Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 84

The condition seemed similar to the previous time he entered the Dungeon World. This time, Fang Li’s vision was immediately turned to black with his head turning dizzy and he was transmitted after accepting the Quests.

When his vision was finally restored and the dizziness went away, Fang Li found that his environment had completely changed. From the tranquil residence, it had now turned into an airport runway. On the runway, there were several millitary helicopters. In front of these helicopters, there were three people.

One was a youth holding a cigarette in his mouth casually smoking.

One was a youth wearing a coat and hat with dazzling white hair.

One was a cute faced and well toned sexy young lady.

These three people were walking towards Fang Li. To be more specific they were moving towards Fang Li’s right side. Fang Li looked around and saw other soldiers around him wearing military uniforms. Seeing these uniforms Fang Li was enlightened.

“It seems that I was given the status of a Far East Branch ordinary soldier this time.”

Since Equipment could be stored within the virtual interface, there was no need to make it appear in it’s true form, if the situation arises, the Chief God’s Dimension will arrange a basic status for the Envoy and replace the clothing of the Envoy on its own.

But now, since Fang Li was wearing the military uniform, even if he wasn’t prompted by the system Fang Li knew his current status. That being the case, Fang Li kept silent in the millitary transport as Dungeon World information appeared in his head.

According to Fang Li’s knowledge, this world and the world before were not too different, both were scenarios where humanity was on the brink of destruction.

Furthermore, this world was probably more dangerous compared to the previous world and definitely not weaker. That’s because in this world, there were 『Gods』


These were creatures that appeared in 2050, monsters whose only reason for existence was to swallow everything.

Their appearance was different from type to type but they all had a common goal.

To eat everything. To consume everything.

It didn’t matter if it was organic, inorganic, alive or dead, everything was something to be consumed.

Therefore this world, thanks to the Aragami had already become fully tattered and torn with only ruin left. Normal weapons were unable to affect the Aragami. Regarding humanity, these monsters that consumed everything were without a doubt irresistible.

Therefore, the people who named these monsters 『Gods』do not have any awe but instead deep fear.

With that being the case, an organisation rose up. After studying the biological makeup of the Aragami and using their cells, they developed 『God Arc』weapons that could fight against Aragami. This allowed humanity to obtain the power to fight against the Aragami.

The Fenrir organisation that made these weapons was the true ruler of this world, managing and ruling all of mankind right now. Taking advantage of the development of the 『God Arc』Fenrir formed an Aragami combat corps purely to resist the Aragami and managed to reluctantly allow humanity to live on this desolate world.

Currently, the three soldiers from before in front of the helicopter were precisely soldiers that could use the 『God Arc』weapons.

People called them God Eaters.

They were fighters who were precisely trained to fight the Aragami. These three people in front of the helicopter were that sort of existence.

Furthermore, Fang Li could identify each of the three people who had a very important role in the original plot. The man with the cigarette in his mouth carelessly smoking is named Amami
Moreover, the Fang Li’s words can identify, that three people very important role in original works.
On that mouth is holding in the mouth a cigarette seems the somewhat careless youth is called Rindou Amamiya, the First Unit Captain of the Fenrir Far East Branch. He has been in many battles and has outstanding strength, he could be said to be a strong God Eater character.

The youth with a coat and hat with dazzling white hair is called Soma Schicksal. One of the Fenrir Far East Branch First Unit’s members, he’s been fighting Aragami since childhood and has great talent.

The young girl with the cute face and well-toned sexy body is named Sakuya Tachibana, Rindou Amamiya’s assistant and could be said to be the Vice Captain of the Far East Branch First Unit.

Right now, this current Far East Branch army consisted of only the strongest soldiers.

“It seems like everyone is here.”

Sakuya Tachibana started speaking.

This big sister had such a well toned sexy body but her voice was extremely gentle.

Sakuya Tachibana then looked at Rindou Amamiya saying, “I think the Captain should come up and explain the Quest today?”

“Don’t worry”

Amamiya Rindou smoked his cigarette and turned towards the nearby white-haired youth asking, “Soma, do you have anything to say?”

“No.” The youth named Soma didn’t look at him and indifferently said, “I don’t understand why our Quest needs these ordinary soldiers, is it to kill off all of them?”

Soma’s words instantly caused the atmosphere to stiffen. There was no other cause for it, Soma’s words were just too blunt.

But the soldiers on the scene didn’t dare to say even a word of rebuttal instead their expressions just turned more serious.

That’s because all the people knew that Soma’s words had a basis.

“Only the God Eaters can cope with the Aragami.”

Soma’s words were relentless.

“Ordinary soldiers do not need to go.”

“Don’t say that Soma.” Sakuya Tachibana was unable to continue watching as she sighed saying, “We’re naturally the main fighting force, but combat is not only just that, this time our Quest is quite special so we need normal people to back us up.”

“You don’t need to remind him Sakuya, Soma understands.” Rindou Amamiya was used to Soma’s sarcastic comments not caring a whoop about it as he continued smoking.

Rindou’s vision then turned to the soldiers in front.

“Although I don’t think I need to but let me introduce myself.”

“I am the Fenrir Far East Branch’s Aragami Punitive Force First Unit Captain, Rindou Amamiya.”

“I regret to inform all of you that we must, unfortunately, go to the battlefield.”

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