Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 48

With that, the Kabane holding the steel sword heavily fell on the ground

Fang Li was instead holding his dagger as before, looking at the Wazatori on the ground. He sighed in his heart saying, “This Kabane would probably have given even Kurusu quite a lot of trouble?

But such a Kabane, actually could not even fight one round against Fang Li.

The reason that this happened was that sure a Wazatori was skilled in using weapons and combat techniques but they did not have any human intelligence. All they knew was how to fight but not how to strategise and use different tactics.

However, the most important reason was actually because of how much Fang Li’s strength had grown.

“First Rookie… this title really is helpful to me right now.”

The Wazatori on the ground had proven this point. Similarly Mumei was also proof of this point.

“Killing it in a split second?” Mumei muttered.

“He really did get a lot stronger.”

Although to Mumei who was obseving Fang Li, his flaws were definitely easily exposed when fighting but under the support of his strong physical ability and mystic eyes coupled with his killing technique, his threat really was a lot larger than before.

Naturally, Kabanes will never understand what that meant.


Seeing the Wazatori get killed by Fang Li the surrounding Kabane thoroughly went crazy.

Mumei then responded by holding up her steam pistols hastily. However, before that a hand gripped Mumei’s wrist.

“It’s fine.” Fang Li shook her hand Mumei, saying, “We’ll leave.”

“Leave?” Mumei was startled, not able to help asking, “We’re not going to fight?”

“No, we’re not.” Fang Li curled his lip, saying, “Not like there’s any reward for fighting them.”

“Reward?” Mumei was confused. Since when did killing Kabane have any rewards?

Not giving any time for Mumei to ponder, Fang Li started to speak.

“Well, what’re you doing!? Run!!”

Then, Fang Li brought along Mumei and ran towards the weakest area of the encirclement.


With the sound of that Kabane’s roar, they immediately started to jump at them.

However, for these Kabnes that jumped up, they were met with a dagger and a bullet.

“Pu chi!”

The daggertored through the body.


The bullet penetrated their muscles.

Fang Li and Mumei then continued to kill the Kabane army like this as even more Kabane joined this sea of Kabane before plunging into the jet black forest.

At this moment, Fang Li and Mumei’s, speed surpassed these ordinary Kabanes by far.

Therefore, the troop of Kabane could only look helplessly at Fang Li and Mumei vanishing in the darkness, leaving behind unwilling roars that resounded through the horizon.

The night then gradually started to turn late.

In the jet black forest, two forms were moving extremely quickly across trees, appearing like ghosts that flew past, a particularly scary scenario.

The one in front was Fang Li.

As if not afraid of Mumei not being able to keep up, Fang Li ran at his maximum speed, flexibly manoeuvring through the trees, totally unlike the hikikomori that was gasping for breath after climbing a staircase just a couple of days ago.

Mumei just followed Fang Li unemotionally, looking at his back, her look gradually changed.

Because Mumei discovered that Fang Li’s and her distance had actually gradually started to spread out.

This has proven one thing.

“His speed is above me?”

Mumei almost could not believe it. It had to be known that Mumei had already untied her ribbon, her current speed was her maximum output!

But even with this, Mumei and Fang Li’s distance had actually gradually started to spread out.

“What’s going on…?”

She was really confused because she had no idea how Fang Li had gotten so strong!

Obviously, a half hour before, Fang Li was not this strong. Could it be that… did Fang Li also turn into a Kabaneri?

No, absolutely not.

If Fang Li had turned into a Kabaneri, then Mumei who was sensitive to a Kabane’s aura would’ve already realised.

In other words, Fang Li was only using his normal human ability to suddenly turn so strong.

Seeing that Fang Li’s speed was getting more and more fast, she herself was actually starting to gradually get left behind, Mumei felt more and more unconvinced!

“I won’t lose to an ordinary human!”

While saying so, Mumei’s figure sped up, pushing out her complete speed and going all out to chase after Fang Li.

With such a situation, Fang Li and Mumei’s figure started to turn more and more fuzzy, passing through the forest and entering an open range.

While maintaining such a speed they had actually passed through the whole forest!

When they arrived at this piece of open space, the two talented people stopped.

Mumei lifted her head and looked at Fang Li, in her eyes were many question marks.

Seeing that Fang Li showed a faint smile, pointing at a cave in front, saying, “We’ll rest there.”

“Rest?” Mumei stared at Fang Li’s face, asking, “Aren’t you going to return to the Koutetsujou?”

[Yami note – I’m replacing Hayajiro with Koutetsujou now because it’s going to be a bit confusing later on. No spoilers!]

“There’s no reason for me to remain on the Koutetsujou, I would have left sooner or later.” Fang Li immediately responded but after sighed, ” But then again, I don’t really think I have a reason to roam about outside anymore either….”

Fang Li could only remain in this world for two more days.

But he had no reason to stay behind at the Koutetsujou

Therefore, originally, Fang Li wanted to take advantage of the two days of time, and earn Exchange Points, then two days later return home with a full load.

What a pity, the killing reward quest was cancelled, crushing Fang Li’s wishful thinking.

Now, Fang Li did not know what to do…

Therefore, Fang Li shook his head, then looked at Mumei, asking, “What about you? Why did you suddenly show up here?”

“I…” Mumei opened her mouth but actually could not find any words to say.


Why did she show up here?

To look for this fellow?

It was probably this.

However, she didn’t seem to have any reason to find this fellow…

Then why did she recklessly rush into the forest and arrive here?

Mumei could not help but be at a loss, whispering in a low voice, “I-I don’t know…”

“Don’t know?” Fang Li raised his eyebrows.

Then he simply said, “You don’t know? Maybe you just haven’t realised it yet?”


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