Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 87

“Those are…”

In the cabin, Fang Li discovered a group of massively concentrated shadows. From Fang Li’s direction, he could clearly see… that those shadows were all Aragami.

Their bodies were coloured black and white and they looked like eggs that could fly. This group of Aragami flew like a black tide and before the soldiers in the helicopter could respond, all the helicopters were covered…


With the loud sound of an explosion, a helicopter covered by the Aragami exploded into a huge burst of flame and smoke.

“Bang bang bang bang bang bang!”

Looking like a chain reaction, each of the other helicopters exploded one after another turning into flames of rubble disappearing silently from the world.

The army from the Far East Branch didn’t even manage to land before being annihilated completely.

In that time, only one person responded. That person was Fang Li.


The strong noise from the wind howled. Within the black tide that destroyed the helicopter, Fang Li’s form suddenly appeared as he fell thanks to gravity, riding on the strong wind and dropping from the clouds. With a loud *bang* both his feet landed firmly on the ground.

In Fang Li’s bosom, there was also the still shaken Hibari who hadn’t managed to respond.

“Hello.” Fang Li patted Hibari’s face hastily and asked, “Are you all right?”

“No..Yes… All right.” Hibari finally responded and clearly remembered what happened, her face turned pale.

After all, without Fang Li there to conveniently grab Hibari and open the cabin door then jump down, Hibari would’ve died.

“Is this dying before achieving victory?” Fang Li curled his lip and smiled as he put Hibari down raising his head to look up.

“Moreover the troublesome stuff hasn’t ended yet?”

Hearing Fang Li’s words, Hibari subconsciously looked up into the sky as well. She saw black eggs gradually falling down like black coloured rain looking quite scary.


Hibari’s whole body trembled as she retreated and drew out the gun at her waist. It’s a pity that this sort of thing was useless to the Aragami.

The beings called Aragami that could prey on any organism were made of a single unicellular cell called the Oracle Cell. Each Aragami’s body was made up of tens of thousands of these Oracle Cells.

These Oracle Cells could eat anything and evolve giving itself the ability of whatever it preyed on.

That was why some Oracle cells functioned as eyes, some as teeth and combining all of these Oracle cells forms an Aragami.

These human weapons had no effect on the Aragami because the weapons were unable to shut off the physical link between the Oracle Cells. That was why Soma and Hibari mentioned before.

“Only God Eaters can fight the Aragami.”


God Eaters.

These were killing envoys that could even kill gods. However…

“These sort of monsters can still be called god, it’s really ironic.”

Seeing the massive downpour of Aragami, Fang Li’s expression was calm to a fearful degree.

Within his eyes, the jet black pupil flashed an ice blue coloured gloss.


When Fang Li held onto his waning moon short blade, an explosion appeared in the sky.

*bang bang bang bang bang*

With those several gunshots firing bullets that the naked eye couldn’t see, they flew over Fang Li like a meteor and landed in the Aragami army causing explosions of flames.

Within the explosion, the bodies of monsters that humans couldn’t kill were pierced and burnt down, turning into ashes.

Fang Li and Hibari were both startled, turning their heads and looking at where the gunshots came from.

They saw Sakuya Tachibana crouching down above a ruin holding up a huge sniper rifle and shooting at a fast pace, the muzzle constantly exploded with gunfire as it shot towards the Aragami behind Fang Li and Hibari.

*Pu chi*

A huge greatsword suddenly cut through the sky and sliced an Aragami in half.


Another huge greatsword was swung again and cut another Aragami into pieces causing blood to splash.

Rindou Amamiya and Soma rushed towards the massive Aragami with weapons in hand as they swung crazily, killing each Aragami on the spot.

Obviously, the weapons that Rindou Amamiya and Soma were using were stupidly huge but they seemed to be relaxed as they sliced the Aragami and turn them into hashed meat like War Gods.

Fang Li looked at the stupidly huge weapons and his eyes flashed.

“Are those God Arcs?”

Using the core Oracle Cell as a source, it was a biological weapon called a God Arc. In a nutshell, it was basically a controlled weapon shaped Aragami.

The God Eaters could put the same Oracle Cells into their own body and obtain physical capabilities comparable to the Aragami while also forming a connection to a God Arc thus using these weapons to fight the Aragami.

Because these weapons were made up of Aragami cells as well, the God Arcs also had the function of preying on anything. They could eat Aragami and therefore shut off the connection between the Oracle Cells thereby killing the Aragami.

One side was humans swallowing monsters.

One side was monsters wallowing humans.

That was the relationship between God Eaters and Aragami. It was that simple.

Either they swallow or others swallow them.

At this moment, a System Notification sounded out in Fang Li’s mind.

“It’s been examined that this Dungeon World has a Special Class called God Eater.”

“If suitable, pour Oracle Cells into the body and form a connection to a God Arc to transition class and become a God Eater to obtain formidable physical strength as well as the qualifications to use the God Arc.”

Seems like classes are finally introduced. This class sucks though hahaha

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