Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 45

As for what happened back at the Hayajiro, Fang Li was naturally clueless.

That’s because right now Fang Li was busy running away.

Very distressedly running away actually…


With the Kabanes roaring behind him, they were just like a dense and packed group of beasts galloping and dashing wildly. They were pursuing him persistently chasing after Fang Li.

Fang Li turned his head and looked at the dense and packed Kabane army behind him, he wanted to cry but no tears came out.

“What the hell is this!?!!”

Three minutes before, Fang Li was also getting cocky and talking shit, hiding in the forest and preparing to slaughter a lot of Kabane. After all, each Kabane was equal to 100 exchange points, moreover after this Dungeon World, when Fang Li returns to the Chief God’s dimension then he wouldn’t have this treatment again. He must naturally make the best use of his time and gain more points.

It was just a pity that this was not a bad idea, but it was also kind of fanciful.

In fact, this special treatment of his truly did exist still but it was not to the point that he thought.

When Fang Li assassinated the Kabane one by one by temping and killing them, Fang Li then learned this tragedy.

“Killed a Kabane and obtained 100 Exchange Points.”

“Killed a Kabane and obtained 100 Exchange Points.”

“Killed a Kabane and obtained 100 Exchange Points.”

Fang Li quickly killed three Kabane, and the System Notification sound was all normal. However, after Fang Li killed the third Kabane, the notification sound suddenly changed.

“Serial Number 11273 has gained 30000 Exchange Points, this harvest has surpassed all the previous newcomers in the Chief God’s Dimension by an average of ten times, therefore judging by this, Serial Number 11273 has passed the newcomer period and the kill reward will be cancelled.”

When this System Notification sound was heard in Fang Li’s mind, Fang Li eyes opened wide and the dagger in his hand that was about to stab into a Kabane’s heart immediately stopped. He was frozen on the spot.

“Cancelled the kill reward…?”

In other words, killing Kabane will no longer give any rewards?

“It can’t be…”

While Fang Li was blankly standing at his spot, the crowd of Kabane finally discovered him and rushed at his direction.

Therefore this caused the current situation with Fang Li running away distressedly. Fang Li truly wanted to cry but no tears came out…

“Could it be that being too excellent is a mistake?!?!”

Fang Li’s words really made people want to hit him in the face…

After all, for Fang Li to obtain this harvest, at least 50% of the credit was because of Mumei and the rest.

Although taking advantage of other people is also an ability but the Chief God’s dimension was not a charity. They would give you a bit of convenience to grow up if you were immature but to rely on it to feed you forever was a dream for a fool.

To obtain his current harvest, Fang Li should thank Heaven and Earth.

To abuse it and get more, let alone anyone else even the Chief God himself would be unable to continue watching.

“If I knew this earlier I wouldn’t have come!!!!”

Not knowing if it was because of hearing Fang Li’s complaint, the Chief God’s Dimension notification sound rang out again.

But this time, it actually brought with it a pleasant surprise.

“In lieu of the fact that Serial Number 11273 has before completing the current Dungeon World passed the newcomer stage and obtained an excellent achievement, he will be given the First Rookie title.”

Fang Li’s eyes opened widely again.


Fang Li quickly examined it.

First Rookie( Title)
STR: + 10
VIT: + 10
AGI: + 10
INT: + 10
(Chief God’s Envoys can only wear one title, after wearing it, it will become effective immediately.)

Fang Li immediately felt as if a giant meat pie had just fallen from the sky and hit his head, making him somewhat dizzy in euphoria.

An additional +10 to every attribute?

What would this mean?

This would mean that after wearing this title, Fang Li could finally be separated from his current rubbish attribute fate immediately!

One must know that even a well-trained human 20 -year-old youth, their attribute value would only be 5 points on average, moreover that did not include INT.

To have all attributes be promoted by 10 points, Fang Li’s physical ability would instantly turn into a much greater degree than a well-trained 20 year old youth.

“For this level of attributes, even Kurusu that fellow wouldn’t have this insane of a value?”

In other words, after wearing this title, Fang Li’s Attribute value woukd then thoroughly dominate above Konochi Kurusu.

Without any hesitation, Fang Li wore the title.

The next second, Fang Li’s Attribute panel started to change.

Character: Fang Li
Race: Human
Title: First Rookie
Rank: Fifth Rank
STR: 11 ( + 10 )
VIT: 11 ( + 10 )
AGI: 16 ( + 10 )
INT: 11 ( + 10 )
( The Attribute value shown is made up of Equipment, Skill, Class, Title and other values, subtracting these values will be the Chief God’s Envoy true Attribute value.)

A change was produced almost immediately.

Within the split second that Fang Li had put on the title, the forms dashing about wildly behind him quickly caught up and like fuzzy shadows of the night they flew like bats towards Fang Li.

Fang Li turned his head to look and saw the dense and numerous Kabane army behind him, he could suddenly only see that the army then suddenly started to get further and further away.

This speed was surprisingly quick!

At this moment, it wasn’t only that Fang Li’s body became a lot lighter, his whole body had a feeling of power.

“I shouldn’t miss too much in attributes with Mumei with my present attributes…”

Naturally, attributes were only one method. There was more to fighting.

The fight methods that Mumei had trained since childhood, Fang Li did not have.

However, even without this, Fang Li had other methods. For example his self-taught murder method…

His formed turned around in the darkness and leapt forward like a cheetah running back towards the Kabane army.

The ice blue Mystic eyes could be seen glittering as well as an ice cold dagger held in his hand.

Similar to a ferocious beast showing its fangs, Fang Li with his matchless imposing aura flew into the group of monsters before they could respond.

The blade’s light streaked across the nighttime sky.

“Pu chi!”

Blood splashed about suddenly.

This time… Fang Li directly met the approaching enemies.

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