Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 44

Mumei was very sensitive to a Kabane’s aura.

Even for a Kabane that is still human, so long as their body contains the virus, then she can still feel an aura in their mid-transformation stage.

Ikoma’s transformation into a Kabaneri was clearly known by Mumei.

Thus it’s shown that Mumei’s sensitivity to the Kabane aura was astounding. This ability was perhaps something that she had after turning into a Kabaneri?

But right now from Ikoma’s body, Mumei could not feel any Kabane aura.

No matter what other people think, Mumei believed it. Ikoma, truly changed back into a human.

But the only person who can do something like this is also well known to Mumei, only that person could possibly accomplish this.

“Only that fellow could have done this…”

After all, just a while ago, that fellow just did exactly the same thing.

Therefore, Mumei had a good reason to believe that the Kabane virus inside Ikoma was similarly cured by Fang Li


To be more accurate killed is a better word.

By killing the virus inside Ikoma’s body it allowed Ikoma to turn back into a human.

“It’s not only an untransformed Kabane Virus, he can even kill a late stage already transformed virus?”

Actually, to be exact, only after turning into a full Kabane can it be called a full transformation.

For an existence like a Kabaneri that is situated between human and Kabane, it can only be described as half transformed, not too different from the pregnant woman from before.

Therefore, Fang Li can also do the same thing and kill off that half of the virus and turn Ikoma back into a human. For a Kabane that has completely transformed, Fang Li probably wouldn’t have any means. That’s because for a complete Kabane, they had already lost all their humanity…

For a complete Kabane, they don’t even have a tiny bit of humanity left. If Fang Li killed off a Kabaneri’s Kabane half then they could naturally become fully human but if it were a complete Kabane, Fang Li would only be able to kill the Kabane and not revive it as a human.

But then of course, the main aspect of the Mystic Eyes of death perception was to kill and not to save. Despite this, Fang Li still managed to use this power to kill to save two people today.

Mumei thought of this in her heart quietly, “If Ikoma could turn back into a human, then I too…..”

But as soon as this popped into her head, Mumei immediately started shaking her head to deny it.

“No No No No. Definitely not. I can’t do it!!!”

That’s right.

It wasn’t correct to say that Mumei can’t turn back into a human. Even Ikoma was able to turn back into a human, Mumei who was also a Kabaneri would also be able to turn back into one.

It’s just that if she were to turn back, she would lose something important…

An extremely important thing, at least to Mumei.

“If I change back to a human, it means I can no longer fight!”


This was Mumei’s only significance since turning into a Kabaneri. To fight.

If she lost this significance then she…

“I’ll absolutely be thrown away…”

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Mumei’s innermost feelings started to make her scared. These were the feelings of not wanting to be abandoned.

But along with this fear, there was also a type of hope that was produced inside her heart.

“To turn back into a human…”

This was a hope that she would never have had before.

Only… this small hope was suddenly extinguished by her.

Immediately, Mumei’s feelings turned extremely complex, she stamped her feet, and angrily said, “It’s all that fellow’s fault!!!”


It’s that fellow’s fault.

If it wasn’t for him, then she wouldn’t be so anxious.

“I need to settle the score with him!”

With such an idea, Mumei stared at Ikoma.

“You… what do you want?” Ikoma spiritlessly asked, carefully saying: “I… I’m telling you I’m no longer a Kabaneri, if you abuse me like before, I’m definitely going to be seriously injured!”

“If you don’t want to get hit then answer me.” Mumei discontentedly asked, “Where’s that fellow now?”

“That fellow?” Ikoma stared blankly, immediately hesitating before asking tentatively, “You mean Fang Li?”

“Who else would it be besides him?” Mumei turned impatient, “Hurry up and tell me where he is, I need to settle a score with him!”

Hearing this, Ikoma’s jaw dropped, he was totally speechless.

Looking at this. Mumei frowned, staring at Ikoma and asking, “It can’t be that you want to protect him?”

Ikoma did not reply as before, remaining silent.

Seeing that, Mumei’s brow wrinkled deeper, even the onlooking people got curious.

“Ikoma”, Yomokawa Ayame concernedly asked, “Did Fang Li san run into some trouble?”

Yomokawa Ayame’s words caused Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito to both look at each other before turning their gaze to Ikoma as well.

Konochi Kurusu even directly interrogated him asking, “What happened?”

Ikoma’s expression turned a bit embarrassed, he couldn’t really find the words to explain it.

This appearance caused Mumei to get mad.

“Tell me right now!”, she angrily said, “Did you do something to him??”

“I didn’t!!”, Ikoma answered almost by reflex before helplessly continuing, “I-I don’t know what happened exactly…”

“What?” The surrouding people were immediately startled.

“I only remember that my body suddenly turned really weak and my throat became really dry, my vision also turned blurry…”, Ikoma’s expression seemed quite indefinite, “Later, Fang Li came into the cabin to see me and said a few words but I lost conciousness after that, I didn’t hear anything… When I woke up I discovered that I was human again..”

“But I still remember some of what Fang Li said to me”, Ikoma’s expression tightened.

“He said that he must leave immediately…”

“Leave?”, Yomokawa Ayame and her entire group was surprised.

Mumei’s eyes opened wide before she fiercely opened her eyes and unexpectedly rushed right into the forest.

In the open space, the atmosphere suddenly became serious…

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