Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 51

Next day, in the morning.

The sunlight sprinkled down from the clouds allowing the darkness covered forest to finally show a hint of green.

However, even if that were the case, the forest was still as deathly still as before. There was only some wild beast like noises that reverberated, this was just an indicator to people that this forest had man-eating monsters. It was a warning to not approach…

In the cave at the forest’s edge, Fang Li slowly went out.

“So bright…”

The sunlight from the sky cause Fang Li to narrow his eyes slightly, raising his hand to keep off the light and inhaling a deep breath of fresh air.

“Now then, what should I do?”

The three days of the remaining time that he was given was now short of one.

After waiting for the remaining two days, Fang Li will be able to return to the Chief God’s Dimension with a full load.

“But the Issue is how I’m going to kill time…”

Since the killing reward was cancelled, Fang Li had no reason to go and slaughter a crowd of Kabane like before.

Because of this, Fang Li had nothing to do…

“Hmm other people would feel unsafe in the Chief God’s Dimensions’ infinite worlds, each envoy would be anxious and worried about being killed but here I am just doing nothing, is that really ok?”

Before Fang Li had indeed experienced many occurrences of danger and murder but currently he was actually quite free with nothing to do.

It was a pity that after experiencing so many battles and danger at all ends, Fang Li couldn’t just idle around.

“Is this also a change?”

After all, when he was on Earth, Fang Li looked forward to idling around all day and playing games, that would have perfectly satisfied him.

Now, in such an environment, Fang Li was naturally unable to do that again.

“Should I return?…” Fang Li sighed.

Shortly afterwards, Fang Li took out an Item from his bosom. It was Mumei’s kunai.

Looking at the ice cold kunai in his hand, Fang Li couldn’t help but mutter, “If I leave now would they have already left?”

At least, the people on the Koutetsujou definitely looked forward to leaving behind Fang Li, this weird person. Furthermore, with a situation where they were in constant danger of attack, it would be impossible for them to remain there and wait for Fang Li to come back.

Let alone, there was also a possibility of a ruckus there because of Ikoma changing back into a human.

Naturally, this had no relation to Fang Li.

All Fang Li did was complete Ikoma’s wish, treating it as a favour.

After changing back into a human, it was up to Ikoma to win the trust of other people and how to proceed later on. This was completely not Fang Li’s problem.

No matter how you say it, Fang Li merely owed Ikoma a favour, he wasn’t his maid, they were not even friends.

Actually regarding Mumei Fang Li actually did feel somewhat bad.

“Someone specially came to look for me but I actually made her mad, if other people saw this they’d think I was bullying a little girl?”

While thinking so, Fang Li made a decision.

“Right I’ll just go back to have a look and see if they’ve left.”

Then, Fang Li observed his surroundings and after finding a direction, his figure turned into the wind as he crashed back into the forest.

Although he had a plan now, Fang Li didn’t believe that the people on the Koutetsujou would wait for him to return.

Let alone Fang Li, when Mumei left yesterday evening, the people on the Koutetsujou would probably want to leave as fast as possible to leave Mumei behind and not allow her to remain?

Therefore, Fang Li did not really have much hope.

However, when Fang Li returned to the site where the Koutetsujou parked yesterday, the present scene caused him to be surprised.

He could see the train made of steel was still on the track as before, its body glimmering in the sunlight causing it to be quite dazzling.

But in the open space in front of it, the bonfire was extinguished and the people from the Koutetsujou were still gathered there as before, some were having breakfast and the scene appeared quite lively.

Moreover, on each person of the Koutetsujou’s face, there was a smiling face with a bit of spirit as if they had met some sort of good luck.

This appearance was absolutely different from the anxiousness of yesterday.

Fang Li was totally stunned.

These people from the Koutetsujou had not only remained but they’d also changed so much?

“What happened?”

While Fang Li was puzzled over this issue, he suddenly noted something.

Behind the Koutetsujou’s there was another Hayajiro on the rail.

This was a Hayajiro that was different from all the other types.

Other Hayajiro’s such as the Koutetsujou were more for transportation and escaping therefore only the defensive power and speed of them were boosted, they lacked in all other aspects.

But for this Hayajiro, there were sharp edges all over the body of the vehicle, it was painted a dark red and exuded a sense of aggressiveness.

If the Koutetsujou was a fortress with only defence, then this Hayajiro was one with both defence and attack capabilities.

Even if the interior is filled with massive weapons, Fang Li wouldn’t find it weird.

Seeing this Hayajiro, Fang Li was astonished.

“Why is there another Hayajiro?”

In the original plot, there was simply no mention of this.

“Is it the butterfly effect?”


That wasn’t the only Issue

“Where have I seen this Hayajiro before…”

While Fang Li frowned tightly, the people from the Koutetsujou discovered Fang Li’s return at last.

At that moment, the noises around the open space dissipated all of a sudden.

Only, Fang Li discovered something.

Even if the atmosphere changed, the people from the Koutetsujou did not have the restlessness and anxiousness from before.

Even, some samurai were looking at Fang Li with a taunting look.

“He’s finally back?”

“Saying that he planned to leave hmph, just putting on airs…”

“Isn’t that normal?”

“If he remained outside, he’d sooner or later turn into the food for Kabane, who would do that?”


These samurais did not show any hostility to Fang Li again.

Because they seemed to all of a sudden have found some sort of a security sense that made them not worried about Fang Li.

Then a samurai said, “With the Liberator here, he can’t do much”.

The surrounding samurai all nodded and cheered loudly.

These samurais’ words caused Fang Li’s eyes to narrow fiercely.


Fang Li finally understood this Hayajiro’s origin.

And even, the origin of its’ Master.

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