Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 86

On this day, the weather was not very good.

The wind was wreaking havoc in the sky, it was dark and there was no clear line of sight. It looked as if a storm was approaching with the entire sky being cloudy and gloomy causing people to feel as if they’d be struck by lightning.

Under such a sky, military helicopters with rotating propellers were arranged in a formation and braving the strong winds.

Fang Li was on such a helicopter.

In the engine room, each soldier wearing a uniform was seated on a row with their hands holding guns and their chests thrust out in a serious and silent manner as they waited for time to pass.

Only Fang Li was not like the rest of the soldiers, he was not in battle-mode like the rest but was just turning his head and staring at the scenery outside the window.

To be more accurate, he was staring at the Earth below. It was all pleasant if not for the broken ruins everywhere. Earth was covered in this dust and rubble. Each building looked like they’d been eaten like a cake and they were all badly damaged. Within those ruins, Fang Li occasionally saw one or two shadows moving back and forth.

Seeing such a scene, Fang Li muttered, “It seems quite miserable as well.”

Compared to the previous world, this world had collapsed thoroughly.

At least, in the previous world, besides the Fused Colony, no Kabane had the ability to change the whole terrain. However, in this world, even the smallest Aragami could eat everything. An ant that could bite anything to death, for an existence like the Aragami, even the smallest of them would sooner or later eat the entire world if left alone.

That was what was presented in front of Fang Li. Perhaps after hearing these words, someone started talking to him.

“There’s really no other way, after all regarding us humans, Aragamis are too strong…”

The one saying those words was a cute girl wearing a military uniform. Her age seemed to be about Fang Li’s. She had bright red shoulder length hair tied into two braids. Seeing this girl, Fang Li thought she looked quite familiar.

“Excuse me, I must’ve surprised you for speaking so suddenly.” The young girl was a bit embarrassed and smiled, “My name is Hibari, I’m an Operator for this time’s quest, nice to meet you.”

“Hibari?” Fang Li was startled then immediately remembered. This young girl was one of the characters in the original plot, you could always see her form in the commander room and she was an Operator responsible for contacting each God Eater army and actively issuing instructions from above.

Who would’ve thought this Operator would be assigned to this quest.

“I’m called Fang Li.” Fang Li showed a faint smile and said, “As you can see I’m an ordinary soldier.”

“An ordinary soldier wouldn’t want to fight the Aragami.” Hibari lowered her voice and looked at Fang Li with both admiration and curiosity, “To be honest, everyone had no idea that you’d suddenly say such words out of nowhere.”

“Was it so strange?” Fang Li said, “Captain Amamiya said that anyone could raise any issue.”

“But, generally speaking, besides the God Eaters, nobody would think of fighting the Aragami?” Hibari’s expression turned downcast, “After all if an average person could fight the Aragami our world wouldn’t have turned into what it is now…”

Along with those words, the mood between Fang Li and Hibari also became somewhat heavy. Hibari also realised this and said hastily, “Sorry I accidentally just spoke my thoughts, what I meant was…”

She hadn’t managed to finish her sentence before the pilot’s voice resounded on the intercom.

“Russian Branch.”

However, after these words fell, the voice of the pilot turned into surprise.

“What’s wrong… What’s the matter?”

The sound that turned panic-stricken made all the soldiers moods turn heavy.

Fang Li’s brow wrinkled and he looked outside the window at the ground. Fang Li then saw a huge steel wall surrounding a base. Within the base, many tall buildings stood high and erect.

But… outside the wall, there were many black dots that looked like ants rushing at the direction of the base.

“Those are…” Hibari couldn’t help but call out in alarm.


Hibari’s words caused the soldier in the cabin to get startled and start shouting.

“What’s the matter?”

“Why have the Aragami started to attack the Russian Branch?”

“Didn’t they say it would take another three days?”

The entire cabin turned somewhat chaotic. Seeing this happening, Fang Li’s brows wrinkled even more.

“Just hearing a mention of the Aragami caused all this chaos?”

Were these all well-trained soldiers?

Naturally, this was a normal reaction for people in this world, the fearfulness of the Aragami was something that struck deep into the hearts of everyone.

Only after a sound came out of the intercom did all the chaos stop and the cabin started to relax.

That was a sound coming from the intercom device in the cabin.

“Can the Operator hear me?”

This was Rindou Amamiya’s voice. Hearing this voice, Hibari who was sitting next to Fang Li quickly sat by the side of the intercom and took up the headset to say, “THis is A4, please give us your instructions.”

In each helicopter, there were Operators that could issue instructions so right now Rindou Amamiya’s voice should be heard on all the helicopters.

Rindou Amamiya then said, “Then…The First Unit will proceed to attack the approaching Aragami, all helicopters descend and assist the Russian Branch.”

Leaving behind those few words, Rindou Amamiya hung up.

Then, Fang Li saw something. Within the helicopter formation, a cabin suddenly opened and Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma came out and jumped straight out!

Shortly afterwards, each of the military helicopters started to descend towards the Russian Branch. At this moment Fang Li noted something…

In the distance, a large dark cloud was coming in this direction…

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