Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 49


Fang Li’s words made Mumei startled.

However, at the same time a somewhat flurried mood emerged from Mumei’s heart.

This was the sort of feeling a person would feel if someone hit their deepest troublesome secret spot on.

Seeing the current, Mumei, Fang Li’s look glittered. Shortly afterwards, Fang Li then heartlessly exposed the feelings hidden deep within Mumei’s deepest depths.

“Do you… want to make me turn you back into a human?”

At this moment, the heart of Mumei trembled.


This was the only reason why Mumei would look for Fang Li. Perhaps, even Mumei herself hadn’t realised this?

Actually just like Ikoma, this young girl also wished that she could change back into a human.

Therefore, after seeing Ikoma’s transformation as a result of Fang Li with her own eyes, the hope within her young heart couldn’t bear but be ignited.

This hope, although she tried to suppress it before, it didn’t mean that it no longer existed.

This hope was what caused Mumei’s subconscious actions to look for Fang Li.

Only, Mumei was not willing to acknowledge this.

It is not that she didn’t want to acknowledge it but rather that it was impossible.

“It’s definitely no good!”

With that shout Mumei almost uncontrollably took a step back away from Fang Li, her eyes staring tightly at him.

“I cannot turn back into a human!”

These words were to Fang Li but it was more of a warning to herself.

“If I change back into a human, my strength will definitely drop and I won’t be able to fight Kabane anymore!”

“If I can’t fight with the Kabane, I’ll be useless!”

“When the time comes, I’m absolutely going to be thrown away!”

Mumei’s sound resounded throughout the surroundings.

Until this time, Mumei suddenly realised. She… had unknowingly shouted at Fang Li unexpectedly.

“Th-… That…” Mumei felt somewhat helpless.

Fang Li, did not display any surprise from start to finish, seeing her helplessness his eyes looked pensive.

At once, Fang Li opened his mouth.

“To be honest, I know that you didn’t volunatirly turn into a Kabaneri.”

Fang Li’s words, caused Mumei to be startled, with her immediately replying while shaking her head, “No, I turned into a Kabaneri willingly…”

Mumei’s words were clear.

The reason behind her turning into a Kabaneri was not because of a situation like Ikoma where he was bitten and turned into one to save his own life by stemming the virus from invading his head. Ikoma was compelled to do it because he had no choice.

In fact, Mumei was willingly bitten by a Kabane.

Therefore, Mumei’s transformation was voluntary.

But, Fang Li said, “Is that what you call voluntarily?” Fang Li curled his lip and smiled, saying, “You only acted because of the desire of other people following their anticipation to turn into a Kabaneri, that is not volunatary…”

Mumei tightened her fist as she heard that.

“You obviously don’t know anything….”, Mumei looked at Fang Li tightly and opened her mouth to whisper in a low voice, “Obviously don’t know anything…. but yet you act like you understand me so much…”

“…… What don’t I know?” Fang Li stared eye to eye with Mumei and quipped, “How would you know that I don’t know? Perhaps I know ever more than you do?”

Leaving behind those few words, Fang Li then as if unwilling to pay attention to Mumei again, walked in the direction of the cavern.

Seeing that, Mumei’s cute and charming face was filled with an intense struggle before as if finally giving up, she followed Fang Li and moved to the cavern.


The cavern that Fang Li and Mumei found seemed to be an abandoned mine.

Therefore, in the cavern there was not only a railway line for transportation but it was also illuminated with lights.

Perhaps it was only because of the Kabane that this mine tunnel was discarded, all the appliances were covered in dust and only the light seemed to still work as before.

Therefore, Fang Li turned on the lights, causing the whole cavern to be filled with a warm light.

Then, Fang Li casually found a place to sit down next to Mumei.

Perhaps it was because Mumei was still angry from before, but she just sat opposite Fang Li and did not say anything looking like a child throwing a tantrum.

Looking at such a Mumei, Fang Li couldn’t help but laught despite trying to hold it in, taking out a water bottle and biscuit from his leg bag asking her, “Do you want some?”

“No I don’t.” Mumei instinctively replied but followed up and asked, “You obviously know that I’m a Kabaneri that only needs to drink blood…”

“Does that mean I shouldn’t ask something I know the answer to already?” Fang Li leisurely tore the biscuit and sipped some water, while saying,”To know that the opposite party doesn’t need it, you have to ask them, that’s what you call ettiquete.”

“I don’t understand those things…” said Mumei depressedly, “I was only taught to fight with the Kabane.”

“Is that so?” Fang Li seemed to careless ask, “Didn’t you parents teach you?”

Mumei was silent.

The surrounding atmosphere suddenly turned awkward.

In this era where the man eating monsters ran amuck, asking about another person’s family member in such a situation. Even a fool would know the answer to that…their family was obviously long gone…

But Fang Li, was not a fool, since he was familiar with the plot of the story, he clearly knew Mumei’s family’s circumstances and knew not to contact this forbidden area right?

But, Fang Li still intentionally pursued the question, “What’s wrong? Did your parents really not teach you?”

“…… Maybe they did, but I forgot.” Mumei buried her face in her knees so he couldn’t see her current expression, only her soft sound came out, “That was a very long time ago….”

“Is that so?” Fang Li shrugged, suddenly asking, “In other words, don’t you have any family members now?”

“No I do.” Mumei direct denied it saying, “I-I still have Ani sama”

When Mumei replied like that, she didn’t know that Fang Li’s look was not only not curious about this “Ani sama” at all but even turned into one that was amused.

“Ani-sama.” Fang Li ate his biscuit and leisurely asked, “Is that your blood related elder brother?

“No we’re not related.” Mumei raised her head to look at Fang Li, her look was quite satisfied, “Ani sama is very good to me, this…this is enough….”

“Very good to you?” Fang Li couldn’t help but smile.

This time, his whole expression including his smile turned into a mocking face.

This type of mocking face, even Mumei who was now wise in the ways of the world could understand.

Therefore, in Mumei’s heart an intense emotion emerged, “Why are you smiling?!”





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