Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 46

In the jet black forest at another corner, a petite form was leaping through the trees at an extremely fast speed.

With each leap, the petite form was like a lithe animal leaping on top of the trees one after another. It was actually similar to a ninja with the quick speed as the form continued leaping forward.

While the form was leaping by extremely quickly, there were also a pair of eyes poking out from the form darting back and forth as if anxiously trying to find something.

This form was Mumei of course!


Although Mumei’s expression did not seem too anxious, her voice actually held a faint trace of anxiety.

It could be shown that Mumei really wanted to find Fang Li.


“Why do I want to find him…”

After all, Fang Li and Mumei were not close, they were neither relatives nor friends. They could even be described as strangers who just met yesterday, how intimate could they be?

Regarding this kind of person, Mumei shouldn’t have any reason to find the opposite party. However, she didn’t know why but she really wanted to look for Fang Li.


While having this question, Mumei continued leaping forward as if seeking out Fang Li out of reflex.

At this moment, a roar like a beast could be heard.

“That’s…” Mumei stopped immediately.

“A Kabane’s sound?”

At the present time, the only creature that could make such a sound was a Kabane. Let alone, Mumei was extremely sensitive to the Kabane’s aura, she immediately realised that there were many Kabanes gathering over at that direction.

“Could it be there?”

At that moment, Mumei’s expression turned into an astonished one.

“That fellow, could he be in trouble?”

Although she didn’t know the exact number of Kabanes over there, from all the roars she heard and the numerous auras she felt she could affirm that it was over a hundred…

With an amount of Kabane this large, even Mumei would find it difficult to deal with let alone Fang Li.

“That time at Aragane Station it was this situation now it’s still this situation, he’s obviously weak yet why does he still rush into the most dangerous places??”

Within her heart, Mumei felt anger that came from nowhere.

However, Mumei still followed the noisy Kabane cries and leapt forward in that direction extremely quickly.

Immediately, the sound of Kabane roars became more and more clear.

But at this time, Mumei’s nose twitched slightly, she smelt a smell that was quite irritating to the nose.

“This smell…”

Mumei was very familiar with this smell. Rather, in this era, even a child would probably know this smell.

“The smell of blood…”

Right, it was the smell of blood that was really irritating to the nose.

“Could there have been an accident?”

While thinking, Mumei could not help but speed up her footsteps.

Probably after three minutes, Mumei arrived at the spot.

Within the forest, there were massive amounts of Kabane just like a pack of wolves on the hunt, throwing their bodies towards a form in the middle.

Being besieged by so many Kabane, even a samurai with excellent skill like Konochi Kurusu would probably not survive for too long before turning into the Kabane’s food.

But as far as Mumei knew, Fang Li’s strength was not really too far apart from Konochi Kurusu’s. If he fell into this constant besieging, he’d probably be ripped into pieces.

However, the present scene, caused Mumei to stop her footsteps, her immature and cute face was astonished.


The Kabane let off loud roars as they fiercely attacked. But within it, a form like a shadow, a ghost that kept appearing and disappearing moved back and forth within the group of monsters, wherever it visited, a cold bright light sliced through the Kabane’s bodies one by one.

“Pu Chi Pu Chi Pu Chi!”

The sound of a weapon tearing into flesh could be heard lingering on.

Blood splashed all over…

Under the slicing of that extremely ordinary dagger, the hard Kabane skin was unexpectedly similar to frail tree bark, each of them being cleanly divided in two.

This was an extremely terrifying and bloody scene.

The stumps of residual limbs could be seen all over the ground.

Scarlet red blood was flying everywhere.

Thought of and feared as an undead monster, the Kabanes were all crying pitifully changing this jet black forest into a scene straight out of hell, giving people an extremely frightened feeling…

Seeing this scene, Mumei’s eyes could not help but twitch. She could still remember that yesterday, Fang Li still needed the shielding of Mumei and the samurais to be able to socialise with that huge group of monsters and fish in the troubled waters. Finally, he managed to kill over a hundred of them but he exhausted all his stamina and almost didn’t manage to run away.

But now it’s only been a day…

Now, Fang Li was still able to fight with such a huge group of monsters and unexpectedly keep up, he even seemed to be enjoying himself….

For a situation like this, with Mumei’s vision, how could she not see?

“He… how’s he getting stronger?”

Yesterday, in Aragane Station, Mumei saw that after Fang Li obtained the Slaughterer skill his attack speed and movement speed suddenly rose, thus he got stronger.

Now, Mumei actually saw the same thing.

She saw that Fang Li had become even more formidable.

Moreover, there was a difference.

If the previous time, Fang Li could be said to only have gotten stronger by a little, then the present Fang Li could be said to have had a tremendous transformation.

At least, from seeing Fang Li’s form that was similar to a ghost alongside that formidable lethality and skilled murder technique, Mumei could determine something.

Against the present Fang Li, even if she herself wanted to defeat him she’d need to remove her ribbon and use all her strength.

“How could it be?”

Mumei was still puzzled. However, she did not one thing. That was, this man was no simple wanderer.

“Who is he?”

This question was asked deep within Mumei’s heart.

Mumei forgot to help, remaining on top of the tree and looking at Fang Li killing the Kabane around him, not knowing what sort of response to give.


Suddenly, Mumei’s pupil enlarged.

Within the Kabane group, there was one that was approaching Fang Li very differently compared to the rest.

Sees that form, Mumei quickly noticed and as if by conditioned reflex shouted, “Be careful!!”

With the sound of Mumei sounding out, Fang Li’s form within the group of monsters immediately stopped.

In that split second, a shadow rushed towards Fang Li.

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