Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 43

The words shared between Fang Li and Mumei was naturally unheard by anyone.

After Fang Li walked away, he returned back to the Hayajiro and went back into the last cabin.

“Hah… Hahhh…”

Entering the cabin, Fang Li heard a panting sound. This panting sound, sounded both painful and uncomfortable.

However, Fang Li was not surprised, directly entering the cabin. In the cabin, there was no flame to light up, only darkness with no end.

In the darkness, in a corner, a heart was sending out a ray, similar to a light bulb that would soon die of old age, flickering and unstable.

The master of that heart was curled up in the corner, gasping for air.

Seeing this, Fang Li sighed, opening his mouth he said softly, “You’re at your limit Ikoma”.

Fang Li’s words, caused Ikoma who was crouching in the corner to tremble, raising his head slowly.

What appeared was a face of intense struggle.  This appearance almost looked like a Kabane even.

“Yesterday you just turned into a Kabaneri, today you actually had not had any blood, you should definitely be quite uncomfortable now?”

Fang Li was unemotional about the deterioration of Ikoma’s state, his manner was as carefree as ever.

“I have no idea why you’re trying to struggle so hard, sucking blood is just sucking blood, if you don’t you’ll turn into a monster although right now you aren’t exactly human either”.

Under Fang Li’s sarcastic words, Ikoma was similar to a corpse swaying back and forth, his breath turning heavier and heavier.

His look also turned more and more fierce.

Ikoma started to move towards Fang Li, his appearance didn’t seem to want to be friendly with Fang Li.

For anyone else, seeing a person with characteristics similar to a Kabane moving towards him, perhaps they would be afraid?

However, Fang Li just thought aloud, “I’m going to leave soon.”

The quest Fang Li had in this world was fully completed.

His only reason for continuing to stay here was only to return Mumei and Ikoma’s favour, ensuring their security.

Now, for the people inside the Hayajiro, although they still haven’t accepted the two Kabaneri at least their relations had somewhat relaxed, not being as tense as before.

In addition, Mumei was also awake, even if the people in the Hayajiro wanted to attack, they probably wouldn’t be able to kill her. There was not really a need for Fang Li to remain anymore.

“Although the favour was paid off, you did rescue my life after all.”

Fang Li raised his head, looking at Ikoma.

“Therefore, I’ll give you some post-sales service.”

As his words fell, like a flash of light, a glittering cold dagger fell into his hand.


Meanwhile, Ikoma sent out a roar similar to a Kabane and rushed towards Fang Li’s direction.

Regarding this, Fang Li only unemotionally looked at him. All until Ikoma was right in front of him, Fang Li then said, “Your movements are too big, idiot..”

The next second, Ikoma naturally came up empty-handed.

Dodging Ikoma with closed eyes, Ikoma appeared at his side.

When his eyes opened again, the ice blue mystic eyes appeared once more.


Bringing with it an ice cold bright light, the sharp dagger pierced Ikoma’s glowing heart…

Probably after ten minutes, Fang Li entered the forest once more.

Moreover, this time he thoroughly entered, moving deeper and deeper into the forest.

In a while, an intermittent wailing like yell could indistinctly be heard in Fang Li’s ear.

Hearing these sounds, Fang Li postponed his footsteps, looking at the patch of grass in front.

There, some hearts were sending out a glowing ray moving back and forth. They were naturally Kabane.

“Really, these monsters are everywhere…”

On his mouth, he was saying this, but Fang Li’s expression was very obviously quite joyful.

“If I allow them to continue going forward, then discovering the Hayajiro is only a sooner or later matter?”

The sharp dagger was again grasped by Fang Li.

His ice blue eyes also started to appear.

“Although the quantity is quite low, the terrain here is quite favourable for me after all, allow me to work as an assassin once more.”

Therefore, Fang Li hid.


When Fang Li left the Hayajiro, moving deep into the forest, Mumei actually came out from the forest.

At this time, Mumei walked in the Hayajiro’s direction, muttering under her breath.

“It really is inconceivable, there really is no Kabane aura…”

After that Mumei arrived at the pregnant woman’s side to look for herself. After observing for a while she could confirm that she would not turn into a Kabane.

“She was obviously bitten before, how did he do it?”

Mumei could not understand the answer to this question, therefore returning back to the Hayajiro.

But before she arrived she heard a commotion.

“Look! Look quickly!”

One could only see in the crowd, Ikoma’s upper body was bright red, similar to someone who had obtained a new lease on life. His whole face was excited as he shouted to the surrounding crowd.

“I’m not a Kabaneri anymore, I’m human again!”

Carefully looking at Ikoma’s body, it had completely changed unexpectedly.

His skin was no longer a corpse-like grey from before. The veins on his body had also vanished completely. Most importantly, the chest of Ikoma had returned back to normal. You could no longer see that bright glowing heart that Kabane had.

“I changed back to a human! Changed back to a human!”

Ikoma’s sound resounded through the entire sky.

But in his periphery, each Aragane station samurai and the crowd were dull faced.  Even Yomokawa Amane, Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito had an inconceivable look on their faces.

“This… How did he suddenly turn back to normal?”

“Turning back from a Kabaneri to human?”

“As if!! How could that possibly happen!”

“If it was so easy to turn back into a human, then Kabane would already not exist!”

The surrounding samurai and people did not believe Ikoma obviously.

Only Mumei, dull-ly looked at this and after a while, she fiercely rushed in Ikoma’s front.

Ikoma was immediately scared. But at this time Mumei was holding his neck stubbornly staring at him.

At once, Mumei did not give a thought to the surrounding people’s response, asking.

“Was it that fellow’s handiwork?”

“That fellow?” Ikoma was startled.

However, not needing Ikoma to reply, Mumei had actually already confirmed it.

At that moment, her expression turned quite complex.

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