Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 47


The sound of steel and steel colliding resounded in the forest.

The sharp dagger had hit some sort of heavy steel sword heavily, the rubbing between metal caused intense sparks to split out.

At that moment, Fang Li only thought that there was a large strength transmitted from the steel sword that was pushing back his dagger and made him step back a little.

Fang Li can definitely see that if it wasn’t for the addition of the title, this collision would definitely have made him fly away even if he wasn’t injured.

“ka ka ka!”

The friction between the dagger and sword caused sparks to constantly fly everywhere.

Fang Li then clearly saw the appearance of what was holding the sword.

It was a Samurai.

This was an already thoroughly transformed Kabane but it was actually holding onto a large sword. The glow from its heart area was quite noticeable but the rest of its body just looked like an abnormal samurai.


The Kabane with a samurai’s features was staring at Fang Li with its pupils that glow with a cruel and ominous light. It roared while it was extremely close to Fang Li.

Within that roaring sound, it was like there was another sound to the Kabane. It was like a subordinate that bumped into a king, they immediately stopped attacking and crowding towards Fang Li.

Fang Li did not let his guard down but instead grasped his dagger even more tightly to support the steel sword that wanted to cut his head in half. Looking at this Kabane that looked like a rampaging samurai, Fang Li’s ice blue mystic eyes glittered.

“A Wazatori?”

These so-called Wazatori, referred to a Kabane that has experienced multiple fights and has therefore learned to use various types of weapons and combat skills.

Because this Kabane could learn combat skills and also use a weapon properly, the battle efficiency of the Wazatori was leagues higher than an ordinary Kabane. They could be regarded as experts of fighting.

The Kabane’s physical ability was originally already a lot higher compared to an average person let alone adding in the ability to use weapons and combat skills. Their strength could be imagined…

“Hmph with this degree of skill, you still used a sneak attack, are you so determined to be a Kabane”.

While saying so, Fang Li fiercely struck with his dagger.


Intense sparks burst out again as the sound of collision spread out in ripples

But that Kabane wielding the steel sword also stepped back several steps before stopping

That Kabane with a samurai’s appearance appeared to get angry because of shame and started roaring but it wasn’t like other Kabane that would have immediately charged like wild beasts towards Fang Li, throwing themselves at him. Instead if gripped the sword in its hand and showed a stance.

It looked like a warrior that had been repeatedly tempered…

Meanwhile, the surrounding Kabane also appeared to be ready to make trouble, roaring at Fang Li loudly, being prepared to throw themselves on him at any time.

“Is this what people would call an utterly isolated situation?”

Fang Li wanted to smile bitterly but he couldn’t make out the proper face so he instead broke out into a high spirited smile.

Facing Fang Li’s performance, a sound reached his ear.

“I have no idea why you can smile even in this situation…”

The instant that sound fell, a petite form sprung up from a distant place on top of a tree, curving through the air and steadily fell by Fang Li’s side.

“Are you retarded?” Mumei held her two red Steam Pistols, standing shoulder to shoulder with Fang Li, saying, “Why did you suddenly want to go here and provoke these Kabane?”

“The best goal in life is to seek pleasure after all.” Fang Li did not look at Mumei, his line of sight was still on the Wazatori’s body, he merely asked selfishly, “Why are you here?”

“……I’ll tell you later” Mumei stayed silent for a bit but changed the topic, holding up her steam pistols and looking straight at the Wazatori ahead.

Who knows when but Mumei had already untied the ribbon on her neck.

In other words, Mumei was in full battle condition.

Regarding this, Fang Li was helpless.

“Fine, we’ll talk about this later.” Fang Li moved forward one step, standing in front of Mumei, confronting that Wazatori.

Then, Fang Li turned his back to Mumei and said, “I’ll leave the surrounding fellows to you, I’ll defeat the Wazatori.”

“Are you sure?” Mumei was a bit is surprised.

“Aren’t you bad at dealing with people with real combat skills?

After all, Fang Li was a complete noob at fighting, he only understood how to kill people

The only reason he won against Konochi Kurusu was because of his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

Otherwise, without being able to use the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception to see the death lines, Fang Li would be completely unable to see through Konochi Kurusu’s sword techniques, therefore being unable to “kill” his weapon and win in the end.

But for the opposite Wazatori, it would only be stronger, not weaker compared to Konochi Kurusu.

Regarding this skilful enemy, Fang Li truly was not the best at coping with.

“Therefore, this time, I will suppress it using attributes!”

With his entire attributes promoted by 10 points, Fang Li’s STR and VIT was not much weaker than a Kabane.

But his AGI which Fang Li focused on had actually reached 16 points, becoming much stronger than the general Kabane.

In addition to that, with the amplification of the Slaughterer Skill for his attack speed and movement speed, Fang Li can definitely suppress the enemy using his attributes.

Therefore, Fang Li stepped on the ground fiercely and turned into a fuzzy shadow, dashing towards the Wazatori holding the steel sword.


The Wazatori sent out a noisy wail, the steel sword in its hand turned into a berserk strong wind that flew to slice Fang Li in front of him.

But, at the same time, Fang Li’s foot stopped and he immediately turned his body around.


That steel sword, therefore, sliced nothing and slashed on the ground creating a large sword mark.

At this moment, Fang Li who had managed to dodge the attack had as if turned into a gust of wind and attacked the Wazatori’s back.

The Wazatori immediately responded but it was too late. It was still a step slower than Fang Li.

Therefore, when the Wazatori was about to turn around to meet this approaching enemy, that fang-like dagger in Fang Li’s hand attacked.


The cold bright light cut through the air and caused a sharp cry.

“Pu chi!”

The next second, that lethal weapon passed through the heart of the Wazatori, submerging itself into the back of its body.

This victory… was Fang Li’s!

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