have been the result, it did not mean that her life had no value”

“I can be aloof towards Death, but regarding Life, it’s not that I have no feelings towards it…”

As his words fell, Fang Li then turned around leaving behind a startled Mumei, venturing alone again, deep into the dark forest.

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