Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 85

The Fenrir headquarters is located in Europe but there were branches all around the world.

The Far East Branch is located in Japan.

“However our current Mission is to be carried out in the Russian Branch.”

Rindou Amamiya lit a cigarette and his look turned more earnest.

“According to the report, in the periphery of Russia, some people discovered a collection of Aragami gathering and gradually moving in the direction of the Russian Branch, it’s estimated that in three days large quantities of Aragami will arrive in the Russia Branch’s defence wall and start to attack so we need to go to the Russian Branch and fight alongside the Russian Branch annihilating the Aragami before they can attack.”

Hearing this, Fang Li had no idea what the other soldiers’ expressions were like.

However, for Fang Li, his brow slightly wrinkled.

“Carry out the Mission in the Russian Branch?”

That was a little troublesome.

Because, if that were to happen, Fang Li couldn’t use his superiority in foresight on a large scale. The plot of the original story was mainly in the Far East Branch.

But, now, it turns out that the combat will be held in the Russian Branch. What did this indicate? It meant that this combat did not exist in the original plot.

Moreover, looking at the First Unit members that only composed of three people, Fang Li could affirm that for now, the plot should not have formally started yet.

After all, if the original plot had started, then the original plot’s main characters should have joined the First Unit.

Now, since he still hadn’t seen any of the original plot’s main characters then it’s likely to be that the plot hadn’t started yet. This time’s Quest was obviously going to be more difficult than the previous time’s one.

“It seems that as time passes, the Chief God’s Dimension’s quests will only be getting harder and harder…”

While thinking, Fang Li focused back on Rindou Amamiya’s words.

“Our time is limited, we must rush towards the Russian Branch within three days and carry out preparatory work with the other side.”

Rindou Amamiya closed his eyes and smoke came through his fingers holding the cigarette as he said, “As you can see, we are only responsible for fighting, we need you guys to do the preparatory work.”

“If there are no issues, we should set off now,” Amamiya Rindou lifted up his eyes and looked at all the soldiers.

“If you have any issues, raise them now.”

As his voice fell, the audience froze. Naturally, no one raised any questions.

In the group, Fang Li understood something. Like Rindou Amamiya said, the issue of fighting was not any business of the soldiers, the God Eater’s First Unit would be handling that, the soldiers on the scene were only responsible for backup.

The Equipment team were responsible for the supplies.

The Rescue team were responsible for treatment.

The Operations team were responsible for communications.

The Transportation team were responsible for driving.

All these soldiers here seems to have these responsibilities.

Fang Li seemed to have been assigned to the Equipment team.

This team is responsible for moving resources to the frontlines, lifting up their weapons if necessary to fight and carry out support to some extent. It was quite a dangerous role.

However, whether is was dangerous or not was not Fang Li’s concern. Fang Li only had one concern.

“Is it only the three of you?”

Fang Li’s voice clearly resounded.

“Did the God Eater’s Far East Branch only send out the three of you?”

When those words were spread out from Fang Li’s mouth and reverberated around, all the soldiers turned their astonished visions to him.

“Oh?” Rindou Amamiya hadn’t thought that someone would actually ask a question as his vision centralised on Fang Li’s body.

“Eh?” Sakuya Tachibana similarly looked at Fang Li in surprise.

“Snort.” Soma shot a look at Fang Li and as if losing interest no longer paid attention to him.

At this moment, Fang Li instantly became the focus of everyone.

Withstanding everyone’s vision, Fang Li merely looked at Rindou Amamiya.

Amamiya Rindou was similarly looking at Fang Li as he asked after a while, “What’s wrong, you don’t believe in our ability?”

“How would I not?” Fang Li shook his head, similarly saying, “The First Unit in the Far East Branch has the most outstanding God Eater fighters, I know this.”

“We can’t call ourselves the most outstanding, that’ll only increase our workload so forgive me for rejecting the compliment.” Rindou Amamiya shrugged and asked, “Since you think so highly of us, why did you ask?”

“I just want to confirm.” Fang Li concealed his thoughts not saying them out loud.

“If you guys don’t make a move can we still fight the Aragami in the front lines.”


This is Fang Li’s main concern. Fang Li’s quest was closely linked to the Aragami. Not even talking about difficulty, if he couldn’t even get on the frontline to fight then it shouldn’t even be mentioned if it could be completed.

Therefore, Fang Li needed to clarify this. Otherwise, Fang Li’s following moves would be hard to plan out.

Only, Fang Li had no idea how astonishing his words were.

At least, the surrounding soldiers’ looks all changed.

It was like they were looking at something strange.

“Fight with the Aragami?” Rindou Amamiya forced a smile and said, “You’ve thought of quite an interesting thing.”

“From what you said it seems like you’re not trying to avoid fighting but wanting to go on the frontlines to fight?” Sakuya Tachibana advised politely, “You’re only an ordinary soldier, not a God Eater, you have no God Arc, how can you cope with the Aragami, therefore for fighting these dangerous Aragamis I’ll advise you to not try.”

“Without a God Arc, you can’t fight the Aragami.” Soma didn’t even turn his head as he said a few words.

“Do not court death.”

Then, Soma entered the helicopter, only leaving behind Rindou Amamiya and Sakuya Tachibana, they both looked helplessly at each other and got on as well.

“It’s basically like that.” Rindou Amamiya smiled at Fang Li saying, “For fighting leave it to us, you just complete your duty and everything will be alright interesting boy.”

As his words fell, Amamiya Rindou ordered.

“All staff board the craft!”

Under the order of Rindou Amamiya, each soldier loudly responded and started boarding the helicopter.

But Fang Li looked at Rindou Amamiya that had got on the helicopter with Sakuya Tachibana and looked pensive.

“Well then, seems I must plan this out.”

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